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   AUTHOR                    TITLE                                                 SUBJECT                          ITEM ID LOC
                             Alchemical Star Chart (9991370250) BO'd 1/29/2013     Alchemy                          15284   ALC
                             American Indian Voices Presents Johnny Moses          Native Peoples                   18155   NAT
                             Anasazi  Ancient People Of The Rock                   Native Peoples                   13805   NAT
                             Angels  A Journal (0-87654-361-1)                     Journal writing                  23141   JNL
                             Astrodice (9991324755)                                Astrology                        29485   AST
                             Aum                                                   Agni Yoga                        23780   AYS
                             Blank Book - Bamboo (1561528021)                      Journal writing                  27450   JNL
                             Blank Journal (Winden)                                Journal writing                  25882   JNL
                             Blank Journal Spiral (Black, Blue, Or Purple)         Journal writing                  24550   JNL
                             Brotherhood                                           Agni Yoga                        23781   AYS
                             Celtic Patterns  The Mandala                          Art                              26667   ART
                             Chart Of The Mysterious Kundalini                     Chakras                          27197   CHA
                             Coloring Pencils For B.O.T.A. Deck                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     22944   TAR
                             Colour Healing Mini Chart (9789991367668)             Color healing/ therapy           19555   COL
                             Course In Miracle (Cloth)                             A Course in Miracles             23287   CIM
                             Crystal Decoder (chart) (0-949266-795)                Crystal and gems                 23369   GEM
                             Devi Stand-up Altar (Travel Size)                     Hinduism                         19176   HIN
                             Dream Catcher 4" (9991199438) BO NEWL 5/01/06         Native Peoples                   17506   NAT
                             Ephemeris Of Chiron  1887-2000 (TOP 12/96)            Astrology                        18761   AST
                             Far East Blank Book (pocket)                          Journal writing                  17393   JNL
                             Fiery World 1933  Vol I                               Agni Yoga                        23782   AYS
                             Fiery World 1934  Vol II                              Agni Yoga                        23783   AYS
                             Fiery World 1935  Vol III                             Agni Yoga                        23784   AYS
                             Folding Thanka Amitabha (FTAB)                        Posters & Deity Cards            19092   POS
                             Folding Thanka Enlightenment Buddha (FTEB)            Buddhism                         24709   BUD
                             Folding Thanka Green Tara (FTGT)                      Buddhism                         21874   BUD
                                                                                   Posters & Deity Cards                    POS
                             Folding Thanka Guru Padmasambhava                     Buddhism                         21872   BUD
                                                                                   Posters & Deity Cards                    POS
                             Folding Thanka Healing Buddha (FTHB)                  Posters & Deity Cards            24697   POS
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
                             Folding Thanka Kalachakra Mandala                     Posters & Deity Cards            23861   POS
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
                             Folding Thanka Lord Buddha Teaching                   Posters & Deity Cards            23858   POS
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
                             Folding Thanka Milarepa (FTM)                         Posters & Deity Cards            19102   POS
                             Folding Thanka Om Ah Hum (FTOM)                       Posters & Deity Cards            19104   POS
                             Folding Thanka Sarasvati (FTS)                        Posters & Deity Cards            19136   POS
                             Folding Thanka Shakyamuni Buddha                      Buddhism                         21871   BUD
                             Folding Thanka Sri-pa-ho Protection Mandala           Posters & Deity Cards            23859   POS
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
                             Folding Thanka Tara Bestower Of Blessings             Buddhism                         22733   BUD
                             Folding Thanka Vajrasattva (FTV)                      Posters & Deity Cards            19153   POS
                             Folding Thanka Yogatantra Mandala                     Posters & Deity Cards            23860   POS
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
                             Friend To All (A Jataka Tale)                         Children's Books                 24456   KID
                             Green Tara & Assembly Of 21 Taras Poster              Posters & Deity Cards            20958   POS
                             Hand Reflexology Chart (1589243080)                   Healing                          25904   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
                             Heart Of Tibet (VIDEO) Portrait Of 14th Dalai Lama    Dalai Lama                       14658   D.L
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
                             Illumine My Being                                     Ba'hai                           17052   BAH
                             Inspirations From Ancient Wisdom (comp)               Small Books & Booklets           26710   PAM
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
                             Kabbalah/ Tree Of Life Chart (9-0702812-6-0)          Kabbalah                         11044   KAB
                             Life Of Swami Vivekananda  Vol.II                     Hinduism                         21676   HIN
                             Life Of Swami Vivekananda Vol.I                       Hinduism                         21675   HIN
                             Little Book Of Zen                                    Pocket books                     22527   PKT
                             Love & Affinity Astrological Decoder (chart)          Astrology                        23362   AST
                             Magi Society Ephemeris (1950-1999)                    Astrology                        22301   AST
                             Magician Invoking Elementals                          Posters & Deity Cards            12825   POS
                             Mandala Sridpaho Protection (1194M)                   Posters & Deity Cards            23857   POS
                             Masterworks Pocket Reference                          Crystal and gems                 16693   GEM
                             Mayan Time Decoder (Chart) (999-127144-9)             Native Peoples                   24164   NAT
                             Messages From Our Elder Brother...Jesus               A Course in Miracles             24165   CIM
                             Monkey King  A Jataka Tale                            Children's Books                 26400   KID
                             Mother Images Of Her Life                             Aurobindo                        30621   ARO
                             Music Of Gurdjieef/De Hartmann (CD) (9991188665)      CDs                              24453   CDS
                             Navajo  Walking In Beauty                             Native Peoples                   21703   NAT
                             Nectar Of Non-Dual Truth #27                          Hinduism                         21710   HIN
                             Nectar Of Nondual Truth #28                           Hinduism                         21778   HIN
                             Nectar Of Nondual Truth #29                           Hinduism                         21858   HIN
                             New Beginnings Notebook (Journal)                     Journal writing                  20466   JNL
                             Poster #12 Noble Lady Tara Tashi Danjed               Posters & Deity Cards            12412   POS
                             Poster 1000- Armed Avalokiteshvara  001-002           Posters & Deity Cards            15341   POS
                             Poster 4 - Armed Avalokitesvara (001.261)             Posters & Deity Cards            22740   POS
                             Poster Adibuddha Vajrasattva (001-021)                Posters & Deity Cards            17453   POS
                             Poster All Knowing Tathagata (202.001)                Posters & Deity Cards            21746   POS
                             Poster Amitabha Buddha (202.005)                      Posters & Deity Cards            12458   POS
                             Poster Amitayus Mandala (001.173) 'Od-dpag-med...     Posters & Deity Cards            21745   POS
                             Poster Atomic Mandala (001.135)                       Posters & Deity Cards            21269   POS
                             Poster Avalokitesvara # 100                           Posters & Deity Cards            15306   POS
                             Poster Aztec Cosmos                                   Posters & Deity Cards            16363   POS
                             Poster Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (102-007)           Posters & Deity Cards            17455   POS
                             Poster Bodhisattva Green Tara (103-003, LAM)          Posters & Deity Cards            18165   POS
                             Poster Buddha & Lokesvara (001.254)                   Posters & Deity Cards            22735   POS
                             Poster Buddha Mandala (001-174) gNas-brtan-bcu...     Posters & Deity Cards            21744   POS
                             Poster Celestial Virgin With Sun God In Her Arms      Posters & Deity Cards            11721   POS
                             Poster Charge Of The Goddess Poster                   Posters & Deity Cards            27953   POS
                             Poster Christ                                         Posters & Deity Cards            15513   POS
                             Poster Christ Meditating                              Posters & Deity Cards            17872   POS
                             Poster Dalai Lama  (Sold Out 8/93)                    Posters & Deity Cards            15309   POS
                             Poster Desiderata                                     Posters & Deity Cards            23130   POS
                             Poster Dorje Chang (001.343)                          Posters & Deity Cards            26404   POS
                             Poster Emerald Tablet Of Hermes                       Posters & Deity Cards            11740   POS
                             Poster Emerald Tablet Of Hermes                       Posters & Deity Cards            27305   POS
                             Poster Enlightenment Buddha (001.268)                 Posters & Deity Cards            22739   POS
                             Poster Fifteen Buddhas (LAM) (001.140)                Posters & Deity Cards            21749   POS
                             Poster Footprints Of Buddha (001.255) Laminated       Posters & Deity Cards            22738   POS
                             Poster Goddess Sarasvati                              Posters & Deity Cards            19961   POS
                             Poster Goddess Sarasvati (207-002 Laminated)          Posters & Deity Cards            20218   POS
                             Poster Grand Rosicrucian Alchemical Formula           Posters & Deity Cards            11710   POS
                             Poster Great Savioress Green Tara (103-004)           Posters & Deity Cards            17456   POS
                             Poster Green Tara                                     Posters & Deity Cards            15315   POS
                             Poster Green Tara (001-171) sGrol-ljang               Posters & Deity Cards            21743   POS
                             Poster Guru Padma 'byung-gnas (001-111)               Posters & Deity Cards            20219   POS
                             Poster Guru Padma Rgyal-po (040-019)                  Posters & Deity Cards            17789   POS
                             Poster Guru Seng-ge Sgra-Sgrogs (401-017)             Posters & Deity Cards            17499   POS
                             Poster Guru Seng-ge Sgra-sgrogs N-27                  Posters & Deity Cards            15317   POS
                             Poster H.H. Dalai Lama (Photo)                        Small Books & Booklets           23654   PAM
                             Poster Healing Buddha (001.448)                       Posters & Deity Cards            26405   POS
                             Poster Heavenly White Tara (102.001 Laminated)        Posters & Deity Cards            20217   POS
                             Poster Horsehead Nebula (1266)                        Posters & Deity Cards            26585   POS
                             Poster Kalacakra Mandala (102.011) Laminated          Posters & Deity Cards            12422   POS
                             Poster Lakshmi Goddess Of Fortune (2030L)             Posters & Deity Cards            25886   POS
                             Poster Lightbearer                                    Posters & Deity Cards            15942   POS
                             Poster Lord Buddha Teaching (001.138)                 Posters & Deity Cards            21751   POS
                             Poster Mahatma Gandhi                                 Posters & Deity Cards            16739   POS
                             Poster Manjurshri (Print)                             Posters & Deity Cards            23653   POS
                             Poster Manjushri (Weber)                              Posters & Deity Cards            23655   POS
                             Poster Medicine Buddha (LAM) (040.001)                Posters & Deity Cards            21747   POS
                             Poster Meru Mandala (001.136)                         Posters & Deity Cards            21268   POS
                             Poster Messier 84 (1347)                              Posters & Deity Cards            26586   POS
                             Poster Milarepa  (001-159)                            Posters & Deity Cards            21742   POS
                             Poster Mithra In The Form Of The Leontocephalic       Posters & Deity Cards            11730   POS
                             Poster Moonlight Ride (2070s)                         Posters & Deity Cards            25883   POS
                             Poster Neuschwanstein Castle (1680)                   Posters & Deity Cards            26320   POS
                             Poster Om                                             Posters & Deity Cards            24162   POS
                             Poster Padmapani                                      Posters & Deity Cards            15330   POS
                             Poster Paradise Of Amitabha (001.275)                 Posters & Deity Cards            26403   POS
                             Poster Planet Earth (1376)                            Posters & Deity Cards            26587   POS
                             Poster Protectress Sitatapatra (001.282)              Posters & Deity Cards            22736   POS
                             Poster Pythagoras 16" X 20"                           Posters & Deity Cards            11686   POS
                             Poster Ramakrishna (R-1)                              Posters & Deity Cards            17871   POS
                             Poster Reflexology Charts                             Posters & Deity Cards            15335   POS
                             Poster Rosicrucian Crucifixion                        Posters & Deity Cards            19133   POS
                             Poster Saitic Isis                                    Posters & Deity Cards            11748   POS
                             Poster Shakyamuni Buddha (001.335)                    Posters & Deity Cards            26402   POS
                             Poster Shakyamuni Buddha (LAM) (001.139)              Posters & Deity Cards            21750   POS
                             Poster Six-Armed Mahakala  (Silk Screen)              Posters & Deity Cards            21181   POS
                             Poster Tara: Bestower Of Blessings (102.001)          Posters & Deity Cards            12409   POS
                             Poster Three Objects Of The Theosophical Society      Posters & Deity Cards            15342   POS
                             Poster Tree Of Life - Black & White                   Posters & Deity Cards            15991   POS
                             Poster Tree Of Life - Color 11x20                     Posters & Deity Cards            15346   POS
                             Poster Vajradhara                                     Posters & Deity Cards            21312   POS
                             Poster Vivekananda (V-1)                              Posters & Deity Cards            17870   POS
                             Poster Wheel Of Life Thangka                          Posters & Deity Cards            15641   POS
                             Poster White Tara  001-004 Laminated                  Posters & Deity Cards            21741   POS
                             Poster White Tara (001.170) sGrol-dkar                Posters & Deity Cards            21748   POS
                             Poster White Tara LAM 001-004                         Posters & Deity Cards            15348   POS
                             Poster Yogatantra Mandala (001.253)                   Posters & Deity Cards            22737   POS
                             Proud Peacock & The Mallard                           Children's Books                 13220   KID
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
                             Qabalah Tree Of Life Chart (9991251146)               Kabbalah                         15254   KAB
                             Radiant Life (VIDEO)                                  Christianity                     15808   CHR
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
                             Rainbow Chakra Centers Card (LARGE)                   Chakras                          21142   CHA
                             Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris 2000                 Astrology                        17817   AST
                             Ray Of Discovery #2 Royal R. Rife (VIDEO)             Science                          26184   SCI
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
                             Sacred Art Card 1000 Armed Avalokiteshvara (1002A)    Buddhism                         26094   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Amitabha (001.399A)                   Buddhism                         25558   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Amitabha (040.036SA)                  Buddhism                         26090   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Enlightenment (001.032A)              Buddhism                         25557   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Green Tara I (133A)                   Buddhism                         25560   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Green Tara II (432A)                  Buddhism                         26095   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Healing Buddha (4001A)                Buddhism                         25556   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Kalachakra (102.011A)                 Buddhism                         25561   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Mandala Of 16 Great Arhats (1174A     Buddhism                         26092   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Manjushri (204-008A)                  Buddhism                         26093   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Medicine Buddha (102-009A)            Buddhism                         26091   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Shakyamuni Buddha (001-388A)          Buddhism                         26089   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card Tara Bestower Of Blessings (1072A)    Buddhism                         26096   BUD
                             Sacred Art Card White Tara (001.004A)                 Buddhism                         25559   BUD
                             Sacred Wisdom Zone Reflex Therapy Chart               Healing                          23448   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
                             Scarab (LB 2) Lapis Good Luck                         Egyptian Spirituality            26246   EGY
                             Songs Of The Earth                                    Global Responsibility, concerns  22962   ONE
                             Talks With Ramana Maharshi  (POS 6/1/17)              Hinduism                         11363   HIN
                             Tarot Cards  Morgan-Greer In A Tin                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     26649   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Albano-Waite                              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     11616   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Blank Tarot Cards (0913866229)            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29079   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Golden Dawn                               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13853   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13854   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Harmonious Tarot                          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17058   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Harmonious Tarot Mini                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17055   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Legend Arthurian (Deck Only)              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     15697   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Lord Of The Rings                         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24364   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Mantegna Tarot                            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     22064   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Mini Connolly                             Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     21877   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Miniature Rider - Waite                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     22762   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Nefertari's Tarots (0738700207)           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     28138   TAR
                             Tarot Cards OH Cards                                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     23379   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Osho Transformaion Tarot                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     25860   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Pocket Swiss Crowley Thoth                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     30161   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Rider Waite Giant (POS 2/11/2021)         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     12733   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Royal Fez Moroccan (OP 4/03)              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16738   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling             Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20428   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Smith-Waite Borderless Edition            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29882   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Smith-Waite Centennial Edition            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19479   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Spiral Tarot                              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14299   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Tarot De Paris (OP 8/97)                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     21865   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Tarot Of Marseille Grand Trumps           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17350   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Tarot Of Pagan Cats (mini)                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     15914   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Tarot Of The Old Path (Deck Only)         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     12850   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Ukiyoe                                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13873   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Visconti Sforza                           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13874   TAR
                             Tarot Cards Visconti Tarot Mini (POS 10/2020)         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19257   TAR
                             Tarot Guide Sheet (0880791136)                        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     21002   TAR
                             Tarot Magic  (CD-ROM)                                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     25943   TAR
                             Teacher  Eleven Aspects Of The Guru Rinpoche          Small Books & Booklets           21500   PAM
                             Teachings Of The Winged Disk                          Ceremonial Magic                 24271   MAG
                             Ten Gates  Teaching Of Zen Master Seung Sahn          Zen                              22952   ZEN
                             Tibetan Eye Chart (9991336028)                        Healing                          15344   HEA
                             Treasury Of Wise Action  Jataka Tales                 Buddhism                         21266   BUD
                             Vril Compendium Vol. 3 Vril Linkage                   Science                          26183   SCI
                             Vril Or Vital Magnetism                               Science                          26112   SCI
                             Where Does It Say.....?  Basic Index For CIM          A Course in Miracles             20858   CIM
                             Wise Ape Teaches Kindness                             Children's Books                 27045   KID
                             Witches' Almanac Spring 2021-2022                     Wicca                            23016   WIC
                             Zen Journal                                           Journal writing                  21281   JNL
   073870010X                Tarot Cards Egyptian Tarots "Blk Box"                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24747   TAR
   088-079-0091              Tarot Cards Native American                           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16780   TAR
   978-0738709505            Tarot Cards Universal Tarot Of Marseille              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24446   TAR
   978-15728 1904-7          Tarot Cards CBD Tarot De Marseille                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20296   TAR
   999-120117-3              Numerology Chart                                      Numerology                       21163   NUM
   999-120118-1              Runic Guide Chart  (OP 1/99)                          Runes                            23461   RUN
   AAAAA's, Alphabetically   Brief Dictionary Of Hinduism                          Hinduism                         17265   HIN
   Aaron, David              Endless Light  Ancient Path Of The Kabbalah           Kabbalah                         25782   KAB
   Aaron, David              Living a Joyous Life  True Spirit Jewish Practice     Judaism                          17613   JUD
   Aaron, David              Secret Life Of God                                    Judaism                          17458   JUD
   Abadie, M.J.              Goddess In Every Girl                                 Women's Spirituality, Goddess    22908   WOM
   Abadie, M.J.              Teen Astrology                                        Astrology                        28031   AST
   Abadie, M.J.              Teen Dream Power                                      Dreams                           29858   DRE
   Abbamonte, Mary Francis   13th Sign                                             Astrology                        29363   AST
   Abbey & Morgana           Tarot Cards Wonderland Tarot In A Tin                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19004   TAR
   Abbey, Edward             Voice Crying In The Wilderness  (INA 01.94)           Small Books & Booklets           20096   PAM
   Abbott, Edwin             Flatland  Romance Of Many Dimensions                  Fiction                          23907   FIC
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Abdill, Edward            Masters Of Wisdom                                     Theosophy                        26242   THE
   Abdill, Edward            Secret Gateway                                        Theosophy                        11860   THE
   Abdu'l-Baha               Wisdom Of The Master (OSI 10/2006)                    Ba'hai                           24870   BAH
   Abdulla, Raficq           Words Of Paradise (Rumi) POS 1/21/04                  Rumi                             27210   RUM
   Abegg, Flint, & Ulrich    Dead Sea Scrolls Bible                                Dead Sea Scrolls                 29214   DSS
   Abel, R. & Hare, W.       Hermes Trismegistus  An Investigation...(POS)         Small Books & Booklets           22607   PAM
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Abelar, Taisha            Sorcerer's Crossing                                   Native Peoples                   21089   NAT
   Abelson, J.               Jewish Mysticism  Introduction To Kabbalah            Kabbalah                         15123   KAB
   Abercrombie, Barbara      Courage & Craft                                       Journal writing                  31044   JNL
   Abergel, Matthew          Work Your Stars!                                      Astrology                        26433   AST
   Abhayananda, S.           Dattatreya's Song Of The Avadhut (OP 6/2002)          Hinduism                         22917   HIN
   Abhayananda, S.           Thomas A'Kempis On The Love Of God                    Christianity                     11306   CHR
   Abhedanandha, Swami       How To Be A Yogi                                      Hinduism                         17833   HIN
   Abraham, Kurt             Introduction To The Seven Rays                        Bailey, Alice                    16901   BAI
   Abraham, Kurt             Moon Veils Vulcan & The Sun Veils Neptune             Astrology                        18944   AST
                                                                                   Bailey, Alice                            BAI
   Abraham, Kurt             Psychological Types & The Seven Rays                  Aura                             16902   AUR
   Abraham, Kurt             Threefold Method For Understanding The Seven Rays     Bailey, Alice                    20363   BAI
   Abraham, Sylvia           How To Use Tarot Spreads                              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24685   TAR
   Abrahamsen, Aaron         On Wings Of Spirit                                    Psychic Phenomenon               15581   ESP
   Abram, David              Becoming Animal                                       Global Responsibility, concerns  19543   ONE
   Abram, David              Spell Of The Sensuous                                 Global Responsibility, concerns  20154   ONE
   Abrams, Jeremiah (Ed)     Reclaiming The Inner Child                            Psychology, self help            18708   PSY
   Abu-Jamal, Mumia          Faith Of Our Fathers                                  African spirituality             30654   AFR
   Abuelaish, Izzeldin       I Shall Not Hate                                      Global Responsibility, concerns  27985   ONE
   Aburdene, Patricia        Megatrends 2010                                       Global Responsibility, concerns  13225   ONE
   Achad, Frater             Anatomy Of The Body Of God                            Kabbalah                         30714   KAB
   Achad, Frater             Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood (Not Available)    Alchemy                          11085   ALC
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Achad, Frater             Chalice Of Ecstasy  Parzival                          Holy Grail                       27113   H.G
   Achad, Frater             I.N.R.I.                                              Western Mystery Tradition        24664   WMT
   Achad, Frater             I.N.R.I. De Mysteriis Rosae Rubeae Et Aurer Crucis    Western Mystery Tradition        23637   WMT
   Achad, Frater             Liber XXXI                                            Western Mystery Tradition        26634   WMT
   Achad, Frater             Liber XXXI  (OP Cloth see Paper 26634)                Western Mystery Tradition        21298   WMT
   Achad, Frater             Q.B.L. Or The Bride's Reception                       Kabbalah                         21596   KAB
   Achad, Frater             Thirty-One Hymns To The Star Goddess                  Western Mystery Tradition        23635   WMT
   Acharya S                 Suns Of God (Krishna, Buddha, Christ)                 Comparative Religion             16594   C.R
   Achor, Shawn              Happiness Advantage                                   Psychology, self help            12092   PSY
   Achterberg & Dossey &...  Rituals Of Healing  Using Imagery Health\Wellness     Healing                          21870   HEA
   Achterberg, Jeanne        Imagery In Healing                                    Healing                          12413   HEA
                                                                                   Shamanism                                SHA
   Achterberg, Jeanne        Woman As Healer                                       Women's Spirituality, Goddess    19124   WOM
   Acker, William            Kyudo  Japanese Art Of Archery                        Zen                              22184   ZEN
   Adair, Margo & Aal, Will. Practical Meditation For Busy Souls (With CD)         Meditation                       18570   MED
   Adam                      DreamHealer                                           Healing                          18830   HEA
   Adam                      Path Of The Dreamhealer                               Healing                          15286   HEA
   Adamec, Christine         When Your Pet Dies                                    Animals                          23887   ANI
   Adams, David              Rudolf Steiner's First Goetheanum (1641)              Steiner, Rudolf                  26423   STE
   Adams, George & Whicher   Plant Between Sun & Earth (OP 12/03)                  Sacred Geometry                  18360   SAC
   Adams, Helen              Understanding Retrogrades                             Astrology                        22290   AST
   Adams, Michael Vannoy     Mythological Unconscious                              Jung, Carl                       29334   JUN
   Adams, Patch              Gesundheit                                            Healing                          23195   HEA
   Adams, W. Marsham         House Of The Hidden Places & Book Of The Master       Egyptian Spirituality            30406   EGY
   Adamson, 'Sailer' Bob     What's Wrong With Right Now                           Consciousness Expansion          11123   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Addey, John               Astrology Reborn                                      Astrology                        19889   AST
   Addey, John               Discrimination Of Birth Types                         Astrology                        19890   AST
   Addey, John               Harmonic Anthology  (OP 9/94)                         Astrology                        19891   AST
   Addey, John               Selected Writings                                     Astrology                        19892   AST
   Addington, Jack           Hidden Mystery Of The Bible                           Bible, Scriptures                24178   BIB
   Addington, Jack Ensign    Psychogenesis   (OSI 2/2007)                          Mind Science                     26180   MIN
   Addison, Charles          History Of The Knights Templars                       Western Mystery Tradition        24243   WMT
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   Adilakshmi                Mother  (Mother Meera)                                Hinduism                         22700   HIN
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   Adler, Janet              Arching Backward                                      Chakras                          15554   CHA
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Adler, Janet              Offering From The Conscious Body                      Psychology, self help            29261   PSY
   Adler, M.                 Drawing Down The Moon                                 Wicca                            11760   WIC
   Adler, Mortimer J.        Truth In Religion  Plurality Of Religions...          Comparative Religion             20869   C.R
   Adrienne, Carol           Numerology Kit                                        Numerology                       26973   NUM
   Adrienne, Carol           Purpose Of Your Life                                  Psychology, self help            26972   PSY
   Adyar                     Theosophist (Krishnamurti)                            Krishnamurti                     16705   KRI
   Adyar Library             Hathayogapradipika Of Svatmarama (7343)               Yoga                             12685   YOG
   Adyashanti                Emptiness Dancing                                     Consciousness Expansion          30734   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Adyashanti                End Of Your World                                     Consciousness Expansion          11163   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Adyashanti                Falling Into Grace                                    Consciousness Expansion          21214   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Adyashanti                Healing The Core Wound Of Unworthiness (2CDs)         CDs                              27498   CDS
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Adyashanti                Impact Of Awakening                                   Consciousness Expansion          18474   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Adyashanti                Most Important Thing                                  Non-Duality                      20792   NON
   Adyashanti                My Secret Is Silence                                  Consciousness Expansion          29567   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Adyashanti                Resurrecting Jesus                                    Consciousness Expansion          18517   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Adyashanti                True Meditation (With CD)                             Meditation                       30812   MED
   Aeoliah                   Angel Love (CD)                                       CDs                              27247   CDS
   Aeoliah                   Awakening  Your Inner Light                           New Age                          13346   OCC
   Afrika, Llaila            African Holistic Health                               African spirituality             25255   AFR
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
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                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
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                                                                                   Vision                                   VIS
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                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
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   Aitken, Robert            River Of Heaven (POS 5/25/17)                         Poetry                           12802   POE
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
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   Aitken, Robert            Zen Master Raven (Koans)                              Zen                              23418   ZEN
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                                                                                   Art                                      ART
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                                                                                   New Age                                  OCC
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                                                                                   Diet                                     DIE
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   Al-Sulami                 Way Of Sufi Chivalry                                  Sufism                           15600   SUF
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                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
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                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
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   Alighieri, Dante          Divine Comedy (9780451208637)                         Poetry                           15043   POE
   Alijandra                 Healing With The Rainbow Rays                         Color healing/ therapy           23408   COL
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   Allan, John               Living In The Presence Of God                         Christianity                     23333   CHR
   Allardice, Pamela         Myths, Gods, & Fantasy                                Mythology                        20758   MYT
                                                                                   Reference                                REF
   Allcock, John             Forty Things I Wish I'd Told My Kids                  Parenting                        30400   PAR
   Alleau, Rene              Primal Force In Symbol                                Western Mystery Tradition        12446   WMT
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                                                                                   Comparative Religion                     C.R
   Allegro, John M.          Physician, Heal Thyself...                            Christianity                     15692   CHR
   Allen, Caroline           Earth  A Novel                                        Fiction                          20276   FIC
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   Allen, James              As I Think (Out of Print)                             Inspirational books              12499   INS
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
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   Allen, Lasara Firefox     Jailbreaking The Goddess                              Wicca                            29731   WIC
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Allen, Marc               Greatest Secret Of All                                Mind Science                     12730   MIN
   Allen, Marc               Magical Path                                          Mind Science                     26643   MIN
   Allen, Pat                Art Is A Way Of Knowing                               Art                              15447   ART
   Allen, Paul & Joan        Time Is At Hand (Goethe's Tale Of The Green Snake)    Steiner, Rudolf                  28586   STE
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Allen, Paula Gunn         Sacred Hoop                                           Native Peoples                   16658   NAT
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Allen, Paula Gunn         Voice Of The Turtle                                   Native Peoples                   22192   NAT
   Allen, Richard Hinckley   Star Names  Their Lore & Meaning                      Astrology                        11395   AST
   Allen, W. Gordon          Enigma Fantastique                                    Science                          11874   SCI
                                                                                   Tesla, Nikola                            TES
   Allende, Isabel           House Of The Spirits                                  Fiction                          22062   FIC
   Allender & Longman        Cry Of The Soul                                       Psychology, self help            30254   PSY
   Allens, Alexi             Images Of Sai Baba (BO'd INGR 9/25/14)                Sai Baba                         20974   SAI
   Alli & Pickering          Tarot Cards Vertical Oracle                           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24420   TAR
   Alli, Antero              Angel Tech                                            New Age                          13533   OCC
   Alli, Antero              Towards An Archeology Of The Soul                     Art                              23422   ART
   Alligo                    Tarot Cards Tarot Of The New Vision                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     26591   TAR
   Allione, Lama Tsultrim    Wisdom Rising (Paper due 4/23/2019)                   Tibetan Buddhism                 31011   TIB
   Allione, Tsultrim         Cutting Through Fear (3 CDs)                          Tibetan Buddhism                 16073   TIB
   Allione, Tsultrim         Feeding Your Demons                                   Tibetan Buddhism                 18925   TIB
   Allione, Tsultrim         Women Of Wisdom                                       Tibetan Buddhism                 14527   TIB
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   Almaas, A.H.              Inner Journey Home                                    Psychology, self help            30205   PSY
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   Almaas, A.H.              Pearl Beyond Price                                    Psychology, self help            17098   PSY
   Almaas, A.H.              Point Of Existence                                    Psychology, self help            24265   PSY
   Almaas, A.H.              Spacecruiser Inquiry                                  Psychology, self help            28884   PSY
   Almaas, A.H.              Unfolding Now                                         Psychology, self help            15081   PSY
   Almaas, A.H.              Void                                                  Psychology, self help            16271   PSY
   Almaas, A.H. (Davis)      Diamond Approach (Intro To Almaas) BO'd 3/23/16       Psychology, self help            26441   PSY
   Alman, Nathaniel          Discover Palmistry                                    Palmistry                        21272   PAL
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   Almqvist, Imelda          Natural Born Shamans  Spiritual Toolkit For Life      Parenting                        28178   PAR
                                                                                   Shamanism                                SHA
   Alper, Dr. Frank          Exploring Atlantis I                                  Atlantis                         16504   ATL
                                                                                   Crystal and gems                         GEM
   Alper, Dr. Frank          Exploring Atlantis II                                 Atlantis                         16407   ATL
                                                                                   Crystal and gems                         GEM
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   Alston, A. J.             Devotional Poems Of Mirabai                           Hinduism                         26114   HIN
                                                                                   Poetry                                   POE
   Altea, Rosemary           Eagle & The Rose                                      New Age                          23098   OCC
   Altea, Rosemary           Proud Spirit                                          New Age                          14181   OCC
   Alter, Robert             Book Of Psalms                                        Bible, Scriptures                29174   BIB
   Altman, Donald            Mindfulness Code                                      Psychology, self help            21330   PSY
   Altman, Nathaniel         Deva Handbook                                         Angels, Nature Spirits           23079   ANG
   Altman, Nathaniel         New Oxygen Prescription                               Healing                          29056   HEA
   Altman, Nathaniel         Nonviolent Revolution                                 Global Responsibility, concerns  24008   ONE
   Altman, Nathaniel         Palmistry Workbook                                    Palmistry                        17587   PAL
   Altman, Nathaniel         Sacred Trees                                          Global Responsibility, concerns  28070   ONE
   Altman, Nathaniel         Sacred Water                                          Global Responsibility, concerns  28894   ONE
   Altman, Nathaniel         Sexual Palmistry                                      Palmistry                        12930   PAL
   Altschuler, Stephen       Mindful Hiker                                         Travel                           30278   TRA
   Alvarado, Luis            Psychology, Astrology & West.(0-87542-006-0)          Astrology                        20469   AST
   Alvarez, Juan             Feng Shui  The Harmony Of Life                        Feng Shui                        27225   FEN
   Alvarez, Melissa          365 Ways To Raise Your Frequency                      Inspirational books              23304   INS
   Alvarez, Melissa          Earth Frequency                                       Earth Mysteries                  20010   EAR
   Amao, Albert              Healing Without Medicine                              Healing                          13391   HEA
   Amara, Heatherash         Awakening Your Inner Fire (7 CDs)                     CDs                              28017   CDS
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Amara, Heatherash         Warrior Goddess Training                              Women's Spirituality, Goddess    25646   WOM
   Amaral & Cunningham       Tarot Celebrations                                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24119   TAR
   Amber Lotus               Calendar Fairy Houses                                 Calendars                        27280   CAL
   Amber Lotus               Calendar Magical Realm                                Calendars                        26918   CAL
   Amber Lotus               Calendar Sacred Celtic Sites                          Calendars                        29545   CAL
   Amber Lotus               Dream Journal                                         Dreams                           17514   DRE
                                                                                   Journal writing                          JNL
   Amber, Reuben             Color Therapy                                         Color healing/ therapy           11546   COL
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Amberstone, Ruth & Wald   Secret Language Of Tarot                              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     26731   TAR
   Ambrose, Kay              Classical Dances & Costumes Of India                  Art                              27407   ART
   Amen, Daniel              Healing The Hardware Of The Soul                      Psychology, self help            11821   PSY
   Amen, Daniel              Memory Rescue  (Supercharge Your Brain)               Science                          30034   SCI
   Amen, Daniel              Stones Of Remembrance                                 Healing                          29986   HEA
                                                                                   Inspirational books                      INS
   Amen, Daniel G. M.D.      Change Your Brain Change Your Life                    Psychology, self help            30318   PSY
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Amen, Ra Un Nefer         Afrocentric Guide To A Spiritual Union                Egyptian Spirituality            26026   EGY
   Amen, Ra Un Nefer         Healing The Errors Of Living                          Egyptian Spirituality            18044   EGY
   Amend, K. & Ruiz, Mary    Hand Writing Analysis                                 Palmistry                        28761   PAL
   Amend, Karen & Ruiz, Mary Hand Writing Analysis                                 Palmistry                        13875   PAL
   American Bible Society    Traveler's Guide New Testament (158516114-4)          Christianity                     20880   CHR
   American Museum Nat Hist  Tangkas  Buddhist Paintings From Tibet                Tibetan Buddhism                 25487   TIB
   Amipa, Sherab Gyaltsen    Opening Of The Lotus                                  Tibetan Buddhism                 16490   TIB
   Amodeo, John              Dancing With Fire                                     Buddhism                         15651   BUD
                                                                                   Relationships                            REL
   Amritanandamayi, Mata     Awaken Children!  Vol.IV                              Amritanandamayi, Mata            22964   AMM
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Amritanandamayi, Mata     Awaken Children!  Vol.V                               Amritanandamayi, Mata            22965   AMM
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Amritanandamayi, Mata     Awaken Children!  Vol.VI                              Amritanandamayi, Mata            22966   AMM
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Amritanandamayi, Mata     Awaken Children!  Vol.VII                             Amritanandamayi, Mata            22967   AMM
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Amritanandamayi, Mata     Awaken, Children !  Vol.I                             Amritanandamayi, Mata            20859   AMM
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Amritanandamayi, Mata     Awaken, Children !  Vol.II                            Amritanandamayi, Mata            20860   AMM
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Amritanandamayi, Mata     For My Children                                       Amritanandamayi, Mata            16065   AMM
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Amritanandamayi, Mata     Immortal Light                                        Amritanandamayi, Mata            22010   AMM
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Amritaswarupananda        Ammachi   Biography Of                                Hinduism                         22818   HIN
   Amundsen, Christian       Illumination                                          Gnosis, gnostic                  27885   GNO
   Amundsen, Christian       Secret Teachings Of Jesus                             Gnosis, gnostic                  26302   GNO
   Analayo                   Satipatthana  Direct Path To Realization              Buddhism                         12176   BUD
   Analayo                   Satipatthana Meditation  A Practice Guide             Buddhism                         17248   BUD
   Analayo. Bhikkhu          Mindfulness Of Breathing                              Breathing                        11099   BRE
   Analemma                  There's No Place Like Ohm Vol. 1 (CD) # 9991476830    CDs                              30312   CDS
   Analemma                  There's No Place Like Ohm Vol. 2 (CD) # 9991510230    CDs                              11448   CDS
   Anand, Margot             Skydancing Tantra (CD) G7-133                         CDs                              27525   CDS
   Ananth, Sashikala         Penguin Guide To Vaastu (Vastu)                       Feng Shui                        29506   FEN
   Ancient Mystery Series    Egypt Light Of The World (video)                      Egyptian Spirituality            21704   EGY
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Ancient Sounds            Future Unfolding (CD)                                 CDs                              18048   CDS
   Ancient Sounds            Resonance (CD)                                        CDs                              18499   CDS
   Andersen, U.S.            Greatest Power In The Universe (OP 2/13/08)           Mind Science                     16668   MIN
   Andersen, U.S.            Magic In Your Mind (0-87980-089-5)                    Mind Science                     20673   MIN
   Andersen, U.S.            Secret Of Secrets                                     Mind Science                     13546   MIN
   Andersen, U.S.            Secret Power Of The Pyramids                          Egyptian Spirituality            12703   EGY
   Andersen, U.S.            Success Cybernetics  (OP 5/07)                        Mind Science                     20674   MIN
   Andersen, U.S.            Three Magic Words (ISBN 0-87980-165-4)                Mind Science                     13932   MIN
   Anderson & Barone         George Anderson's Lessons From The Light              Death and Dying                  26800   DEA
   Anderson & Hopkins        Feminine Face Of God                                  Women's Spirituality, Goddess    14934   WOM
   Anderson & Sovik          Yoga  Mastering The Basics                            Yoga                             27700   YOG
   Anderson, Adrian          Living A Spiritual Year  An Esoteric Study            Steiner, Rudolf                  15660   STE
   Anderson, Allen & Linda   Angel Cats Divine Messengers                          Animals                          20115   ANI
   Anderson, Allen & Linda   Angel Horses  Divine Messengers Of Hope               Animals                          20550   ANI
   Anderson, Allen & Linda   Saying Goodbye To Your Angel Animals                  Animals                          26399   ANI
   Anderson, Angela          Valley Of Search                                      Women's Spirituality, Goddess    20523   WOM
   Anderson, Becca           Buddha's Guide To Gratitude                           Inspirational books              19841   INS
   Anderson, David A         What You Can See You Can Be                           Children's Books                 19263   KID
   Anderson, George & Barone Life Between Heaven & Earth                           Death and Dying                  27014   DEA
   Anderson, Greg            22 Non-Negotiable Laws Of Wellness                    Psychology, self help            23202   PSY
   Anderson, Joan            Where Angels Walk  True Stories Of Heavenly Visit'    Angels, Nature Spirits           15143   ANG
   Anderson, Joan Wester     Angel To Watch Over Me  Stories Of Children           Angels, Nature Spirits           22122   ANG
   Anderson, Karl            Astrology Of The Old Testament (1892)                 Astrology                        12283   AST
   Anderson, Lorraine (Edt.) Sisters Of The Earth                                  Women's Spirituality, Goddess    14963   WOM
   Anderson, Nancy           Work With Passion                                     Psychology, self help            13770   PSY
   Anderson, Neil            Singing Man                                           Fiction                          15255   FIC
   Anderson, Reb             Being Upright Zen Meditation & Bodhisattva Precept    Zen                              26753   ZEN
   Anderson, Robert          Stories Of Healing                                    Healing                          22041   HEA
   Anderson, Rosemarie       Celtic Oracles (POSI 10/03)                           Celtic spirituality              25118   CEL
   Anderson, Susan           Black Swan  Twelve Lessons of Abandonment             Psychology, self help            12997   PSY
   Anderson, Susan           Journey From Abandonment To Healing                   Psychology, self help            12359   PSY
   Anderson, Walter Truett   Open Secrets  A Guide To Tibetan Buddhism             Tibetan Buddhism                 12071   TIB
   Anderson, William         Green Man Archetype Of Oneness (POS NL 1/5/08)        Mythology                        19339   MYT
   Andersson, Anders         Runes  The Secrets Of The Stones (POS NL 7/22/05)     Runes                            25389   RUN
   Andre, Christophe         Looking At Mindfulness                                Art                              31230   ART
   Andrea de Nerciat, Andre  Zoroaster's Telescope                                 Alchemy                          25570   ALC
   Andrea, Raymund           Technique Of The Master  Or The Wy Of Csmc Prprtn     Rosicrucian                      19793   ROS
   Andreas, C. & S.          Heart Of The Mind                                     Psychology, self help            19865   PSY
   Andreas, Connirae & Tamar CORE Transformation                                   Psychology, self help            23962   PSY
   Andreas, S & Faulkner, C  NLP: New Technology Of Achievement                    Psychology, self help            24696   PSY
   Andreas, Steve & Connirae Change Your Mind And Keep The Change                  Psychology, self help            24684   PSY
   Andreev, Daniel           Rose Of The World                                     Consciousness Expansion          24967   EXP
   Andrew McMeel Publishing  Little Book Of Forest Bathing                         Global Responsibility, concerns  26517   ONE
   Andrew, Wendy             Goddess Dream Oracle                                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20439   TAR
   Andrews, Cecile           Circle Of Simplicity                                  Global Responsibility, concerns  24204   ONE
   Andrews, Frank  Ph.D.     Art & Practice Of Loving                              Inspirational books              11702   INS
   Andrews, Lynn             Crystal Woman                                         Native Peoples                   16653   NAT
   Andrews, Lynn             Dark Sister                                           Native Peoples                   23306   NAT
   Andrews, Lynn             Flight Of The Seventh Moon                            Native Peoples                   11144   NAT
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Andrews, Lynn             Jaguar Woman (Mass)                                   Native Peoples                   11016   NAT
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Andrews, Lynn             Love & Power                                          Native Peoples                   24839   NAT
   Andrews, Lynn             Medicine Woman                                        Native Peoples                   12834   NAT
   Andrews, Lynn             Sacred Vision Oracle Cards                            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     25834   TAR
   Andrews, Lynn             Shakkai  Woman Of The Sacred Garden                   Native Peoples                   11438   NAT
   Andrews, Lynn             Star Woman                                            Native Peoples                   15710   NAT
   Andrews, Lynn             Tarot Cards Power Deck                                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20381   TAR
   Andrews, Lynn             Teachings Around The Sacred Wheel                     Shamanism                        18302   SHA
   Andrews, Lynn             Walk In Balance  Meditations With Lynn Andrews        Native Peoples                   21824   NAT
   Andrews, Lynn             Windhorse Woman                                       Native Peoples                   18237   NAT
   Andrews, Lynn             Woman At The Edge Of Two Worlds                       Native Peoples                   21178   NAT
   Andrews, Lynn             Woman Of Wyrrd  The Arousal Of The Inner Fire         Native Peoples                   19224   NAT
   Andrews, Shirley          Atlantis  Insights..                                  Atlantis                         24863   ATL
   Andrews, Shirley          Lemuria & Atlantis                                    Atlantis                         30159   ATL
   Andrews, Synthia & Colin  Complete Idiot's Guide To 2012                        Mayan                            30422   MAY
   Andrews, Ted              Animal Speak                                          Native Peoples                   21440   NAT
   Andrews, Ted              Animal-Speak Pocket Guide                             Native Peoples                   13166   NAT
   Andrews, Ted              Animal-Speak Runes                                    Animals                          13722   ANI
                                                                                   Shamanism                                SHA
   Andrews, Ted              Animal-Wise                                           Native Peoples                   26442   NAT
   Andrews, Ted              Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls                         Crystal and gems                 22713   GEM
   Andrews, Ted              Discover Your Spirit Animal                           Native Peoples                   24270   NAT
   Andrews, Ted              Dream Alchemy                                         Dreams                           20522   DRE
   Andrews, Ted              Enchantment Of The Faerie Realm                       Angels, Nature Spirits           18476   ANG
   Andrews, Ted              Entering The Tree Of Life (CD)                        CDs                              19664   CDS
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Andrews, Ted              Exercises In Psychic Protection (CD) BO'd 12/15/20    CDs                              27803   CDS
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Andrews, Ted              Faerie Charms (Vol. 6 School Of Magic..)              Wicca                            16206   WIC
   Andrews, Ted              Feathered Omens Cards                                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19058   TAR
   Andrews, Ted              Healer's Manual Gd Vibrational Therapies              Healing                          21830   HEA
   Andrews, Ted              How To Do Psychic Readings Through Touch              Psychic Phenomenon               27512   ESP
   Andrews, Ted              How To Heal With Color                                Color healing/ therapy           11916   COL
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Andrews, Ted              How To Meet & Work With Spirit Guides                 Psychic Phenomenon               12006   ESP
   Andrews, Ted              How To See & Read The Aura                            Aura                             20338   AUR
   Andrews, Ted              How To Uncover Your Past Lives                        Reincarnation                    27513   REI
   Andrews, Ted              Imagick  (OP 11/95)                                   Ceremonial Magic                 18529   MAG
                                                                                   Kabbalah                                 KAB
   Andrews, Ted              Intercession Of Spirits                               Psychic Phenomenon               19248   ESP
   Andrews, Ted              Magic Of Believing (Vol 1 Young Person's Gd)          Wicca                            28866   WIC
   Andrews, Ted              Magical Name                                          Ceremonial Magic                 20307   MAG
   Andrews, Ted              Nature Speak                                          Native Peoples                   30286   NAT
   Andrews, Ted              Nature-Speak Oracle Cards                             Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     31116   TAR
   Andrews, Ted              Occult Christ                                         Christianity                     21215   CHR
   Andrews, Ted              Pathworking  A Qabala Guide... (BO'd INGR 4/14/16)    Kabbalah                         21763   KAB
   Andrews, Ted              Psychic Power (Vol 2 Young Person's Gd..)             Wicca                            28865   WIC
   Andrews, Ted              Psychic Protection                                    Psychic Phenomenon               27262   ESP
   Andrews, Ted              Roses Of Light (CASS)                                 Audio Cassettes                  22338   CAS
   Andrews, Ted              Sacred Sounds                                         Music                            20930   MUS
   Andrews, Ted              Secret Doors of the Qabala                            Kabbalah                         16835   KAB
   Andrews, Ted              Simplified Qabala Magic                               Kabbalah                         14731   KAB
   Andrews, Ted              Spirits, Ghosts & Guardians (Vol.5 School of Magic    Wicca                            16200   WIC
   Andrews, Ted              Tarot Cards Animal Wise                               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     25821   TAR
   Andrews, Ted              Treasures Of The Unicorn                              Mythology                        13286   MYT
   Andrews, Valerie          Passion For This Earth                                Global Responsibility, concerns  21071   ONE
   Angelou, Maya             Amazing Peace  A Christmas Poem (incl. CD)            Children's Books                 26943   KID
   Angha, Nahid              Principles Of Sufism                                  Sufism                           23917   SUF
   Angha, Nahid              Stations Of The Sufi Path                             Sufism                           14266   SUF
   Angus, S.                 Mystery Religions & Christianity                      Christianity                     12947   CHR
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Ann, Imel, Refield, Suter Great Goddess  Introduction To Her Many Names         Mythology                        16486   MYT
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Ann, Martha & Imel, D.    Goddesses In World Mythology (OP 6/2006)              Reference                        22931   REF
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Anon                      Turning                                               Inspirational books              22433   INS
   Anon (0452009448)         Lost Books Of The Bible & Forgotten Books Of Eden     Bible, Scriptures                18421   BIB
   Anon (0517277956)         Lost Books Of The Bible (short version of 18421)      Bible, Scriptures                26388   BIB
   Anonymous                 Boy Who Saw True                                      Psychic Phenomenon               11401   ESP
   Anonymous                 Brotherhood  (Reprinting: no due date in 2011)        Small Books & Booklets           11412   PAM
   Anonymous                 Buddha  Life & Work Of The Forerunner In India        Buddhism                         23745   BUD
   Anonymous                 Christ In You  (see also 29164)                       Small Books & Booklets           11500   PAM
   Anonymous                 Cloud Of Unknowing (0-14-044762-8) (Spearing tr.)     Christianity                     11523   CHR
   Anonymous                 Cloud Of Unknowing (038-503-0975) (Johnston tr.)      Christianity                     11524   CHR
   Anonymous                 Cloud Of Unknowing (038-528-1447) (Progoff tr)        Christianity                     18326   CHR
   Anonymous                 Esoteric Bible Dictionary                             Bible, Scriptures                27872   BIB
   Anonymous                 Guide To The Path                                     Small Books & Booklets           17495   PAM
   Anonymous                 Impersonal Life                                       Small Books & Booklets           12418   PAM
   Anonymous                 Mahobone (Grand Lodge Door Openned)                   Fremasonry                       27236   FRM
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Anonymous                 Meditations On The Tarot                              Western Mystery Tradition        16636   WMT
   Anonymous                 New Jerusalem Bible                                   Bible, Scriptures                14836   BIB
   Anonymous                 Point In The Work  (OP 09.94)                         Gurdjieff                        19025   GUR
   Anonymous                 Way Of A Pilgrim (0-06-063017-5) (R.M.French)         Christianity                     14104   CHR
   Anonymous                 Way Of A Pilgrim (0-385-46814-8) (Bacovcin tr.)       Christianity                     15702   CHR
   Anonymous                 Way Of A Pilgrim (1893361314) Pokrovsky (Trans.)      Christianity                     30106   CHR
   Anonymous                 Way Of A Pilgrim (Savin Trans.)                       Christianity                     25780   CHR
   Anonymous                 Way Out                                               Small Books & Booklets           14119   PAM
   Anonymous                 Workbook Lesson Cards For A Course In Miracles        A Course in Miracles             14533   CIM
   Anonymous (Fedotov - Ed.) Way Of A Pilgrim & Other Classics (BO'd 5/10/18)      Christianity                     22647   CHR
   Anonymous (Fwd. Sardello) Mysterious Story Of X7                                Psychic Phenomenon               14197   ESP
   Anonymous 4               An English Ladymass (CD)                              Music                            21537   MUS
   Anonymous Student         Deeper Truths Of Shakespeare (Heindel)                Western Mystery Tradition        26615   WMT
   Anschutz, Marieke         Children & Their Temperaments                         Steiner, Rudolf                  26707   STE
   Antelme & Rossini         Becoming Osiris                                       Egyptian Spirituality            25681   EGY
   Antelme, Ruth & Rossini   Sacred Sexuality In Ancient Egypt                     Egyptian Spirituality            29027   EGY
   Antenucci & Howard        Psychic Tarot                                         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20354   TAR
   Antepara, Robin           Aspects                                               Astrology                        17410   AST
   Anthology                 Color Symbolism (OSI 7/94)                            Color healing/ therapy           11545   COL
   Anthony & Moog            Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way                       I Ching                          29694   ICH
   Anthony, Carol            Guide To The I Ching                                  I Ching                          12175   ICH
   Anthony, Carol            Love An Inner Connection I Ching                      I Ching                          18724   ICH
   Anthony, Carol            Other Way  A Book Of Med. Exps. Bsd On The I Ching    I Ching                          15420   ICH
   Anthony, Carol            Philosophy Of The I Ching                             I Ching                          13185   ICH
   Anthony, Carol & Moog     I Ching  Oracle Of The Cosmic Way (BO'd 2/10/2021)    I Ching                          24935   ICH
   Anthony, Carol & Moog, H. I Ching  The Oracle Of The Cosmic Way                 I Ching                          29554   ICH
   Anthony, Maggy            Jung's Circle Of Women  The Valkyries                 Jung, Carl                       19364   JUN
   Anthony, Mark             Never Letting Go  Heal Grief                          Grief                            24377   GRF
   Antiglio, Dominiquie      Life-Changing Power Of Sophrology                     Consciousness Expansion          13101   EXP
   Anugama                   Environment #2 (River & Bells) (CD)                   CDs                              26743   CDS
   Anugama                   Shamanic Dream (CD)                                   CDs                              20028   CDS
   Anugama                   Shamanic Dream II (CD)                                CDs                              12218   CDS
   Anyen Rinpoche            Momentary Buddhahood  (Vajrayana)                     Tibetan Buddhism                 16880   TIB
   Anyen Rinpoche            Union Of Dzogchen And Bodhichitta                     Tibetan Buddhism                 27261   TIB
   Aoumiel                   Dancing Shadows  Roots Of Western Religious Belfs     Ceremonial Magic                 22097   MAG
   Appelbaum, David          Disruption                                            Consciousness Expansion          14401   EXP
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Appelbaum, David          Stop                                                  Western Mystery Tradition        28375   WMT
   Applejohn          Tarot Cards Ostara Tarot (0764352822)                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     30264   TAR
   Appleton, Nancy           Secrets Of Natural Healing With Food                  Diet                             23166   DIE
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Apte, Pradeep             Nisargadatta Gita                                     Hinduism                         24995   HIN
   Apuleius                  Golden Ass                                            Mythology                        21366   MYT
   Aqil-Hussain, Mirza       Bostan Of Saadi Of Shiraz (The Orchard)               Sufism                           25759   SUF
   Arabi, Ibn                Divine Sayings (Mishkat Al-Anwar)                     Sufism                           11301   SUF
   Aranya                    Journey To The Center                                 New Age                          17812   OCC
   Arber, Agnes              Manifold & The One                                    Theosophy                        15477   THE
   Arberry, A. J.            Koran Interpreted (0-02-083260-5)                     Sufism                           19460   SUF
   Arberry, A.J. (trans.)    Mystical Poems Of Rumi                                Rumi                             20180   RUM
   Arbinger Institute        Anatomy Of Peace                                      Psychology, self help            12385   PSY
   Arbinger Institute        Leadership & Self-Deception  Getting Out/Box          Psychology, self help            29475   PSY
   Arcarti, Kristyna         Gems & Crystals For Beginners                         Crystal and gems                 24063   GEM
   Arcarti, Kristyna         Love Signs For Beginners                              Astrology                        23879   AST
   Arcarti, Kristyna         Runes For Beginners                                   Runes                            23883   RUN
   Ardagh, Arjuna            Awakening Into Oneness                                Consciousness Expansion          31103   EXP
   Ardagh, Arjuna            Translucent Revolution                                Consciousness Expansion          23561   EXP
   Ardagh, Arjuna Nick       Relaxing Into Clear Seeing                            Psychology, self help            25188   PSY
   Ardinger, Barbara         Goddess Meditations (OP 2/2002)                       Women's Spirituality, Goddess    25917   WOM
   Ardinger, Barbara         Practicing The Presence Of The Goddess                Wicca                            27647   WIC
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Arewa, Caroline Shola     Opening To Spirit   Chakras & African Spirituality    African spirituality             25889   AFR
   Arguelles, Jose           Call Of Pacal Votan                                   Earth Mysteries                  24031   EAR
   Arguelles, Jose           Cosmic History Chronicles (POS 1/5/08)                Science                          14083   SCI
   Arguelles, Jose           Earth Ascending (POS 3/21/2019)                       Earth Mysteries                  11798   EAR
   Arguelles, Jose           Manifesto For The Noosphere                           Global Responsibility, concerns  23069   ONE
   Arguelles, Jose           Mayan Factor                                          Mayan                            16294   MAY
   Arguelles, Jose           Surfers Of The Zuvuya                                 Mayan                            17639   MAY
   Arguelles, Jose           Time & The Technosphere                               Earth Mysteries                  29119   EAR
   Arguelles, Jose           Transformative Vision (OP 4/05)                       Global Responsibility, concerns  11501   ONE
   Arguetty, Danny           6 Qualities of Consciousness                          Yoga                             12870   YOG
   Ariel, David S.           Mystic Quest  Introduction To Jewish Mysticism        Judaism                          21098   JUD
   Ariel/Tachi-ren           What Is Lightbody?                                    New Age                          23520   OCC
   Arifi Of Herat            Book Of Ecstasy                                       Sufism                           15864   SUF
   Arjia Rinpoche            Surviving The Dragon                                  Tibetan Buddhism                 18402   TIB
   Arlenea, Willow & Cori    Tarot Cards Tarot Of Transformation (OP NA 3/2011)    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     21048   TAR
   Arlin, Stephen            Raw Power  Building Strength & Muscle Naturally       Diet                             27992   DIE
   Armor, Reginald C.        That Was Ernest (Story Of Ernest Holmes)              Mind Science                     26289   MIN
   Armstrong, Robin   Eastern Systems For Western Astrologers               Astrology                        24321   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Armstrong, Guy            Emptiness  A Practical Guide For Meditators           Meditation                       28786   MED
   Armstrong, J.W.           Water Of Life  Treatise On Urine Therapy              Healing                          21896   HEA
   Armstrong, Jeffrey        Karma (978-1-68383-380-2)                             Hinduism                         31012   HIN
   Armstrong, Jeffrey        Spiritual Teachings Of The Avatar                     Hinduism                         16247   HIN
   Armstrong, Jeffrey        Vedic Astrology Deck                                  Astrology                        18643   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Armstrong, Karen          Battle For God                                        Comparative Religion             14698   C.R
   Armstrong, Karen          Bible                                                 Comparative Religion             18213   C.R
   Armstrong, Karen          Buddha                                                Buddhism                         28434   BUD
   Armstrong, Karen          Case For God                                          Comparative Religion             19641   C.R
   Armstrong, Karen          Fields Of Blood                                       Comparative Religion             26946   C.R
   Armstrong, Karen          Great Transformation                                  Comparative Religion             31015   C.R
   Armstrong, Karen          History Of God                                        Comparative Religion             21535   C.R
   Armstrong, Karen          Islam  A Short History                                Islam                            28436   ISL
   Armstrong, Karen          Muhammad  Biography Of The Prophet                    Islam                            21297   ISL
   Armstrong, Karen          Through The Narrow Gate                               Comparative Religion             28836   C.R
   Armstrong, Karen          Twelve Steps To A Compassionate Life                  Comparative Religion             20756   C.R
   Armstrong, Karen          Visions Of God  4 Medieval Mystics                    Christianity                     22380   CHR
   Armstrong, Regis          Francis & Clare  The Complete Works                   Christian Saints                 25163   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Armstrong, Thomas         Radiant Child                                         Parenting                        14244   PAR
   Arnett, Robert            India Unveiled (ISBN 0-9652900-7-7)                   Art                              24360   ART
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Arnold, Arlene            Color Cards  Gd To Yr Inner Knowing                   Color healing/ therapy           11578   COL
                                                                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books             TAR
   Arnold, Arlene            Mini ColorCards (small deck only)                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16965   TAR
   Arnold, Edward            As Long As Space Endures                              Tibetan Buddhism                 17843   TIB
   Arnold, Edwin             Light Of Asia                                         Buddhism                         23945   BUD
   Arnold, L. & Nevius, S.   Reiki Handbook                                        Reiki                            13235   RKI
   Arnold, Sir Edwin         Bhagavadgita                                          Bhagavad Gita                    24667   B.G
   Arnold, Sir Edwin         Light Of Asia (7603)                                  Buddhism                         13189   BUD
   Arnold, Sir Edwin         Song Celestial                                        Bhagavad Gita                    13671   B.G
   Arntz, Chasse, & Vicente  What The Bleep Do We Know!?                           Science                          11499   SCI
   Arntz, Will               Little Book Of Bleeps                                 Science                          30614   SCI
   Aromatico, Andrea         Alchemy  The Great Secret                             Alchemy                          16569   ALC
   Aron, Elaine              Highly Sensitive Person                               Psychology, self help            25807   PSY
   Aron, Elaine              Highly Sensitive Person In Love                       Psychology, self help            20455   PSY
   Aronson, Harvey           Buddhist Practice On Western Ground                   Buddhism                         30590   BUD
   Aronson, Martin           Jesus & Lao Tzu  Parallel Sayings (BO'd 3/4/2020)     Christianity                     27821   CHR
   Arora, Anu                Ignite Your Light                                     Inspirational books              24254   INS
                                                                                   Poetry                                   POE
   Arraj, James              God, Zen & The Intuition Of Being                     Zen                              17721   ZEN
   Arraj, James              Inner Nature Of Faith                                 Christianity                     17830   CHR
   Arrien, Angeles           Four-Fold Way                                         Native Peoples                   14948   NAT
   Arrien, Angeles           Living In Gratitude                                   Psychology, self help            23062   PSY
   Arrien, Angeles           Second Half Of Life                                   Psychology, self help            20824   PSY
   Arrien, Angeles           Signs Of Life                                         Art                              13282   ART
   Arrien, Angeles           Tarot Handbook (Crowley Deck)                         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17027   TAR
   Arrowsmith, Andrea        Angelic Choirs (CD)                                   CDs                              25090   CDS
   Arroyo, Stephen           Astrology Karma & Transformation                      Astrology                        11188   AST
   Arroyo, Stephen           Astrology, Psychology & The Four Elements             Astrology                        11202   AST
   Arroyo, Stephen           Chart Interpretation Handbook                         Astrology                        18638   AST
   Arroyo, Stephen           Experiments & Experience With Astrology               Astrology                        12285   AST
   Arroyo, Stephen           Exploring Jupiter  The Astrological Key               Astrology                        23788   AST
   Arroyo, Stephen           Person-to-Person Astrology                            Astrology                        17644   AST
   Arroyo, Stephen           Practicing The Cosmic Science                         Astrology                        28010   AST
   Arroyo, Stephen           Relationships & Life Cycles (POS 2/5/03)              Astrology                        13418   AST
   Artley, Malvin N.         Bodies Of Fire Vol. 1 (OP 12/97)                      Chakras                          22608   CHA
   Artress, Lauren           Walking A Sacred Path  Labyrinth As A Tool            Sacred Geometry                  12426   SAC
   Arundale, G.S.            Kundalini  An Occult Experience                       Chakras                          18612   CHA
   Arundale, George          Lotus Fire (7502) Out of Print NA                     Theosophy                        19532   THE
   Arvatu & Aberdein         Rhetoric  Art Of Persuasion  (Wooden Books)           Sacred Geometry                  31226   SAC
   Arvigo, Rosita            Sastun                                                Mayan                            22389   MAY
   Arya, Pandit Usharbudh    God                                                   Hinduism                         24184   HIN
   Arya, Rohit               Vaastu  Indian Art Of Placement                       Feng Shui                        28442   FEN
   Arya, Usharbudh           Mantra & Meditation (OSI 12/06)                       Meditation                       21925   MED
   Aryasura                  Marvelous Companion (The Jatakamala)                  Buddhism                         16818   BUD
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Asad, Muhammed            Message Of The Qur'an                                 Sufism                           27669   SUF
   Asanaro                   Secret Art Of Boabom                                  Tai Chi                          16845   TAI
   Asanaro                   Secret Art Of Seamm-Jasani (BO'd 7/23/10)             Yoga                             29948   YOG
   Asante, Molefi Kete       Egyptian Philosophers: Ancient African Voices         Egyptian Spirituality            27267   EGY
   Ash, D. & Hewitt, Peter   Science Of The Gods                                   Science                          20828   SCI
   Ash, Heather              Four Elements Of Change                               Psychology, self help            29796   PSY
   Ash, Mel                  Zen Of Recovery                                       Psychology, self help            21145   PSY
   Ashby, Muata              42 Precepts Of Maat                                   Egyptian Spirituality            31258   EGY
   Ashby, Muata              Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Texts                         Egyptian Spirituality            21448   EGY
   Ashby, Muata              Black Ancient Egyptians                               Egyptian Spirituality            21524   EGY
   Ashby, Muata              Egyptian Book Of The Dead                             Egyptian Spirituality            31255   EGY
   Ashby, Muata              Egyptian Proverbs                                     Egyptian Spirituality            21540   EGY
   Ashby, Muata              Egyptian Yoga Postures                                Egyptian Spirituality            21631   EGY
   Ashby, Muata              Egyptian Yoga Vol. 2                                  Egyptian Spirituality            12611   EGY
   Ashby, Muata              Egyptian Yoga Vol. I                                  Egyptian Spirituality            29638   EGY
   Ashby, Muata              Introduction To Maat Philosophy                       Egyptian Spirituality            21698   EGY
   Ashby, Muata              Kemetic Tree Of Life                                  Egyptian Spirituality            31256   EGY
   Ashby, Muata              Meditation  The Ancient Egyptian Path...              Egyptian Spirituality            31257   EGY
   Ashcroft, Mary            Magdalene Gospel (OSI 8/00)                           Women's Spirituality, Goddess    23309   WOM
   Ashcroft-Nowicki & Norris Door Unlocked                                         Ceremonial Magic                 18161   MAG
   Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores Highways Of The Mind (Pathworking) Out of Print       Ceremonial Magic                 14749   MAG
   Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores Illuminations (POS NEWL 9/29/06)                      Kabbalah                         29656   KAB
   Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores Initiate's Book Of Pathworkings                       Ceremonial Magic                 26330   MAG
   Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores Inner Landscapes (OP? 6/2001)                         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16470   TAR
   Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores Magical Use Of Thought Forms                          Ceremonial Magic                 28794   MAG
   Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores Ritual Magic Workbook  Pract' Crse Of Self-Init'on    Ceremonial Magic                 16519   MAG
   Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores Sacred Cord Meditations  (OP 9/93)                    Ceremonial Magic                 19032   MAG
                                                                                   New Age                                  OCC
   Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores Shining Paths                                         Kabbalah                         13637   KAB
   Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores Tarot Cards Servants Of The Light  (OP 7/95)          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19931   TAR
   Ashe, Geoffrey            Discovery Of King Arthur                              Art                              20248   ART
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Ashe, Geoffrey            Glastonbury Tor Maze                                  Earth Mysteries                  25958   EAR
   Ashish, Sri Madhava       Man, Son of Man                                       Theosophy                        15280   THE
   Ashlag, Yehudah Lev       In The Shadow Of The Ladder  Intro. to Kabbalah       Kabbalah                         29146   KAB
   Ashley-Farrand, Thomas    Chakra Mantras                                        Chakras                          23452   CHA
                                                                                   Music                                    MUS
   Ashley-Farrand, Thomas    Healing Mantras                                       Music                            26966   MUS
   Ashley-Farrand, Thomas    Mantra Meditation                                     Music                            22045   MUS
   Ashley-Farrand, Thomas    Shakti Mantras                                        Music                            29842   MUS
   Ashley-Farrands, Thomas   Healing Mantras (CD) (ST363)                          CDs                              28226   CDS
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Ashmole, Elias            Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum                         Alchemy                          25544   ALC
   Ashmore, Jean-Christie    To Walk Far, Carry Less                               Travel                           13609   TRA
   Ashokananda, Swami (trsl) Avadhuta Gita  Of Dattatreya                          Hinduism                         16305   HIN
   Ashton, Joan              Mother Of All Nations                                 Christianity                     20532   CHR
                                                                                   Mary                                     MAR
   Askeland, Luther          Ways In Mystery                                       Consciousness Expansion          24439   EXP
   Aslan, Reza               Zealot  The Life & Times Of Jesus Of Nazareth         Christianity                     26808   CHR
   Asma, Stephen T.          Buddha For Beginners                                  Buddhism                         14624   BUD
   Assaf, A. & Leahy K.      C. S. Lewis' Little Book Of Wisdom                    Inspirational books              31047   INS
   Assaf, Andrea Kirk        Saints' Little Book Of Wisdom                         Christianity                     27204   CHR
                                                                                   Pocket books                             PKT
   Assagioli, Roberto        Act Of Will                                           Psychology, self help            16239   PSY
   Assagioli, Roberto        Psychosynthesis                                       Psychology, self help            13330   PSY
   Assante, Julia            Last Frontier                                         Death and Dying                  15443   DEA
   Astoria, Dorothy          Name Book  10,000 Names (1-55661-982-0)               Parenting                        21416   PAR
   Asvaghosha                Awakening Of Faith In The Mahayana                    Buddhism                         19207   BUD
   Aswynn, Freya             Leaves Of Yggdrasil (new # 25379 - No. Mysteries)     Runes                            19496   RUN
   Aswynn, Freya             Northern Mysteries & Magick                           Runes                            25379   RUN
   Aswynn, Freya             Power And Principles Of The Runes                     Runes                            21906   RUN
   Atanassov, A.A.           Tarot Cards Golden Botticelli                         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18540   TAR
   Atanassov, Atanas         Tarot Cards Golden Tarot of Klimt Mini Deck           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18211   TAR
   Athans, Mary Christine    In Quest Of The Jewish Mary                           Mary                             22667   MAR
   Atkins, Charles           Modern Buddhist Healing                               Buddhism                         23513   BUD
   Atkinson, Belinda         Tarot Of The Soul                                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     25015   TAR
   Atkinson, W.W.            Practical Psychomancy & Crystal Gazing                Psychic Phenomenon               13245   ESP
   Atlee, Tom                Tao Of Democracy                                      Global Responsibility, concerns  29548   ONE
   Atreya                    Ayurvedic Healing For Women                           Ayurveda                         26284   AYU
   Atreya                    Practical Ayurveda                                    Ayurveda                         25327   AYU
   Attar, Farid ud-Din       Conference Of The Birds (014-0444-343) Peng.          Sufism                           23757   SUF
   Attar, Farid ud-Din1      Conference Of The Birds (1578632463)                  Sufism                           28662   SUF
   Attenborough, Richard     Words Of Gandhi                                       Gandhi                           20185   GAN
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Atteshlis, Stylianos      Esoteric Practice (BO DV01 10/13/06)                  Christianity                     25488   CHR
   Atteshlis, Stylianos      Esoteric Teachings (BO DV01 1/2/07)                   Christianity                     25489   CHR
   Atwater, P.M.H.           Beyond The Light (POS NEWL 5/1/06)                    Near Death Studies               22124   NDE
   Atwater, P.M.H.           Big Book of Near-Death Experiences                    Near Death Studies               13649   NDE
   Atwater, P.M.H.           Forever Angels                                        Near Death Studies               24953   NDE
   Atwater, P.M.H.           Future Memory                                         Psychic Phenomenon               23646   ESP
   Atwater, P.M.H.           Goddess Runes (OP? 2/2002)                            Runes                            24064   RUN
   Atwater, P.M.H.           Near-Death Experiences  The Rest Of The Story         Near Death Studies               20951   NDE
   Atwater, P.M.H.           New Children & Near-Death Experiences                 Near Death Studies               30051   NDE
   Atwater, P.M.H.           We Live Forever                                       Near Death Studies               30593   NDE
   Atwater, P.M.H. & Morgan  Complete Idiot's Guide To Near-Death Experiences      Near Death Studies               27073   NDE
   Atwood, Margaret          For The Birds                                         Children's Books                 15082   KID
   Aubin & Rifkin            Complete Book Of Astrology                            Astrology                        17770   AST
   Audubon Society           Audubon Field Guide To N. Amer. Rocks & Minerals      Crystal and gems                 16028   GEM
   Auerbach, Loyd            ESP, Hauntings & Poltergeists                         Psychic Phenomenon               15803   ESP
   Augustine, Dr. Dennis F   Invisible Means Of Support (See 24388)                Consciousness Expansion          23389   EXP
                                                                                   Mythology                                MYT
   Augustine, Saint          Trinity (0-911782-96-6)                               Christianity                     12059   CHR
   Aurelius, Marcus          Meditations (978-0486-2982 38)                        Inspirational books              13297   INS
   Aurobindo                 Bhagavad Gita & Its Message                           Bhagavad Gita                    19450   B.G
   Aurobindo & Mother        Living Within                                         Aurobindo                        26153   ARO
   Aurobindo & The Mother    Growing Within (Selected Writings)                    Aurobindo                        12266   ARO
   Aurobindo & The Mother    Integral Healing                                      Aurobindo                        12257   ARO
   Aurobindo & The Mother    Looking From Within                                   Aurobindo                        23570   ARO
   Aurobindo & The Mother    Our Many Selves (Selected Writings)                   Aurobindo                        13759   ARO
   Aurobindo & The Mother    Psychic Being                                         Aurobindo                        14407   ARO
   Aurobindo & The Mother    Yoga Of Sleep & Dreams                                Aurobindo                        15783   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Bases Of Yoga                                         Aurobindo                        11292   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Collected Poems                                       Aurobindo                        15031   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Collected Poems                                       Aurobindo                        16085   ARO
                                                                                   Poetry                                   POE
   Aurobindo, Sri            Emergence Of The Psychic                              Aurobindo                        23840   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Essays On The Gita                                    Aurobindo                        15033   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Essential Aurobindo (Robert McDermott edt.)           Aurobindo                        17624   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Future Evolution Of Man                               Aurobindo                        25319   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Future Poetry                                         Aurobindo                        16086   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Hour Of God                                           Aurobindo                        11124   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Infinite Adventure & Other Poems (BO 5/16/08)         Aurobindo                        27758   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Integral Yoga  Aurobindo                              Aurobindo                        21979   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Invitation & Other Poems                              Aurobindo                        27757   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Last Poems                                            Aurobindo                        16084   ARO
                                                                                   Poetry                                   POE
   Aurobindo, Sri            Letters On Yoga Vol. 1                                Aurobindo                        15763   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Letters On Yoga Vol. 2                                Aurobindo                        15778   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Letters On Yoga Vol. 3                                Aurobindo                        15781   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Life Divine                                           Aurobindo                        15360   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Life Divine (Travelling Size Cloth)                   Aurobindo                        11095   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Lights On Yoga                                        Aurobindo                        22137   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Message Of The Gita                                   Aurobindo                        28488   ARO
                                                                                   Bhagavad Gita                            B.G
   Aurobindo, Sri            Mind Of Light                                         Aurobindo                        17175   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Mother                                                Aurobindo                        17584   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            On Himself                                            Aurobindo                        27370   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            On Love                                               Aurobindo                        16087   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            On Women                                              Aurobindo                        13100   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Philosophy Of The Upanishads                          Aurobindo                        28490   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Savitri (Pocket Edition) 81-7058-018-8)               Aurobindo                        14541   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Savitri (standard paperback)                          Aurobindo                        15361   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Sonnets                                               Aurobindo                        27756   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Synthesis Of Yoga (paper)                             Aurobindo                        15362   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Teaching Of Sri Aurobindo & One Aim Of His Yoga       Aurobindo                        25966   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Thoughts & Aphorisms                                  Aurobindo                        20633   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Thoughts & Glimpses                                   Aurobindo                        20632   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri            Upanishads                                            Upanishads                       17583   UPA
   Aurobindo, Sri (tr.)      New Education For A New Consciousness                 Aurobindo                        12965   ARO
   Aurobindo, Sri (tr.)      Upanishads (Vol.I Isha)                               Upanishads                       25135   UPA
   Aurobindo, Sri (tr.)      Upanishads (Vol.II Kena & Other)                      Upanishads                       12950   UPA
   Aurobindo,Sri,comp Pandit Vedic Symbolism                                       Aurobindo                        17229   ARO
   Aurobino & The Mother     Powers Within                                         Aurobindo                        15636   ARO
   Austen, Hallie Iglehart   Heart Of The Goddess  Art, Myth, Meditations          Women's Spirituality, Goddess    19352   WOM
   Austin, James             Meditating Selflessly                                 Meditation                       17308   MED
   Austin, James             Selfless Insight                                      Zen                              23083   ZEN
   Austin, R.W.J.            Ibn Al'Arabi Bezels Of Wisdom                         Sufism                           28858   SUF
   Ausubel, Kenny            When Healing Becomes A Crime (Hoxsey)                 Healing                          27588   HEA
   Avalon, Arthur            Serpent Power                                         Chakras                          13590   CHA
   Avalon, Dawn              Fairies & Gnomes Coloring Fun                         Children's Books                 15650   KID
   Avedon, John              Interview With The Dalai Lama                         Tibetan Buddhism                 16462   TIB
   Avedon, John F.           In Exile From The Land Of Snows                       Tibetan Buddhism                 15244   TIB
   Aveni, Anthony            End Of Time Maya Mystery Of 2012                      Mayan                            24779   MAY
   Aveni, Anthony            Stairways To The Stars                                Science                          29850   SCI
   Avery, Jeanne             Astrological Aspects                                  Astrology                        15133   AST
   Avery, Jeanne             Rising Sign  Your Astrological Mask                   Astrology                        13447   AST
   Avila, Elena              Woman Who Glows In The Dark                           Healing                          26460   HEA
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Axelrod, Alan             International Ency. Of Secret Societies & Fraterna    Reference                        25667   REF
   Ayani, Jessie             Kintui  Vision Of The Incas (OP 1/2005)               Mayan                            23764   MAY
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Ayani, Jessie             Lineage Of The Codes Of Light                         New Age                          15993   OCC
   Ayoun, Yves               Glimpse Into The World Of India's Gods & Goddesses    Hinduism                         18214   HIN
   Azara, Nancy              Spirit Taking Form                                    Art                              29289   ART
   Azure Green               Brigid Statue (8") SB277                              Celtic spirituality              19789   CEL
   Azure Green               Palo Santo Rune Set (RRPALS)                          Runes                            16175   RUN
   Azure Green               Poster Pentagram (EPPEN) 8 1/2 X 11                   Posters & Deity Cards            15649   POS
                                                                                   Wicca                                    WIC
   Azure Green               Poster Wiccan Rede (Long Poem) EPWICP (8 1/2 X 11)    Posters & Deity Cards            15605   POS
                                                                                   Wicca                                    WIC
   B.O.T.A.                  Poster Tree Of Life (22 X 40) #2003                   Posters & Deity Cards            23699   POS
   Baal-Shem, Salomo         Qabbalistic Magic                                     Ceremonial Magic                 13768   MAG
   Baan, Bastiaan            Lord Of The Elements                                  Christianity                     26535   CHR
                                                                                   Steiner, Rudolf                          STE
   Baan, Bastiaan            Old And New Mysteries  From Trials To Initiation      Steiner, Rudolf                  26492   STE
   Baba, B. Niranjan         Handbook Of Vastu                                     Feng Shui                        29507   FEN
   Baba, Meher               Beloved  Life & Work Of Meher Baba (Anzar author)     Hinduism                         23271   HIN
   Baba, Meher               Conversations With The Awakener (Natu author)         Hinduism                         22170   HIN
   Baba, Meher               Dance Of Love  My Life W/Baba (Craske author)         Hinduism                         11688   HIN
   Baba, Meher               Discourses                                            Hinduism                         16979   HIN
   Baba, Meher               Everything & The Nothing                              Hinduism                         11931   HIN
   Baba, Meher               Intimate Conversations W/The Awakener (Natu auth.)    Hinduism                         26145   HIN
   Baba, Meher               Love So Amazing  (Eaton, Bill author)                 Hinduism                         14705   HIN
   Baba, Meher               More Conversations With The Awakener (Natu auth.)     Hinduism                         22180   HIN
   Baba, Meher               Path Of Love                                          Hinduism                         19720   HIN
   Baba, Meher               Silent Teachings Of Meher Baba                        Hinduism                         29509   HIN
   Baba, Prem Raja           God Book                                              New Age                          28215   OCC
   Baba, Prem Raja           Joy Book                                              New Age                          14501   OCC
   Babbit, Edwin S.          Principles Of Light & Color                           Color healing/ therapy           13260   COL
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Babbo, Amedeo             Astrological Calculator (Based On Franz Bardon)       Ceremonial Magic                 12779   MAG
   Bacci, Ingrid             Art Of Effortless Living                              Psychology, self help            28240   PSY
   Bach & Wheeler            Bach Flower Remedies                                  Homeopathy                       11241   HOM
   Bach, Edward              Essential Writings Of Dr. Edward Bach                 Homeopathy                       15577   HOM
   Bach, Marcus              I, Monty                                              Children's Books                 15719   KID
   Bach, Marcus              Let Life Be Like This                                 Inspirational books              24532   INS
   Bach, Marcus              Power Of Perception                                   Mind Science                     13224   MIN
   Bach, Marcus              Power Of Total Living                                 Mind Science                     13226   MIN
   Bach, Marcus              Whispers From Wildlife                                Humor                            19235   HUM
   Bach, Richard             Air Ferrets Aloft                                     Fiction                          30464   FIC
   Bach, Richard             Bridge Across Forever                                 Fiction                          11406   FIC
   Bach, Richard             Illusions                                             Fiction                          12410   FIC
   Bach, Richard             Illusions (Delta Press) 0385319258                    Fiction                          19580   FIC
   Bach, Richard             Illusions II                                          Fiction                          19529   FIC
   Bach, Richard             Jonathan Livingston Seagull  (Complete Edition)       Fiction                          19435   FIC
   Bach, Richard             Life With My Guardian Angel                           Angels, Nature Spirits           20254   ANG
   Bach, Richard             Messiah's Handbook                                    Inspirational books              16148   INS
   Bach, Richard             One                                                   Fiction                          17658   FIC
   Bach, Richard             Stranger To The Ground                                Fiction                          18926   FIC
   Bache, Christopher        Dark Night Early Dawn  Deep Ecology                   Global Responsibility, concerns  28595   ONE
   Bache, Christopher        Lifecycles  Reincarnation & The Web Of Life           Reincarnation                    14353   REI
   Bacher, Elman             Studies In Astrology Vol. 8 Life Assignment           Astrology                        27117   AST
   Bachman, Nicolai          Language Of Yoga (Incl. 2 CD)                         Yoga                             26622   YOG
   Bachman, Nicolai          Path Of The Yoga Sutras                               Patanjali                        23080   PAT
   Bachstein, Rebecca        Tarot Cards Kabbalah Angel Tarot                      Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16660   TAR
   Backman, Linda            Bringing Your Soul to Light                           Reincarnation                    31165   REI
   Badenoch, Lindsay         Daughter Of The Runes (POS IND 8/92)                  Fiction                          18542   FIC
   Bader, David              Haikus For Jews                                       Judaism                          20700   JUD
   Bader, David M.           Zen Judaism                                           Judaism                          29147   JUD
   Bader, W.                 Prayers Of Saint Francis                              Christian Saints                 22024   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Badiner, Allan  (Editor)  Mindfulness In The Marketplace                        Global Responsibility, concerns  29290   ONE
   Badruddin, Shaikh         Inspirations On The Path Of Blame                     Sufism                           24350   SUF
   Bae, James                Devi                                                  Hinduism                         22457   HIN
   Bae, James                Ganesh: Removing The Obstacles                        Pocket books                     21254   PKT
   Bae, James                Shiva  Lord Of The Dance                              Hinduism                         26486   HIN
   Baha'u'llah               Book Of Certitude (Kitab-i-Iqan)                      Ba'hai                           29575   BAH
   Baha'u'llah               Seven Valleys Revealed                                Ba'hai                           21104   BAH
   Baigent, M. & Leigh, R.   Dead Sea Scrolls Deception                            Dead Sea Scrolls                 20547   DSS
   Baigent, M. & Leigh, R.   Temple & The Lodge                                    Western Mystery Tradition        18507   WMT
   Baigent, Michael          Astrology In Ancient Mesopotamia                      Astrology                        26305   AST
   Baigent, Michael          Holy Blood, Holy Grail                                Holy Grail                       13159   H.G
   Baigent, Michael          Jesus Papers                                          Christianity                     14472   CHR
   Baigent, Michael   Messianic Legacy (Trade)                              Western Mystery Tradition        11174   WMT
   Baigent, Michael, et alia Messianic Legacy                                      Christianity                     18298   CHR
   Bailes, Frederick         Basic Principles Of The Science Of Mind               Mind Science                     11746   MIN
   Bailes, Frederick         Healing Incurable & Other Classics.. (OP 1/2011)      Mind Science                     17133   MIN
   Bailes, Frederick         Healing Power Of Balanced Emotions (OP 2/08)          Mind Science                     12233   MIN
   Bailes, Frederick         Hidden Power For Human Problems                       Mind Science                     22707   MIN
   Bailes, Frederick         Your Mind Can Heal You                                Mind Science                     14567   MIN
   Bailey & Yates  (Edt.)    Near Death Experience  A Reader                       Near Death Studies               11186   NDE
   Bailey, A. & Marlow, C.   Trust Frequency                                       Psychology, self help            24494   PSY
   Bailey, Alice             Animal Kingdom  A Spiritual Perspective               Bailey, Alice                    12404   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Compilation On Sex (Out of print not available)       Bailey, Alice                    11561   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Consciousness Of The Atom                             Bailey, Alice                    11605   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Death  The Great Adventure                            Bailey, Alice                    14844   BAI
                                                                                   Death and Dying                          DEA
   Bailey, Alice             Destiny Of The Nations (BO'd 2/5/2020)                Bailey, Alice                    11698   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Discipleship In The New Age Vol 1                     Bailey, Alice                    11722   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Discipleship In The New Age Vol 2                     Bailey, Alice                    11723   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Education In The New Age                              Bailey, Alice                    11840   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Esoteric Astrology                                    Bailey, Alice                    11891   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Esoteric Healing                                      Bailey, Alice                    11897   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Esoteric Psychology Vol. 1                            Bailey, Alice                    11899   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Esoteric Psychology Vol. 2                            Bailey, Alice                    11900   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Externalization Of The Hierarchy                      Bailey, Alice                    11953   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             From Bethlehem To Calvary                             Bailey, Alice                    12039   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             From Intellect To Intuition                           Bailey, Alice                    12043   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Glamour  A World Problem                              Bailey, Alice                    12102   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Initiation  Human & Solar                             Bailey, Alice                    12443   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Labours Of Hercules (BO'd 2/5/2020)                   Bailey, Alice                    12583   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Letters On Occult Meditation                          Bailey, Alice                    12624   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Light Of The Soul                                     Bailey, Alice                    12667   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Ponder On This                                        Bailey, Alice                    13216   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Problems Of Humanity                                  Bailey, Alice                    13263   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Rays & The Initiations                                Bailey, Alice                    13370   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Reappearance Of The Christ                            Bailey, Alice                    13383   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Serving Humanity                                      Bailey, Alice                    13591   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Seven Rays Of Life                                    Bailey, Alice                    23721   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Seventh Ray  Revealer Of The New Age                  Bailey, Alice                    23052   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Soul & Its Mechanism                                  Bailey, Alice                    13674   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Telepathy                                             Bailey, Alice                    13901   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Treatise On Cosmic Fire                               Bailey, Alice                    13998   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Treatise On White Magic                               Bailey, Alice                    13999   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Treatise On White Magic (cloth)                       Bailey, Alice                    16338   BAI
   Bailey, Alice             Unfinished Autobiography                              Bailey, Alice                    14029   BAI
   Bailey, Foster            Reflections                                           Bailey, Alice                    28225   BAI
   Bailey, Foster            Spirit Of Masonry (BO'd 2/5/2020)                     Fremasonry                       13701   FRM
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Bailey, Mary              Learning Experience (OP 5/2001)                       Bailey, Alice                    19474   BAI
   Baillett, L. Dow          Vibration  A System Of Numbers As Taught By Pyth.     Numerology                       18825   NUM
   Bailly, Constantina (trn) Meditations On Shiva                                  Hinduism                         23057   HIN
   Bain, Iain                Celtic Knotwork (OP 4/2002)                           Celtic spirituality              23819   CEL
   Bainbridge, John          Huna Magic (OP 10/2004)                               Huna                             22459   HUN
   Baines, John              Hypoconsciousness                                     Western Mystery Tradition        24862   WMT
   Baines, John              Morals For The 21st Century                           Western Mystery Tradition        16946   WMT
   Baines, John              Science Of Love                                       Western Mystery Tradition        18801   WMT
   Baines, John              Secret Science For Physical & Spiritual... (BO'd)     Western Mystery Tradition        23773   WMT
   Baines, John              Stellar Man (BO 5/2/09)                               Western Mystery Tradition        15171   WMT
   Bair, Deirdre             Jung A Biography                                      Jung, Carl                       30226   JUN
   Bair, Puran               Living From The Heart (Sufi Heart Rhythm Med.)        Meditation                       25507   MED
   Baird, David              Thousand Paths To Tranquility                         Inspirational books              27375   INS
                                                                                   Pocket books                             PKT
   Baker & Henry (Edit)      Merton & Sufism  Untold Story                         Christianity                     26869   CHR
   Baker, Dan                What Happy People Know                                Psychology, self help            29502   PSY
   Baker, Douglas            Esoteric Astrology  Pt. II                            Astrology                        14575   AST
   Baker, Douglas            Meditation Theory & Practice                          Meditation                       23864   MED
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   Baker, Ian                Dalai Lama's Secret Temple (BO'd 1/27/11)             Tibetan Buddhism                 27815   TIB
   Baker, Ian                Heart Of The World                                    Tibetan Buddhism                 30506   TIB
   Baker, Shiela             Practical Shamanism (CD included)                     Shamanism                        11986   SHA
   Bakhtiar, Laleh           Sublime Quran                                         Sufism                           31069   SUF
   Bakhtiar, Laleh           Sufi  Expressions Of The Mystic Quest (POS 4/2013)    Sufism                           17125   SUF
   Bakhtiar, Laleh           Sufi Women In America  Angels In The Making           Sufism                           23774   SUF
   Bakr & ad-Din             Book Of Certainty  Sufi Doctrine Of Faith...          Sufism                           15393   SUF
   Balaban, John (Trans)     Spring Essence  Poetry Of Ho Xuan Huong               Poetry                           28398   POE
   Balcavage, Dynise         Urban Vegan                                           Cookbooks                        16808   COO
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   Balch, Phyllis            Prescription For Herbal Healing                       Herbs                            27561   HER
   Balcombe, Betty           Everyone's Guide For Using Psychic Ability            Psychic Phenomenon               22742   ESP
   Balcombe, Betty E.        Psychic Handbook                                      Psychic Phenomenon               27813   ESP
   Baldoquin, Hilda (Editor) Dharma, Color, & Culture                              Zen                              30571   ZEN
   Baldwin & Palmarini       Pregnant Feelings                                     Parenting                        15524   PAR
   Baldwin, Christina        Life's Companion  Journal Writing                     Journal writing                  21086   JNL
   Baldwin, Christina        Seven Whispers                                        Journal writing                  28912   JNL
   Baldwin, Doug             Bugs, Blindness & The Pursuit Of Happiness            Psychology, self help            28618   PSY
   Baldwin, John             Ancient America                                       Earth Mysteries                  15936   EAR
   Baldwin, William          CE-VI Close Encounters Of The Possession Kind         Psychic Phenomenon               17425   ESP
   Baldwin, William          Healing Lost Souls                                    Hypnosis                         29789   HYP
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Balfour, Thelma           Black Sun Signs                                       Astrology                        23786   AST
   Balin, Peter              Flight Of Feathered Serpent                           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16309   TAR
   Balin, Peter              Tarot Cards Xultun Maya                               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16276   TAR
   Ballentine, Rudolph       Diet & Nutrition                                      Diet                             30380   DIE
   Ballentine, Rudolph       Kali Rising  Principles Of Tantra                     Tantra                           12561   SEX
   Ballentine, Rudolph       Radical Healing                                       Healing                          27366   HEA
   Balsekar, Ramesh          Confusion No More                                     Hinduism                         11282   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh          Peace And Harmony In Daily Living                     Hinduism                         19776   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh          The One In The Mirror                                 Hinduism                         20736   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh S.       Consciousness Speaks                                  Hinduism                         16163   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh S.       Duet Of One The Ashtavakra Gita Dialogue              Hinduism                         11876   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh S.       Experience Of Immortality                             Hinduism                         11178   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh S.       Experiencing The Teaching                             Hinduism                         24515   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh S.       Explorations Into The Eternal                         Hinduism                         20788   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh S.       Final Truth  Guide To Ultimate Understanding          Hinduism                         20787   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh S.       From Consciousness To Consciousness                   Hinduism                         24537   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh S.       Net Of Jewels  Daily Meditation                       Hinduism                         25212   HIN
   Balsekar, Ramesh S.       Your Head In The Tiger's Mouth                        Hinduism                         26626   HIN
   Balsys, Bodo              Revelation                                            Bailey, Alice                    16760   BAI
   Balyoz, Harold            Discovering Torkoms Teachings (Saraydarian)           Saryadarian                      24933   SAR
   Balyoz, Harold            Three Remarkable Women                                Women's Spirituality, Goddess    16345   WOM
   Bamford & Marsh           Celtic Christianity                                   Celtic spirituality              16286   CEL
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Bamford, Christopher      Endless Trace (BO'd 7/25/15)                          Western Mystery Tradition        29819   WMT
   Bamford, Christopher      Healing Madonnas                                      Mary                             28562   MAR
                                                                                   Steiner, Rudolf                          STE
   Bamford, Christopher      Voice Of The Eagle  Heart Of Celtic Christianity      Celtic spirituality              20887   CEL
   Banani, Amin & Lee, A.    Rumi  53 Secrets From The Tavern Of Love              Rumi                             23293   RUM
                                                                                   Sufism                                   SUF
   Banarsidass, Motilal      Introduction To Madhyamaka Philosophy                 Tibetan Buddhism                 14939   TIB
   Bancroft, Anne            Buddha Speaks                                         Buddhism                         28410   BUD
   Bandler & Grindler        Structure Of Magic Part 1                             Psychology, self help            13688   PSY
   Bandler & Grindler        Structure Of Magic Part II                            Psychology, self help            13689   PSY
   Bandler, Leslie           Solutions                                             Psychology, self help            14380   PSY
                                                                                   Relationships                            REL
   Bandler, Richard          Richard Bandler's Guide To Trance-Formation           Psychology, self help            20462   PSY
   Bane, Rosanne             Dancing In The Dragon's Den                           Psychology, self help            26457   PSY
   Banerjee, Nikunja Vihari  Dhammapada                                            Buddhism                         29069   BUD
                                                                                   Dhammapada                               DHA
   Bangs, Herbert            Return Of Sacred Architecture                         Sacred Geometry                  30769   SAC
   Banitt, Susan Pease       Trauma Tool Kit (Healing PTSD)                        Psychology, self help            23833   PSY
                                                                                   Trauma                                   TRM
   Banks, Kate & Sheldrake   Boy's Best Friend                                     Children's Books                 28029   KID
   Banks, Natalie            Golden Thread                                         Bailey, Alice                    15427   BAI
   Banks, Sydney             Enlightened Gardener                                  Fiction                          24657   FIC
   Banning, Beth             Interviewed By God                                    New Age                          24033   OCC
   Banzhaf & Haebler         Key Words For Astrology                               Astrology                        15390   AST
   Banzhaf & Theler          Keywords For The Crowley Tarot                        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29063   TAR
   Banzhaf, Akron-Hajo       Crowley Tarot  Handbook To The Cards (POS 4/2014)     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14639   TAR
   Bapat, Lata               Abhidharmakosa                                        Buddhism                         27652   BUD
   Baptiste, Baron           Being Of Power                                        Psychology, self help            13285   PSY
   Baptiste, Baron           Journey Into Power                                    Yoga                             29785   YOG
   Baptiste, Baron           Perfectly Imperfect                                   Yoga                             29874   YOG
   Baqli, Ruzbihan           Unveiling of Secrets                                  Sufism                           24742   SUF
   Baran, Josh               Tao Of Now                                            Inspirational books              14915   INS
   Barasch, Marc Ian         Field Notes On The Compassionate Life                 Consciousness Expansion          18005   EXP
   Barber & Pykitt           Journey To Avalon                                     Art                              24859   ART
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Barber, Benjamin          Jihad vs. McWorld                                     Global Responsibility, concerns  29313   ONE
   Barber, Phyllis           To The Mountain (Morman Woman's Search For Spirit)    Consciousness Expansion          22046   EXP
   Barbessi, Jody Boginski   Tarot Cards Inversion Tarot  (Marseille)              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     23298   TAR
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   Barbiero, Flavio          Secret Society Of Moses                               Christianity                     18196   CHR
   Barborka, Geoffrey        Divine Plan                                           Theosophy                        15091   THE
   Barborka, Geoffrey        H. P. Blavatsky, Tibet & Tulku                        Theosophy                        12353   THE
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   Barborka, Geoffrey        Peopling Of The Earth  (OP 09.94)                     Theosophy                        19973   THE
   Barborka, Geoffrey        Secret Doctrine Questions & Answers                   Theosophy                        29853   THE
   Barborka, Geoffrey        Story Of Human Evolution                              Theosophy                        19976   THE
   Bardon, Franz             Frabato The Magician                                  Ceremonial Magic                 17295   MAG
   Bardon, Franz             Franz Bardon: Questions & Answers                     Ceremonial Magic                 26308   MAG
   Bardon, Franz             Initiation Into Hermetics (Vol.1)                     Ceremonial Magic                 17296   MAG
   Bardon, Franz             Key To The True Kabbalah (V.3)                        Ceremonial Magic                 15372   MAG
   Bardon, Franz             Practice Of Magical Evocation (Vol. 2) Revised        Ceremonial Magic                 19881   MAG
   Bardon, Lumir & Dr. M.K.  Memories Of Franz Bardon                              Ceremonial Magic                 25397   MAG
   Bards Of Caer Pugetia     Sound (Journal Of The BDO)                            Celtic spirituality              11941   CEL
   Bare, James E.            Bean Ray Device (VIDEO)                               Science                          26111   SCI
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
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   Barfod, Werner            Zodiac Gestures in Eurythmy                           Steiner, Rudolf                  16899   STE
   Baring & Cashford         Myth Of The Goddess                                   Mythology                        21028   MYT
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
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   Barker, A.T.              Letters Of H.P.Blavatsky To A.P.Sinnett               Theosophy                        12622   THE
   Barker, Cicely Mary       Treasury Of Flower Fairies                            Angels, Nature Spirits           20947   ANG
   Barker, Elsa              Letters From The Light  An Afterlife Journal          Death and Dying                  23789   DEA
   Barker, Raymond Charles   Collected Essays Of Raymond Charles Barker            Mind Science                     20107   MIN
   Barker, Raymond Charles   Treat Yourself To Life                                Mind Science                     18903   MIN
   Barki, Pat                Wisewoman's Book Of Tea Leaf Reading                  Prophecy                         15481   PRO
   Barks Trans.       Illuminated Hafiz                                     Sufism                           21663   SUF
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   Barks, Coleman            Essential Rumi                                        Rumi                             22988   RUM
   Barks, Coleman            Glance  Songs Of Soul-Meeting (Rumi)                  Rumi                             26533   RUM
   Barks, Coleman            Gourd Seed                                            Poetry                           29463   POE
   Barks, Coleman            I Want Burning (CD)                                   CDs                              15072   CDS
                                                                                   Rumi                                     RUM
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Barks, Coleman            Illuminated Rumi                                      Rumi                             24805   RUM
   Barks, Coleman            Rumi  Bridge To The Soul                              Rumi                             15777   RUM
   Barks, Coleman            Rumi  The Big Red Book                                Rumi                             19369   RUM
   Barks, Coleman            Rumi  The Book Of Love                                Rumi                             29431   RUM
   Barks, Coleman            Rumi  Voice Of Longing (CD)                           CDs                              29045   CDS
                                                                                   Rumi                                     RUM
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Barks, Coleman            Rumi's Little Book Of Love And Laughter               Rumi                             27455   RUM
   Barks, Coleman            Soul Of Rumi                                          Rumi                             28506   RUM
   Barks, Coleman            Year With Rumi Daily Readings                         Rumi                             14339   RUM
   Barks, Coleman (Trans)    Naked Song (Lalla)                                    Poetry                           15674   POE
   Barks, Coleman (trans.)   Feeling The Shoulder Of The Lion(POS BP01 11/04/97    Rumi                             20199   RUM
   Barks, Coleman (trans.)   Rumi  We Are Three                                    Rumi                             16897   RUM
   Barlow, Bernyce           Sacred Sites Of The West (1-56718-056-6)              Earth Mysteries                  12772   EAR
   Barnes, Cheryl            Guide To Odin's Rune Cards (Bk only)0934245355        Runes                            23102   RUN
   Barnes, Cheryl            Odin's Rune Cards                                     Runes                            23188   RUN
   Barnes, Henry             Life For The Spirit                                   Steiner, Rudolf                  18226   STE
   Barnett & Babb            Reiki  Energy Medicine                                Reiki                            24067   RKI
   Barnett, Larkin           Practical Centering                                   Chakras                          23651   CHA
   Barnett, Mac & Arsenault  Just Because                                          Children's Books                 31329   KID
   Barnett, Raymond          Relax, You're Already Home                            Taoism                           11035   TAO
   Barnhill, Kelly           Girl Who Drank The Moon                               Children's Books                 28094   KID
   Barnstone & Meyer (Edit)  Gnostic Bible                                         Gnosis, gnostic                  30050   GNO
   Barnstone & Ping          Art Of Writing  Teachings Of The Chinese Masters      Taoism                           24075   TAO
   Barnstone, Willis (ed.)   Other Bible                                           Bible, Scriptures                13137   BIB
   Barnwell, John            Arcana Of Light On The Path                           Steiner, Rudolf                  28591   STE
   Barnwell, John            Arcana Of The Grail Angel / Steiner                   Steiner, Rudolf                  26601   STE
   Baroja, Julio Caro        World Of The Witches                                  Wicca                            28166   WIC
   Baron & Wagele            Are You My Type, Am I Yours?                          Enneagram                        23360   ENN
   Baron, Renee & Wagele, E. Enneagram Made Easy                                   Enneagram                        21758   ENN
   Baron-Reid, Colette       Spirit Animal Oracle (68 Cards) 1401952798            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     31202   TAR
   Baron-Reid, Colette       Tarot Cards Good Tarot (1401949509)                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     31275   TAR
   Barrat, Rodford           Elements Of Numerology (BO NEWL 9/1/00)               Numerology                       22776   NUM
   Barrett, Clive            Tarot Cards Ancient Egyptian Tarot (OSI 3/2006)       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     22624   TAR
   Barrett, Clive            Tarot Cards Norse Tarot (OP 6/2003)                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18218   TAR
   Barrett, David V.         New Believers  Sects, "Cults" & Alternative Relig.    Comparative Religion             29592   C.R
   Barrett, David V.         Secret Societies                                      Western Mystery Tradition        27241   WMT
   Barrett, Francis          Magus  Complete System Of Occult Philosophy           Ceremonial Magic                 16984   MAG
   Barrett, Francis & Atwood Golden Treatise Of Hermes                             Western Mystery Tradition        29042   WMT
   Barrett, Leonard          Rastafarians                                          African spirituality             24807   AFR
   Barrett, Sir William      Death-Bed Visions  The Pschccl Exprncs Of The Dyng    Death and Dying                  11350   DEA
   Barrett, Sondra           Secrets Of Your Cells                                 Healing                          26004   HEA
   Barrett, William E.       Lady Of The Lotus (OP 10/92)                          Buddhism                         17956   BUD
                                                                                   Fiction                                  FIC
   Barron, Richard           Autobiography Of Jamgon Kongtrul                      Tibetan Buddhism                 13007   TIB
   Barrows & Macy (Transl)   Rilke's Book Of Hours                                 Poetry                           23942   POE
   Barry, Dave & Pearson     Peter & The Starcatchers                              Fiction                          23103   FIC
   Barry, Kieren             Greek Qabalah                                         Kabbalah                         26531   KAB
   Bartfeld, Martha          Magic Mandala Coloring Book                           Art                              25910   ART
   Bartfeld, Martha          Magic Mandala Coloring Book Vol. 2                    Art                              19628   ART
   Bartholomew               From The Heart Of A Gentle Brother                    New Age                          16971   OCC
   Bartholomew, Alick        Hidden Nature Insights Of Viktor Schauberger          Science                          30628   SCI
   Bartholomew, Alick        Spiritual Life Of Water                               Science                          20832   SCI
   Bartholomew, Alick (Edit) Crop Circles  Harbingers Of ...  (OP NEP 10/96)       Earth Mysteries                  20745   EAR
   Bartlett, Richard         Matrix Energetics                                     Therapeutic Touch                30975   TT1
   Bartlett, Richard         Physics Of Miracles                                   Healing                          14130   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Bartlett, Robert Allen    Real Alchemy  A Primer Of Practical Alchemy           Alchemy                          19293   ALC
   Bartlett, Robert Allen    Way Of The Crucible                                   Alchemy                          27782   ALC
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Bartlett, Sarah           Tarot Bible (BO'd 12/21/2020)                         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     11786   TAR
   Bartlett, Sarah           Zodiac Baby                                           Astrology                        29103   AST
                                                                                   Parenting                                PAR
   Bartnett, Beatrice        Peace Labyrinth  Sacred Geometry                      Earth Mysteries                  23991   EAR
   Bartok, Josh              Daily Wisdom  365 Buddhist Inspirations               Buddhism                         28598   BUD
   Bartok, Josh (Editor)     Daily Doses Of Wisdom                                 Buddhism                         30276   BUD
   Bartok, Josh (Editor)     More Daily Wisdom  365 Buddhist Inspirations          Buddhism                         12367   BUD
   Barton, Bruce             Man Nobody Knows                                      Christianity                     14695   CHR
   Barton, Tamsyn            Ancient Astrology                                     Astrology                        22840   AST
   Bartow, Jef               God, Man & The Dancing Universe                       Science                          15086   SCI
   Bartunek, John            Spiritual But Not Religious                           Consciousness Expansion          11836   EXP
   Barwick & Korybas         Evregreen Book Of Sourcery  (OP 08.96)                Ceremonial Magic                 19034   MAG
   Barwick, Mary             Alabama Angels                                        Angels, Nature Spirits           21532   ANG
   Barz, Ellynor             Gods & Planets  Archetypes Of Ast (POS NL 1/29/00)    Astrology                        21328   AST
   Bash, Barbara             True Nature  An Illustrated Journal                   Global Responsibility, concerns  30537   ONE
   Basho (Hamill Trans)      Narrow Road To The Interior                           Poetry                           17834   POE
   Bass, Ellen & Davis, Laur Courage To Heal                                       Psychology, self help            17600   PSY
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Bastis, Madeline Ko-I     Heart Of Forgiveness                                  Psychology, self help            29487   PSY
   Batchelor, Martine        Let Go  Buddhist Guide To Breaking Free Of Habits     Buddhism                         31005   BUD
   Batchelor, Martine        Meditation for Life (POS 1/10/13)                     Meditation                       29341   MED
   Batchelor, Martine        Walking On Lotus Flowers                              Buddhism                         24023   BUD
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Batchelor, Stephen        Alone With Others                                     Buddhism                         18063   BUD
   Batchelor, Stephen        Art Of Solitude                                       Buddhism                         21561   BUD
   Batchelor, Stephen        Awakening Of The West                                 Buddhism                         22058   BUD
   Batchelor, Stephen        Buddhism Without Beliefs                              Buddhism                         24284   BUD
   Batchelor, Stephen        Confession Of A Buddhist Atheist                      Buddhism                         18467   BUD
   Batchelor, Stephen        Faith To Doubt  (POS NEWL 10/13/07)                   Buddhism                         18647   BUD
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Batchelor, Stephen        Living With The Devil                                 Buddhism                         30480   BUD
   Batchelor, Stephen        Secular Buddhism                                      Buddhism                         28163   BUD
   Batchelor, Stephen        Tibet Guide  Central & Western Tibet                  Travel                           11812   TRA
   Batchelor, Stephen        Verses From The Center  (Nagarjuna)                   Tibetan Buddhism                 27750   TIB
   Bates, Brian              Way Of The Actor  (POS 12/93)                         Psychology, self help            19833   PSY
   Bates, Brian              Way Of Wyrd (OP 3/98)                                 Fiction                          20784   FIC
   Bates, William            Bates Method For Better Eyesight Without Glasses      Healing                          11311   HEA
                                                                                   Vision                                   VIS
   Bates, William            Cure Of Imperfect Sight By Treatment w/o Glasses      Vision                           27999   VIS
   Bateson, Mary Catherine   Composing A Life  Life As A Work In Progress          Women's Spirituality, Goddess    20663   WOM
   Batmanghelidj, F.         Your Body's Many Cries For Water                      Diet                             28213   DIE
   Battistini, Matilde       Astrology, Magic, & Alchemy In Art                    Western Mystery Tradition        24452   WMT
   Bauer, Jan                Impossible Love (out of print)                        Jung, Carl                       28209   JUN
   Bauer, Max                Precious Stones Vol.1  (048-621-9100)                 Crystal and gems                 13272   GEM
   Baughman, John Lee        14 Keys To Great Truth Puzzles                        Mind Science                     21577   MIN
   Bauman, Lynn              Gospel Of Thomas  Wisdom Of The Twin (POS 2/2017)     Gnosis, gnostic                  30187   GNO
   Baumann, T. Lee           God At The Speed Of Light                             Science                          29543   SCI
   Baumgartner, Anne S.      Ye Gods  Dictionary Of The Gods (OSI 10/2001)         Mythology                        20807   MYT
                                                                                   Reference                                REF
   Bauval & Gilbert          Orion Mystery                                         Egyptian Spirituality            23213   EGY
   Bauval, R. & Brophy, T.   Black Genesis                                         Egyptian Spirituality            22160   EGY
   Bauval, Robert            Egypt Code                                            Egyptian Spirituality            22569   EGY
   Bayat & Jamnia            Tales From The Land Of Sufis (0-877-73955-2)          Sufism                           21921   SUF
   Bayda, Ezra               Aging For Beginners                                   Psychology, self help            14086   PSY
   Bayda, Ezra               At Home In The Muddy Water                            Zen                              29707   ZEN
   Bayda, Ezra               Authentic Life                                        Zen                              20841   ZEN
   Bayda, Ezra               Being Zen  Bringing Meditation To Life                Zen                              29669   ZEN
   Bayda, Ezra               Saying Yes To Life (Even The Hard Parts)              Inspirational books              13363   INS
   Bayda, Ezra               Zen Heart                                             Zen                              12840   ZEN
   Bayles & Orland           Art & Fear                                            Art                              30368   ART
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Bayley, Harold            Lost Language Of Symbolism                            Reference                        26786   REF
   Bayly, Doreen E.          Reflexology  Today                                    Therapeutic Touch                16023   TT1
   Bayman, Henry             Station Of No Station                                 Sufism                           20637   SUF
   Bayrak & Harris           What The Seeker Needs                                 Sufism                           11808   SUF
   Bayrak, Shaykh Tosun      Name & The Named (POS 9/20/2017)                      Sufism                           27897   SUF
   Bayrak, Sheikh Tosun      Most Beautiful Names (OP)                             Sufism                           12961   SUF
   Bays, Brandon             Journey                                               Psychology, self help            29892   PSY
   Bays, Gwendolyn (trsl.)   Voice Of The Buddha (Lalitavistara Sutra) 2 Vols.     Buddhism                         16821   BUD
   Bays, Jan Chozen          Jizo Bodhisattva                                      Zen                              28800   ZEN
   Bays, Jan Chozen          Mindfulness On The Go (Shambhala Pocket)              Pocket books                     25754   PKT
   Beabout, Gregory          Ethics: The Art Of Character (Wooden Books)           Sacred Geometry                  30247   SAC
   Beane, Wendell Charles    Truth Within You                                      Christianity                     25631   CHR
                                                                                   Gnosis, gnostic                          GNO
   Bear, Edward              Cocktail Cart                                         Death and Dying                  27458   DEA
   Beardsley & Pope          Rape Of The Lock  An Heroi-Comicl Poem In 5 Cantos    Art                              19530   ART
                                                                                   Poetry                                   POE
   Beattie, Melody           Codependent No More                                   Psychology, self help            29124   PSY
   Beattie, Melody           Language Of Letting Go                                Psychology, self help            29125   PSY
   Beauchard, Jean           Tarot Cards Masonic Tarot Deck (OP? 2/2000)           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18438   TAR
   Beck & Metrick            Art Of Ritual (POS 2/12/02)                           Ceremonial Magic                 12673   MAG
   Beck, Charlotte           Now Zen  (OP 6/97)                                    Pocket books                     22547   PKT
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Beck, Charlotte Joko      Everyday Zen  Love & Work                             Zen                              18400   ZEN
   Beck, Charlotte Joko      Nothing Special  Living Zen                           Zen                              21478   ZEN
   Beck, Martha              Diana, Herself                                        Fiction                          15405   FIC
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Beck, Martha              Expecting Adam                                        Consciousness Expansion          29324   EXP
   Beck, Martha              Finding Your Own North Star                           Work                             30319   JOB
   Becker & Nardin           Tarot Cards Mana Cards  (Hawaiian Wisdom)             Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     15157   TAR
   Becker & Selden           Body Electric                                         Science                          11368   SCI
   Becker, Ernest            Denial Of Death                                       Death and Dying                  20149   DEA
   Becker, Robert O.         Cross Currents  Perils Of Electropollution            Science                          17961   SCI
   Becker, Suzy              All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat              Humor                            19845   HUM
   Beckh, Hermann            From Buddha To Christ                                 Steiner, Rudolf                  12823   STE
   Beckham, Carole           Cycles Of Opportunity                                 Astrology                        25179   AST
   Beckley & Crockett        Secret Prophecy Of Fatima Revealed                    Christianity                     20798   CHR
                                                                                   Mary                                     MAR
   Beckley, Timothy          Nostradamus' Unpublished Prophecies                   Prophecy                         20308   PRO
   Beckley, Timothy & Swartz Men Of Mystery  Tesla & Carr                          Tesla, Nikola                    24745   TES
   Beckley, Timothy (Edit.)  Experiments, Inventions...Patents Of Nikola Tesla     Tesla, Nikola                    24749   TES
   Beckley, Timothy (Etd.)   Smoky God & Other Inner Earth Mysteries               Earth Mysteries                  21716   EAR
   Beckley,Timothy,&Crockett Great Pyramid Speaks                                  Egyptian Spirituality            16873   EGY
   Beckman, Howard           Introduction To Vedic Astrology                       Astrology                        27731   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Beckman, Howard           Vibrational Healing With Gems                         Crystal and gems                 29307   GEM
   Beckwith, Michael         40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast                           Consciousness Expansion          18194   EXP
   Beckwith, Michael         Spiritual Liberation                                  Consciousness Expansion          11929   EXP
   Bedell, Colin             Queer Cosmos (BO'd 1/4/2021)                          Astrology                        11420   AST
   Bedi, Ashock & Pereira, J Spiritual Paradox Of Addiction                        Psychology, self help            13480   PSY
   Bedi, Ashok               Path To The Soul                                      Psychology, self help            27411   PSY
   Beechey, Katherine A.     Daily Meditations  Extracts/Letters/Masters/Wisdom    Inspirational books              19600   INS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Beer, Robert              Encyclopedia Of Tibetan Symbols & Motifs              Art                              27084   ART
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Beer, Robert              Handbook Of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols                  Art                              30189   ART
   Beery, Itzhak             Shamanic Healing                                      Shamanism                        29004   SHA
   Beevers, John (transl.)   Autobiography Of Ste. Therese Of Lisieux              Christian Saints                 11225   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Begg, Deike               Rebirthing  Freedom From Your Past                    Psychology, self help            27349   PSY
   Begg, Ean & Deike         In Search Of The Holy Grail & The Precious Blood      Holy Grail                       23162   H.G
   Begg,Deike                Synchronicity                                         Psychology, self help            28339   PSY
   Begich, Nick              Angels Don't Play This HAARP (Video) BO 7/9/04        Science                          12567   SCI
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Begich, Nick              Towards A New Alchemy  The Millennium Science         Science                          11490   SCI
   Begley, Sharon            Train Your Mind Change Your Brain                     Science                          12960   SCI
   Behari, Bepin             Fundamentals Of Vedic Astrology                       Astrology                        15071   AST
   Behari, Bepin             Myths & Symbols Of Vedic Astrology (OP 8/01)          Astrology                        20197   AST
   Behari, Bepin             Planets In The Signs & Houses                         Astrology                        17553   AST
   Behl, Benoy               Ajanta Caves  (08-109198-34)                          Art                              27284   ART
   Behrend, Genevieve        Your Invisible Power                                  Mind Science                     20666   MIN
   Behrens, Richard          Lost Scrolls Of King Solomon                          Fiction                          25431   FIC
   Beinfield, Harriet        Between Heaven & Earth                                Healing                          23639   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Bek & Pullar              Healing With Chakra Energy  Rstrng Nat Harmny/Bod     Chakras                          22403   CHA
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Bek, Alii                 Children Of The Anarii                                Fiction                          25545   FIC
   Bek, Alii M.              Children Of The Anarii II  The Awakening              Fiction                          25605   FIC
   Bekoff, Marc              Animals Matter                                        Animals                          16875   ANI
   Bekoff, Marc              Why Dogs Hump & Bees Get Depressed                    Animals                          18412   ANI
   Belitz & Lundstrom        Power Of Flow                                         Psychology, self help            24875   PSY
   Belk, Dr. Akiva Gamliel   Gematria & Mysticism In Genesis                       Bible, Scriptures                13523   BIB
   Belknap, Mary             Homo Deva  Evolution's Next Step                      Consciousness Expansion          12782   EXP
   Bell, Art                 Quickening  Today's Trends.. (OP 9/00)                New Age                          25766   OCC
   Bell, Fred                Rays Of Truth - Crystals Of Light                     New Age                          26288   OCC
   Bell, Gary                Good Book Of Mental Hygiene                           Psychology, self help            14800   PSY
   Bell, Gertrude  (transl.) Teachings Of Hafiz (OP?)                              Sufism                           17438   SUF
   Bell, Lorna & Seyfer, Eu. Gentle Yoga (POS INGR 8/21/09)                        Yoga                             16482   YOG
   Bell, Lynn                Planetary Threads (Family & Friends)                  Astrology                        14760   AST
   Bell, Rob                 Love Wins                                             Christianity                     25536   CHR
   Bell, Virginia            Midlife Is Not A Crisis (Astrology)                   Astrology                        28435   AST
   Bellevie, Lesa            Complete Idiot's Guide To Mary Magdalene              Mary                             12434   MAR
   Belyi,Turgenieff,Voloschi Reminiscences Of Rudolf Steiner (0-932776-13-2)       Steiner, Rudolf                  29916   STE
   Ben Shea, Noah            Jacob's Journey  Wisdom To Find The Way & Carry On    Fiction                          14459   FIC
                                                                                   Judaism                                  JUD
   Benares, Camden           Common Sense Tarot                                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19282   TAR
   Benares, Camden           Zen Without Zen Masters  (POS BP01 12/29/97)          Zen                              14586   ZEN
   Bender, Linda             Animal Wisdom                                         Animals                          24782   ANI
   Bender, Sue               Everyday Sacred                                       Consciousness Expansion          14256   EXP
   Bender, Sue               Plain & Simple  Woman's Journey To The Amish          Consciousness Expansion          24979   EXP
   Bendit, L. & P.           Etheric Body Of Man                                   Theosophy                        11924   THE
   Bendit, Laurence          Mirror Of Life & Death                                Death and Dying                  11430   DEA
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Bendit, Laurence          Self Knowledge  A Yoga For The West (OP 7/26/18)      Theosophy                        13574   THE
   Bendit, Lawrence          Yoga Of Beauty                                        Small Books & Booklets           14221   PAM
   Bendit, Phoebe            Mirror Of Life & Death                                Death and Dying                  12903   DEA
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Bendit, Phoebe & Laurence Our Psychic Sense (34)                                Psychic Phenomenon               15473   ESP
   Benford, M. Sue           Strong Woman                                          New Age                          21836   OCC
   Bengali, Neville S.       Magnet Therapy  Theory & Practice                     Radionics, Pendulum              25247   RAD
   Benig, Irving             Messiah Stones                                        Fiction                          23347   FIC
   Benjamin, Elsie           Search & Find                                         Theosophy                        15436   THE
   Benjamin, Elsie           Stanzas Of Dzyan                                      Secret Doctrine Studies          13729   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Benjamin, Elsie           Study Of The Whole Of Man                             Theosophy                        14674   THE
   Benjamin, Harry           Basic Self-Knowledge (POS 10/22/03)                   Gurdjieff                        17049   GUR
   Bennet, E. A.             C.G. Jung                                             Jung, Carl                       12376   JUN
   Bennett & Luebbermann     Where The Heart Is  Celebration Of Home               Inspirational books              22685   INS
   Bennett, Bika             Breathing Into Life                                   Inspirational books              21380   INS
   Bennett, David & Cindy G. Voyage Of Purpose Spiritual Wisdom From Near Death    Near Death Studies               12341   NDE
   Bennett, George R.        Tarot Cards Starter Tarot Deck (BO'd 1/14/2021)       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19486   TAR
   Bennett, Hal Zina         Inner Guides, Visions, Dreams & Dr. Einstein          Mind Science                     16317   MIN
   Bennett, Hal Zina         Larry Dossey In Conversation With Michael Toms        Healing                          17351   HEA
   Bennett, Hal Zina         Lens Of Perception                                    Mind Science                     13832   MIN
   Bennett, Hal Zina         Mind Jogger                                           Mind Science                     16318   MIN
   Bennett, Hal Zina         Spirit Animals & The Wheel Of Life (BO'd 5/2013)      Shamanism                        28073   SHA
   Bennett, Hal Zina (Edit)  Marsha Sinetar In Conversation Michael Toms           Psychology, self help            21530   PSY
   Bennett, Hal Zina (Edt)   Lynn Andrews In Conversation With Michael Toms        Psychology, self help            22185   PSY
   Bennett, J.G.             Creation                                              Gurdjieff                        26894   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Elementary Systematics  Tool Understanding Wholes     Gurdjieff                        15913   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Energies  Material, Vital, Cosmic                     Gurdjieff                        18344   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Enneagram Studies (no source)                         Gurdjieff                        11875   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Existence                                             Gurdjieff                        24850   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             First Liberation                                      Gurdjieff                        29367   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Gurdjieff  A Very Great Enigma (OP Not Available)     Gurdjieff                        12201   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Hazard The Risk Of Realization                        Gurdjieff                        13301   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             How We Do Things                                      Gurdjieff                        18428   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Intimations  Talks With J.G. Bennett At Beshara       Gurdjieff                        16161   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Is There "Life" On Earth?  (OP Not Available)         Gurdjieff                        18655   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Journeys In Islamic Countries                         Gurdjieff                        28232   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Needs Of A New Age Community                          Gurdjieff                        19116   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Sacred Influences                                     Gurdjieff                        18183   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Spiritual Psychology                                  Gurdjieff                        26912   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Subud  Introductory Talk                              Gurdjieff                        19420   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Sunday Talks At Coombe Springs                        Gurdjieff                        21523   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Talks On Beelzebub's Tales (POS 10/2020)              Gurdjieff                        17423   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Transformation                                        Gurdjieff                        29651   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Way To Be Free                                        Gurdjieff                        14262   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             What Are We Living For?                               Gurdjieff                        27517   GUR
   Bennett, J.G.             Witness  The Story Of A Search                        Gurdjieff                        20089   GUR
   Bennett, J.G. & Elizabeth Idiots In Paris                                       Gurdjieff                        12400   GUR
   Bennett, John             Masters Of Wisdom (BO'd NEWL 6/22/12)                 Gurdjieff                        23506   GUR
                                                                                   Sufism                                   SUF
   Bennett, John             Origin Of Freemasonry & Knight Templar                Western Mystery Tradition        25086   WMT
   Bennett, John G.          Long Pilgrimage (Shivapuri Baba) OSI 2/2006           Gurdjieff                        14715   GUR
   Bennett-Goleman, Tara     Emotional Alchemy                                     Psychology, self help            27858   PSY
   Benoist, Luc              Esoteric Path  An Intro. To The Hermetic Tradition    Hermetics                        18018   HRM
   Benoit, Hubert            Interior Realization                                  Psychology, self help            16606   PSY
   Benoit, Hubert            Zen & The Psychology Of Transformation                Zen                              15599   ZEN
   BenShea, Noah             Jaco The Baker  Gentle Wisdom  (POSI 9/97)            Fiction                          19110   FIC
                                                                                   Judaism                                  JUD
   Benson, Herbert           Relaxation Response                                   Healing                          13431   HEA
   Benson, Herbert           Timeless Healing                                      Healing                          12387   HEA
   Benson, Herbert, M.D.     Your Maximum Mind                                     Healing                          17195   HEA
   Benson, John              Transformative Getaways                               Global Responsibility, concerns  21854   ONE
   Benson, Robert            Living Prayer                                         Inspirational books              25481   INS
   Benson, Stella            Healing Musician                                      Music                            27409   MUS
   Benson, Stella            Healing Musician  Playing Music At the Bedside        Music                            27260   MUS
   Bento, William            Lifting The Veil Of Mental Illness                    Steiner, Rudolf                  30149   STE
   Bentounes, Sheikh         Sufism  Heart Of Islam (BO BP 6/5/03)                 Sufism                           29468   SUF
   Bentov, Itzhak            Cosmic Book                                           Science                          16583   SCI
   Bentov, Itzhak            Stalking The Wild Pendulum                            Science                          14322   SCI
   Berardi, Alexander        Never Offer Your Comb To A Bald Man                   Global Responsibility, concerns  28314   ONE
   Bercholz & Kohn           Buddha & His Teachings (was Entering The Stream)      Buddhism                         21604   BUD
   Berends, Polly            Coming To Life  (OP 8/99)                             Consciousness Expansion          21136   EXP
   Berendt, Joachim-Ernst    World Is Sound Nada Brahma                            Music                            17176   MUS
   Berenholtz, Jim           Journey To The Four Directions                        Native Peoples                   18731   NAT
   Beresford, Muris, etc     Improve Your Vision w/o Glasses                       Vision                           14485   VIS
   Berezan, Jennifer         End Of Desire (CD)                                    CDs                              18694   CDS
   Berezan, Jennifer         Home (CD)                                             CDs                              23586   CDS
   Berezan, Jennifer         In These Arms (CD)                                    CDs                              16513   CDS
   Berezan, Jennifer         Praises For The World (CD)                            CDs                              18722   CDS
   Berezan, Jennifer         Returning (CD)                                        CDs                              30540   CDS
   Berezan, Jennifer         She Carries Me (CD) EW121                             CDs                              29381   CDS
   Berg, Jeremy              Gathering Light                                       Spangler, David                  15267   SPA
   Berg, Michael             Way  Wisdom Of Kabbalah (0471228796)                  Kabbalah                         28508   KAB
   Berg, Philip              Entrance To The Tree Of Life                          Kabbalah                         15067   KAB
   Berg, Philip              Kabbalah For The Layman Vol III                       Kabbalah                         21410   KAB
   Berg, Philip              Miracles, Mysteries, & Prayer Vol 1                   Kabbalah                         21408   KAB
   Berg, Philip              Miracles, Mysteries, & Prayer Vol 2                   Kabbalah                         21409   KAB
   Berg, Philip              Power Of Aleph Beth   Vol. I                          Kabbalah                         16119   KAB
   Berg, Philip              Power Of Aleph Beth  Vol 2                            Kabbalah                         18711   KAB
   Berg, Philip              To The Power Of One (OP 10/2005)                      Kabbalah                         20778   KAB
   Berg, Rav                 Immortality  Inevitability Of Eternal Life            Kabbalah                         27634   KAB
   Berg, Rav                 Kabbalah Method                                       Kabbalah                         30508   KAB
   Berg, Rav                 Secret Codes Of The Universe (BO NEWL 4/8/02)         Kabbalah                         28042   KAB
   Berg, Rav                 Taming Chaos  Harnessing Power Of Kabbalah..          Kabbalah                         30195   KAB
   Berg, Rav P.S.            Essential Zohar                                       Kabbalah                         28903   KAB
   Berg, Wendy & Harris, M.  Polarity Magic                                        Ceremonial Magic                 29732   MAG
   Berg, Yehuda              Angel Intelligence                                    Kabbalah                         25680   KAB
   Berg, Yehuda              Kabbalah  The Power To Change Everything              Kabbalah                         17008   KAB
   Berg, Yehuda              Kabbalah On Love                                      Kabbalah                         30779   KAB
   Berg, Yehuda              Monster Is Real  How To Face Yr Fears                 Kabbalah                         12392   KAB
   Berg, Yehuda              Power Of Kabbalah                                     Kabbalah                         27635   KAB
   Berg, Yehuda              Prayer Of The Kabbalist  42 - Letter Name Of God      Kabbalah                         16496   KAB
   Berg, Yehuda              Rebooting  Defeating Depression With Kabbalah         Kabbalah                         31056   KAB
   Berg, Yehuda              Way Of The Kabbalist                                  Kabbalah                         31122   KAB
   Berger, Alan L.           Witness To The Sacred                                 Judaism                          16522   JUD
   Berges, John              Sacred Vessel Of The Mysteries                        Bailey, Alice                    25437   BAI
   Berges, John              Seven Ray Energy Cards (We have Demo)                 Bailey, Alice                    29894   BAI
   Berkowitz, Bob            What Men Won't Tell You But Women Need To Know        Relationships                    20662   REL
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Berkus, Rusty             Your Path To Spiritual Starhood                       Inspirational books              29221   INS
   Berliner, Helen           Enlightened By Design                                 Feng Shui                        26154   FEN
   Berlitz, Charles          Atlantis  The Eighth Continent                        Atlantis                         11227   ATL
   Berlitz, Charles          Lost Ship Of Noah                                     Earth Mysteries                  17207   EAR
   Berlitz, Charles          Native Tongues  Book of Captivating Language Facts    Reference                        17099   REF
   Berman, Bob               Secrets Of The Night Sky (0-0609-7687-X)              Science                          23884   SCI
   Bernard Nesfield Cookson  At the Dawn of a New Consciousness                    Steiner, Rudolf                  27633   STE
   Bernard, Graham           Challenge Of Evil                                     New Age                          18295   OCC
   Bernard, Graham           Why You Are Who You Are  (POSI 11/97)                 New Age                          18197   OCC
   Bernard, Graham (Richard) Eternal Ties  The Reality Behind Relationships        New Age                          11492   OCC
   Bernard, Helene           Great Women Initiates (rosicrucian Library Vol.42)    Women's Spirituality, Goddess    15241   WOM
   Bernard, Raymond          Great Secret Of Count Saint Germain                   Western Mystery Tradition        17684   WMT
   Bernard, Raymond          Hollow Earth                                          Earth Mysteries                  17002   EAR
   Bernbaum, Edwin           Sacred Mountains Of The World                         Art                              19231   ART
   Berndt, Ronald & Catherin Speaking Land  Myth & Story Aboriginal Australia      Native Peoples                   12364   NAT
   Bernhard, Toni            How To Be Sick                                        Buddhism                         27080   BUD
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Bernhard, Toni            How To Live Well w/ Chronic Pain & Illness            Healing                          21375   HEA
   Bernhard, Toni            How To Wake Up                                        Buddhism                         26452   BUD
   Bernie, Jon               Ordinary Freedom                                      Non-Duality                      28413   NON
   Bernstein, Barbara        Lost & Found  A Closer Look At Dying                  Death and Dying                  21754   DEA
   Bernstein, Gabrielle      Universe Has Your Back                                Consciousness Expansion          20236   EXP
   Bernstein, Henrietta      Ark Of The Covenant, Holy Grail                       Holy Grail                       26135   H.G
   Bernstein, Henrietta      Cabalah Primer                                        Kabbalah                         11432   KAB
   Bernstein, Morey          Search For Bridey Murphy  (OSI 09.95)                 Psychic Phenomenon               20509   ESP
   Berry, Peter              Celtic Harp (CD)                                      Celtic spirituality              20156   CEL
   Berry, Ray (Edt.)         Spiritual Athlete  Primer For The Inner Life          Consciousness Expansion          13954   EXP
   Berry, Thomas             Befriending The Earth                                 Global Responsibility, concerns  22286   ONE
   Berry, Thomas             Dream Of The Earth                                    Global Responsibility, concerns  18852   ONE
   Berry, Thomas             Evening Thoughts                                      Global Responsibility, concerns  18790   ONE
   Berry, Thomas             Great Work  Our Way Into The Future                   Global Responsibility, concerns  26875   ONE
   Berti, Giordano           Tarot Cards Dante Tarot (OP 12/2008)                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29828   TAR
   Berti, Giordano           Tarot Cards Golden Tarot Of The Renaissance           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     12714   TAR
   Berti, Giordano           Tarot Cards Initiatory Golden Dawn                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20264   TAR
   Berwick, Ann              Aromatherapy  Holistic Guide                          Herbs                            21913   HER
   Berzin, A. & Chodron, T.  Glimpse Of Reality                                    Tibetan Buddhism                 18491   TIB
   Berzin, Alexander         Developing Balanced Sensitivity                       Buddhism                         25523   BUD
   Berzin, Alexander         Introduction To The Kalachakra Initiation             Tibetan Buddhism                 21043   TIB
   Berzin, Alexander         Relating To A Spiritual Teacher                       Tibetan Buddhism                 27364   TIB
   Berzin, Alexander         Taking The Kalachakra Initiation                      Tibetan Buddhism                 24913   TIB
   Besant & Leadbeater       Talks On The Path Of Occultism (3 Vol set)            Theosophy                        13810   THE
   Besant & Leadbeater       Thought-Forms (paper)                                 Theosophy                        13927   THE
   Besant, Annie             Ancient Wisdom (7038)                                 Theosophy                        11087   THE
   Besant, Annie             Ancient Wisdom (7665) (PAPER) Out of Print            Theosophy                        26858   THE
   Besant, Annie             Annie Besant: An Autobiography (7568)                 Theosophy                        12271   THE
   Besant, Annie             Avataras                                              Theosophy                        15553   THE
   Besant, Annie             Beauties Of Islam                                     Small Books & Booklets           15829   PAM
                                                                                   Sufism                                   SUF
   Besant, Annie             Bhagavad Gita  (7027-9)                               Bhagavad Gita                    11327   B.G
   Besant, Annie             Bhagavad Gita (3 CDs) 8949                            Bhagavad Gita                    11018   B.G
                                                                                   CDs                                      CDS
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Besant, Annie             Bhagavad Gita Text & Translation (7001)               Bhagavad Gita                    25976   B.G
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Besant, Annie             Bhagavad Gita Text & Translation (7610)               Bhagavad Gita                    11393   B.G
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Besant, Annie             Dharma (7116)                                         Theosophy                        11705   THE
   Besant, Annie             Doctrine Of The Heart (7189) BO TPH 4/24/06           Theosophy                        11744   THE
   Besant, Annie             Esoteric Christianity                                 Christianity                     11894   CHR
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Besant, Annie             From The Outer Court To The Inner Sanctum             Small Books & Booklets           12051   PAM
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Besant, Annie             Giordano Bruno  Theosophy's Apostle In The 16th C.    Theosophy                        23829   THE
   Besant, Annie             Hints On The Study Of The Bhagavad Gita               Bhagavad Gita                    12288   B.G
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Besant, Annie             In The Outer Court                                    Theosophy                        27264   THE
   Besant, Annie             Inner Government Of The World  (OP?)                  Theosophy                        22862   THE
   Besant, Annie             Introduction To Yoga                                  Theosophy                        12477   THE
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Besant, Annie             Invisible Worlds (Compiled by Kurt Leland)            Theosophy                        13813   THE
   Besant, Annie             Laws Of The Higher Life (7103)                        Theosophy                        22540   THE
   Besant, Annie             Mahabharata (7605)                                    Bhagavad Gita                    12744   B.G
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Besant, Annie             Man & His Bodies  (OP TPH1 4/17/17)                   Theosophy                        23913   THE
   Besant, Annie             Masters                                               Theosophy                        12816   THE
   Besant, Annie             Meditations On The Path & Its Qualifications          Theosophy                        12858   THE
   Besant, Annie             Pedigree Of Man                                       Theosophy                        27237   THE
   Besant, Annie             Popular Lectures On Theosophy (1409766853)            Theosophy                        23834   THE
   Besant, Annie             Reincarnation (7019)                                  Theosophy                        13402   THE
   Besant, Annie             Riddle Of Life (231) Out of Print                     Theosophy                        13440   THE
   Besant, Annie             Seven Great Religions                                 Comparative Religion             13596   C.R
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Besant, Annie             Seven Principles Of Man                               Theosophy                        13602   THE
   Besant, Annie             Spiritual Life (BO'd 7/12/16)                         Theosophy                        19770   THE
   Besant, Annie             Study In Consciousness (7616)                         Theosophy                        13762   THE
   Besant, Annie             Study In Karma                                        Theosophy                        13763   THE
   Beshara Publications      Twenty-nine Pages Intr. To Ibn 'Arabi's Metaphysic    Sufism                           27090   SUF
   Beskow, Elsa              Children Of The Forest                                Children's Books                 16587   KID
   Bess, Savitri             Path Of The Mother  (Ammachi)                         Hinduism                         27230   HIN
   Besserman, Perle          Shambhala Guide To Kabbalah & Jewish                  Kabbalah                         25106   KAB
   Besserman, Perle (Edt.)   Way Of The Jewish Mystics  (POS 12/95)                Pocket books                     22049   PKT
   Best & Brightman (edt.)   Book Of Secrets Of Albertus Magnus                    Alchemy                          26832   ALC
   Beth, Rae                 Lamp Of The Goddess                                   Wicca                            23345   WIC
   Bethards & Catalfo        Way Of The Mystic (OP see 27486 Seven Ways To ...)    Psychic Phenomenon               23018   ESP
   Bethards, Betty           Dream Book                                            Dreams                           11764   DRE
   Bethards, Betty           Seven Steps To Develope Your Intuitive Powers (BO)    Intuition                        27486   INT
                                                                                   Psychic Phenomenon                       ESP
   Bethards, Betty           Sex & Psychic Energy                                  New Age                          16088   OCC
   Bethards, Betty           Way To Awareness  A Meditation Technique              Small Books & Booklets           17260   PAM
   Betro, Maria Carmela      Hieroglyphics Writing Of Ancient Egypt                Egyptian Spirituality            22782   EGY
   Bettinger & Swerdloff     Coming Home                                           Psychology, self help            23320   PSY
   Betts, Moff               Human Body (0-8027-1429-3) Out of Print               Sacred Geometry                  16529   SAC
   Beutel, Andreas           Flower Of Life Resides In You                         Sacred Geometry                  22203   SAC
   Beuys, Joseph             What Is Art (1902636597)                              Art                              23796   ART
   Bevell, Brett             Psychic Reiki                                         Reiki                            31048   RKI
   Bevell, Brett             Reiki For Spiritual Healing                           Reiki                            16801   RKI
   Bevell, Brett             Reiki Magic Guide To Self-Attunement                  Reiki                            13445   RKI
   Beveridge, Martha         Loving Your Partner Without Losing Your Self          Relationships                    29030   REL
   Beverley-Smith, Kessia    Tarot Cards Forest Folklore Tarot                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     11759   TAR
   Beyer, Stephan            Cult Of Tara  Magic & Ritual In Tibet                 Tibetan Buddhism                 15871   TIB
   Beyer, Stephan            Singing To The Plants                                 Shamanism                        21044   SHA
   Beyerl, Paul              Compendium Of Herbal Magick                           Wicca                            25394   WIC
   Beyerl, Paul              Master Book Of Herbalism                              Herbs                            30222   HER
   Beyerl, Paul V.           Symbols And Magick Of Tarot                           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     27748   TAR
   Beyondananda, Swami       Driving Your Own Karma  S.B.'s Tour Guide ...         Humor                            18366   HUM
   Bhagavan Bhaisajyaguru    Poster Healing Buddha (040.001)                       Posters & Deity Cards            15769   POS
   Bhajan, Yogi              Healing Through Yoga, Meditation & Massage            Yoga                             30289   YOG
   Bhajan, Yogi              Laws Of Life  Teachings Of Yogi Bhajan                Hinduism                         17270   HIN
   Bhajan, Yogi              Mind  Its Projections & Multiple Facets               Hinduism                         27402   HIN
   Bhakta, Amal              Mystical Stories From The Mahabharata                 Hinduism                         27422   HIN
   Bhaktipada, Swami K.      Christ & Krishna  The Path Of Pure Devotion           Christianity                     13524   CHR
                                                                                   Comparative Religion                     C.R
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Bhaktisiddhanta           Art Treasures Of The Mahabharata                      Hinduism                         27629   HIN
   Bhante, G.                Start Here, Start Now (Mindfulness Meditation)        Meditation                       31330   MED
   Bharati, Swami Veda       Human Urge For Peace                                  Global Responsibility, concerns  22544   ONE
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Bhargava, P.L.            Founders Of India's Civilization                      Hinduism                         16736   HIN
   Bhaskarananada, Swami     How To Get Along With Others                          Hinduism                         31187   HIN
   Bhaskarananada, Swami     Life In Indian Monasteries                            Hinduism                         31186   HIN
   Bhaskarananda, Swami      Essentials Of Hinduism                                Hinduism                         15580   HIN
   Bhaskarananda, Swami      Journey From Many To One                              Hinduism                         31067   HIN
   Bhaskarananda, Swami      Meditation  Mind & Patanjali's Yoga                   Hinduism                         28337   HIN
                                                                                   Patanjali                                PAT
   Bhaskarananda, Swami      Philosophical Verses Of Yogavasishtha                 Hinduism                         30788   HIN
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Advanced Yoga Sessions Level II (VIDEO)               Video Cassettes                  27973   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Power Of Conscious Breathing In Hatha Yoga            Breathing                        27945   BRE
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) (VIDEO)                   Breathing                        27943   BRE
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Pranayama Level 2 & Meditation                        Breathing                        27944   BRE
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Yoga For Active Individuals (VIDEO)                   Video Cassettes                  27974   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Yoga For Busy People (VIDEO)                          Video Cassettes                  27975   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Yoga For Seniors (VIDEO)                              Video Cassettes                  27976   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Yoga For Seniors With Lung Ailments (VIDEO)           Video Cassettes                  27977   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Yoga For Stress Management (VIDEO)                    Video Cassettes                  27979   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Yoga For The Eyes (VIDEO)                             Video Cassettes                  27978   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Yoga For Youths (VIDEO)                               Video Cassettes                  27972   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Bhat, Vasanthi            Yoga Instructions & Practice Sessions (VIDEO)         Video Cassettes                  27971   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Bhatt, Mahesh             Taste Of Life Last Days Of U.G. Krishnamurti          Consciousness Expansion          13681   EXP
   Bhattacharjee, Shivaji    Astrological Healing Gems (BO NEWL 3/8/01)            Astrology                        20266   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Bhattacharya              Gem Therapy                                           Crystal and gems                 12078   GEM
                                                                                   Radionics, Pendulum                      RAD
   Bhattacharya              Magnet Dowsing Or The Magnetic Study Of               Radionics, Pendulum              12780   RAD
   Bhattacharya et al        Dialectical Method Of Nagarjuna                       Tibetan Buddhism                 26115   TIB
   Bhattacharya, Deben       Mirror Of The Sky (Songs Of The Bauls Of Bengal)      Hinduism                         23640   HIN
   Bhattacharya, Deben (Tr.) Songs Of Krsna                                        Hinduism                         12731   HIN
   Bhattacharyya, Bhaskar    Path Of The Mystic Lover (Baul Songs)                 Tantra                           23649   SEX
   Bhikkhu, Ajahn Sumano     Brightened Mind                                       Meditation                       16514   MED
   Bhikkhu, Ajahn Sumano     Meeting The Monkey Halfway                            Buddhism                         27192   BUD
   Bhikkhu, Ajahn Sumano     Questions From The City Answers From The Forest       Buddhism                         26163   BUD
   Bhikshu, Cheng Chien      Manifestation Of The Tathagata                        Tibetan Buddhism                 21464   TIB
   Bhikshu, Cheng Chien      Sun Face Buddha                                       Zen                              21284   ZEN
   Bhiksu                    Bhakti Yoga (OP 1/99)                                 Hinduism                         23056   HIN
   Biaggi, Cristina          In The Footsteps Of The Goddess                       Women's Spirituality, Goddess    28054   WOM
   Bianco-Splann, Michael    Conscious Leadership                                  Work                             26755   JOB
   Biddulph & Flynn          Teachings Of The Buddha                               Buddhism                         16807   BUD
   Bidwell, Duane            When One Religion Isn't Enough                        Comparative Religion             17785   C.R
   Biedermann, Hans          Dictionary Of Symbolism                               Reference                        21615   REF
   Bielecki, Tessa           Holy Daring..From St. Teresa (1-8523-0483-9)          Christian Saints                 22118   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Bielecki, Tessa           Teresa Of Avila  Ecstasy & Common Sense               Christian Saints                 26339   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Bieler, Henry G., M.D.    Food Is Your Best Medicine                            Diet                             28645   DIE
   Bien, Thomas & Beverly    Mindful Recovery                                      Psychology, self help            29155   PSY
   Biermann, Derek           Samadha  Personal Journeys  (Not available)           Hinduism                         27546   HIN
   Biffle, Christopher       Castle Of The Pearl (OP 10/00)                        Psychology, self help            19062   PSY
   Billington, Penny         Keys To The Temple                                    Ceremonial Magic                 28530   MAG
   Bills, Rex E.             Rulership Book                                        Astrology                        20993   AST
   Binder, Jamie             Planets In Work  ( OP 9/97 )                          Astrology                        17964   AST
   Bingham, Eve              Simply Handwriting Analysis                           Numerology                       20443   NUM
   Bingham, Hiram            Dawnwatchers                                          Steiner, Rudolf                  28451   STE
   Birch, Una                Secret Societies  Illuminati, Freemasons..            Western Mystery Tradition        30854   WMT
   Bird, Christopher         Divining Hand                                         Radionics, Pendulum              11737   RAD
   Bird, Christopher         Persecution & Trial Of Gaston Naessens (POS 5/99)     Healing                          19603   HEA
   Birkhauser-Oeri, Sibylle  Mother  Archetypal Image In Fairy Tales               Jung, Carl                       17385   JUN
   Birks, W. & R.A. Gilbert  Treasure Of Montsegur (OP 7/00)                       Christianity                     16666   CHR
   Birren, Faber             Color Psychology & Color Therapy (OSI 8/98)           Color healing/ therapy           11543   COL
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Birren, Faber             Power Of Color                                        Color healing/ therapy           24218   COL
   Bishop, Barbara J.        Numerology Universal Vibrations (OP 9/2000)           Numerology                       24594   NUM
   Bittleston, Adam          Our Spiritual Companions                              Angels, Nature Spirits           12789   ANG
   Black Elk & Lyon          Black Elk  The Sacred Ways Of Lakota                  Shamanism                        18811   SHA
   Black, Claudia            My Dad Loves Me, My Dad Has A Disease                 Psychology, self help            16079   PSY
   Black, David B.           Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman               Steiner, Rudolf                  30841   STE
   Black, Kat                Tarot Cards Golden Tarot                              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14738   TAR
   Black, Kat                Tarot Cards Touchstone Tarot (1-57281-998-7)          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20024   TAR
   Black, Will. & Young,Edw. Night Thoughts                                        Poetry                           28843   POE
   Blackbrun, Gabriele       Light Of Krishnamurti                                 Krishnamurti                     24191   KRI
   Blackburn, Albert         Now Consciousness                                     Consciousness Expansion          15881   EXP
   Blackburn, Elizabeth      Loving Words Red Lovers                               Inspirational books              21119   INS
   Blackburn, Gabriele       Science & Art Of The Pendulum ... Radiesthesia        Radionics, Pendulum              14428   RAD
   Blackman, Sushila         Graceful Exits                                        Death and Dying                  27622   DEA
   Blackstone, Judith        Belonging Here (Empath)                               Psychology, self help            29123   PSY
   Blacksun                  Spell Of Making                                       Wicca                            25064   WIC
   Blackthorn, Amy           Blackthorn's Botanical Magic                          Wicca                            12349   WIC
   Bladon, Lee               Science Of Spirituality                               Bailey, Alice                    26234   BAI
   Blair, Lawernce           Rhythms Of Vision  (POS NL 1/29/00)                   Consciousness Expansion          20133   EXP
   Blair, Nancy              Goddesses For Every Season                            Women's Spirituality, Goddess    23589   WOM
   Blais, Sabine             Psychic's Guide Vol.1                                 Psychic Phenomenon               14791   ESP
   Blake, A.G.E.             Index To In Search Of The Miraculous(BO NL 11/14/0    Gurdjieff                        17332   GUR
   Blake, A.G.E.             Intelligent Enneagram                                 Enneagram                        14441   ENN
   Blake, Deborah & Alba     Tarot Cards Everyday Witch Tarot                      Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     31301   TAR
   Blake, William            Book Of Urizen (INGR SW 6/22/06)                      Poetry                           28868   POE
   Blake, William            Jerusalem: The Emanation Of The Giant Albion          Poetry                           25789   POE
   Blake, William            Marriage Of Heaven & Hell                             Poetry                           28714   POE
   Blake, William            Songs Of Experience                                   Poetry                           28713   POE
   Blake, William            William Blake  The Complete Poems                     Poetry                           25808   POE
   Blake, William            William Blake Complete Illuminated (0500282455)       Poetry                           28710   POE
   Blakney, R.B. (Trans)     Way Of Life  Lao Tzu                                  Taoism                           19012   TAO
   Blamires, Steve           Celtic Tree Mysteries Secrets Of Ogham                Celtic spirituality              24369   CEL
   Blamires, Steve           Magic Of The Celtic Otherworld                        Celtic spirituality              23504   CEL
                                                                                   Ceremonial Magic                         MAG
   Blank, Jonah              Arrow Of The Blue-Skinned God (Ramayana)              Hinduism                         21471   HIN
   Blaschke, Robert          Astrology A Language Of Life Vol. III                 Astrology                        20984   AST
   Blaschke, Robert          Astrology A Language Of Life Vol. IV                  Astrology                        20986   AST
   Blaschke, Robert          Astrology Lang. Of Life Vol V Holographic Transits    Astrology                        15739   AST
   Blaschke, Robert          Astrology: Language Of Life V.2 Sabian Aspect Orb     Astrology                        28037   AST
   Blaschke, Robert          Progressions  Astrology Language Of Life Vol.1        Astrology                        26513   AST
   Blatavatsky, H.P.         Voice Of The Silence  (TUP cloth ed'n)                Theosophy                        18973   THE
   Blatchford,  Claire       Turning  Words Heard From Within (0970109776)         Christianity                     28359   CHR
   Blate, Michael            Natural Acupressure Handbook Vol II                   Healing                          19490   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Blate, Michael            Natural Healer's Acupressure Book                     Healing                          13009   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Blattmann, Georg          Sun  Ancient Mysteries & New Physics                  Science                          14429   SCI
   Blau, Eric                Common Heroes  Facing A Life Threatening Illness      Death and Dying                  18230   DEA
   Blau, Evelyne             Krishnamurti  100 Years  (BO NEWL 10/17/00)           Krishnamurti                     22863   KRI
   Blau, Tatjana             Tibetan Mandalas                                      Art                              27110   ART
   Blavatsky & Judge         Tell-Tale Picture Gallery  Occult Stories             Theosophy                        23441   THE
   Blavatsky, H. P.          Secret Doctrine Index (paper)                         Theosophy                        25636   THE
   Blavatsky, H. P.          Voice Of The Silence (NuVision  Pub.)                 Theosophy                        15794   THE
   Blavatsky, H.B.           Secret Doctrine (In One Volume)                       Theosophy                        23972   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Abridgement Of The Secret Doctrine ((9)               Secret Doctrine Studies          11003   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Beacon Light                                          Theosophy                        11298   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Book Of Dzyan                                         Secret Doctrine Studies          19696   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Civilization Death & Regeneration                     Theosophy                        16393   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 01 (82)                        Blavatsky                        11526   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 02 (91)                        Blavatsky                        11527   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 03 (99)                        Blavatsky                        11528   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 04 (106)                       Blavatsky                        11529   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 05 (117)                       Blavatsky                        11530   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 06 (125)                       Blavatsky                        11531   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 07 (222)                       Blavatsky                        11532   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 08 (224)                       Blavatsky                        11533   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 09                             Blavatsky                        11534   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 10 (218)                       Blavatsky                        11535   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 11 (215)                       Blavatsky                        11536   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 12                             Blavatsky                        11537   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 13                             Blavatsky                        11538   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 14 (Secret Doct. Vol. III)     Blavatsky                        13669   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Collected Writings Vol 15  Cumulative Index           Blavatsky                        19500   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Cosmic Hierarchies                                    Theosophy                        19697   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Duration                                              Secret Doctrine Studies          19698   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Ensouled  Violin                                      Theosophy                        19056   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Foundations Of Esoteric Philosophy                    Blavatsky                        12004   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           From The Caves & Jungles Of Hindostan                 Blavatsky                        12047   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Gems From The East                                    Theosophy                        12081   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Glyphs & Symbols                                      Blavatsky                        23054   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Gods, Monads & Atoms                                  Secret Doctrine Studies          19701   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Great Sacrifice                                       Secret Doctrine Studies          19702   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Gupta Vidya                                           Secret Doctrine Studies          19703   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           H.P. Blavatsky To The American Conventions 1888-91    Theosophy                        15980   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Index To The Secret Doctrine ( facsm. Orig. 1888)     Secret Doctrine Studies          15741   SDS
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Invitation To The Secret Doctrine                     Secret Doctrine Studies          18115   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Isis Unveiled (In One Volume)                         Theosophy                        23971   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Isis Unveiled 2 Vol. (TPH)                            Theosophy                        12487   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Isis Unveiled 2 Vol. Cloth                            Theosophy                        12488   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Isis Unveiled 2 Vol. Paper (TUP)                      Theosophy                        12489   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Key To Theosophy                                      Blavatsky                        13171   HPB
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Key To Theosophy                                      Theosophy                        11905   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Key To Theosophy                                      Theosophy                        13171   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Key To Theosophy                                      Theosophy                        23952   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Letters Of H.P. Blavatsky Vol.1 (1861-79)             Theosophy                        30032   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Logos                                                 Secret Doctrine Studies          19704   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Meta Biology                                          Secret Doctrine Studies          12932   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Meta Chemistry                                        Secret Doctrine Studies          12933   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Meta Geometry                                         Secret Doctrine Studies          12934   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Meta-Astronomy                                        Secret Doctrine Studies          19705   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Meta-Geology                                          Secret Doctrine Studies          19706   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Meta-Psychology                                       Secret Doctrine Studies          19707   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Modern Panarion                                       Theosophy                        23951   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Motion                                                Secret Doctrine Studies          19760   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           My Books                                              Theosophy                        15995   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Planetary Symbolism                                   Theosophy                        15838   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Secret Doctrine (1557000026) BO'd 2/10/2021           Secret Doctrine Studies          13535   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Secret Doctrine 3 Vol Set (paper) #238                Secret Doctrine Studies          13536   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Secret Doctrine Cloth 2 Vol Set                       Secret Doctrine Studies          13537   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Secret Doctrine Commentary  Stanzas I - IV            Theosophy                        15979   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Secret Doctrine Index (cloth)                         Secret Doctrine Studies          11256   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Secret Doctrine Vol.3 Occultism                       Theosophy                        26956   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Space                                                 Secret Doctrine Studies          19708   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Studies In Occultism                                  Theosophy                        13758   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Theosophical Glossary                                 Theosophy                        15742   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Theosophist: Vol. 1 (1879) Out of Print               Theosophy                        16706   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Theosophist: Vol. II                                  Theosophy                        15555   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Transactions Of The Blavatsky Lodge                   Blavatsky                        11326   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Two Books Of The Stanzas Of Dzyan                     Secret Doctrine Studies          14019   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Voice Of The Silence  (TUP paper ed'n)                Theosophy                        18974   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Voice Of The Silence  Facsimile Paper (680)           Theosophy                        20892   THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.           Voice Of The Silence Mini Cloth (7228-x)              Small Books & Booklets           14084   PAM
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P. (Gomes)   Secret Doctrine (Abridged)                            Blavatsky                        14614   HPB
   Blavatsky, H.P. (Meier)   Voice Of The Silence (CD) (8962)                      CDs                              27488   CDS
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Blavatsky, H.P.,   Mystery Of The Avatar                                 Theosophy                        11696   THE
   Blavatsky, Helena         Esoteric Instructions                                 Theosophy                        27514   THE
   Blavatsky, Helena P.      Isis Unveiled  Abridged (729)                         Theosophy                        24744   THE
   Blavatsky, Olcott, Judge  Karma Lore One                                        Theosophy                        15550   THE
   Blawyn & Jones            Chakra Workout                                        Chakras                          24137   CHA
   Blaze, Chrissie           Mercury Retrograde                                    Astrology                        28904   AST
   Blessing                  Blessing Cards                                        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19082   TAR
   Bliss, Shepherd (Editor)  New Holistic Health Handbook  (OP 10/94)              Healing                          20310   HEA
   Bloch, D. & George, D.    Astrology For Yourself  A Workbook                    Astrology                        16510   AST
   Bloch, Douglas            Listening To Your Inner Voice                         Meditation                       21907   MED
   Bloch, Douglas            When Going Through Hell...Don't Stop!                 Psychology, self help            26736   PSY
   Bloch, Douglas            Words That Heal (OP 8/96)                             Meditation                       17641   MED
   Blofeld, John             Bodhisattva Of Compassion (Kuan Yin)                  Buddhism                         11362   BUD
   Blofeld, John             I Ching                                               I Ching                          12375   ICH
   Blofeld, John             Tantric Mysticism Of Tibet (no longer available)      Tibetan Buddhism                 13816   TIB
   Blofeld, John             Taoism  The Road To Immortality (1570625891)          Taoism                           13837   TAO
   Blofeld, John             Wheel Of Life                                         Tibetan Buddhism                 17756   TIB
   Blofeld, John             Zen Teaching Of Huang Po                              Zen                              17231   ZEN
   Blofeld, John (Transl.)   Zen Teaching Of Instantaneous Awakening               Zen                              19144   ZEN
   Bloodworth, Venice        Key To Yourself                                       Mind Science                     12549   MIN
   Bloom, Alfred (Editor)    Living In Amida's Universal Vow (Shin Buddhism)       Zen                              24313   ZEN
   Bloom, Anthony            Beginning To Pray                                     Christianity                     30109   CHR
   Bloom, Anthony            Courage To Pray                                       Christianity                     20457   CHR
   Bloom, Anthony            Living Prayer                                         Christianity                     12691   CHR
   Bloom, Anthony            Metropolitan Anthony                                  Christianity                     30076   CHR
   Bloom, Harold             Jesus & Yahweh                                        Christianity                     31014   CHR
   Bloom, Harold             Omens Of Millennium                                   Comparative Religion             26304   C.R
   Bloom, Harold             Western Canon  Books & School Of The Ages             Western Mystery Tradition        23155   WMT
   Bloom, Pamela             Buddhist Acts Of Compassion                           Buddhism                         28062   BUD
   Bloom, William            Meditation In A Changing World                        Meditation                       21787   MED
   Bloom, William            Power Of The New Spirituality                         Psychology, self help            15845   PSY
   Bloom, William            Psychic Protection                                    Psychic Phenomenon               24864   ESP
   Bloom, William            Sacred Magician  A Ceremonial Diary                   Ceremonial Magic                 11801   MAG
   Bloom, William            Soulution                                             Global Responsibility, concerns  30582   ONE
   Bloom, William            Working With Angels, Fairies & Nature Spirits (BO     Angels, Nature Spirits           31135   ANG
   Bloomfield & McWilliams   How To Heal Depression                                Psychology, self help            21927   PSY
   Bloomfield & Tshering     Learning Practical Tibetan                            Tibetan Buddhism                 25501   TIB
   Bloomfield & Tshering     Tibetan Phrasebook (OP replaced by 25501)             Tibetan Buddhism                 20539   TIB
   Bloomfield, Andrew        How To Practice Vedic Astrology (With CD ROM)         Astrology                        29711   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Bloomfield, Bob           Mystique Of Healing                                   Healing                          15200   HEA
   Bloomfield, John          Other Ways Of Knowing                                 Native Peoples                   24502   NAT
   Blue Poppy Press          Acupoint Pocket Reference                             Healing                          25201   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Bluestone, Sarvananda     How To Read Signs & Omens In Everyday Life            Psychic Phenomenon               28734   ESP
   Bluestone, Sarvananda     World Dream Book                                      Dreams                           28362   DRE
   Blum, Ralph               Book Of Runes (Bk Only)                               Runes                            18361   RUN
   Blum, Ralph               Book Of Runes 25th Anniversay Edition                 Runes                            11385   RUN
   Blum, Ralph               Rune Play                                             Runes                            15014   RUN
   Blum, Ralph               Runecards (Cards & Book) POS NL 6/25/08               Runes                            18399   RUN
   Blumenthal, James         Ornament Of The Middle Way (Madhyamaka)               Tibetan Buddhism                 30193   TIB
   Bly, Hillman & Meade (Ed) Rag & Bone Shop Of The Heart (Poetry Anthology)       Poetry                           25831   POE
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   Bly, Robert               Iron John  A Book About Men                           Psychology, self help            13020   PSY
   Bly, Robert               Kabir  Ecstatic Poems                                 Poetry                           13150   POE
   Bly, Robert               Leaping Poetry An Idea With Poems & Translations      Poetry                           17112   POE
   Bly, Robert               Light Around The Body                                 Poetry                           14991   POE
   Bly, Robert               Little Book On The Human Shadow                       Psychology, self help            12546   PSY
   Bly, Robert               Man In The Black Coat Turns                           Poetry                           20068   POE
   Bly, Robert               Meditations On The Insatiable Soul                    Poetry                           22416   POE
   Bly, Robert               News Of The Universe  Poems Of Twofold Consciousne    Poetry                           20533   POE
   Bly, Robert               Selected Poems Robert Bly                             Poetry                           19047   POE
   Bly, Robert & Hirshfield  Mirabai  Ecstatic Poems                               Poetry                           22940   POE
   Bly, Robert & Woodman     Maiden King  Reunion Of Masculine & Feminine          Jung, Carl                       25939   JUN
   Bly, Robert (translator)  Kabir Book (OP 2/2006)                                Poetry                           12547   POE
   Blyth, R.H.               Haiku Vol.4                                           Poetry                           15940   POE
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Blyth, R.H.               Zen In English Literature                             Zen                              21789   ZEN
   Boa, Fraser               Way Of Myth (Shambhala Pkt) OP 1/2000                 Pocket books                     22467   PKT
   Boa, Fraser               Way Of The Dream  Jungian Dream Interpretation        Jung, Carl                       19778   JUN
   Boardman, Terry           Mapping The Millennium (OP 2/03)                      Steiner, Rudolf                  25824   STE
   Bobin, Christian          Secrets Of Francis Of Assisi  A Meditation            Christian Saints                 24274   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Bobrick, Benson           Fated Sky  Astrology in History                       Astrology                        12452   AST
   Bobroff, Gary             Crop Circles, Jung, & The Archetypal Feminine         Jung, Carl                       26929   JUN
   Boccio, Frank             Mindfulness Yoga  Union Of Breath, Body & Mind        Yoga                             30353   YOG
   Bock, Emil                Childhood Of Jesus  The Unknown Years                 Christianity                     29383   CHR
                                                                                   Steiner, Rudolf                          STE
   Bock, Emil                Threefold Mary                                        Mary                             29995   MAR
                                                                                   Steiner, Rudolf                          STE
   Bock, Janet               Jesus Mystery  (lost years)                           Christianity                     12496   CHR
   Bockemuhl, Jochen         In Partnership With Nature                            Garden books                     15363   GAR
                                                                                   Steiner, Rudolf                          STE
   Bodhi, Bhikkhu            Connected Discourses Of The Buddha (Not Available)    Buddhism                         27667   BUD
   Bodhi, Bhikkhu            Noble Eightfold Path                                  Buddhism                         27720   BUD
   Bodhi, Bhikkhu (Editor)   In The Buddha's Words                                 Buddhism                         11354   BUD
   Bodhipaksa                Living As A River                                     Buddhism                         19987   BUD
   Bodhipaksa                Still The Mind (2CDs)                                 Meditation                       11805   MED
   Bodian, Stephan           Meditation for Dummies                                Meditation                       28659   MED
   Bodin, Lamboy & Graciet   Book Of Ho'oponopono  Hawaiian Forgiveness            Huna                             26754   HUN
   Bodine, Echo              Dear Echo                                             Psychic Phenomenon               13228   ESP
   Bodine, Echo              Echoes Of The Soul                                    Death and Dying                  28363   DEA
   Bodine, Echo              Gift  Understand & Develop Your Psychic...            Psychic Phenomenon               29676   ESP
   Bodine, Echo              Hands That Heal                                       Healing                          17047   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Bodine, Echo              Little Book Of True Ghost Stories                     Psychic Phenomenon               22538   ESP
   Bodine, Echo              Passion To Heal                                       Healing                          21354   HEA
   Bodine, Echo              Still Small Voice  Awakening Intuition                Intuition                        28164   INT
                                                                                   Psychic Phenomenon                       ESP
   Bodine, Echo              What Happens When We Die                              Death and Dying                  17877   DEA
                                                                                   Psychic Phenomenon                       ESP
   Bodo, Murray              Way Of St. Francis                                    Christianity                     14109   CHR
   Bodri & Shu-Mei           Twenty-Five Doors To Meditation                       Meditation                       25377   MED
   Boehm, Jacob              Six Mystical Points                                   Christianity                     25374   CHR
   Boehme, Jacob             Confessions Of Jacob Boehme                           Christianity                     25554   CHR
   Boehme, Jacob             Dialogues On The Supersensual Life                    Christianity                     27948   CHR
   Boehme, Jacob             Forty Questions Of The Soul                           Christianity                     11211   CHR
   Boehme, Jacob             How A Man May Find Himself                            Western Mystery Tradition        14368   WMT
   Boehme, Jacob             Image Of The Soul                                     Christianity                     29037   CHR
   Boehme, Jacob             Key Of Jacob Boehme  (tr. by William Law)             Christianity                     19610   CHR
   Boehme, Jacob             Of Heaven & Hell                                      Christianity                     29035   CHR
   Boehme, Jacob             Six Theosophic Points                                 Christianity                     27949   CHR
   Boericke, W.              Materia Medica W/Repertory 9991165622                 Homeopathy                       25001   HOM
   Boerstler & Kornfeld      Life To Death  Harmonizing The Transition             Death and Dying                  23525   DEA
   Boff, Leonardo            Prayer Of Saint Francis                               Christianity                     28069   CHR
   Bogart, Greg              Astrology & Meditation  Fearless Contemplation        Astrology                        29469   AST
   Bogart, Greg              In The Company Of Sages                               Consciousness Expansion          26040   EXP
   Bogart, Greg              Planets In Therapy                                    Astrology                        14997   AST
   Bogart, Greg              Therapeutic Astrology (OP 5/2003)                     Astrology                        23709   AST
   Boghossian & Lindsay      How To Have Impossible Conversations                  Psychology, self help            20432   PSY
   Bohannon, Cynthia         North & South Nodes (OP? 1/01)                        Astrology                        21293   AST
   Bohannon, Cynthia         Your Solar Return                                     Astrology                        24774   AST
   Bohm & Hiley              Undivided Universe  (OP 01.97)                        Science                          21594   SCI
   Bohm, David               Essential David Bohm (Lee Nichol, Editor)             Science                          30115   SCI
   Bohm, David               Interview With David Bohm (VIDEO)                     Science                          17753   SCI
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Bohm, David               On Dialogue                                           Science                          17441   SCI
   Bohm, David               Thought As A System                                   Science                          22789   SCI
   Bohm, David               Unfolding Meaning                                     Science                          16753   SCI
   Bohm/Peat 055344498       Science  Order & Creativity                           Science                          18350   SCI
   Boik, John                Cancer & Natural Medicine                             Healing                          27444   HEA
   Boissiere, Robert         Hopi Way                                              Native Peoples                   15870   NAT
   Boissiere, Robert         Meditations With The Hopi                             Native Peoples                   15564   NAT
   Boissiere, Robert         Return Of Pahana  A Hopi Myth                         Native Peoples                   19219   NAT
   Bokar Rinpoche            Day Of A Buddhist Practitioner                        Tibetan Buddhism                 12856   TIB
   Bokar Rinpoche            Death & The Art Of Dying In Tibetan Buddhism          Tibetan Buddhism                 22195   TIB
   Bokar Rinpoche            Meditation  Advice To Beginners                       Meditation                       22071   MED
   Bokar Rinpoche            Opening The Door To Certainty                         Tibetan Buddhism                 24504   TIB
   Bokar Rinpoche            Profound Wisdom Of The Heart Sutra                    Tibetan Buddhism                 22417   TIB
   Bokar Rinpoche            Taking The Bodhisattva Vow                            Tibetan Buddhism                 12951   TIB
   Bokar Rinpoche            Tara  The Feminine Divine                             Tibetan Buddhism                 26806   TIB
   Bokser, Ben Zion (Trans.) Talmud (Selected Writings)                            Judaism                          18669   JUD
   Boland, Yasmin            Calendar Moonology Diary                              Calendars                        29470   CAL
   Boldman, Robert           Alchemy Of Love                                       Consciousness Expansion          24824   EXP
   Boldt, Laurence           How To Find The Work You Love                         Global Responsibility, concerns  25074   ONE
   Boldt, Laurence           Zen Soup                                              Inspirational books              26447   INS
   Boldt, Laurence G.        Zen & The Art Of Making A Living                      Work                             26873   JOB
   Bolen, Jean               Millionth Circle                                      Women's Spirituality, Goddess    26514   WOM
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Artemis: The Indomintable Spirit In Everywoman        Women's Spirituality, Goddess    23183   WOM
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Close To The Bone                                     Jung, Carl                       14171   JUN
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Crones Don't Whine                                    Women's Spirituality, Goddess    30119   WOM
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Crossing To Avalon                                    Women's Spirituality, Goddess    14661   WOM
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Goddesses In Everywoman                               Women's Spirituality, Goddess    14834   WOM
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Goddesses In Older Women                              Women's Spirituality, Goddess    21455   WOM
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Gods In Everyman                                      Jung, Carl                       13448   JUN
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Like A Tree                                           Global Responsibility, concerns  20749   ONE
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Moving Toward The Millionth Circle                    Global Responsibility, concerns  17342   ONE
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Ring Of Power  Jung & Wagner Ring Cycle               Jung, Carl                       11785   JUN
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Tao Of Psychology                                     Jung, Carl                       13826   JUN
   Bolen, Jean Shinoda       Urgent Message From Mother                            Women's Spirituality, Goddess    28484   WOM
   Bolendas, Joa             Alive In God's World                                  Consciousness Expansion          28448   EXP
   Boles, Edmond D.          Towards Everlasting Life (9991176586) (OP?)           Chakras                          21313   CHA
   Bolleter, Ross            Dongshan's Five Ranks                                 Zen                              23846   ZEN
   Bombay Incense Co         Space Clearing Bell (SCB)                             Feng Shui                        30012   FEN
   Bonar, Horatius           Night Of Weeping                                      Christianity                     16008   CHR
   Bond & Suffield           Gospel Of The Goddess                                 Women's Spirituality, Goddess    22530   WOM
   Bond, D. Stephenson       Living Myth  (OP 9/98)                                Mythology                        21209   MYT
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Bonder, Rabbi Nilton      Kabbalah Of Money                                     Kabbalah                         13190   KAB
   Bonder, Saniel            Waking Down  Beyond Hypermasculine                    Consciousness Expansion          25542   EXP
   Bonewits, Isaac           Real Magic                                            Ceremonial Magic                 16026   MAG
   Bonewitz, Ra              Cosmic Crystal Spiral                                 Crystal and gems                 16178   GEM
   Bonewitz, Ra              Pulse Of Life (OP 2/95)                               Science                          17201   SCI
   Bonewitz, Ronald          Wisdom Of The Maya  Oracle                            Mayan                            28301   MAY
   Bong, Wun Chok            Gods' Machines  From Stonehenge ...                   Earth Mysteries                  24046   EAR
   Bongers, Sally            Everyday Enlightenment                                Inspirational books              18534   INS
   Bonheim, Jalaja           Aphrodite's Daughters                                 Women's Spirituality, Goddess    27201   WOM
   Bonhoeffer, Dietrich      Life Together                                         Christianity                     24988   CHR
   Bonnasse, Pierre          Magic Language Of The Fourth Way                      Gurdjieff                        27102   GUR
   Bonnell, Robert           Reflections Along The Path                            Theosophy                        30793   THE
   Bonner, John              Qabalah  A Primer (BO BP01 2/23/99)                   Kabbalah                         23531   KAB
   Boone, J. & Leonard, P.   Adventures In Kinship With All Life                   Animals                          11563   ANI
   Boone, J. Allen           Kinship With All Life                                 Animals                          12559   ANI
   Boorstein, Sylvia         Don't Just Do Something, Sit There                    Buddhism                         23736   BUD
   Boorstein, Sylvia         It's Easier Than You Think                            Buddhism                         23315   BUD
   Boorstein, Sylvia         Pay Attention, For Goodness' Sake                     Buddhism                         14466   BUD
   Boorstein, Sylvia         That's Funny, You Don't Look Buddhist                 Buddhism                         15766   BUD
   Booth, Mark               Secret History Of The World                           Western Mystery Tradition        22016   WMT
   Booth, Teena              Unfinished Evolution                                  Consciousness Expansion          17519   EXP
   Bopp, Bopp, Brown & Lane  Sacred Tree  Reflections On Native Americn Sprtlty    Native Peoples                   18948   NAT
   Borchert, Bruno           Mysticism  History & Challenge                        Comparative Religion             21859   C.R
   Borg, Marcus              God We Never Knew                                     Christianity                     24455   CHR
   Borg, Marcus              Heart Of Christianity                                 Christianity                     29964   CHR
   Borg, Marcus              Lost Gospel Q  The Original Sayings of Jesus          Bible, Scriptures                15789   BIB
   Borg, Marcus & Crossan    Last Week                                             Christianity                     30922   CHR
   Borg, Marcus & Wright, N  Meaning Of Jesus  Two Visions                         Christianity                     25899   CHR
   Borg, Marcus (edt.)       Jesus & Buddha  Parallel Sayings                      Christianity                     24598   CHR
   Borg, Marcus J.           Jesus At 2000                                         Christianity                     14311   CHR
   Borg, Marcus J.           Meeting Jesus Again For The First Time                Christianity                     22846   CHR
   Borges, Jorge Luis        Labyrinths (A Novel)                                  Fiction                          30994   FIC
   Borges, Jorge Luis        On Mysticism                                          Fiction                          19531   FIC
   Boritzer, Etan            What Is God?                                          Children's Books                 19592   KID
   Borkin, Susan             When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes               Journal writing                  27801   JNL
   Borkin, Susan             Writing From The Inside Out                           Journal writing                  28996   JNL
   Borstein, Agneta          Moon's Nodes                                          Astrology                        13093   AST
   Bortoft, Henri            Taking Appearance Seriously  (Goethe)                 Science                          26295   SCI
                                                                                   Steiner, Rudolf                          STE
   Bortoft, Henri            Wholeness Of Nature  Goethe's Way..(BO BP 7/15/03)    Science                          25375   SCI
   Bortolin, Matthew         Dharma Of Star Wars                                   Buddhism                         13913   BUD
   Borys, Ajayan             Effortless Mind  Meditate With Ease                   Meditation                       13693   MED
   Borys, Henry James        Way Of Marriage  (POS MOVE 03.95)                     Relationships                    20003   REL
   Borysenko & Drescher      On Wings Of Light                                     Children's Books                 13438   KID
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Borysenko, Joan           7 Paths To God  Ways Of The Mystic                    Psychology, self help            26462   PSY
   Borysenko, Joan           Guilt Is The Teacher, Love Is The Lesson              Psychology, self help            16347   PSY
   Borysenko, Joan           It's Not The End Of The World...                      Psychology, self help            15305   PSY
   Borysenko, Joan           Minding The Body, Mending The Mind                    Psychology, self help            17747   PSY
   Borysenko, Joan           Pocketful Of Miracles                                 Inspirational books              23614   INS
   Borysenko, Joan           Ways Of The Mystic (POS BP 9/19/00)                   Psychology, self help            24915   PSY
   Borysenko, Joan           Woman's Book Of Life                                  Women's Spirituality, Goddess    24971   WOM
   Borysenko, Joan & M.      Power Of The Mind To Heal                             Psychology, self help            22549   PSY
   Bose, Tara                Folk Tales Of Saurashtra                              Children's Books                 12002   KID
   Bose,d.N.                 Tantras Their Philosophy & Occult Sec                 Chakras                          15378   CHA
   Boshan / Shore (Trans.)   Great Doubt  Practicing Zen In The World              Zen                              28060   ZEN
   Bosman, Leonard           Meaning & Philosophy Of Numbers                       Numerology                       11920   NUM
   Bosnak, Robert            Little Course In Dreams                               Dreams                           16914   DRE
                                                                                   Jung, Carl                               JUN
   Boston Women`s Health Col New Our Bodies Our Selves                             Healing                          13030   HEA
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Bosworth III, Harlan Page Rainbows Of Love                                      Poetry                           30910   POE
   Bosworth, Harlan          Poster Valley Of Love Poem                            Posters & Deity Cards            24304   POS
   Bosworth, Harlan          Valley Of Love                                        Poetry                           29631   POE
   Bosworth, Harlan          Valley Of Love Poster                                 Posters & Deity Cards            11809   POS
   Bosworth, Harlan Page III Rainbows Of Love                                      Poetry                           22414   POE
   BOTA                      Tarot Cards Major Keys (B.O.T.A.) #4003               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     30543   TAR
   Botkin, Allan             Induced After Death Communication                     Death and Dying                  23008   DEA
   Bouanchaud, Bernard       Essence Of Yoga  (Patanjali) BO BP 8/6/03             Patanjali                        24945   PAT
   Boucher, Sandy            Discovering Kwan Yin                                  Buddhism                         26066   BUD
   Boucher, Sandy            Hidden Spring  Buddhist Woman Confronts Cancer        Buddhism                         27536   BUD
   Boucher, Sandy            Opening The Lotus  A Woman's Buide To Buddhism        Buddhism                         24421   BUD
   Boucher, Sandy            Turning The Wheel  American Women & Buddhism          Buddhism                         21485   BUD
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Boulden, Jim              Saying Goodbye Activity Book                          Children's Books                 19838   KID
                                                                                   Death and Dying                          DEA
   Boulet, S & Babcock, M    Tarot Cards Goddesses Knowledge Cards (Flsh card)     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     25819   TAR
   Boulet, Susan Seddon      Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards                        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     26938   TAR
   Boulet, Susan Seddon      Goddess Paintings (OP 5/2019)                         Art                              21308   ART
   Boulet, Susan Seddon      Note Cards Goddess Paintings (20 cards)               Art                              19653   ART
   Boulet, Susan Seddon      Shaman  The Paintings Of Susan Seddon Boulet          Art                              18182   ART
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Bourgault, Luc            American Indian Secrets Of Crystal...(BO 3/16/99)     Crystal and gems                 24391   GEM
   Bourgeault, Cynthia       Centering Prayer & Inner Awakening                    Christianity                     30670   CHR
   Bourgeault, Cynthia       Chanting The Psalms (with CD)                         Christianity                     29087   CHR
   Bourgeault, Cynthia       Heart Of Centering Prayer                             Christianity                     27913   CHR
   Bourgeault, Cynthia       Love Is Stronger Than Death                           Christianity                     28852   CHR
   Bourgeault, Cynthia       Meaning Of Mary Magdalene                             Mary                             20963   MAR
   Bourgeault, Cynthia       Mystical Hope                                         Christianity                     16872   CHR
   Bourgeault, Cynthia       Wisdom Jesus                                          Christianity                     19966   CHR
   Bourgeault, Cynthia       Wisdom Way Of Knowing                                 Christianity                     16491   CHR
   Bourne, Edmund            Healing Fear (OP 1/2002)                              Psychology, self help            26606   PSY
   Boutenko, Victoria        Raw Family                                            Diet                             13242   DIE
   Boutenko, Victoria        Raw Family Signature Dishes                           Diet                             14721   DIE
   Bowen                     Sayings Of The Ancient Ones (5121)                    Theosophy                        13509   THE
   Bowen, Connie             I Create My World                                     Children's Books                 22643   KID
   Bowen, P.G.               Occult Way  Part II  (OP 7/2001)                      Theosophy                        22461   THE
   Bowen, Robert             Madame Blavatsky On How To Study Theosophy (7314)     Blavatsky                        12728   HPB
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Bowen, Sarah              Spiritual Rebel (BO'd 7/17/2019)                      Consciousness Expansion          31273   EXP
   Bower, Jody Gentian       Jane Eyre's Sisters                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess    25187   WOM
   Bowers, Barbara           What Color Is Your Aura?                              Aura                             16582   AUR
   Bowes, Sue                Woman's Magic                                         Wicca                            28415   WIC
   Bowker, John              Oxford Concise Dictionary Of World Religions          Comparative Religion             13496   C.R
   Bowker, John              Sense Of God                                          Comparative Religion             23051   C.R
   Bowman, Carol             Children's Past Lives                                 Reincarnation                    26009   REI
   Bowman, Carol             Return From Heaven                                    Reincarnation                    29983   REI
   Bowman, Catherine         Crystal Awareness                                     Crystal and gems                 12969   GEM
   Bowman, Catherine         Entities Among Us                                     Psychic Phenomenon               30131   ESP
   Boyce, Barry (ED)         In The Face Of Fear  Buddhist Wisdom                  Buddhism                         16763   BUD
   Boyd, Doug                Swami                                                 Hinduism                         13476   HIN
   Boyle, Patton             Screaming Hawk                                        Fiction                          22656   FIC
   Boyton & Dell             Goodbye Mother, Hello Woman                           Women's Spirituality, Goddess    23263   WOM
   Brabazon, Francis         Four & Twenty Blackbirds                              Children's Books                 14711   KID
   Brach, Tara               Finding True Refuge (3 CDs)                           Meditation                       15673   MED
   Brach, Tara               Meditations for Emotional Healing (CD)                Buddhism                         24511   BUD
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Brach, Tara               Mindfulness Meditation (Guided) (CD)                  CDs                              24520   CDS
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Brach, Tara               Radical Acceptance                                    Buddhism                         29645   BUD
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Brach, Tara               Radical Compassion                                    Buddhism                         20982   BUD
   Brach, Tara               Radical Self-Acceptance (CD)                          Buddhism                         24533   BUD
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Brach, Tara               True Refuge                                           Buddhism                         11617   BUD
   Bradberry & Greaves       Emotional Intelligence 2.0                            Psychology, self help            26642   PSY
   Braden, Gregg             Deep Truth                                            Science                          25044   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             Divine Matrix                                         Science                          30768   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             Divine Name  Sounds Of The God Code (CD)              Science                          30729   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             Entanglement (A Novel)                                Fiction                          25043   FIC
   Braden, Gregg             Fractal Time                                          Science                          11693   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             God Code                                              Science                          30044   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             Gregg Braden Audio Collection (7 CDs)                 Science                          11273   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             Isaiah Effect                                         Science                          27063   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             Resilience From The Heart                             Science                          27830   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             Secrets Of The Lost Mode Of Prayer                    Science                          12206   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             Spontaneous Healing Of Belief                         Science                          23881   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             Turning Point                                         Science                          19908   SCI
   Braden, Gregg             Walking Between The Worlds (OP 12/06)                 Science                          24424   SCI
   Bradford, Michael         Healing Energy Of Your Hands                          Healing                          23185   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Bradler,Christine         Feng Shui Symbols                                     Feng Shui                        28604   FEN
   Bradley, Don              Angels In A Harsh World                               Angels, Nature Spirits           26543   ANG
                                                                                   Fiction                                  FIC
   Bradley, Don              Freemasonry In The 21st Century (BO ovrdue 3/9/00)    Western Mystery Tradition        23677   WMT
   Bradley, Ian              God Is Green                                          Global Responsibility, concerns  13237   ONE
   Bradley, Marion Z.        Mists Of Avalon                                       Fiction                          12905   FIC
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer    Fall Of Atlantis                                      Fiction                          13336   FIC
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer    Forest House                                          Fiction                          13635   FIC
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer    Heartlight                                            Fiction                          13254   FIC
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer    Lady Of Avalon                                        Fiction                          14060   FIC
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer    Priestess Of Avalon                                   Fiction                          29018   FIC
   Bradley, Myrtle           Win With Numerology  A Numeroscope Handbook           Numerology                       14192   NUM
   Bradshaw, John            Healing The Shame That Binds You                      Psychology, self help            18369   PSY
   Bradshaw, John            Homecoming                                            Psychology, self help            28555   PSY
   Brady, Bernadette         Astrology A Place In Chaos                            Astrology                        29305   AST
   Brady, Bernadette         Brady's Book Of Fixed Stars                           Astrology                        25392   AST
   Brady, Bernadette         Predictive Astrology  Eagle & The Lark                Astrology                        20987   AST
   Brady, Bernadette         Star And Planet Combinations                          Astrology                        19259   AST
   Brady, Joan               God On A Harley                                       Psychology, self help            30067   PSY
   Brady, Loretta            Beginning Your Enneagram Journey                      Enneagram                        24855   ENN
   Bragdon, Claude           Beautiful Necessity                                   Sacred Geometry                  11302   SAC
   Bragdon, Claude           Episodes From An Unwritten History (1910)             Theosophy                        29122   THE
   Bragdon, Claude           Merely Players                                        Art                              23110   ART
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Bragdon, Emma             Call Of Spiritual Emergency                           Psychology, self help            20374   PSY
   Bragg, Paul               Miracle Of Fasting                                    Diet                             12907   DIE
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Braha, James              Ancient Hindu Astrology                               Astrology                        13443   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Braha, James              Art & Practice Of Ancient Hindu Astrology (BO'd)      Astrology                        28238   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Braha, James              How To Be A Great Astrologer                          Astrology                        20493   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Braha, James              How To Predict Your Future                            Astrology                        22715   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Braha, James              Living Reality  My Extraordinary Summer               Consciousness Expansion          14899   EXP
   Braha, James              Transits Of The West  (OP?)                           Astrology                        21856   AST
   Braha. James              Astro-Logos  Language Of Life                         Astrology                        15217   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Brahe, Carl               Healing On The Edge Of Now                            Healing                          28853   HEA
   Brahm, Ajahn              Bear Awareness                                        Meditation                       30269   MED
   Brahm, Ajahn              Mindfulness, Bliss, & Beyond                          Meditation                       30496   MED
   Brahmin F.T.S., A.        Some Thoughts On The Gita                             Hinduism                         15551   HIN
   Braly, M.D., James        Dangerous Grains                                      Diet                             22497   DIE
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Bramblett, John           When Good-Bye Is Forever  Lrnng/LvAgnAftrLss/Chld     Grief                            19816   GRF
   Bramley, William          Jesus Goes To Hollywood                               Christianity                     13068   CHR
   Bramly, Serge             Macumba                                               Shamanism                        22070   SHA
   Bramshaw, Vikki           Craft of the Wise  Guide to Paganism & Witchcraft     Wicca                            12383   WIC
   Brand, Paul & Vancey, P.  Gift Of Pain                                          Christianity                     12524   CHR
   Brand, Russell            Recovery  Freedom From Our Addictions                 Psychology, self help            29875   PSY
   Brand-Miller, Wolever     Glucose Revolution                                    Diet                             26387   DIE
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Brandon, David            Zen In The Art Of Helping                             Zen                              19623   ZEN
   Brannen, Cyndi            Entering Hekate's Garden                              Wicca                            22000   WIC
   Branner, Robert (Editor)  Chartres Cathedral                                    Art                              12082   ART
   Branston, Barry           Graphology Explained  A Workbook                      Palmistry                        20233   PAL
   Brant, Beth               Gathering Of Spirit                                   Native Peoples                   11960   NAT
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Brauen, Martin            Mandala  Sacred Circle In Tibetan Bud. (OSI 5/01)     Art                              24454   ART
   Braverman, Arthur         Living And Dying In Zazen                             Zen                              30458   ZEN
   Bray & Low                Kahuna Religion Of Hawaii (OP 2/00)                   Huna                             19618   HUN
   Braza, Jerry              Moment By Moment  Art & Pratice Of Mindfulness        Meditation                       21230   MED
   Brazier, David            Feeling Buddha                                        Buddhism                         25837   BUD
   Brazier, David            New Buddhism                                          Buddhism                         29090   BUD
   Breathnach, Sarah         Something More                                        Inspirational books              25543   INS
   Breathnach, Sarah Ban     Simple Abundance Journal Of Gratitude                 Journal writing                  21042   JNL
   Breaux, Charles           Journey Into Consciousness (OP 10/99)                 Chakras                          18153   CHA
   Breaux, Charles           Way Of Karma                                          Reincarnation                    16940   REI
   Breger, Louis             Freud: Darkness In The Midst Of Vision                Jung, Carl                       24536   JUN
   Brennan, Barbara          Core Light Healing                                    Therapeutic Touch                29188   TT1
   Brennan, Barbara Ann      Hands Of Light                                        Therapeutic Touch                17426   TT1
   Brennan, Barbara Ann      Light Emerging                                        Therapeutic Touch                21475   TT1
   Brennan, Chris            Hellenistic Astrology                                 Astrology                        15064   AST
   Brennan, J. H.            Magical I Ching (OP not available)                    I Ching                          28142   ICH
   Brennan, J. H.            Time Travel                                           Science                          24307   SCI
   Brennan, J.H.             Astral Doorways (POS)                                 Ceremonial Magic                 13244   MAG
   Brennan, J.H.             Astral Projection Workbook (OP 1/2005)                Out of Body                      21780   OOB
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   Brennan, J.H.             Tibetan Magic & Mysticism                             Tibetan Buddhism                 14261   TIB
   Brennan, Martin           Hidden Maya                                           Mayan                            25332   MAY
   Brennan, Richard          Alexander Technique                                   Therapeutic Touch                28529   TT1
   Brennan, Richard          Alexander Technique Manual                            Healing                          14977   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Brennen, Martin           Stones Of Time  Calendars, Sundials Of Ireland        Earth Mysteries                  22236   EAR
   Breuning, Loretta         Science Of Positivity  (neuroplasticity)              Science                          27712   SCI
   Brewer, Anne              Power Of Twelve  12-Strand DNA Consciousness          New Age                          26011   OCC
   Brewi & Brennan           Mid-Life Spirituality & Jungian Archetypes            Jung, Carl                       26530   JUN
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Brewi, J. & Brennan, Anne Mid-Life Psychological & Spiritual Perspectives       Jung, Carl                       19739   JUN
   Brewster, Barbara Marie   Journey To Wholeness                                  Consciousness Expansion          20864   EXP
   Brezsny, Rob              Pronoia Is The Antidote For Paranoia                  Psychology, self help            13885   PSY
   Brianchaninov, Ignatius   On The Prayer Of Jesus                                Christianity                     30967   CHR
   Brice, Carleen            Walk Tall  Affirmations For People Of Color           African spirituality             19137   AFR
   Bridges, Carol            Code of the Goddess                                   Feng Shui                        28679   FEN
   Bridges, Carol            Soul In Place  Reclaiming Home As Sacred Space        Feng Shui                        23992   FEN
   Bridges, Carol            Tarot Cards Medicine Woman Tarot (Colored)            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19586   TAR
   Bridges, Holly            Circle Of Prayer                                      Inspirational books              24757   INS
   Bridges, Jeff & Glassman  Dude & The Zen Master                                 Zen                              19534   ZEN
   Bridges, William          Transitions                                           Psychology, self help            14001   PSY
   Bridges, William          Way Of Transition                                     Psychology, self help            28502   PSY
   Brier, Bob                Ancient Egyptian Magic                                Egyptian Spirituality            12056   EGY
   Briggs, Constance         Encyclopedia Of God                                   Comparative Religion             13980   C.R
   Briggs, Dorothy           Celebrate Your Self                                   Psychology, self help            15877   PSY
   Briggs, Raleigh           Make Your Place  (Good Life) BO'd 5/22/2019           Global Responsibility, concerns  30662   ONE
   Briggs, Robert            American Emergency  A Search For Spir'l Renewal...    Psychology, self help            18135   PSY
   Bright-fey, John A.       Morning Cup Of Meditation (Incl. Audio CD)            Meditation                       17220   MED
   Brignoli, Frank J.        Lhasa  Tibet's Forbidden City                         Tibetan Buddhism                 18328   TIB
   Brill, Michael            Numerology For Decoding Behavior                      Numerology                       21125   NUM
   Brilliant, Ashleigh       All I Want Is A Warm Bed                              Humor                            15185   HUM
   Brilliant, Ashleigh       I Feel Much Better Now That I've Given Up Hope        Humor                            28636   HUM
   Brilliant, Ashleigh       I May Not Be Totally Perfect, But Parts...            Humor                            27085   HUM
   Brinker, Helmut           Zen In The Art Of Painting                            Art                              17208   ART
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Brinkley, Dannion         Saved By The Light                                    Near Death Studies               21723   NDE
   Brinkley, Dannion         Secrets Of The Light                                  Near Death Studies               17165   NDE
   Bristol, Claude           Magic Of Believing                                    Mind Science                     15575   MIN
   Bristol, Claude           TNT The Power Within You                              Mind Science                     15708   MIN
   Bro, Harmon               Edgar Cayce On Dreams                                 Cayce, Edgar                     11825   CAY
   Broad, William            Oracle  Ancient Delphi & Science Behind...            Western Mystery Tradition        16282   WMT
   Broadbent, Tony           Timeless Teachings Of Guru Zuzu                       Animals                          31235   ANI
                                                                                   Humor                                    HUM
   Brockman, Howard          Dynamic Energetic Healing                             Healing                          15184   HEA
                                                                                   Shamanism                                SHA
   Brockway, Laurie Sue      Goddess Pages                                         Women's Spirituality, Goddess    14166   WOM
   Brode, Pamela             Power Of Prayer                                       Ba'hai                           15214   BAH
   Brodie, Richard           Virus Of The Mind  New Science Of The Meme            Psychology, self help            23752   PSY
   Brodsky, Barbara          Cosmic Healing                                        Healing                          21658   HEA
   Broersma, Patricia        Riding Into Your Mythic Life                          Animals                          31159   ANI
   Brofman, Martin           Anything Can Be Healed                                Healing                          15236   HEA
   Brofman, Martin           White Light Vision Improvement (CD)                   Healing                          15516   HEA
   Brofman, Martin           You Know You Are A Healer (CD)                        Healing                          15258   HEA
   Broner, E.M.              Bringing Home The Light  Jewish Woman's Rituals       Judaism                          12798   JUD
   Bronson, Po               What Should I Do With My Life?                        Work                             30257   JOB
   Brooke, Elisabeth         Astrological Herbal For Women                         Astrology                        21601   AST
                                                                                   Herbs                                    HER
   Brooke, Elisabeth         Medicine Women                                        Women's Spirituality, Goddess    24522   WOM
   Brooke, Elisabeth         Women Healers Through History                         Women's Spirituality, Goddess    23385   WOM
   Brookes, Mona             Drawing With Children                                 Art                              12855   ART
   Brother Lawrence          Practice Of The Presence Of God                       Christianity                     13248   CHR
   Brother Lawrence(Delaney) Practice Of The Presence Of God(038-512-8614)         Christianity                     14787   CHR
   Brother Phillip           Secret Of The Andes & Golden Sun Disc of MU           New Age                          13553   OCC
   Brower, Elena             Grounded And Free (2CDs)                              CDs                              28486   CDS
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Brower, Kenneth           One Earth                                             Global Responsibility, concerns  19470   ONE
   Brown & Novick            Voices From The Edge  Conversations With...           Consciousness Expansion          23154   EXP
   Brown, Barbara            Travels Through The Mind Of India                     Hinduism                         18417   HIN
   Brown, Brene              Braving the Wilderness                                Psychology, self help            30158   PSY
   Brown, Brene              I Thought It Was Just Me (But it isn't)               Psychology, self help            16435   PSY
   Brown, Brene'             Braving The Wilderness (4 CDs)                        Psychology, self help            25885   PSY
   Brown, Brene'             Dare To Lead                                          Psychology, self help            15498   PSY
   Brown, Brene'             Daring Greatly                                        Psychology, self help            19451   PSY
   Brown, Brene'             Gifts Of Imperfection                                 Psychology, self help            11456   PSY
   Brown, Brene'             Rising Strong                                         Psychology, self help            27329   PSY
   Brown, Byron              Soul Without Shame                                    Psychology, self help            26409   PSY
   Brown, Coleston           Magical Christianity                                  Christianity                     30965   CHR
   Brown, Coleston           Mystery Of The Seven Diretions                        Ceremonial Magic                 27166   MAG
   Brown, D.W.               2500 Years Of Wisdom                                  Comparative Religion             12298   C.R
   Brown, Dan                Angels & Demons                                       Fiction                          27181   FIC
   Brown, Dan                Da Vinci Code                                         Fiction                          29999   FIC
   Brown, Dan                Lost Symbol                                           Fiction                          20375   FIC
   Brown, Daniel             Pointing Out The Great Way (Mahamudra)                Tibetan Buddhism                 30927   TIB
   Brown, Dawn               Chibi Anime Angel Cards                               Angels, Nature Spirits           23414   ANG
                                                                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books             TAR
   Brown, Dee                Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee                         Native Peoples                   19595   NAT
   Brown, Edward Espe        Tassajara Bread Book                                  Cookbooks                        17891   COO
   Brown, Fran               Living Reiki  Takata's Teachings                      Reiki                            12474   RKI
   Brown, H. Jackson Jr.     Life's Little Instruction Book                        Inspirational books              20852   INS
   Brown, Jeff               Soulshaping                                           Consciousness Expansion          14931   EXP
   Brown, Joseph Epes        Animals Of The Soul (OP 1/2002)                       Native Peoples                   20923   NAT
   Brown, Joseph Epes        Sacred Pipe  Black Elk                                Native Peoples                   13471   NAT
   Brown, Maha & David       Esoteric Path Of Marriage                             Relationships                    22851   REL
   Brown, Michael            Alchemy Of The Heart (BO'd 1/20/2021)                 Consciousness Expansion          29163   EXP
   Brown, Michael            Presence Process                                      Consciousness Expansion          19999   EXP
   Brown, Michelle           Painted Labyrinth                                     Art                              30559   ART
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Brown, Mick               Spiritual Tourist                                     Consciousness Expansion          25629   EXP
   Brown, Molly              Unfolding Self  Psychosynthesis & Counseling          Psychology, self help            14042   PSY
   Brown, Patricia           Paths To Prayer                                       Christianity                     23560   CHR
   Brown, Peter              Dirty Enlightenment                                   Non-Duality                      31166   NON
   Brown, Philip             Cosmic Trends                                         Astrology                        30952   AST
   Brown, Raphael (Tr)       Little Flowers Of Saint Francis                       Christian Saints                 15028   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Brown, Robert McAfee      Saying Yes & Saying No  Rendering To God & Caesar     Christianity                     19541   CHR
   Brown, Sarah Leigh˙       Cosmic Fire Revealed (Student's Gd. To Bailey)OP      Bailey, Alice                    29252   BAI
   Brown, Simon              Principles Of Feng Shui                               Feng Shui                        15209   FEN
   Brown, Thomas (edt.)      Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook           Science                          22261   SCI
   Brown, Tom                Awakening Spirits                                     Native Peoples                   21760   NAT
   Brown, Tom                Case Files Of The Tracker                             Native Peoples                   11183   NAT
   Brown, Tom                Grandfather                                           Native Peoples                   15916   NAT
   Brown, Tom                Search                                                Native Peoples                   14549   NAT
   Brown, Tom                Tom Brown's Field Gd City & Suburban                  Native Peoples                   25734   NAT
   Brown, Tom                Tom Brown's Field Guide The Forgotten Wilderness      Native Peoples                   15155   NAT
   Brown, Tom                Tom Brown's Field Guide To Wilderness Survival        Native Peoples                   25704   NAT
   Brown, Tom                Tom Brown's Gd To Wild Edible                         Native Peoples                   24688   NAT
   Brown, Tom                Tracker                                               Native Peoples                   20033   NAT
   Brown, Tom                Vision (0-425-10703-5 Trade)                          Native Peoples                   19018   NAT
   Brown, Vinson             Crazy Horse  Hoka Hey!                                Native Peoples                   21242   NAT
   Brown, Vinson             Secret Languages Of Animals                           Animals                          16536   ANI
   Browne, Sylvia            Adventures Of A Psychic                               Psychic Phenomenon               20718   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Astrology Through A Psychic's Eyes                    Astrology                        27528   AST
   Browne, Sylvia            Blessings From The Other Side                         Death and Dying                  27799   DEA
   Browne, Sylvia            Contacting Your Spirit Guide (Incl. CD)               Psychic Phenomenon               29320   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Conversations With The Other Side                     Psychic Phenomenon               28796   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Father God                                            Comparative Religion             22525   C.R
   Browne, Sylvia            God, Creation, & Tools For Life                       Psychic Phenomenon               27022   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            If You Could See What I See                           Psychic Phenomenon               30778   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Light a Candle                                        Psychic Phenomenon               20195   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Messages From Spirit                                  Psychic Phenomenon               14970   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Nature Of Good & Evil  Bk 3 Journey Of The Soul       Psychic Phenomenon               28066   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Other Side & Back                                     Psychic Phenomenon               26413   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Phenomenon                                            Psychic Phenomenon               19930   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Secret Societies                                      Western Mystery Tradition        31087   WMT
   Browne, Sylvia            Secrets & Mysteries Of The World                      Psychic Phenomenon               30730   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Soul's Perfection  Book 2 Journey of the Soul         Psychic Phenomenon               27551   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Spiritual Connections                                 Psychic Phenomenon               30894   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            Sylvia Browne's Book Of Angels                        Angels, Nature Spirits           17355   ANG
   Browne, Sylvia            Sylvia Browne's Book Of Dreams                        Dreams                           30795   DRE
   Browne, Sylvia            Temples On The Other Side                             Psychic Phenomenon               25091   ESP
   Browne, Sylvia            The Mystical Life of Jesus                            Christianity                     28457   CHR
   Browne, Sylvia            Visits From The Afterlife                             Death and Dying                  30005   DEA
                                                                                   Psychic Phenomenon                       ESP
   Browne-Miller, Angela     Embracing Death                                       Death and Dying                  23763   DEA
   Brownell, Lauren          Zen & The Art Of Housekeeping                         Zen                              19351   ZEN
   Bruce, David P.           Serving A Higher Purpose                              Theosophy                        14734   THE
   Bruce, Debra Fulghum      Miracle Touch                                         Therapeutic Touch                30468   TT1
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   Bruce, Rita               Vision Of Sai  Book 2  (OP 11/99)                     Sai Baba                         22786   SAI
   Bruce, Robert             Astral Dynamics                                       Out of Body                      26700   OOB
   Bruce, Robert             Energy Work                                           Healing                          30998   HEA
   Bruce, Robert             Practical Psychic Self-Defense                        Psychic Phenomenon               20497   ESP
   Bruce-Mitford, Miranda    Signs & Symbols, an illustrated guide                 Reference                        28102   REF
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   Brunnholzl, Karl          Straight From The Heart                               Tibetan Buddhism                 30950   TIB
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   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.04.2 / The Body (094-391-4205)                Brunton, Paul                    14678   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.05 / Emotions & Ethics (094-391-4221)         Brunton, Paul                    14730   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.06 / The Ego (094-391-4256)                   Brunton, Paul                    16416   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.07 / Healing Of The Self                      Brunton, Paul                    17074   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.08 / Reflections On My (094-391-4299)         Brunton, Paul                    16379   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.09 / Human Experience (091-394-4310)          Brunton, Paul                    16795   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.10 / The Orient (094-391-4337)                Brunton, Paul                    16963   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.11 / The Sensitives (094-391-4345)            Brunton, Paul                    17022   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.12 / Religious Urge  (094-391-437X)           Brunton, Paul                    14756   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.13 / Relativity, Philosophy (094-391-4396)    Brunton, Paul                    17582   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.14 / Inspiration & Overself                   Brunton, Paul                    17549   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.15 / Advanced Contemplation (094-301-4434)    Brunton, Paul                    17912   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Ntbks V.16 / Enlightened Mind                         Brunton, Paul                    17913   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Realizing Soul                                        Brunton, Paul                    30771   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Search In Secret Egypt                                Brunton, Paul                    13527   BRU
                                                                                   Egyptian Spirituality                    EGY
   Brunton, Paul             Search In Secret India                                Brunton, Paul                    15512   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Secret Path                                           Brunton, Paul                    15308   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             What Is Karma ?                                       Brunton, Paul                    25411   BRU
   Brunton, Paul             Wisdom Of The Overself                                Brunton, Paul                    14180   BRU
   Brush Dance               Thich Nhat Hanh Journal                               Hanh, Thich Nhat                 21667   HAN
                                                                                   Journal writing                          JNL
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Brussat, Frederic & Mary  100 Ways To Keep Your Soul Alive                      Inspirational books              23536   INS
   Brussat, Frederic & Mary  Spiritual Literacy                                    Inspirational books              25484   INS
   Bruyere, Rosalyn          Chakra Healing (CD)                                   Chakras                          21415   CHA
   Bruyere, Rosalyn          Wheels Of Light                                       Chakras                          21205   CHA
   Bry, Adelaide             Visualization  Directing The Movies Of Your Mind      Mind Science                     14078   MIN
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   Bryan, Gwyneth            Houses  A Contemporary Guide                          Astrology                        24233   AST
   Bryan, Mark & Cameron, J. Artist's Way At Work                                  Psychology, self help            27389   PSY
   Bryant, Barry             Cancer & Consciousness                                Healing                          19690   HEA
   Bryant, Barry             Wheel Of Time  Sand Mandala                           Tibetan Buddhism                 21360   TIB
   Bryant, Dorothy           Kin Of Ata Are Waiting For You                        Fiction                          12553   FIC
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   Bryant, Edwin             Krishna: The Beautiful Legend Of God                  Hinduism                         27935   HIN
   Bryant, Edwin             Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali                              Patanjali                        14849   PAT
   Bryant, Mark              Hidden Assets                                         Psychology, self help            25549   PSY
   Bryant, Page              Awakening Arthur  (OP 5/96)                           Western Mystery Tradition        18053   WMT
   Bryant, Page              Star Magic (Vol. 4 Young Person's ...)                Wicca                            16195   WIC
   Bryant, Page              Starwalking                                           Shamanism                        24578   SHA
   Bryant, Page              Terravision  A Traveler's Guide / Lvng Plnt Earth     Earth Mysteries                  19520   EAR
   Bryant, William           Veiled Pulse Of Time                                  Steiner, Rudolf                  28121   STE
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   Bryon, Deborah            Lessons Of The Inca Shamans Pt. 2 Beyond The Veil     Shamanism                        17783   SHA
   Buber, Martin             Ecstatic Confessions                                  Judaism                          20226   JUD
   Buber, Martin             I And Thou                                            Judaism                          15908   JUD
   Buber, Martin             Way Of Man  According To Hasidic Teaching             Judaism                          11910   JUD
   Bublitz, Ruth M.          One-drous Light                                       Christianity                     16134   CHR
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   Buck, William             Ramayana                                              Hinduism                         12117   HIN
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   Bucke, Richard Maurice    Cosmic Consciousness (Penquin Pub.)                   Consciousness Expansion          19935   EXP
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   Buckland, Raymond         Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft                Wicca                            28946   WIC
   Buckland, Raymond         Practical Candleburning Rituals                       Wicca                            18561   WIC
   Buckland, Raymond         Tarot Cards Cards Of Alchemy (Set) Out of Print       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29932   TAR
   Buckland, Raymond         The Weiser Field Guide to Ghosts, Apparitions, etc    Psychic Phenomenon               25351   ESP
   Buckland, Raymond         Witch Book  Encyclopedia Of Witchcraft                Wicca                            29130   WIC
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   Budapest & Paxson         Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life          Astrology                        17021   AST
   Budapest, Zsuzsanna       Goddess In The Office                                 Wicca                            15364   WIC
   Budapest, Zsuzsanna       Summoning The Fates                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess    25702   WOM
   Budd, Christopher         Of Wheat & Gold                                       Steiner, Rudolf                  26167   STE
   Budd, Christopher J.      Prelude In Economics                                  Steiner, Rudolf                  26174   STE
   Buddha                    Zen Puppies                                           Inspirational books              30092   INS
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
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   Buddharakkhita, Acharya   Dhammapada (Pali & English Texts)                     Buddhism                         29435   BUD
                                                                                   Dhammapada                               DHA
   Buddhist Publishing Group Great Awakening                                       Buddhism                         15418   BUD
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Buddhist Text Trans. Soc. Surangama Sutra                                       Buddhism                         16369   BUD
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   Byrne, Rhonda             Power                                                 Mind Science                     16289   MIN
   Byrne, Rhonda             Secret (1582701709)                                   Mind Science                     14733   MIN
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                                                                                   Pocket books                             PKT
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   Cacciatore, Joanne        Bearing the Unbearable                                Grief                            29148   GRF
   Caddy & Platts            Bringing More Love Into Your Life                     New Age                          21952   OCC
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   Caddy, Eileen             Foundations Of A Spiritual Community                  Global Responsibility, concerns  22147   ONE
                                                                                   Inspirational books                      INS
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   Caddy, Eileen             Living Word                                           Inspirational books              21956   INS
   Caddy, Eileen             Opening Doors Within                                  Inspirational books              16060   INS
   Caddy, Eileen             Opening Doors Within (Video)                          Global Responsibility, concerns  16934   ONE
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
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   Caidin, Martin            Natural Or Supernatural ?  True, Unexplained Myst'    New Age                          21294   OCC
                                                                                   Psychic Phenomenon                       ESP
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   Calais-Germain, Blandine  Anatomy Of Movement (revised edition)                 Healing                          24503   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Calais-Germain, Blandine  Anatomy Of Movement Exercises                         Healing                          26333   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
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   Caldecott, Moyra          Green Lady & The King Of Shadows                      Fiction                          22158   FIC
   Caldecott, Moyra          Myths Of The Sacred Tree                              Mythology                        21755   MYT
   Caldecott, Moyra          Women In Celtic Myth                                  Celtic spirituality              20950   CEL
   Caldwell, Christine       Getting In Touch                                      Healing                          24743   HEA
   Caldwell, Daniel          Esoteric World Of Madame Blavatsky                    Blavatsky                        27755   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Caldwell, Daniel (editor) Occult World Of Madame Blavatsky  (See 27755)         Theosophy                        20598   THE
   Calhoun, Marcy            Are You Really Too Sensitive?                         Psychology, self help            16785   PSY
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                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
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   Callahan, Phillip         My Search For The Traces Of God                       Science                          13210   SCI
   Callahan, Phillip         Tuning To Nature                                      Science                          16300   SCI
   Callahan, Phillip S.      Paramagnetism                                         Science                          26109   SCI
   Callahan, Roger           Tapping The Healer Within                             Healing                          28972   HEA
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   Callanan, M. & Kelley, P. Final Gifts                                           Death and Dying                  21138   DEA
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   Calleman, Carl Johan      Purposeful Universe  Quantum Theory & Mayan Cosmo.    Mayan                            17105   MAY
   Calverley, Roger          Primal Runes                                          Runes                            15595   RUN
   Calvin, John              Golden Booklet Of The True Christian Life             Christianity                     15283   CHR
   Calvin, William H.        How The Shaman Stole The Moon                         Native Peoples                   20335   NAT
   Calvino, Italo            Castle Of Crossed Destinies                           Fiction                          23800   FIC
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   Calvo, Cesar              The Three Halves Of Ino Moxo                          Shamanism                        16389   SHA
   Cameron, Anne             Child Of Her People                                   Fiction                          18867   FIC
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
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   Cameron, Anne             Earth Witch                                           Poetry                           23413   POE
   Cameron, Anne             How Raven Freed The Moon                              Children's Books                 15391   KID
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Cameron, Anne             Raven & Snipe                                         Children's Books                 20470   KID
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Cameron, Anne             Raven Goes Berrypicking                               Children's Books                 20471   KID
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Cameron, Julia            Answered Prayers                                      Psychology, self help            11170   PSY
   Cameron, Julia            Artist's Way                                          Art                              14283   ART
   Cameron, Julia            Artist's Way For Parents                              Parenting                        23766   PAR
   Cameron, Julia            Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal                    Art                              23255   ART
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Cameron, Julia            Blessings                                             Inspirational books              25198   INS
   Cameron, Julia            Complete Artist's Way (3 Vol. in One)                 Art                              12517   ART
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Cameron, Julia            Faith & Will                                          Psychology, self help            14924   PSY
   Cameron, Julia            Finding Water                                         Art                              12682   ART
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Cameron, Julia            God Is No Laughing Matter                             Psychology, self help            28313   PSY
   Cameron, Julia            Heart Steps                                           Inspirational books              28311   INS
   Cameron, Julia            Prayers To The Nature Spirits                         Psychology, self help            27544   PSY
   Cameron, Julia            Prosperous Heart  Creating A Life Of Enough           Psychology, self help            27396   PSY
   Cameron, Julia            Right To Write                                        Journal writing                  26074   JNL
   Cameron, Julia            Sound Of Paper                                        Psychology, self help            30194   PSY
   Cameron, Julia            Transitions                                           Psychology, self help            27062   PSY
   Cameron, Julia            Vein Of Gold                                          Art                              12398   ART
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Cameron, Julia            Walking In this World                                 Art                              28549   ART
   Cameron, Miriam           Karma & Happiness                                     Tibetan Buddhism                 29868   TIB
   Cameron, Pam & Fred       Bridge Into Light (BO overdue 3/14/01)                New Age                          23011   OCC
   Cameron-Bandler, et. al.  Emprint Method                                        Psychology, self help            15752   PSY
   Cameron-Bandler, Leslie   Know How                                              Psychology, self help            15194   PSY
   Camhi, Layena             Sunyata (book) (1-55643-096-5)                        Hinduism                         24160   HIN
   Camilleri, Stephanie      House Book                                            Astrology                        26609   AST
   Camp, Robert              Cards Of Your Destiny / Destiny Cards                 Numerology                       22036   NUM
                                                                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books             TAR
   Camp, Robert L.           Love Cards                                            Numerology                       22582   NUM
   Campanelli, Pauline       Ancient Ways  (Pagan Traditions) BO NL 8/19/05        Wicca                            18088   WIC
   Campanelli, Pauline       Wheel Of The Year                                     Wicca                            18498   WIC
   Campbell & (Ed) Cousineau Hero's Journey                                        Mythology                        19847   MYT
   Campbell & Toms           Wisdom Of Joseph Campbell (4 CDs)                     CDs                              24472   CDS
                                                                                   Mythology                                MYT
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Campbell, Camille         Meditations W/Teresa Of Avila (OP 8/98)               Meditation                       20016   MED
   Campbell, Camille         Meditations With John Of The Cross                    Christianity                     18023   CHR
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Campbell, Dan             Edgar Cayce On The Power Of Color, Stones,            Cayce, Edgar                     21403   CAY
   Campbell, Dan             Live Well, Sleep Well (OP 6/2006)                     Healing                          20777   HEA
   Campbell, Don             Mozart Effect                                         Music                            24750   MUS
   Campbell, Don             Music  Physician For Times To Come                    Music                            19768   MUS
   Campbell, Don             Music For The Mozart Effect V.1 (CD)                  CDs                              15834   CDS
   Campbell, Don             Music For The Mozart Effect V.2 (CD)                  CDs                              25815   CDS
   Campbell, Don             Music For The Mozart Effect V.3 (CD)                  CDs                              25816   CDS
   Campbell, Don             Music For The Mozart Effect Vol V. (CD)               CDs                              26266   CDS
   Campbell, Don             Music For The Mozart Effect Vol. IV (2 CDs)           CDs                              25844   CDS
   Campbell, Don             Music For The Mozart Effect Vol. VI (CD)              CDs                              26390   CDS
   Campbell, Don             Roar Of Silence                                       Music                            18200   MUS
   Campbell, Don             Sound Spirit (Inc. Music CD)                          Music                            29781   MUS
   Campbell, Don             Wisdom & Power Of Music (4 CDs)                       Music                            16295   MUS
   Campbell, Don & Doman, A. Healing At The Speed Of Soun                          Music                            22627   MUS
   Campbell, Edward          Encyclopedia Of Palmistry                             Palmistry                        23612   PAL
   Campbell, Eileen          Woman's Book Of Joy                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess    26720   WOM
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                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Campbell, Joseph          Masks Of God Primitive Mythology                      Mythology                        12806   MYT
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
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                                                                                   Mythology                                MYT
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   Campbell, Joseph          Mythic Image                                          Mythology                        12987   MYT
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   Campbell, Joseph          Myths Dreams & Religion                               Mythology                        12992   MYT
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Campbell, Joseph          Myths Of Light                                        Mythology                        29568   MYT
   Campbell, Joseph          Myths To Live By                                      Mythology                        12994   MYT
   Campbell, Joseph          Pathways To Bliss                                     Mythology                        30509   MYT
   Campbell, Joseph          Power Of Myth (6 VIDEOS)                              Mythology                        17594   MYT
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
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   Campion, Nicholas         What Do Astrologers Believe?                          Astrology                        20877   AST
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                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
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                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
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                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Carter, Mildred           Hand Reflexology                                      Healing                          13455   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Carter, Mildred           Healing Yourself With Foot Reflexology                Healing                          24816   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
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   Cassidy, Paulina          Tarot Cards Paulina Tarot                             Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14745   TAR
   Cassidy, Paulina          Tarot Cards Spiritsong Tarot                          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     26793   TAR
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                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
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   Castaneda, Carlos         Fire From Within                                      Native Peoples                   11116   NAT
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                                                                                   Tesla, Nikola                            TES
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                                                                                   Psychic Phenomenon                       ESP
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   Cayce, Edgar              Search For God  Book 2                                Cayce, Edgar                     15395   CAY
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                                                                                   Prophecy                                 PRO
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   Ceccoli, Nicoletta        Tarot Cards Ceccoli Tarot                             Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24907   TAR
   Ceccoli, Nicoletta        Tarot Cards Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot (Mini)            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17244   TAR
   Cedercrans, Lucille       Nature Of The Soul                                    Bailey, Alice                    24043   BAI
   Celebre, Damini           Painting The Landscape Of Your Soul                   Art                              31206   ART
   Center For Attit. Healing There Is A Rainbow Behind Every Dark Cloud            Children's Books                 18299   KID
                                                                                   Grief                                    GRF
   Ceres                     Herbs To Help You Sleep                               Healing                          12265   HEA
                                                                                   Herbs                                    HER
   Cerminara, Gina           Insights For The Age Of Aquarius                      Comparative Religion             12453   C.R
   Cerow, Don                When The Dragon Wore The Crown                        Astrology                        16516   AST
                                                                                   Mythology                                MYT
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   Chadwick, David           Crooked Cucumber (Shunryu Suzuki)                     Zen                              25948   ZEN
   Chadwick, David           Thank You & OK!                                       Zen                              23085   ZEN
   Chagdud Tulku             Gates To Buddhist Practice                            Tibetan Buddhism                 21463   TIB
   Chagdud Tulku             Life In Relation To Death                             Tibetan Buddhism                 20921   TIB
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   Chagme, Karma             Spacious Path To Freedom                              Tibetan Buddhism                 24997   TIB
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   Chakravarti, Sree         Healer's Journey                                      Healing                          21833   HEA
   Chaline, Eric             Book Of Gods & Goddesses                              Reference                        30569   REF
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   Challoner, H.K.           Regents Of The Seven Spheres (5009) out of print      Angels, Nature Spirits           13401   ANG
   Chamalu, Luis Espinoza    Gate Of Paradise  Secrets Of Andean Shamanism         Native Peoples                   25721   NAT
   Chambers, Ellen    Beyond The Eagle  Woman's Spiritual Journey           Women's Spirituality, Goddess    19366   WOM
   Chambers, John            Metaphysical World Of Isaac Newton                    Science                          30244   SCI
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Chan, Luke                101 Lessons Of Tao                                    Taoism                           25463   TAO
   Chan, Neil David          Higher Conversation                                   Consciousness Expansion          18634   EXP
   Chan, Sofan               Buddhism Reading Cards                                Buddhism                         30040   BUD
                                                                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books             TAR
   Chan, Wing-tsit (Trans)   Sourcebook In Chinese Philosophy                      Reference                        19017   REF
   Chancellor, Philip        Illustrated Handbook Of The Bach Flower Remedies      Healing                          11230   HEA
                                                                                   Homeopathy                               HOM
   Chand, Devi               Samaveda                                              Sanskrit                         28489   SAN
   Chandiramani, G.L.        Hitopadesha  An Ancient Fabled Classic                Hinduism                         23005   HIN
   Chandler, Wayne           Ancient Future  Seven Hermetic Laws                   Western Mystery Tradition        27641   WMT
   Chandra, Shri Ram         Reality At Dawn                                       Hinduism                         17759   HIN
   Chandra, Shri Ram         Truth Eternal                                         Hinduism                         17760   HIN
   Chandrakirti & Mipham     Introduction To The Middle Way                        Tibetan Buddhism                 29193   TIB
   Chandu, Jack F.           Pendulum Book (POS NEWL 2/4/10)                       Radionics, Pendulum              19067   RAD
   Chaney, Earlyne           Eyes Have It                                          Vision                           16769   VIS
   Chaney, Earlyne           Initiation In The Great Pyramid                       Egyptian Spirituality            31095   EGY
   Chaney, Earlyne           Kundalini & The Third Eye                             Chakras                          15904   CHA
   Chaney, Earlyne           Lost Secrets Of The Mystery Schools                   Mythology                        15088   MYT
   Chaney, Earlyne           Madonna & The Coming Light                            Christianity                     22221   CHR
                                                                                   Mary                                     MAR
   Chaney, Earlyne           Mystery Of Death & Dying (BO'd 9/6/12)                Death and Dying                  17395   DEA
   Chaney, Earlyne           Secrets From Mount Shasta                             New Age                          13567   OCC
   Chaney, Robert G.         Essenes & Their Ancient Mysteries  (OSI 5/97)         Christianity                     11080   CHR
   Chaney, Robert G.         Reincarnation Cycle Of Opportunity                    New Age                          13414   OCC
                                                                                   Reincarnation                            REI
   Chaney, Robert G.         Unfolding The Third Eye                               Aura                             14043   AUR
   Chang, Garma              Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa                    Tibetan Buddhism                 12031   TIB
   Chang, Jolan              Tao Of Love & Sex                                     Tantra                           13836   SEX
   Chang, S. & Pokorny, F.   Easy Tao (OP 12/93)                                   Healing                          17236   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chang, Stephen            Complete Book Of Acupuncture (OP 5/2006)              Healing                          14774   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chang, Stephen            Complete System Of Self-Healing                       Healing                          12551   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chang, Stephen            Great Tao                                             Healing                          15240   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chang, Stephen            Tao Of Sexology                                       Oriental Medicine, Healing       20767   ORI
                                                                                   Tantra                                   SEX
   Chang, T. Susan           Tarot Correspondences                                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     26521   TAR
   Changchub & Nyingpo       Lady Of The Lotus-Born  Life Of Yeshe Tshogyal        Tibetan Buddhism                 26194   TIB
   Chants Orthodoxes Byzan.  Byzantine Choirs (CD)                                 CDs                              23236   CDS
   Chaoul, Alejandro         Chod Practice In The Bon Tradition                    Tibetan Buddhism                 14908   TIB
   Chaplin, Annabel          Bright Light Of Death (out of print - not availabl    Death and Dying                  16135   DEA
   Chaplin, Annabel          Presence Of The Light (OP - not available)            Healing                          22605   HEA
   Chaplin, Patrice          City of Secrets                                       Holy Grail                       29101   H.G
   Chaplin, Patrice          Portal (Rennes-le-Chateau)                            Holy Grail                       19556   H.G
   Chaplin, Patrice          Stone Credls                                          Holy Grail                       23446   H.G
   Chapman, Gary             5 Love Languages                                      Relationships                    11865   REL
   Chapman, Joyce            Live Your Dream  Life Purpose  Step-By-Step           Psychology, self help            21271   PSY
   Chapman, Susan            Five Keys To Mindful Communication (BO'd 1/13/2021    Buddhism                         30536   BUD
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Chappell, David (edt.)    Buddhist Peacework                                    Buddhism                         27083   BUD
   Chapple, Christopher Key  Yoga & The Luminous (Patanjali)                       Patanjali                        16141   PAT
   Charbonier, Jean Jacques  7 Reasons To Believe In The Afterlife                 Death and Dying                  26046   DEA
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   Charles, R.H.             Book Of Jubilees or The Little Genesis                Bible, Scriptures                18661   BIB
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   Charlesworth, James       Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Vol. 1                   Bible, Scriptures                19161   BIB
   Charlton, Hilda           Divine Mother Speaks                                  Small Books & Booklets           21650   PAM
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Charonneau-Lassey, Louis  Bestiary Of Christ                                    Christianity                     20941   CHR
                                                                                   Reference                                REF
   Charubel                  Degrees Of The Zodiac Symbolized                      Astrology                        11695   AST
   Chase & Pawlik            Healing WIth Gemstones                                Crystal and gems                 14344   GEM
   Chase & Pawlik            Newcastle Gd To Healing W/ Crystals (POS 6/98)        Crystal and gems                 16685   GEM
   Chase, Mildred P.         Just Being At The Piano                               Music                            28185   MUS
   Chatral Rinpoche          Compassionate Action                                  Tibetan Buddhism                 25663   TIB
   Chatriya                  Tarot Cards Fenestra Tarot                            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     23305   TAR
   Chatterji, J. C.          Wisdom Of The Vedas (684)                             Hinduism                         14158   HIN
   Chatterji, J.C.           Kashmir Shaivaism                                     Hinduism                         11902   HIN
   Chatterji, Mohini         Viveka-Cudamani Crest-Jewel Of Wisdom                 Hinduism                         13005   HIN
   Chatwin, Bruce            Songlines                                             Native Peoples                   11734   NAT
   Chaudhary, Kulreet        Prime                                                 Ayurveda                         13959   AYU
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Chaudhuri, Haridas        Being Evolution & Immortality                         Theosophy                        11307   THE
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Chauran, Alexandra        Clearing Clutter                                      Feng Shui                        26393   FEN
   Chauran, Alexandra        Faeries & Elementals For Beginners                    Angels, Nature Spirits           18990   ANG
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                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
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   Chawdhri, L.R.            Practicals Of Yantras (BO 6/5/03)                     Hinduism                         23134   HIN
   Chawla, Navin             Mother Teresa  The Authorised Biography               Christianity                     25079   CHR
   Chebel, Malek             Symbols Of Islam                                      Islam                            28046   ISL
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   Cheetham, Tom             Imaginal Love  (Henry Corbin & James Hillman)         Jung, Carl                       31281   JUN
   Cheetham, Tom             World Turned Inside Out                               Sufism                           22881   SUF
   Cheiro                    Cheiro's Language Of The Hand                         Palmistry                        16064   PAL
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   Chen, Chao-Hsiu           Body Feng Shui                                        Feng Shui                        27398   FEN
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   Chen, William             Body Mechanics Of Tai Chi Chuan                       Tai Chi                          19590   TAI
   Cheney, Margaret          Tesla  Man Out Of Time                                Science                          29403   SCI
                                                                                   Tesla, Nikola                            TES
   Cheng  and Smith          Tai Chi                                               Tai Chi                          13682   TAI
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   Cheng, Man-ch'ing         Tai Chi Chuan (0-913028-85-1)                         Tai Chi                          14492   TAI
   Cheng, Stephen Chun-Tao   Tao Of Voice                                          Music                            20074   MUS
   Cheseborough, Steve       Blues Traveling  Holy Sites Of Delta Blues            Travel                           20389   TRA
   Cheshire, Gerard          Evolution  (Wooden Books)                             Sacred Geometry                  31124   SAC
   Chesney, Inga             Love Long From Beyond                                 Death and Dying                  23527   DEA
   Chester-Lambert, Alison   Astrology Reading Cards                               Astrology                        13598   AST
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   Chesterton, G.K.          Saint Francis Of Assisi                               Christian Saints                 13485   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Chestnut, Beatrice        Complete Enneagram                                    Enneagram                        16728   ENN
   Chetanananda, Swami       Choose To Be Happy                                    Hinduism                         18043   HIN
   Chetanananda, Swami       God Lived With Them (Ramakrishna)                     Hinduism                         22231   HIN
   Chetanananda, Swami       Open Moment (POS NL 3/25/08)                          Hinduism                         23412   HIN
   Chetanananda, Swami       Ramakrishna As We Saw Him                             Hinduism                         19764   HIN
   Chetanananda, Swami       Songs From The Center Of The Well                     Hinduism                         20050   HIN
   Chetanananda, Swami       They Lived With God  Devotees Of Ramakrishna          Hinduism                         15046   HIN
   Chetanananda, Swami       Vivekananda  East Meets West                          Hinduism                         25372   HIN
   Chetsang Rinpoche, D. K.  Practice Of Mahamudra                                 Tibetan Buddhism                 26258   TIB
   Chetwynd, Tom             Dictionary Of Sacred Myths (OP 4/99)                  Reference                        21711   REF
   Chetwynd, Tom             Zen & The Kingdom Of Heaven                           Christianity                     28014   CHR
   Chevalier & Gheerbrandt   Penquin Dictionary Of Symbols                         Reference                        26256   REF
   Chevalier, Jean +         Penguin Dictionary of Symbols                         Reference                        13302   REF
   Chevalier, William NYR 08 Short History Of Time, Space, & The Quantum World     Science                          19771   SCI
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   Chia, Mantak              Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao                 Taoism                           11229   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Chi Self-Massage                                      Taoism                           25190   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Energy Balance Through The Tao                        Taoism                           28248   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Golden Elixir Chi Kung                                Taoism                           30223   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Healing Energy Of Shared Consciousness                Taoism                           21040   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Inner Smile                                           Taoism                           27099   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Iron Shirt Chi Kung Vol. 1                            Taoism                           14057   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Secret Teachings Of The Tao Te Ching                  Taoism                           30692   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Six Healing Sounds (Incl. CD)                         Taoism                           17488   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Sounds That Heal (Video 60 min) POS NEWL 6/17/04      Taoism                           21334   TAO
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Chia, Mantak              Tan Tien Chi Kung                                     Taoism                           30224   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Taoist Secrets Of Love                                Taoism                           14669   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Taoist Soul Body                                      Taoism                           30890   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Taoist Ways To Transform Stress                       Taoism                           16731   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Tendon Nei Kung                                       Taoism                           13334   TAO
   Chia, Mantak              Wisdom Chi Kung                                       Taoism                           27871   TAO
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   Chia, Mantak & Abrams, D  Multi-Orgasmic Man                                    Taoism                           29430   TAO
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   Chia, Mantak & Maneewan   Chi Nei Tsang                                         Taoism                           19809   TAO
   Chia, Mantak & Maneewan   Fusion Of The Five Elements 1                         Taoism                           19730   TAO
   Chia, Mantak & Maneewan   Healing Light Of The Tao (formerly Awaken Heal...)    Taoism                           16547   TAO
   Chia, Mantak & Maneewan   Healing Love Through The Tao                          Taoism                           16655   TAO
   Chia, Mantak & Maneewan   Multi-Orgasmic Couple                                 Taoism                           27623   TAO
   Chia, Mantak & Oellibrand Taoist Astral Healing                                 Taoism                           14906   TAO
   Chia, Mantak & Wei, W.    Sexual Reflexology                                    Taoism                           29599   TAO
   Chia, Mantak & Wei, Will. Living In The Tao                                     Taoism                           23807   TAO
   Chia, Mantak & Wei, Will. Tao Of Immortality                                    Taoism                           11731   TAO
   Chiazzari, Suzy           Complete Book Of Color                                Color healing/ therapy           25871   COL
   Chibber, M.L.             Sai Baba's Mahavakya On Leadership Bk For Youth...    Sai Baba                         23512   SAI
   Chidvilasananda, Gurumayi Courage & Contentment (POS 9/18/08)                   Hinduism                         26868   HIN
   Chidvilasananda, Gurumayi Enthusiasm                                            Hinduism                         24922   HIN
   Chidvilasananda, Gurumayi Kindle My Heart (Revised Edit.) POS BP 12/12/03       Hinduism                         13908   HIN
   Chidvilasananda, Gurumayi Magic Of The Heart                                    Hinduism                         26539   HIN
   Chidvilasananda, Gurumayi Pulsation Of Love                                     Hinduism                         28364   HIN
   Chidvilasananda, Gurumayi Yoga Of Discipline                                    Hinduism                         26656   HIN
   Chidvilasananda, Swami    My Lord Loves A Pure Heart                            Hinduism                         12788   HIN
   Chief Seattle             How Can One Sell The Air?  Manif. Of An Indian Ch.    Native Peoples                   18149   NAT
   Chih-i (trans. by Cleary) Stopping & Seeing A Comprehensive Crs. In Bud. Med    Meditation                       24347   MED
   Childre & Martin          Heartmath Solution                                    Healing                          27339   HEA
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   Childress, D. H.          Extraterrestial Archaeology                           Science                          22146   SCI
   Childress, D. H.          Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries Of Africa & Arabia    Earth Mysteries                  21462   EAR
   Childress, D. H.          Lost Cities Of Ancient Lemuria/Pacific (BO 6/25/03    Earth Mysteries                  17297   EAR
   Childress, D. H.          Lost Cities Of China, Central Asia & India (BO)       Earth Mysteries                  17191   EAR
   Childress, D. H.          Lost Cities Of North & Central Amercia                Earth Mysteries                  21339   EAR
   Childress, D.H.           Free-Energy Device Handbook  Patents & Reports        Science                          23595   SCI
   Childress, D.H.           Vimana Aircraft Of Ancient India & Atlantis           Science                          24125   SCI
   Childress, David          Lost Cities Of Atlantis, Ancient Europe & Medit'n     Earth Mysteries                  23701   EAR
   Childress, David H.       Anti-Gravity Handbook                                 Science                          11373   SCI
   Childress, David Hatcher  Pirates & The Lost Templar Fleet                      Templars                         29877   TEM
   Childress, David Hatcher  Technology Of The Gods                                Science                          16746   SCI
   Childress, David Hatcher  Time Travel Handbook                                  Science                          26429   SCI
   Childs, Gilbert           Rudolf Steiner  His Life & Work                       Steiner, Rudolf                  23802   STE
   Childs-Gowell, Elaine     Good Grief Rituals                                    Grief                            18565   GRF
   Chilton, Bruce            Mary Magdalene  A Biography                           Christianity                     12591   CHR
                                                                                   Mary                                     MAR
   Chilton, Bruce            Rabbi Jesus                                           Christianity                     17963   CHR
   Chin, R.D.                Feng Shui Revealed                                    Feng Shui                        27939   FEN
   Chin, Vicente Hao         Process Of Self-Transformation                        Psychology, self help            18783   PSY
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Ching, Yu-Ing             Master of Love & Mercy Cheng Yen                      Buddhism                         23198   BUD
   Ching-Yuen, Loy           Book Of The Heart                                     Pocket books                     22302   PKT
                                                                                   Taoism                                   TAO
   Chinmayananda, Swami      At Every Breath, A Teaching (Rudite Emir auth)        Hinduism                         17746   HIN
   Chinmayananda, Swami      Self-Unfoldment                                       Hinduism                         11157   HIN
   Chinmoy, Sri              Garland Of Nation-Souls  Talks At The United Nat's    Hinduism                         23262   HIN
   Chinmoy, Sri              God Is...                                             Hinduism                         13388   HIN
   Chinnaiyan, Kavitha       Shakti Rising  Goddess Path To Wholeness              Hinduism                         29692   HIN
   Chippindale, Christopher  Stonehenge Complete                                   Earth Mysteries                  21660   EAR
   Chishti, Hakim            Traditional Healer's Handbook                         Healing                          16507   HEA
   Chishti, S.               Book Of Sufi Healing                                  Healing                          11384   HEA
                                                                                   Sufism                                   SUF
   Chitrabhanu, Gurudev      Psychology Of Enlightenment                           Chakras                          22213   CHA
   Chittick, William         Imaginal Worlds  Ibn Al-Arabi...                      Sufism                           28253   SUF
   Chittick, William         Me & Rumi  Autobiog. Of Shams-i Tabrizi               Rumi                             30598   RUM
   Chittick, William         Sufi Path Of Love  Spiritual Tchings Of Rumi          Rumi                             29915   RUM
   Chittick, William         Sufism  A Beginner's Guide                            Sufism                           27384   SUF
   Chittister, Joan          Gift Of Years  Growing Older Gracefully               Psychology, self help            21965   PSY
   Chittister, Joan          Illuminated Life                                      Christianity                     18101   CHR
   Chittister, Joan          Monastery Of The Heart                                Christianity                     22082   CHR
   Chitty & Muller           Energy Exercises                                      Healing                          24124   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Cho, Boma                 Poster Christ Head                                    Posters & Deity Cards            21579   POS
   Cho, Francisca (Trans)    Everything Yearned For  Manhae's Poems                Poetry                           16401   POE
   Chocron, Daya             Healing Power Of Seashells                            Crystal and gems                 14456   GEM
   Chocron, Daya Sarai       Healing The Heart                                     Crystal and gems                 18106   GEM
   Chocron, Daya Sarai       Healing With Crystals & Gemstones                     Crystal and gems                 14334   GEM
   Chodorow, Joan (Editor)   Jung On Active Imagination                            Jung, Carl                       28235   JUN
   Chodron & Walker          Pema  Chodron & Alice Walker In Conversation(CD)      Chodron, Pema                    14419   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Always Maintain A Joyful Mind (incl. CD)              Chodron, Pema                    12530   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Awakening Compassion (6CDs)                           CDs                              27124   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             Awakening Loving-Kindness                             Chodron, Pema                    15313   CHO
                                                                                   Pocket books                             PKT
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Comfortable With Uncertainty                          Chodron, Pema                    29337   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Compassion Book                                       Chodron, Pema                    28276   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Don't Bite The Hook (3 CDs)                           CDs                              11314   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             Fail Fail Again Fail Better                           Chodron, Pema                    26470   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             From Fear To Fearlessness (2 CDs)                     CDs                              29980   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             Fully Alive (2 CDs 4 1/2 hrs.)                        Chodron, Pema                    19587   CHO
                                                                                   DVDs                                     DVD
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Getting Unstuck (3 CDs)                               CDs                              21122   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             Good Medicine (2 CDs) (BO'd 6/13/2020)                CDs                              30918   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             How To Meditate                                       Chodron, Pema                    15967   CHO
   Chodron, Pema             How To Meditate With Pema Chodron (5 CDs)             CDs                              19854   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             Living Beautifully With Uncertainty & Change          Chodron, Pema                    13725   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             No Time To Lose                                       Chodron, Pema                    25825   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Places That Scare You                                 Chodron, Pema                    28438   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Pocket Pema Chodron                                   Chodron, Pema                    31134   CHO
                                                                                   Pocket books                             PKT
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Practicing Peace (Shambhala Pocket)                   Pocket books                     25756   PKT
   Chodron, Pema             Practicing Peace In Times Of War                      Chodron, Pema                    24557   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Practicing Peace In Times Of War (2 CDs)              CDs                              12274   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             Pure Meditation (2 CDs)                               CDs                              27847   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             Start Where You Are                                   Chodron, Pema                    22003   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             Taking The Leap                                       Chodron, Pema                    20716   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             This Moment Is The Perfect Teacher (4 CDs)            CDs                              13191   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             True Happiness (6 CDs)                                CDs                              13646   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             True Happiness (CD)                                   CDs                              27121   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             Unconditional Confidence (2 CDs)                      CDs                              17460   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             Welcoming The Unwelcome                               Chodron, Pema                    31305   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             When Things Fall Apart                                Chodron, Pema                    23704   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema             When Things Fall Apart (2 CDs)                        CDs                              29465   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Pema             Wisdom Of No Escape                                   Chodron, Pema                    20560   CHO
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Chodron, Pema & Kongtrul  Karma (2 CDs)                                         CDs                              11199   CDS
                                                                                   Chodron, Pema                            CHO
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Chodron, Thubten          Blossoms Of The Dharma  Living As A Buddhist Nun      Tibetan Buddhism                 26756   TIB
   Chodron, Thubten          Buddhism For Beginners                                Tibetan Buddhism                 27933   TIB
   Chodron, Thubten          Cultivating A Compassionate Heart (Chenrezig)         Tibetan Buddhism                 14199   TIB
   Chodron, Thubten          Guided Meditations On The Stages Of The Path          Tibetan Buddhism                 15228   TIB
   Chodron, Thubten          How To Free Your Mind  Tara The Liberator             Tibetan Buddhism                 13937   TIB
   Chodron, Thubten          I Wonder Why                                          Tibetan Buddhism                 19867   TIB
   Chodron, Thubten          Open Heart, Clear Mind                                Tibetan Buddhism                 19458   TIB
   Chodron, Thubten          Taming The Monkey Mind                                Tibetan Buddhism                 19868   TIB
   Chodron, Thubten          What Color Is Your Mind?                              Tibetan Buddhism                 21206   TIB
   Chodron, Thubten          Working With Anger                                    Tibetan Buddhism                 28579   TIB
   Chogyal Namkhai Norbu     Rainbow Body                                          Tibetan Buddhism                 24087   TIB
   Chogyam, Ngakpa           Spectrum Of Ecstasy                                   Tibetan Buddhism                 24608   TIB
   Choi, Rome                Tarot Cards Dreaming Way Tarot                        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14941   TAR
   Chokgyur Lingpa et alia   Great Gate                                            Tibetan Buddhism                 18859   TIB
   Chokoisky, Simon          Five Dharma Types                                     Hinduism                         21095   HIN
   Chokoisky, Simon          Sex, Love, & Dharma                                   Relationships                    26621   REL
   Chokyi Nyima Rimpoche     Song Of Karmapa  Mahamudra  (POS 3/9/99)              Tibetan Buddhism                 12940   TIB
   Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche     Indisputable Truth                                    Tibetan Buddhism                 13339   TIB
   Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche     Present Fresh Wakefulness                             Tibetan Buddhism                 29179   TIB
   Choling, Kagyu Thubten    Karmapa  The Sacred Prophecy                          Tibetan Buddhism                 27487   TIB
   Chonam & Khandro          Lives & Liberation Of Princess Mandarava              Tibetan Buddhism                 25981   TIB
   Chong, Y. W.              Illustrations Of Tai Chi Chuan Simplified             Tai Chi                          16494   TAI
   Chopich & Paul            Healing Your Aloneness  Fndng Lv & Whlnss/Innr Chd    Psychology, self help            19788   PSY
   Chopra, D. & Dyer, W.     Living Beyond Miracles (3 CDs)                        Chopra, Deepak                   23245   CHD
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Chopra, Deepak            13th Disciple  A Spiritual Adventure                  Chodron, Pema                    25930   CHO
                                                                                   Fiction                                  FIC
   Chopra, Deepak            Ageless Body, Timeless Mind                           Chopra, Deepak                   19415   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Ageless Body, Timeless Mind (3CD)                     Chopra, Deepak                   19174   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Book Of Secrets                                       Chopra, Deepak                   30461   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Boundless Energy                                      Chopra, Deepak                   23303   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Buddha  A Story Of Enlightenment                      Chopra, Deepak                   30971   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Creating Affluence                                    Chopra, Deepak                   21300   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Creating Health                                       Chopra, Deepak                   18118   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Future of God                                         Chopra, Deepak                   25455   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Grow Younger, Live Longer                             Chopra, Deepak                   20751   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            How To Know God                                       Chopra, Deepak                   26927   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Life After Death: The Burden of Proof (CD)            Chopra, Deepak                   28671   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives                   Chopra, Deepak                   20737   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            New Physics Of Healing (CD)                           Chopra, Deepak                   25531   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            On My Way To A Happy Life                             Children's Books                 20059   KID
   Chopra, Deepak            Path To Love                                          Chopra, Deepak                   15700   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Peace Is The Way                                      Chopra, Deepak                   30677   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Perfect Digestion                                     Chopra, Deepak                   23399   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Perfect Health                                        Chopra, Deepak                   18891   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Perfect Weight                                        Chopra, Deepak                   22382   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Power Freedom & Grace                                 Chopra, Deepak                   24306   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Quantum Healing                                       Chopra, Deepak                   12455   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul           Chopra, Deepak                   16125   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Restful Sleep                                         Chopra, Deepak                   22270   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Restful Sleep  (CASS)                                 Chopra, Deepak                   22452   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Return Of Merlin                                      Chopra, Deepak                   22925   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Sacred Verses, Healing Sounds (CD & Bk)               Hinduism                         30453   HIN
   Chopra, Deepak            Seven Spiritual Laws For Parents                      Chopra, Deepak                   24629   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success                       Chopra, Deepak                   22451   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Spontaneous Fulfillment Of Desire                     Chopra, Deepak                   29979   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            The Higher Self (CD)                                  Healing                          16262   HEA
   Chopra, Deepak            The Third Jesus                                       Chopra, Deepak                   19906   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Total Meditation                                      Chodron, Pema                    18375   CHO
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Chopra, Deepak            Unconditional Life                                    Chopra, Deepak                   20114   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak            Why Is God Laughing?                                  Chopra, Deepak                   17889   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak & friends  Gift Of Love (CD) (999-132-9420)Poems Of Rumi         Poetry                           19429   POE
   Chopra, Deepak & Kafatos  You Are The Universe                                  Chodron, Pema                    30440   CHO
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Chopra, Deepak & Mlodinow War Of The Worldviews                                 Chopra, Deepak                   22391   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak & Simon,D. Seven Spiritual Laws Of Yoga                          Chopra, Deepak                   30322   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Deepak (Edt)      Love Poems Of Rumi                                    Rumi                             25078   RUM
   Chopra, Deepak      Shadow Effect                                         Psychology, self help            23423   PSY
   Chopra, Depak             Life After Death                                      Chopra, Deepak                   28196   CHD
   Chopra, Gotham w/Deepak   Walking Wisdom                                        Chopra, Deepak                   20274   CHD
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Chopra, Raj               Shirdi Sai Baba                                       Hinduism                         27958   HIN
                                                                                   Sai Baba                                 SAI
   Choquette, Sonia          Answer Is Simple...                                   Psychic Phenomenon               12460   ESP
   Choquette, Sonia          Ask Your Guides (Book)                                Psychic Phenomenon               20414   ESP
   Choquette, Sonia          Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards                          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19430   TAR
   Choquette, Sonia          Diary of a Psychic  Shattering the Myths              Psychic Phenomenon               14506   ESP
   Choquette, Sonia          Intuitive Spark                                       Psychic Phenomenon               26159   ESP
   Choquette, Sonia          Power Of Your Spirit                                  Psychic Phenomenon               24344   ESP
   Choquette, Sonia          Psychic Pathway                                       Psychic Phenomenon               24516   ESP
   Choquette, Sonia          Time Has Come To Accept Your Intuitive Gifts          Psychic Phenomenon               23012   ESP
   Choquette, Sonia          Trust Your Vibes                                      Psychic Phenomenon               30694   ESP
   Choquette, Sonia          Vitamins For The Soul                                 Inspirational books              11450   INS
   Choquette, Sonia          Walking Home                                          Psychic Phenomenon               27682   ESP
   Choquette, Sonia          Wise Child                                            Parenting                        27400   PAR
   Choquette, Sonia          Your Heart's Desire                                   Psychic Phenomenon               24725   ESP
   Choudhry, V.K.            Self Learning Course In Astrology                     Astrology                        24735   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Choudhury, Bikram         Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class                         Yoga                             27689   YOG
   Chouinard, Patrick        Forgotten Worlds                                      Earth Mysteries                  25075   EAR
   Chouinard, Patrick        Forgotten Worlds                                      Science                          22134   SCI
   Chow & Kramer             All The Tea In China                                  Taoism                           15413   TAO
   Chowang, Orgyen           Our Pristine Mind                                     Tibetan Buddhism                 29271   TIB
   Choyin, Detong            Waking From The Dream                                 Buddhism                         24090   BUD
   Christ, Carol             Rebirth Of The Goddess                                Women's Spirituality, Goddess    24572   WOM
   Christ, Carol P.          Laughter Of Aphrodite (OSI 7/96)                      Women's Spirituality, Goddess    17578   WOM
   Christ, Judith            Womanspirit Rising                                    Women's Spirituality, Goddess    14524   WOM
   Christeann, Aaron         Michael: The Basic Teachings (LIMBO NL 1/29/00)       New Age                          23436   OCC
   Christenson, Allen        Popol Vuh  Sacred Book Of The Maya                    Mayan                            22280   MAY
   Christian & Stedman (Eds) Feminine Mysticism In Art                             Art                              26510   ART
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Christie-Murray, David    Reincarnation                                         Reincarnation                    17570   REI
   Christina, Dominique      This Is Woman's Work                                  Women's Spirituality, Goddess    26425   WOM
   Christy-Vitale, Joseph    Watermark  The Disaster  That Changed The World       Science                          20358   SCI
   Chronicle                 Calendar Earth + Space                                Calendars                        26523   CAL
   Chronicle Books           Alchemy  The Art Of Knowing                           Western Mystery Tradition        25847   WMT
   Chronicle Books           Angels  Messengers From Heaven                        Angels, Nature Spirits           18607   ANG
   Chronicle Books           Chivalry: The Path Of Love                            Western Mystery Tradition        22262   WMT
   Chryssavgis, John         In The Heart Of The Desert                            Christianity                     29585   CHR
   Chu, Chin-ning            Art Of War For Women                                  Taoism                           30931   TAO
   Chu, Wen Kuan             Tao & Longevity                                       Taoism                           15965   TAO
   Chuen, Lam Kam            Way Of Energy                                         Qigong                           27505   QIG
   Chun, Yip                 Wing Chun  Martial Arts                               Tai Chi                          22432   TAI
   Chung-Yuan, Chang         Original Teachings Of Ch'an Buddhism                  Zen                              22576   ZEN
   Church Of Light           Tarot Cards Brotherhood Of Light (Colored)            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13993   TAR
   Church, Julie             Uncommon Friends                                      Animals                          28895   ANI
   Church, Julie Adams       Joy In A Woolly Coat                                  Animals                          17315   ANI
   Church, W.H.              Edgar Cayce's Story Of The Soul                       Cayce, Edgar                     13616   CAY
   Church, W.H.              Lives Of Edgar Cayce                                  Cayce, Edgar                     23396   CAY
   Churchward, Albert        Arcana Of Freemasonry                                 Western Mystery Tradition        27300   WMT
   Churchward, Albert        Origin & Antiquity Of Freemasonry                     Fremasonry                       27302   FRM
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Churchward, Albert        Origin & Evolution Of Freemasonry                     Fremasonry                       27301   FRM
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Churchward, Albert        Origin & Evolution Of Religion                        Egyptian Spirituality            12451   EGY
   Churchward, Albert        Origin and Evolution Of The Human Race                Science                          12346   SCI
   Churchward, Albert        Signs And Symbols Of Primordial Man                   Reference                        16218   REF
   Churchward, Col. James    Cosmic Forces Of Mu  Vol. 1                           Atlantis                         16128   ATL
   Churchward, Col. James    Cosmic Forces Of Mu  Vol. 2                           Atlantis                         16129   ATL
   Churchward, Col. James    Lost Continent Of Mu                                  Atlantis                         17071   ATL
   Churchward, Col. James    Sacred Symbols Of Mu                                  Atlantis                         17524   ATL
   Churchward, Jack          Stone Tablets of Mu                                   Atlantis                         23645   ATL
   Churchward, James         Books Of The Golden Age                               Atlantis                         24823   ATL
   Churton, Tobias           Deconstructing Gurdjieff  Biography of a Spiritual    Gurdjieff                        29006   GUR
   Churton, Tobias           Gnostic Philosophy                                    Gnosis, gnostic                  30684   GNO
   Churton, Tobias           Golden Builders                                       Western Mystery Tradition        30659   WMT
   Chutiwongs & Leidy        Buddha Of The Future  Early Maitreya From Thailand    Buddhism                         22332   BUD
   Cianciosi, John           Meditative Path                                       Meditation                       27615   MED
   Cicchetti, Jane           Dreams, Symbols, & Homeopathy                         Homeopathy                       30720   HOM
                                                                                   Jung, Carl                               JUN
   Cicero & Cicero           Creating Magical Tools (OP 2/2002)                    Ceremonial Magic                 26728   MAG
   Cicero & Cicero           Secrets Of A Golden Dawn Temple (OP 11/98)            Ceremonial Magic                 24930   MAG
   Cicero & Cicero           Self-Initiation Into The Golden Dawn Tradition        Ceremonial Magic                 22936   MAG
   Cicero, Chic & Sandra     Essential Golden Dawn  Intro to High Magic            Ceremonial Magic                 29471   MAG
   Cicero, Chic & Sandra     Experiencing The Kabbalah (OP 1/01)                   Kabbalah                         27480   KAB
   Cicero, Chic & Sandra     Golden Dawn Jrn Bk II Qabalah.... (OP 6/99)           Ceremonial Magic                 22455   MAG
                                                                                   Kabbalah                                 KAB
   Cicero, Chic & Sandra     Golden Dawn Jrn Bk III Art Of Hermes (OP 6/99)        Ceremonial Magic                 23318   MAG
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Cicero, Chic & Sandra     Tarot Cards Golden Dawn Magical Tarot Deck            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24201   TAR
   Cicero, Chic & Sandra     Tarot Talismans Invoke The Angels Of The Tarot        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29003   TAR
   Cicero, Chic & Tabatha    Ritual Use Of Magical Tools (POS NEWL 2/1/04)         Ceremonial Magic                 26820   MAG
   Cinamar, Radu             Transylvanian Sunrise                                 Earth Mysteries                  15747   EAR
   Cioara, Ilie              I Am Boundlessness                                    Consciousness Expansion          20125   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Cioara, Ilie              Life Is Eternal Newness                               Consciousness Expansion          12557   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Cioara, Ilie              Silence Of The Mind                                   Meditation                       22363   MED
   Cioara, Ilie              Wondrous Journey                                      Consciousness Expansion          22943   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Cirlot, J.E.              Dictionary Of Symbols                                 Reference                        11717   REF
   Citro, Massimo            Basic Code of the Universe                            Science                          26237   SCI
   Ciunaite, Ilona           Liberation Unleashed                                  Non-Duality                      28299   NON
   Clark, Anthony            Aquarian Rune Pack                                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14868   TAR
   Clark, Anthony            Tarot Cards Magickal Tarot  (OP? 2/00)                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18571   TAR
   Clark, Barry (Transl.)    Quintessence Tantras Of Tibetan Medicine              Healing                          23176   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Clark, Bernie             Complete Guide To Yin Yoga                            Yoga                             31306   YOG
   Clark, E.J. & Agnew, A    Ark Of Millions Of Years Vol.2                        New Age                          16677   OCC
   Clark, E.J. & Agnew, Alex Ark Of Millions Of Years Vol. 1                       New Age                          16670   OCC
   Clark, Gerald             Anunnaki Of Nibiru                                    Earth Mysteries                  18537   EAR
   Clark, Glenn              Lord's Prayer                                         Small Books & Booklets           15434   PAM
   Clark, Glenn              Man Who Talks WIth The Flowers: Dr. Carver            Global Responsibility, concerns  21901   ONE
   Clark, Glenn              Man Who Tapped The Secrets Of The Universe (BO'd)     Science                          16674   SCI
   Clark, Glenn              Soul's Sincere Desire (OP 10/03)                      Christianity                     27223   CHR
   Clark, Hulda              Cure For All Advanced Cancers (POS 7/17/2020)         Healing                          26740   HEA
   Clark, Hulda              Cure For All Cancers (POS 10/2020)                    Healing                          23694   HEA
   Clark, Hulda              Cure For All Diseases                                 Healing                          23257   HEA
   Clark, I. Edward          Royal Secret                                          Western Mystery Tradition        17062   WMT
   Clark, Nancy              Earth In Ascension                                    New Age                          23503   OCC
   Clark, Rosemary           Sacred Tradition In Ancient Egypt                     Egyptian Spirituality            27495   EGY
   Clarke & Dawson           Growing Up Again                                      Parenting                        28527   PAR
   Clarke M.D., John H.      Prescriber                                            Healing                          12525   HEA
                                                                                   Homeopathy                               HOM
   Clarke, Ardy Sixkiller    Sky People (Alien Encounters In Mesoamerica)          Native Peoples                   20136   NAT
                                                                                   Psychic Phenomenon                       ESP
   Clarke, John              Story of a Soul    St. Therese of Lisieux             Christianity                     30136   CHR
   Clarke, Robert            Four Gold Keys                                        Dreams                           28995   DRE
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Clarke, Susanna           Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell                         Fiction                          30451   FIC
   Claxton, Guy              Heart Of Buddhism  Pract. Wisdom For Agitated Wrld    Buddhism                         15138   BUD
   Clearbridge, Barbara      Energy Work Handbook Part 1                           Healing                          23625   HEA
   Cleary                    Blue Cliff Record                                     Zen                              25225   ZEN
   Cleary / Cheng Yi         Tao Of Organization                                   I Ching                          22910   ICH
   Cleary, J.C.              Buddha From Korea                                     Zen                              17633   ZEN
   Cleary, J.C.              Worldly Wisdom  Confucian Teachings Of Ming Dynsty    Taoism                           20664   TAO
   Cleary, J.C.              Zibo  The Last Great Zen Master OF China              Zen                              18227   ZEN
   Cleary, J.C. (Translator) Zen Dawn  Early Zen Texts From Tun Huang              Zen                              14946   ZEN
   Cleary, J.C. and Thomas   Zen Letters                                           Zen                              21792   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas            Art Of War (Thomas Cleary tr) (978-0-87773-452-9)     Taoism                           17728   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Awakening To The Tao                                  Taoism                           17742   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Back To Beginnings  (Shambhala Pkt)                   Pocket books                     22009   PKT
   Cleary, Thomas            Book Of Serenity                                      Zen                              19526   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas            Classics Of Buddhism & Zen Vol. 2                     Zen                              11741   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas            Classics Of Buddhism & Zen Vol.5                      Zen                              12758   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas            Ecstasy Of Enlightenment (OSI 7/2002)                 Buddhism                         25169   BUD
   Cleary, Thomas            Entry Into The Realm Of Reality  The Guide            Buddhism                         12310   BUD
   Cleary, Thomas            Entry Into The Realm Of Reality  The Text             Buddhism                         12390   BUD
   Cleary, Thomas            Essential Koran  Selection Of Readings                Sufism                           21211   SUF
   Cleary, Thomas            Essential Tao                                         Taoism                           20874   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Flower Ornament Scripture  Avatamsaka                 Buddhism                         22482   BUD
   Cleary, Thomas            Further Teachings Of Lao-Tzu  (POS 4/94)              Taoism                           20303   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Human Element                                         Taoism                           21790   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            I Ching Mandalas  (POS 5/92)                          I Ching                          17907   ICH
   Cleary, Thomas            Immortal Sisters                                      Taoism                           18430   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Japanese Art Of War                                   Zen                              20593   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas            Living & Dying With Grace                             Sufism                           22905   SUF
   Cleary, Thomas            Living A Good Life Advice From Greek Masters          Inspirational books              24372   INS
   Cleary, Thomas            Minding Mind  Course In Basic Meditation              Meditation                       22727   MED
   Cleary, Thomas            Rational Zen  Mind Of Dogen Zenji                     Zen                              14623   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas            Secret Of The Golden Flower                           Taoism                           19853   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Secrets Of The Blue Cliff Record                      Zen                              28047   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas            Spirit Of Tao                                         Taoism                           15958   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Taoist Classics Vol. Four                             Taoism                           19811   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Taoist Classics Vol. One                              Taoism                           15959   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Taoist Classics Vol. Three                            Taoism                           19574   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Taoist Classics Vol. Two                              Taoism                           19563   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Taoist I Ching                                        I Ching                          15504   ICH
   Cleary, Thomas            Taoist Meditation (BO'd 2/4/2021)                     Taoism                           28078   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Wen-Tzu  Understanding The Mysteries                  Taoism                           15119   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas            Wisdom Of The Prophet  Sayings Of Muhammad            Islam                            22499   ISL
   Cleary, Thomas            Zen Antics  100 Stories Of Enlightenment              Zen                              21574   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas            Zen Essence  The Science Of Freedom                   Zen                              27427   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas            Zen Lessons  Art Of Leadership (Shambhala Pkt)        Pocket books                     21316   PKT
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas            Zen Lessons The Art Of Leadership                     Zen                              16471   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas & Aziz     Twilight Goddess                                      Women's Spirituality, Goddess    27616   WOM
   Cleary, Thomas (Editor)   Zen Reader                                            Zen                              18436   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas (Intro)    Buddha Scroll                                         Buddhism                         26716   BUD
   Cleary, Thomas (tr.)      Sutra Of Hui-Neng Grand Master Of Zen                 Zen                              25540   ZEN
   Cleary, Thomas (Trans)    Understanding Reality                                 Taoism                           23630   TAO
   Cleary, Thomas (transl)   Buddhist Yoga  Comprehensive Course                   Buddhism                         22980   BUD
   Clemens, Nancy            Dolphin Divination Cards                              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     21802   TAR
   Clemens, Nancy            Guide To The Dolphin Divination Cards                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     26067   TAR
   Clement, Stephanie        Mapping Your Birthchart (Incl. CD-ROM)                Astrology                        23070   AST
   Clement, Stephanie        Planet-Centered Astrology                             Astrology                        21616   AST
   Clement, Stephanie        Power Of The Midheaven                                Astrology                        26630   AST
   Clement, Stephanie        What Astrology Can Do For You                         Astrology                        30805   AST
   Clements, Alan            Instinct For Freedom                                  Buddhism                         29180   BUD
   Clements, David           Journey Into Spiritual Healing  Kirlian Photo.        Science                          12690   SCI
   Clements, Paul            Burren Country   (BO'd INGR 6/21/18)                  Celtic spirituality              24786   CEL
   Cleve, Jay                Path Of The Sacred Pipe                               Native Peoples                   25120   NAT
   Cleveland, William        Art & Upheaval                                        Art                              17469   ART
   Clift & Clift             Hero Journey In Dreams                                Dreams                           17995   DRE
   Clift, Jean D. & Wallace  Symbols Of Transformation In Dreams                   Dreams                           14265   DRE
   Clouder, Christopher      Waldorf Education                                     Steiner, Rudolf                  20829   STE
   Clow, Barbara             Mind Chronicles                                       New Age                          30806   OCC
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Alchemy Of Nine Dimensions                            New Age                          30408   OCC
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Astrology & The Rising Of Kundalini                   Astrology                        13177   AST
                                                                                   Chakras                                  CHA
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Awakening The Planetary Mind                          New Age                          12937   OCC
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Catastrophobia                                        New Age                          28218   OCC
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Chiron (Revised)                                      Astrology                        16374   AST
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Eye Of The Centaur                                    New Age                          14876   OCC
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Liquid Light Of Sex                                   New Age                          19164   OCC
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Mayan Code                                            Mayan                            30917   MAY
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Nine Initiations On The Nile (VIDEO) OP 9/08          Egyptian Spirituality            24419   EGY
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Pleiadian Agenda                                      New Age                          23348   OCC
   Clow, Barbara Hand        Signet Of Atlantis  (MCT 3)                           New Age                          16644   OCC
   Clune, Niamh              Coming Of the Feminine Christ                         Christianity                     26559   CHR
   Co, Stephen & Robins MD   Power Of Prana                                        Breathing                        19919   BRE
   Co, Stephen & Robins, E.  Your Hands Can Heal You                               Therapeutic Touch                28247   TT1
   Coates, Denise            Feel It Real!                                         New Age                          30555   OCC
   Coates, Margrit           Hands-On Healing For Pets                             Animals                          14132   ANI
   Coatsworth, Elizabeth     Cat Who Went To Heaven                                Fiction                          17796   FIC
   Cobb, Edith               Ecology Of Imagination In Childhood                   Parenting                        21625   PAR
   Cobb, Noel                Archetypal Imagination                                Jung, Carl                       14483   JUN
   Cobbald, Jane             Viktor Schauberger                                    Science                          18824   SCI
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                                                                                   Mary                                     MAR
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   Cochrane Amanda & Callen  Dolphins & Their Power To Heal                        Animals                          21761   ANI
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   Cockren, A.               Alchemy Rediscoverd & Restored                        Alchemy                          22271   ALC
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                                                                                   Fiction                                  FIC
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   Codd, Clara               Theosophy As The Masters See It                       Theosophy                        14503   THE
   Codd, Clara               Trust Yourself To Life (464)                          Theosophy                        14002   THE
   Codd, Clara               Way Of The Disciple                                   Theosophy                        14114   THE
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   Coelho, Paulo             Alchemist                                             Fiction                          21398   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Aleph                                                 Fiction                          15397   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Brida                                                 Fiction                          19745   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Eleven Minutes  A Novel                               Fiction                          30592   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Fifth Mountain                                        Fiction                          25033   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Hippie                                                Fiction                          17652   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Illustrated Alchemist                                 Fiction                          28639   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Inspirations                                          Fiction                          20339   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Pilgrimage                                            Fiction                          24017   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Valkyries  An Encounter With Angels                   Fiction                          23239   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Warrior Of The Light  A Manual                        Fiction                          30123   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Witch Of Portobello A Novel                           Fiction                          30979   FIC
   Coelho, Paulo             Zahir                                                 Fiction                          30169   FIC
   Cohen & Coffin            America Celebrates                                    Reference                        20189   REF
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   Cohen, Alan               Deep Breath Of Life                                   A Course in Miracles             26149   CIM
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                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
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                                                                                   Relationships                            REL
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   Cohen, Andrew             Freedom Has No History                                Consciousness Expansion          25353   EXP
   Cohen, Andrew             In Defense Of The Guru Principle                      Consciousness Expansion          27595   EXP
   Cohen, Andrew             My Master Is My Self                                  Consciousness Expansion          19273   EXP
   Cohen, Daniel             Encyclopedia Of Ghosts                                Psychic Phenomenon               20168   ESP
                                                                                   Reference                                REF
   Cohen, Daniel             Encyclopedia Of Monsters                              Psychic Phenomenon               20169   ESP
                                                                                   Reference                                REF
   Cohen, David              Secret Language Of The Mind                           Psychology, self help            13470   PSY
   Cohen, J.M. & Phipps, J-F Common Experience                                     Comparative Religion             21038   C.R
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                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
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   Colbin, Annemarie         Book Of Whole Meals                                   Cookbooks                        12592   COO
   Colbin, Annemarie         Food & Healing                                        Diet                             19875   DIE
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                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
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   Collin, Rodney            Lesson In Religion For A Skeptical World              Small Books & Booklets           22564   PAM
   Collin, Rodney            Mysteries Of The Seed                                 Small Books & Booklets           22566   PAM
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
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                                                                                   Psychic Phenomenon                       ESP
   Colton, Ann Ree           Human Spirit (BO'd 8/23/2018)                         Colton, Ann Ree                  16499   CAR
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   Colton, Ann Ree           Kundalini West                                        Colton, Ann Ree                  17434   CAR
   Colton, Ann Ree           Men In White Apparel  (Death & The Life After)        Death and Dying                  31218   DEA
                                                                                   Teachers                                 TEA
   Colton, Ann Ree           The Soul & The Ethic                                  Colton, Ann Ree                  16503   CAR
   Colton, Ann Ree           The Third Music                                       Colton, Ann Ree                  16508   CAR
   Colton, Ann Ree           The Venerable One                                     Colton, Ann Ree                  16520   CAR
   Colton, Ann Ree           Vision for the Future                                 Colton, Ann Ree                  22407   CAR
   Colton, Ann Ree           Watch Your Dreams (BO'd 7/9/2020)                     Colton, Ann Ree                  14732   CAR
                                                                                   Dreams                                   DRE
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   Commander X               Nikola Tesla Free Energy & The White Dove (BO'd)      Science                          15229   SCI
                                                                                   Tesla, Nikola                            TES
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                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
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   Compton, Madonna Sophia   Women Saints  365 Daily Readings                      Christian Saints                 27504   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Compton, Randy            Insight Story Card Set                                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16392   TAR
   Conari Press              More Random Acts Of Kindness                          Inspirational books              22235   INS
   Conari Press              Random Acts Of Kindness                               Inspirational books              14423   INS
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   Condron, Daniel           Superconscious Meditation  Kundalini.....             Meditation                       27323   MED
   Condron, Daniel & Barbara Remembering Atlantis                                  Atlantis                         29052   ATL
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   Connell, Janice           Visions Of The Children                               Mary                             22545   MAR
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   Connelly, Dianne          Traditional Acupuncture                               Healing                          22512   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
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   Connolly, Eileen          Karma Without Stress                                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18333   TAR
   Connolly, Eileen          Tarot  New Hdbook For The Apprentice (Rider)          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13844   TAR
   Connolly, Eileen          Tarot  The Handbook For The Journeyman (OP 10/03)     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16654   TAR
   Connolly, Eileen          Tarot Cards Connolly Tarot Deck                       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19291   TAR
   Connor, Danny             Qigong  Chinese Movement & Meditation                 Qigong                           15640   QIG
   Conover, Sarah            Kindness A Treasury Of Buddhist Wisdom                Children's Books                 27909   KID
   Conroy, Ellen             Symbolism Of Color (1921)                             Color healing/ therapy           26953   COL
   Constantine, Storm        Egyptian Birth Signs                                  Egyptian Spirituality            29303   EGY
   Constantino, John N.      Poor Man's Proof For The Existence Of God             Christianity                     20468   CHR
   Conti, Teri               I Am The Treasure                                     Inspirational books              19316   INS
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
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   Conway, D.J.              Ancient & Shining Ones  World Myth, Magic & Relio'    Mythology                        21562   MYT
                                                                                   Wicca                                    WIC
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   Conway, D.J.              By Oak, Ash, & Thorn                                  Celtic spirituality              22626   CEL
   Conway, D.J.              Celtic Magic (BO'd 12/2/2020)                         Celtic spirituality              22305   CEL
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                                                                                   Wicca                                    WIC
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   Conway, D.J.              Little Book Of Candle Magic                           Wicca                            30356   WIC
   Conway, D.J.              Lord Of Light & Shadow (OP 1/2002)                    Mythology                        24109   MYT
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   Conway, D.J.              Magical Folkhealing                                   Wicca                            30253   WIC
   Conway, D.J.              Maiden, Mother, Crone                                 Women's Spirituality, Goddess    21994   WOM
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   Conway, D.J.              Norse Magic                                           Wicca                            22314   WIC
   Conway, D.J. & Hunt, L.   Tarot Cards Celtic Dragon (Bk & Deck)                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     15679   TAR
   Conwell, Alistair         Audible Life Stream                                   Death and Dying                  14709   DEA
                                                                                   Music                                    MUS
   Conze, Edward             Buddhism  Its Essence & Development                   Buddhism                         11421   BUD
   Conze, Edward             Buddhism  Its Essence & Development                   Buddhism                         17898   BUD
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   Cook & Hawk               Shamanism & The Esoteric Tradition                    Shamanism                        17650   SHA
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                                                                                   Homeopathy                               HOM
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   Cook, Francis Dojun       How To Raise An Ox                                    Zen                              28949   ZEN
   Cook, Nick                Hunt For Zero Point                                   Science                          12084   SCI
   Cooke, Grace              Arthur Conan Doyle's Book Of The Beyond               Psychology, self help            15354   PSY
   Cooke, Grace              Illumined Ones                                        Small Books & Booklets           12408   PAM
   Cooke, Grace              Jewel In The Lotus                                    Meditation                       12497   MED
   Cooke, Grace              Light In Britain                                      Earth Mysteries                  12655   EAR
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Cooke, Grace              Minesta's Vision                                      Small Books & Booklets           26764   PAM
   Cooke, Grace              New Mediumship                                        Small Books & Booklets           13027   PAM
   Cooke, Ivan               Healing By The Spirit                                 Healing                          12220   HEA
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   Coomaraswamy, Rama        Door In The Sky                                       Mythology                        24987   MYT
   Coomaraswamy, Rama (Edit) Essential Ananda K. Coomaraswamy                      Hinduism                         15121   HIN
   Coon, Arthur M.           Theosophy In Christianity                             Small Books & Booklets           16488   PAM
   Cooney, Barbara           Miss Rumphius                                         Children's Books                 30239   KID
   Cooper, Adrian            Sacred Mountains Ancient Wisdom & Modern Meanings     Earth Mysteries                  25275   EAR
   Cooper, D. Jason          Esoteric Rune Magic (OP 1/24/00)                      Runes                            22098   RUN
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   Cooper, D. Jason          Rune Stones  (OP 9/94)                                Runes                            20782   RUN
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   Cooper, David             Kabbalah Meditation                                   Kabbalah                         17190   KAB
   Cooper, David A.          God Is A Verb                                         Kabbalah                         25469   KAB
   Cooper, David A.          Heart Of Stillness (1893361039)                       Meditation                       22276   MED
   Cooper, David A.          Renewing Your Soul                                    Judaism                          23312   JUD
   Cooper, David A.          Silence, Simplicity & Solitude                        Global Responsibility, concerns  30707   ONE
   Cooper, Diana             2012 And Beyond                                       Prophecy                         18045   PRO
   Cooper, Diana             Angels Of Light Cards                                 Angels, Nature Spirits           16910   ANG
                                                                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books             TAR
   Cooper, Diana             Dragon Oracle Cards                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     26097   TAR
   Cooper, Diana             Little Light On Angels                                Angels, Nature Spirits           24189   ANG
   Cooper, Diana             Little Light On Ascension                             New Age                          24672   OCC
   Cooper, Diana             Magic Of Unicorns (Book)                              Angels, Nature Spirits           15480   ANG
   Cooper, Diana             Unicorn Cards (44 Cards)                              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29474   TAR
   Cooper, Helen & Peter     Heads Or The Art Of Phrenology                        Palmistry                        12224   PAL
   Cooper, Irwin             Theosophy Simplified                                  Theosophy                        14504   THE
   Cooper, J.C.              Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Traditional Symbols       Reference                        15151   REF
   Cooper, J.C.              Taoism  The Way Of The Mystic  (OP 09.95)             Taoism                           19312   TAO
   Cooper, Jean              Illustrated Introduction To Taoism                    Taoism                           25802   TAO
   Cooper, John              Theosophical Movement & Its Importance (DVD)          DVDs                             14700   DVD
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Cooper, Milton William    Behold A Pale Horse                                   Global Responsibility, concerns  13423   ONE
   Cooper, Philip            Candle Magic                                          Ceremonial Magic                 27094   MAG
   Cooper, Phillip           Basic Magick  Practical Guide                         Ceremonial Magic                 23810   MAG
   Cooper, Phillip           Esoteric Magic & The Cabala                           Kabbalah                         29377   KAB
   Cooper, Phillip           Magickian  Study In Effective Magick (OP 8/00)        Ceremonial Magic                 21433   MAG
   Cooper, Primrose          Healing Power Of Light                                Color healing/ therapy           27952   COL
   Cooper, Robin             Evolving Mind  Buddhism, Biology, & Consciousness     Buddhism                         14362   BUD
   Cooper, W. Norman         Seiza The Day (BO DV01 8/15/00)                       Inspirational books              15746   INS
   Cooper, William Ricketts  Serpent Myths Of Ancient Egypt (BO'd 12/11/13)        Egyptian Spirituality            14408   EGY
   Cooper-Oakley, Isabel     Count Of Saint-Germain                                Western Mystery Tradition        26454   WMT
   Cooper-Oakley, Isabel     Masonry & Medieval Mysticism                          Western Mystery Tradition        17259   WMT
   Copage, Eric              Black Pearls  Daily Meditations For African-Amer'     African spirituality             14701   AFR
   Copage, Eric              Black Pearls For Parents                              African spirituality             22625   AFR
   Cope, Lloyd               Astrologer's Forecasting Workbook                     Astrology                        15593   AST
   Cope, Stephen             Great Work Of Your Life                               Work                             15531   JOB
   Cope, Stephen             Soul Friends                                          Relationships                    28251   REL
   Cope, Stephen             Wisdom Of Yoga (Patanjali Yoga Sutras)                Patanjali                        22031   PAT
   Cope, Stephen             Yoga & The Quest For The True Self                    Yoga                             26555   YOG
   Copenhaver, Brian         Book Of Magic  From Antiquity To The Enlightenment    Ceremonial Magic                 26989   MAG
   Coppens, Philip           Canopus Revelation  Stargate Of The Gods              Egyptian Spirituality            15946   EGY
   Coppens, Phillip          Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel                        Western Mystery Tradition        30403   WMT
   Corbin, Henry             Man Of Light In Iranian Sufism                        Sufism                           20039   SUF
   Corbin, Henry             Spiritual Body & Celestial Earth                      Sufism                           18304   SUF
   Corelli, Marie            Ardath                                                Fiction                          12687   FIC
   Corelli, Marie            Life Everlasting                                      Fiction                          12741   FIC
   Corelli, Marie            Romance Of Two Worlds (Dodo Press)                    Fiction                          17668   FIC
   Corelli, Marie            Romance Of Two Worlds (OP 2/99)                       Fiction                          17944   FIC
   Cori & Bartha             Tarot Cards Sirian Starseed Tarot (9781583945360)     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     25253   TAR
   Corlett & Moore           Buddha Way  An Inner Quest                            Buddhism                         24288   BUD
   Corley, Theresa           Journey Home  Children's Edition                      New Age                          29488   OCC
   Cornelius, Geoffrey       Starlore Handbook                                     Astrology                        24346   AST
   Cornell, Joseph           Listening To Nature                                   Global Responsibility, concerns  16989   ONE
   Cornell, Joseph           Sharing Nature With Children                          Parenting                        13627   PAR
   Cornell, Joseph           Sky & Earth Touched Me                                Global Responsibility, concerns  23294   ONE
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Cornell, Judith           Amma  Healing The Heart Of The World                  Hinduism                         28323   HIN
   Cornell, Judith           Drawing The Light From Within (756)                   Art                              24605   ART
   Cornell, Judith           Mandala  Luminous Symbols For Healing (With CD)       Art                              22352   ART
   Cornell, Rkia Elaroui     Rabi'a  From Narrative to Myth                        Sufism                           31245   SUF
   Cornu, Philippe           Tibetan Astrology                                     Astrology                        24623   AST
   Cornwall, Lizzie          Dreams Interpreted                                    Dreams                           31288   DRE
   Correal, Tobe Melora      Finding Soul On the Path Of Orisa                     African spirituality             25662   AFR
   Correia, Karen            101 Ways To Meet Your Angels                          Angels, Nature Spirits           11317   ANG
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   Corvo & Verner-Bonds      Healing With Color Zone Therapy                       Color healing/ therapy           25239   COL
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Cory, I.C.                Ancient Fragments                                     Western Mystery Tradition        17799   WMT
   Coryell, Deborah Morris   Good Grief (Incl. CD)                                 Grief                            16327   GRF
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   Cosmos, Elizabeth         Ama-Deus                                              Healing                          22777   HEA
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Costa, Dr. Tom            Life!  You Wanna Make Something Of It?                Mind Science                     16041   MIN
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   Costanzo, Charlene        Twelve Gifts Of Birth                                 Parenting                        27626   PAR
   Costell, Priscilla        Practical Astrology (Weiser Concise Guide)            Astrology                        25751   AST
   Costello, Priscilla       Shakespeare & The Stars                               Astrology                        29939   AST
   Cotner, June              Graces  Prayers & Poems                               Inspirational books              17824   INS
   Cotner, June              Serenity Prayers                                      Inspirational books              14654   INS
   Cotnoir, Brian            Weiser Concise Guide To Alchemy                       Alchemy                          22894   ALC
   Cott, Jonathan            Isis & Osiris                                         Egyptian Spirituality            16371   EGY
   Cotterell, Arthur         Dictionary Of World Mythology                         Mythology                        30852   MYT
   Cotterell, Arthur         Encyclopedia Of Mythology                             Mythology                        19320   MYT
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   Cotterell, Maurice        Lost Tomb Of Viracocha                                Native Peoples                   29490   NAT
   Cotterell, Maurice        Tutankhamun Prophecies                                Egyptian Spirituality            28660   EGY
   Cottingham, John          Healing Through Touch                                 Healing                          14374   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
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   Coue, Emile               Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion         Mind Science                     17687   MIN
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   Countryman, Jack          Atlantis & The Seven Stars                            Atlantis                         16253   ATL
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   Cousens, Gabriel          Conscious Eating                                      Diet                             27993   DIE
   Cousens, Gabriel          Spiritual Nutrition                                   Diet                             13531   DIE
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Cousens, M.D., Gabriel    Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine                       Diet                             31113   DIE
   Cousens, M.D., Gabriel    There Is A Cure For Diabetes (BO'd 2/10/2021)         Diet                             31114   DIE
   Cousens, Rebbe Gabriel    Creating Peace By Being Peace                         Consciousness Expansion          12126   EXP
   Cousineau, Phil           Art Of Pilgrimage (BO'd 12/21/2020)                   Travel                           30760   TRA
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                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
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   Cousto, Hans              Cosmic Octave                                         Music                            19734   MUS
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   Cowan, James              Messengers Of The Gods  (OP 7/96)                     Mythology                        19048   MYT
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Cowan, Tom                Fire In The Head                                      Celtic spirituality              16673   CEL
   Cowan, Tom                Pocket Guide To Shamanism                             Shamanism                        24246   SHA
   Cowan, Tom                Shamanism As A Spiritual Practice For Daily Life      Shamanism                        24717   SHA
   Coward, Harold            Life After Death In World Religions                   Death and Dying                  24493   DEA
   Coward, Harold            Sacred Word & Sacred Text  Scripture In World Reli    Comparative Religion             17278   C.R
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   Cowell, E.B. (Editor)     Jataka (2 Volumes)                                    Buddhism                         28350   BUD
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   Cowger, Barry             Reconstructing The Real You  Astro' & Family Life     Astrology                        21826   AST
   Cox, Brian                Tennis With God                                       Consciousness Expansion          29876   EXP
   Cox, Kathleen             Vastu Living                                          Feng Shui                        26848   FEN
   Cox, Robert               Elixir Of Immortality                                 Alchemy                          13035   ALC
   Cox, Robert E.            Creating The Soul Body                                Death and Dying                  15573   DEA
   Coxhead & Hiller          Dreams  Visions Of The Night                          Dreams                           18131   DRE
   Coxhead, Nona             Relevance Of Bliss                                    Consciousness Expansion          15875   EXP
   Coxon, Robert Haig        Goddess  The Power Of Woman (CD)                      CDs                              23217   CDS
   Coxon, Robert Haig        Silent Path (CD)                                      CDs                              23276   CDS
   Coyle, T. Thorn           Evolutionary Witchcraft                               Wicca                            12048   WIC
   Cozort, Daniel            Highest Yoga Tantra                                   Tibetan Buddhism                 15785   TIB
   Cozort, Daniel            Mandala   Sacred Circle Of Vajrabhairava (VIDEO)      Tibetan Buddhism                 24565   TIB
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Cozort, Daniel            Sand Mandala Of Vajrabhairava                         Art                              23515   ART
   Cozort, Daniel            Unique Tenets Of The Middle Way Consequence School    Tibetan Buddhism                 25183   TIB
   Cozort, Daniel     Buddhist Philosophy  Losang Gonchok's Commentary      Tibetan Buddhism                 29752   TIB
   Craft & Craft             Cupid & Psyche                                        Children's Books                 23940   KID
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   Craig, David              Mary's House                                          Mary                             23877   MAR
                                                                                   Poetry                                   POE
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   Cramer, Diane             Dictionary Of Medical Astrology                       Astrology                        20596   AST
   Cramer, Frederick         Astrology In Roman Law & Politics                     Astrology                        13313   AST
   Crandall, Joanne          Self-Transformation Through Music                     Music                            15672   MUS
   Crane, George             Bones Of The Master                                   Tibetan Buddhism                 28233   TIB
   Crane, John (Narrator)    Rife Research Laboratory (VIDEO)                      Science                          26110   SCI
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Cranston & Head           Reincarnation Phoenix Fire Mystery                    Reincarnation                    15607   REI
   Cranston, Sylvia          H.P.B. The Extraordinary Life                         Blavatsky                        28268   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Cranston, Sylvia          Reincarnation  New Horizon In Science & Religion      Reincarnation                    14427   REI
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                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
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                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
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   Craze, Richard            Graphology For Beginners                              Palmistry                        23878   PAL
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   Cremo, Michael            Forbidden Archeology's Impact                         Science                          30120   SCI
   Cremo, Michael            Human Devolution                                      Science                          29885   SCI
   Crichton, Michael         Travels                                               Fiction                          20269   FIC
   Crim, Keith (Gen Ed)      Perennial Dictionary Of World Religions               Comparative Religion             15098   C.R
                                                                                   Reference                                REF
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   Crompton, Paul            Walking Meditation (BO NEWL 12/12/00)                 Tai Chi                          20463   TAI
   Cronyn, George W. (Edt.)  American Indian Poetry                                Native Peoples                   20158   NAT
                                                                                   Poetry                                   POE
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                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
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   Crossan, John Dominic     In Search Of Paul                                     Christianity                     30544   CHR
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   Crowley edt / Mathers tr  Goetia: Lesser Key Of Solomon (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)    Ceremonial Magic                 25658   MAG
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   Crowley, Aleister         Tarot Cards Thoth Small (0880793082)                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13871   TAR
   Crowley, Aleister         Tarot Cards Thoth Tarot Premier Edition               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     11726   TAR
   Crowley, Aleister         Tarot Cards Thoth/Crowley Large                       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17930   TAR
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   Crowley, Brian & Esther   Words Of Power Sacred Sounds Of East & West           Meditation                       16876   MED
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   Crowther, Patricia        Witches Were For Hanging                              Wicca                            26901   WIC
   Crowther, Patricia        Zodiac Experience  Initiation Thru 12 Signs           Astrology                        11024   AST
   Cruden, Loren             Compass Of The Heart                                  Shamanism                        15753   SHA
   Cruden, Loren             Medicine Grove    A Shamanic Herbal                   Shamanism                        24412   SHA
   Cruden, Loren             Spirit Of Place                                       Native Peoples                   23381   NAT
   Cruden, Loren             Walking The Maze Enduring /Celtic Spirit              Celtic spirituality              25887   CEL
   Crum, Jessie K.           Art Of Inner Listening                                Meditation                       12125   MED
   Crutcher, Rusty           Machu Picchu Impressions (CD)                         CDs                              20026   CDS
   Cruttenden, Walter        Lost Star Of Myth & Time                              Western Mystery Tradition        21587   WMT
   Crystal                   Inner Truth & Wisdom Of The Tarot                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17699   TAR
   Crystal Clarity           Simply Vegetarian                                     Cookbooks                        19619   COO
   Crystal Mirror  Vol. 9    Holy Places Of The Buddha                             Buddhism                         22067   BUD
   Crystal Mirror I-III      Footsteps On The Diamond Path                         Tibetan Buddhism                 12578   TIB
   Crystal Mirror VIII       Light Of Liberation History Of Buddhism In India      Buddhism                         12577   BUD
   Crystal, Ruth             Angel Talk                                            Angels, Nature Spirits           25534   ANG
   Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly  Creativity  Flow & The Psychology                     Psychology, self help            27395   PSY
   Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly  Evolving Self                                         Psychology, self help            22015   PSY
   Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly  Finding Flow                                          Psychology, self help            27315   PSY
   Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly  Flow (978-0-06-133920-2)                              Psychology, self help            20018   PSY
   Cuala Bindery Of Berkeley Blank Book Cork Bound (BO BP 12/1/01)                 Journal writing                  14531   JNL
   Cuhulain, Kerr            Full Contact Magick                                   Wicca                            29129   WIC
   Cuhulain, Kerr            Wiccan Warrior                                        Wicca                            27059   WIC
   Cuhulain, Kerr            Witch Hunts                                           Wicca                            16601   WIC
   Culadasa et. al.          Mind Illuminated                                      Buddhism                         28658   BUD
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Culbert, Steven           Reveal The Secrets Of The Sacred Rose                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18446   TAR
   Cullinane, MJ             Tarot Cards Crow Tarot                                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     21417   TAR
   Culling, Louis            Pristine Yi King                                      I Ching                          17986   ICH
   Cumes, David              Inner Passages, Outer Journeys                        Consciousness Expansion          25098   EXP
   Cumming & Leffler         John Of God                                           Healing                          20293   HEA
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   Cummings, Stephen         Everybody's Guide To Homeopathic Medicine             Healing                          11930   HEA
                                                                                   Homeopathy                               HOM
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   Cumont, Franz             Mysteries Of Mithra                                   Mythology                        19130   MYT
   Cunkle & Jacquemain       Stone Magic Of The Ancients                           Native Peoples                   15518   NAT
   Cunliffe, Barry           Celtic World                                          Celtic spirituality              15810   CEL
                                                                                   Mythology                                MYT
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   Cunningham & Harrington   Spell Crafts                                          Wicca                            25175   WIC
   Cunningham & Ranucci      Caution: Soul Mate Ahead  (OP?)                       Reincarnation                    23160   REI
                                                                                   Relationships                            REL
   Cunningham, Bailey        Mandala (0789497409) Journey To The Center            Art                              28969   ART
   Cunningham, Donna         Consulting Astrologer's Guidebook                     Astrology                        21970   AST
   Cunningham, Donna         Healing Pluto Problems                                Astrology                        14932   AST
   Cunningham, Donna         How To Read Your Astrological Chart                   Astrology                        26418   AST
   Cunningham, Donna         Spiritual Dimensions Of Healing Addictions (OP?)      Psychology, self help            14798   PSY
   Cunningham, Elizabeth     Wild Mother                                           Fiction                          11125   FIC
   Cunningham, Lori          Mandala Book  Patterns Of The Universe                Art                              12543   ART
   Cunningham, Nancy         Feeding The Spirit                                    Ceremonial Magic                 20750   MAG
   Cunningham, Scott         Complete Book Of Incense,Oils & Brews                 Wicca                            15912   WIC
   Cunningham, Scott         Cunningham's Encyc. Of Crystal, Gem, & Metal Magic    Crystal and gems                 11767   GEM
                                                                                   Wicca                                    WIC
   Cunningham, Scott         Earth Power  Techniques Of Natural Magic              Wicca                            11806   WIC
   Cunningham, Scott         Earth, Air, Fire & Water                              Wicca                            20505   WIC
   Cunningham, Scott         Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs                         Wicca                            11663   WIC
   Cunningham, Scott         Hawaiian Magic & Spirituality                         Huna                             22360   HUN
   Cunningham, Scott         Living Wicca                                          Wicca                            21338   WIC
   Cunningham, Scott         Magic In Food  (OP 9/97)                              Ceremonial Magic                 19658   MAG
                                                                                   Diet                                     DIE
   Cunningham, Scott         Magical Aromatherapy                                  Wicca                            18377   WIC
   Cunningham, Scott         Magical Herbalism                                     Wicca                            22645   WIC
   Cunningham, Scott         Magical Household                                     Wicca                            16837   WIC
   Cunningham, Scott         Truth About Witchcraft (OP 5/2007)                    Wicca                            30070   WIC
   Cunningham, Scott         Wicca  A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner          Wicca                            17807   WIC
   Curcio, Kimberly P.       Man Of Light                                          Healing                          22186   HEA
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   Curott, Phyllis & Barlow  Tarot Cards Witches' Wisdom                           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19154   TAR
   Curott,Phyllis            Witch Crafting                                        Wicca                            28499   WIC
   Curran, Bob               Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms                          Earth Mysteries                  14106   EAR
   Currie, Ian               Visions Of Immortality (You Cannot Die) OP            Psychic Phenomenon               22706   ESP
   Currivan, Jude            8th Chakra                                            Chakras                          31041   CHA
   Currivan, Jude            Cosmic Hologram                                       Science                          23602   SCI
   Curry, Bishop Michael     Love Is The Way                                       Christianity                     20612   CHR
   Curry, D. & Wells, Steven Healing Presence                                      Healing                          24576   HEA
   Curry, Helen              Way Of The Labyrinth                                  Sacred Geometry                  27554   SAC
   Curry, Karen              Understanding Human Design                            Astrology                        31020   AST
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Curtin, Jeremiah          Myths & Folk Tales Of Ireland                         Mythology                        18469   MYT
   Curtis, D'vorah           Poster Divine Word & Baptism Of Fire (24" x 36")      Posters & Deity Cards            31139   POS
   Curtis, D'vorah           Poster Living Ark Of The Covenant (24" x 36")         Posters & Deity Cards            31137   POS
   Curtis, D'vorah           Poster Our Lady Of Myriad Manifestations (24 X 36)    Posters & Deity Cards            31140   POS
   Curtis, Donald            23rd Psalm                                            Small Books & Booklets           13986   PAM
   Curtis, Donald            Helping Heaven Happen (BO SW01 1/29/02)               Psychology, self help            22428   PSY
   Curtis, Edward            Native American Wisdom                                Native Peoples                   21821   NAT
                                                                                   Pocket books                             PKT
   Curtis, Edward            Native Nations (POS 6/28/05)                          Art                              24878   ART
   Curtis, Randall           Planetary Clusters  How They Dictate Your Fate        Astrology                        22171   AST
   Curtiss                   Coming World Changes                                  Prophecy                         14474   PRO
   Curtiss, Harriett & F. H. Key Of Destiny                                        Numerology                       13809   NUM
   Curtiss, Harriett & F.H.  Voice Of Isis (1913)                                  Western Mystery Tradition        26455   WMT
   Curtiss, Harriette & F.H. Key To The Universe                                   Numerology                       13806   NUM
   Cushing, Frank Hamilton   Mythic World Of The Zuni                              Native Peoples                   12541   NAT
   Cushman & Jones           From Here To Nirvana (OSI 12/2004)                    Travel                           26536   TRA
   Cushnir, Howard Raphael   Unconditional Bliss                                   Psychology, self help            27471   PSY
   Cutsinger, James (Ed.)    Paths To The Heart  Sufism & The Christian ..         Comparative Religion             22430   C.R
   Cynova, Melissa           Kitchen Table Tarot                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     23714   TAR
   D'Adamo, Peter            Eat Right For Your Type                               Diet                             17882   DIE
   D'Agostino, Joseph        Tarot   The Path To Wisdom                            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16340   TAR
   D'Alveydre, Marquis       Kingdom of Agarttha                                   Earth Mysteries                  22953   EAR
   D'Alviella, Goblet        Migration Of Symbols                                  Reference                        12281   REF
   D'Angelo, James           Healing Power Of The Human Voice (With CD)            Music                            30685   MUS
   D'Aoust, Maja & Parfrey   Secret Source  Law Of Attraction (The Other 6)        Mind Science                     11714   MIN
   D'Assier                  Posthumous Humanity   Study In Phantoms               Theosophy                        30350   THE
   d'Espagnet, Jean          Hermetic Arcanum                                      Western Mystery Tradition        29038   WMT
   D'Este, Sorita            Artemis  Virgin Goddess Of The Sun & Moon (POS)       Mythology                        19119   MYT
   d'Este, Sorita            Hekate Her Sacred Fires                               Wicca                            18496   WIC
   D'Este, Sorita & Rankine  Cosmic Shekinah                                       Kabbalah                         23873   KAB
   d'Este, Sorita & Rankine  Hekate Liminal Rites                                  Wicca                            14012   WIC
   D'Este, Sorita (Editor)   Hekate  Keys To The Crossroads                        Wicca                            17629   WIC
   d'Olivet, Fabre           Golden Verses Of Pythagoras                           Western Mystery Tradition        26099   WMT
   D'Olivet, Fabre           Hebraic Tongue Restored                               Kabbalah                         15886   KAB
   D'Olivet, Fabre           Secret Lore Of Music  Hidden Power Of Orpheus (BO)    Music                            24912   MUS
   D.L.L. Society            What Is This? A Tibetan-English Colloquial Dict.      Tibetan Buddhism                 16457   TIB
   Da Liu                    Tai Chi Ch'uan & Meditation                           Tai Chi                          15800   TAI
   Da Silva, Esmeralda       Tarot  The Secrets Of The Cards                       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14559   TAR
   Daehaeng                  Wake Up & Laugh                                       Zen                              20837   ZEN
   Daemion, Jonathan         Healing Power Of Breath  Intro / Whlstc Brth Thrpy    Breathing                        15017   BRE
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Dagsay, Tulku Rinpoche    Practice Of Tibetan Meditation (With CD)              Tibetan Buddhism                 28916   TIB
   Dagyab Rinpoche           Buddhist Symbols In Tibetan Culture                   Tibetan Buddhism                 23610   TIB
   Dahl, Cortland            Entrance To The Great Perfection (Dzogchen)           Tibetan Buddhism                 21648   TIB
   Dahl, Lynda               Ten Thousand Whispers  (OP 5/01)                      Psychology, self help            23994   PSY
   Dahl, Lynda Madden        Beyond The Winning Streak                             Mind Science                     21250   MIN
   Daiensai, Richard Kirsten Smile  365 Happy Meditations (184072594X)             Inspirational books              30515   INS
   Dakpa, Nyima              Opening The Door To Bon                               Tibetan Buddhism                 27039   TIB
   Dalai Lama                Beyond Dogma  Dialogues & Discourses                  Dalai Lama                       11766   D.L
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dalai Lama                Bodhgaya Interviews                                   Tibetan Buddhism                 17632   TIB
   Dalai Lama                Dalai Lama's Big Book Of Happiness                    Dalai Lama                       17095   D.L
   Dalai Lama                Gelug/Kagyu Tradition Of Mahamudra                    Dalai Lama                       24336   D.L
   Dalai Lama                Healing Anger  Power Of Patience                      Dalai Lama                       24280   D.L
   Dalai Lama                Kalachakra Tantra  Rite Of Initiaion                  Dalai Lama                       12935   D.L
   Dalai Lama                Overcoming Differences (video)                        Dalai Lama                       30069   D.L
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Dalai Lama                Practicing Wisdom                                     Dalai Lama                       30437   D.L
   Dalai Lama                Simple Path                                           Dalai Lama                       27549   D.L
   Dalai Lama & Borges       Tibetan Portrait                                      Art                              24298   ART
   Dalai Lama & Chan, Victor Wisdom Of Forgiveness                                 Dalai Lama                       30435   D.L
   Dalai Lama & Chodron, T.  Buddhism  One Teacher, Many Traditions                Dalai Lama                       25314   D.L
   Dalai Lama & Tutu, D.     Book Of Joy                                           Dalai Lama                       27424   D.L
                                                                                   Global Responsibility, concerns          ONE
   Dalai Lama (14th & 2nd)   Aryasura's Aspiration/ Meditation On Compassion       Tibetan Buddhism                 16466   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         365 Dalai Lama                                        Dalai Lama                       29793   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         An Appeal To The World                                Dalai Lama                       25602   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Answers  Discussions With Western Buddhists           Dalai Lama                       28600   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Approaching The Buddhist Path                         Dalai Lama                       25129   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Art Of Happiness  A Handbook For Living               Dalai Lama                       16961   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Art Of Happiness (3 CDs)                              Dalai Lama                       23205   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Art Of Happiness At Work                              Dalai Lama                       28621   D.L
                                                                                   Work                                     JOB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Be Kind                                               Dalai Lama                       11861   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Becoming Enlightened                                  Dalai Lama                       17145   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Beyond Religion  Ethics For A Whole World             Dalai Lama                       23045   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Buddha Heart, Buddha Mind (BO'd 2/11/2021)            Dalai Lama                       27820   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Buddha Nature  Death & Eternal Soul In Buddhism       Dalai Lama                       24216   D.L
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Buddhism Of Tibet                                     Tibetan Buddhism                 11422   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Buddhism Of Tibet & Key To The Middle Way             Tibetan Buddhism                 17459   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Compassionate Life                                    Dalai Lama                       28804   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Cultivating A Daily Meditation  (LTWA)                Tibetan Buddhism                 21681   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Dalai Lama At Harvard                                 Tibetan Buddhism                 17957   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Dalai Lama's Book Of Transformation                   Dalai Lama                       27882   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Dalai Lama's Little Book Of Compassion                Dalai Lama                       22051   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Dalai Lama's Little Book Of Inner Peace               Dalai Lama                       14208   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Dalai Lama's Little Book Of Wisdom                    Dalai Lama                       14400   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Deity Yoga                                            Dalai Lama                       20267   D.L
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Dzogchen  Heart Essence                               Dalai Lama                       28048   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Emotional Awareness   Dalai Lama & Paul Ekman         Dalai Lama                       30388   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Essence Of Happiness                                  Dalai Lama                       20486   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Essence Of The Heart Sutra                            Dalai Lama                       26494   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Essential Dalai Lama                                  Dalai Lama                       23925   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Essential Teachings                                   Dalai Lama                       22804   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Ethics For The New Millennium                         Dalai Lama                       26348   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         For The Benefit Of All Beings                         Dalai Lama                       11704   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Four Essential Buddhist Commentaries                  Tibetan Buddhism                 16463   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Four Essential Buddhist Texts (LTWA)                  Tibetan Buddhism                 16464   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Four Noble Truths (4 Video Set)                       Dalai Lama                       27711   D.L
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Freedom In Exile  Autobiography Of The Dalai Lama     Dalai Lama                       19074   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Good Heart                                            Dalai Lama                       13668   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Harmony In Diversity (VIDEO) BO NEWL 12/12/00         Tibetan Buddhism                 25052   TIB
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Heart Of Meditation                                   Dalai Lama                       28757   D.L
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Heart Of the Buddha's Path                            Dalai Lama                       27212   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         How To Be Compassionate                               Dalai Lama                       12441   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         How To Expand Love                                    Dalai Lama                       13050   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         How To Expand Love (5 CDs) Read By Jeffry Hopkins     Dalai Lama                       13696   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         How To Practice  The Way To A Meaningful Life         Dalai Lama                       28950   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         How To See Yourself As You Really Are                 Dalai Lama                       30311   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         How To See Yourself As You Really Are (6 CDs)         Dalai Lama                       28385   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Imagine All The People                                Dalai Lama                       26019   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         In My Own Words                                       Dalai Lama                       29099   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Kindness Clarity & Insight (25th Anniversary)         Dalai Lama                       12552   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Lighting The Way                                      Dalai Lama                       15213   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Live In A Better Way                                  Dalai Lama                       27879   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Meaning Of Life (POS NEWL 5/17/17)                    Dalai Lama                       12463   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Middle Way                                            Dalai Lama                       21273   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Mind In Comfort & Ease                                Dalai Lama                       31004   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Mind Of Clear Light                                   Dalai Lama                       30562   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         MindScience  An East-West Dialogue                    Dalai Lama                       20770   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         My Spiritual Journey                                  Dalai Lama                       20404   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         My Tibet                                              Art                              19177   ART
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Ocean Of Wisdom  Guidelines For Living (hardcover)    Tibetan Buddhism                 16700   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Open Heart                                            Dalai Lama                       28805   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Opening Of The Wisdom Eye                             Dalai Lama                       13116   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Opening The Eye Of New Awareness                      Tibetan Buddhism                 11181   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Overcoming Differences (VIDEO)                        Dalai Lama                       26782   D.L
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Path Of Wisdom  Path Of Peace                         Dalai Lama                       16572   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Path To Bliss                                         Dalai Lama                       19758   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Path To Enlightenment                                 Tibetan Buddhism                 22634   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Path To Tranquility                                   Dalai Lama                       29150   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Profound Mind                                         Dalai Lama                       22677   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Sleeping Dreaming & Dying                             Dalai Lama                       24443   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Spirit Of Peace                                       Dalai Lama                       29226   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Stages Of Meditation                                  Dalai Lama                       27932   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Toward A True Kinship of Faiths                       Dalai Lama                       18773   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Transcendent Wisdom                                   Tibetan Buddhism                 17598   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Union Of Bliss & Emptiness                            Dalai Lama                       17992   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Universal Responsibility & The Good Heart             Tibetan Buddhism                 14044   TIB
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Violence & Compassion                                 Dalai Lama                       23564   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         World Of Tibetan Buddhism                             Dalai Lama                       22611   D.L
   Dalai Lama (14th)         Worlds In Harmony  Dialogues On Compassionate Act'    Dalai Lama                       12149   D.L
   Dalai Lama (7th)          Nyung Na  Means Of Achievement Of Avalokiteshvara     Tibetan Buddhism                 22768   TIB
   Dalai Lama 14th           Destructive Emotions                                  Dalai Lama                       29328   D.L
   Dalai Lama 14th           From Here To Enlightenment                            Dalai Lama                       20429   D.L
   Dalai Lama 14th           Many Ways To Nirvana                                  Dalai Lama                       11340   D.L
   Dalai Lama 14th           Pocket Dalai Lama                                     Dalai Lama                       15197   D.L
                                                                                   Pocket books                             PKT
   Dalai Lama 14th           Science & Philosophy In Indian Buddhist Classics      Buddhism                         30298   BUD
                                                                                   Dalai Lama                               D.L
   Dalai Lama 14th           Universe In A Single Atom                             Dalai Lama                       24517   D.L
   Dalai Lama Et.Al.         Consciousness At The Crossroads                       Dalai Lama                       26382   D.L
   Dalai Lama,        Meditation On The Nature Of Mind                      Dalai Lama                       22575   D.L
   Dalai Lama, Hopkins, Jeff Tantra In Tibet                                       Tibetan Buddhism                 13814   TIB
   Dalai Lamas (2, 5, 7)     Meditations On The Lower Tantras                      Tibetan Buddhism                 16460   TIB
   Dalal, A.S. (Compiler)    Hidden Forces Of Life (Sri Aurobindo & The Mother)    Aurobindo                        28801   ARO
   Dalal-Clayton, Diksha     Adventures Of Young Krishna                           Children's Books                 30206   KID
   Dalberg, Lana             Birthing God  Women's Experiences Of The Divine       Women's Spirituality, Goddess    22284   WOM
   Dalby, Liza               Hidden Buddhas  A Novel                               Fiction                          16912   FIC
   Dalderis, Maynard &Leanne Do You Have A Moment?                                 A Course in Miracles             14771   CIM
   Daldrup, Roger & D. Gust  Freedom From Anger                                    Psychology, self help            17498   PSY
   Dale, Cyndi               Advanced Chakra Healing (OP 11/2009)                  Chakras                          18863   CHA
   Dale, Cyndi               Advanced Chakra Healing Cancer                        Chakras                          17025   CHA
   Dale, Cyndi               Advanced Chakra Healing Heart Disease                 Chakras                          29693   CHA
   Dale, Cyndi               Attracting Prosperity Through The Chakras             Chakras                          11276   CHA
   Dale, Cyndi               Attracting Your Perfect Body Through The Chakras      Chakras                          11278   CHA
   Dale, Cyndi               Beyond Soul Mates                                     Relationships                    13632   REL
   Dale, Cyndi               Complete Book Of Chakra Healing                       Chakras                          11344   CHA
   Dale, Cyndi               Energetic Boundaries                                  Healing                          15170   HEA
   Dale, Cyndi               Energy Healing For Trauma, Stress, & Chronic...       Healing                          15145   HEA
                                                                                   Trauma                                   TRM
   Dale, Cyndi               Illuminating The Afterlife                            Death and Dying                  22587   DEA
   Dale, Cyndi               Llewellyn's Complete Book Of Chakras                  Chakras                          15795   CHA
   Dale, Cyndi               Llewellyn's Little Book Of Empathy                    Psychology, self help            14064   PSY
   Dale, Cyndi               Subtle Body                                           Healing                          14204   HEA
   Dale, Cyndi               Subtle Energy Techniques                              Healing                          28717   HEA
   Dali, Salvador            Tarot Cards Universal Dali Deck                       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13860   TAR
   Dalichow, Irene & Booth   Aura-Soma                                             Color healing/ therapy           25755   COL
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Dallett, Janet O.         When The Spirits Come Back                            Jung, Carl                       17823   JUN
   Dalrymple, William        Nine Lives                                            Hinduism                         22687   HIN
   Dalton, David             Stars Of The Meadow (Herbs As Flower Essences)        Herbs                            15587   HER
   Daly & Caputi             Webster's First New Intergalactic Wickedary           Women's Spirituality, Goddess    20027   WOM
   Damasio, Antonio          Feeling Of What Happens                               Science                          27666   SCI
   Damian, Peter             Twelve Healers Of The Zodiac                          Astrology                        15659   AST
   Damian-Knight, Guy        Karma & Destiny In The I Ching                        I Ching                          16308   ICH
   Damiani, Anthony          Astronoesis (BO NEWL 6/5/06)                          Astrology                        28034   AST
   Damiani, Anthony          Living Wisdom  Revisioning The Philoshopic Quest      Consciousness Expansion          24108   EXP
   Damiani, Anthony          Looking Into Mind (ISBN # 0-943914-50-7)              Consciousness Expansion          15419   EXP
   Damiani, Anthony          Standing In Your Own Way                              Consciousness Expansion          28763   EXP
   Damle, Veena              I Am Om                                               Fiction                          28831   FIC
   Dan, Joseph               Early Kabbalah                                        Kabbalah                         15731   KAB
   Danaos, Kosta             Magus Of Java                                         Taoism                           27540   TAO
   Danaos, Kosta             Nei Kung  The Secret Teachings Of Warrior Sages       Tai Chi                          28812   TAI
   Danelek, J. Allan         Case For Reincarnation                                Reincarnation                    18262   REI
   Dang, Tri Thong           Beyond The Known (0-8048-1891-6)                      Tai Chi                          21456   TAI
   Dang, Tri Thong           Toward The Unknown (0-8048-2099-6)                    Tai Chi                          21453   TAI
   Daniel, Terri             Swan In Heaven                                        New Age                          23693   OCC
   Daniel, Wyllie, & Ramer   Ask Your Angels                                       Angels, Nature Spirits           12875   ANG
   Danielou, Alain           Gods Of Love & Ecstasy (Formerly Shiva & Dionysus)    Hinduism                         20313   HIN
   Danielou, Alain           Hindu Temple  Deification Of Eroticism                Hinduism                         28149   HIN
   Danielou, Alain           India A Civilization Of Differences                   Hinduism                         30686   HIN
   Danielou, Alain           Music & The Power Of Sound                            Music                            28143   MUS
   Danielou, Alain           Myths & Gods Of India                                 Hinduism                         20592   HIN
   Danielou, Alain           Phallus  Sacred Symbol Of Male Creative Power         Reference                        28085   REF
   Danielou, Alain           Shiva & The Primordial Tradition                      Hinduism                         30782   HIN
   Danielou, Alain           Yoga  Mastering The Secrets Of Matter..               Yoga                             20139   YOG
   Daniels & Weltevrede      Awakening The Chakras                                 Chakras                          30424   CHA
   Dannelley, Richard        Sedona: Beyond The Vortex                             New Age                          24069   OCC
   Dantes, Ligia             Unmanifest Self  (OP 1/98)                            Psychology, self help            16927   PSY
   Danton, Angelica          Goddess Signs  Which One Are You?                     Astrology                        19389   AST
   Danyo                     Journey To Your Inner Voice Of Silence (CD)           CDs                              18541   CDS
   Danzig, Robert            Angel Threads                                         Angels, Nature Spirits           27271   ANG
   Daraul, Arkon             History Of Secret Societies                           Western Mystery Tradition        23679   WMT
   Darby & Joan              Our Unseen Guest                                      New Age                          17943   OCC
   Darling, David            Cycles (CD)                                           CDs                              28197   CDS
   Darling, David            Zen Physics                                           Science                          23888   SCI
   Darling, David & Bhuyan   Cello & Piano Meditations (CD)                        CDs                              22490   CDS
   Darras, Heidi & Moore     Tarot Cards Mystic Dreamer Tarot                      Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24151   TAR
   Darren Main               Inner Tranquility                                     Meditation                       25591   MED
   Dart & Riegert            Gospel Of Thomas                                      Gnosis, gnostic                  28058   GNO
   Dart, John & Riegert, Ray Unearthing The Lost Words Of J.C. Of Thomas           Gnosis, gnostic                  25705   GNO
   Das, Baba Hari            Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali (Book I) POS 1/29/2013       Patanjali                        26905   PAT
   Das, Bhagavan             Esssential Unity Of All Religions                     Theosophy                        16067   THE
   Das, Bhagavan             It's Here Now (Are You?)                              Dass, Ram                        16357   D.R
   Das, Chandra              Tibetan-English Dictionary                            Tibetan Buddhism                 16448   TIB
   Das, Krishna              All One (CD)                                          CDs                              14676   CDS
   Das, Krishna              Breath Of The Heart (CD) T7159                        CDs                              28551   CDS
   Das, Krishna              Chants Of A Lifetime (Incl. CD)                       Music                            14870   MUS
   Das, Krishna              Heart As Wide As The World (CD)                       CDs                              17158   CDS
   Das, Krishna              Heart Full Of Soul (2 CDs)                            CDs                              31066   CDS
   Das, Krishna              Kirtan Wallah (CD)                                    CDs                              22500   CDS
   Das, Lama Surya           Awakening The Buddha Within                           Tibetan Buddhism                 24552   TIB
   Das, Lama Surya           Awakening The Buddhist Heart                          Tibetan Buddhism                 28173   TIB
   Das, Lama Surya           Awakening To The Sacred                               Buddhism                         26065   BUD
   Das, Lama Surya           Buddha Is As Buddha Does                              Tibetan Buddhism                 30865   TIB
   Das, Lama Surya           Letting Go Of The Person You Used To Be               Tibetan Buddhism                 29787   TIB
   Das, Lama Surya           Make Me One With Everything                           Tibetan Buddhism                 25068   TIB
   Das, Lama Surya & Halpern Chants To Awaken The Buddhist Heart (CD) 7898         Tibetan Buddhism                 20117   TIB
   Das, Surya                Snow Lion's Turquoise Mane                            Tibetan Buddhism                 18037   TIB
   Dasgupta, S.N.            Hindu Mysticism                                       Hinduism                         16427   HIN
   Dashefsky, H. Steven      Environmental Literacy  Saving Our Planet             Earth Mysteries                  21159   EAR
                                                                                   Global Responsibility, concerns          ONE
   Dass, Baba Hari           Cat & Sparrow                                         Children's Books                 11447   KID
   Dass, Baba Hari           Child's Garden Of Yoga                                Yoga                             11484   YOG
   Dass, Baba Hari           Silence Speaks  (Rev.) (BO DV01 7/10/06)              Dass, Baba Hari                  13662   DBH
   Dass, Baba Hari           Sweeper To Saint                                      Dass, Baba Hari                  13785   DBH
   Dass, Baba Hari           Vinaya Chalisa  Forty Prayers                         Dass, Baba Hari                  25229   DBH
   Dass, Baba Hari           Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali Study Guide Book II (POS)    Patanjali                        11263   PAT
   Dass, Ram                 Be Here Now                                           Dass, Ram                        11299   D.R
   Dass, Ram                 Compassion In Action (OP 10/99)                       Dass, Ram                        20710   D.R
   Dass, Ram                 Fierce Grace (DVD)                                    Dass, Ram                        11803   D.R
   Dass, Ram                 Grist For The Mill                                    Dass, Ram                        17121   D.R
   Dass, Ram                 Here We All Are (4 CD Set)                            Dass, Ram                        13843   D.R
   Dass, Ram                 How Can I Help?                                       Dass, Ram                        12328   D.R
   Dass, Ram                 Journey Of Awakening                                  Dass, Ram                        12502   D.R
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Dass, Ram                 Miracle Of Love (Neem Karoli Baba)                    Dass, Ram                        12897   D.R
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Dass, Ram                 Only Dance There Is                                   Dass, Ram                        13104   D.R
   Dass, Ram                 Paths To God  Living The Bhagavad Gita                Bhagavad Gita                    30525   B.G
   Dass, Ram                 Polishing The Mirror                                  Dass, Ram                        15252   D.R
   Dass, Ram                 Ram Dass Audio Collection (6 CASS)                    Dass, Ram                        27849   D.R
   Dass, Ram                 Spiritual Journey (3 CDs) BO'd 10/20/2016)            Dass, Ram                        13743   D.R
   Dass, Ram                 Still Here                                            Dass, Ram                        27255   D.R
   Dass, Ram & Bush, Mirabai Walking Each Other Home                               Dass, Ram                        31162   D.R
                                                                                   Death and Dying                          DEA
   Daumal, Rene'             Mount Analogue A Novel                                Fiction                          20503   FIC
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Daurley, John P.          Psyche As Sacrament                                   Christianity                     13325   CHR
                                                                                   Jung, Carl                               JUN
   Davenport & Urrutia       Logia Of Yeshua  Saying Of Jesus                      Christianity                     23914   CHR
   Davenport, John T.        Ordinary Wisdom Sakya Pandita's Treas. Of Good...     Tibetan Buddhism                 27037   TIB
   David Hinton              Four Chinese Classics                                 Taoism                           27862   TAO
   David Hoffmeister         Quantum Forgiveness                                   A Course in Miracles             26779   CIM
   David, Deborah S.         Living Mindfully                                      Meditation                       26647   MED
   David, Gary               Orion Zone  Ancient Star Cities Amer. Southwest       Earth Mysteries                  28547   EAR
   David, John               Blueprints For Awakening (Ramana Maharshi) Vol. 1     Hinduism                         12090   HIN
   David, John               Blueprints For Awakening (Ramana Maharshi) Vol. 2     Hinduism                         27715   HIN
   David, Marc               Nourishing Wisdom (0517881292)                        Diet                             25781   DIE
   David-Neel, Alexandra     Immortality & Reincarnation                           Tibetan Buddhism                 24375   TIB
   David-Neel, Alexandra     Initiations & Initiates In Tibet                      Tibetan Buddhism                 19098   TIB
   David-Neel, Alexandra     Magic & Mystery In Tibet                              Tibetan Buddhism                 12729   TIB
   David-Neel, Alexandra     My Journey To Lhasa                                   Tibetan Buddhism                 11399   TIB
   David-Neel, Alexandra     Secret Oral Teachings In Tibetan Buddhist Sects       Tibetan Buddhism                 13551   TIB
   David-Neel, Alexandra     Superhuman Life Of Gesar Of Ling                      Tibetan Buddhism                 13777   TIB
   Davids, Caroline A.F.Rhys Stories Of The Buddha                                 Buddhism                         18668   BUD
   Davids, Rhys & Stede, W.  Pali-English Dictionary (8120811445)                  Hinduism                         28298   HIN
   Davids, T.W. & Stede, W.  Pali-English Dictionary (8120811445)                  Buddhism                         12485   BUD
   Davids, T.W. Rhys         Buddhist Suttas                                       Buddhism                         30134   BUD
   Davidson, Alison          Metal Power  Soul Life Of The Planets                 Astrology                        20492   AST
   Davidson, Alison          Morley-Martin Experiments & Experim. Of Charles. W    Science                          26185   SCI
   Davidson, Gustav          Dictionary Of Angels                                  Angels, Nature Spirits           18387   ANG
   Davidson, H.R. Ellis      Myths & Symbols In Pagan Europe                       Mythology                        17743   MYT
   Davidson, Hilda           Lost Beliefs Of Nothern Europe                        Mythology                        21492   MYT
   Davidson, John            Gospel Of Jesus  In Search Of Original Tchings        Christianity                     11936   CHR
   Davidson, John            Secret Of The Creative Vacuum                         Science                          20186   SCI
   Davies, Ann               Inspirational Thoughts On The Tarot                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20558   TAR
   Davies, Brenda            Seven Healing Chakras                                 Chakras                          19828   CHA
   Davies, Oliver            Celtic Spirituality                                   Celtic spirituality              23230   CEL
   Davies, Oliver (Ed&Trnsl) Rhineland Mystics  (OP 6/98)                          Christianity                     19028   CHR
   Davies, Paul              God & The New Physics                                 Science                          16413   SCI
   Davies, Stevan            Gospel Of Thomas (189-336-1454)                       Gnosis, gnostic                  18254   GNO
   Davies, Stevan            Gospel Of Thomas (978-1-59030-186-9)                  Gnosis, gnostic                  14478   GNO
   Davies, Stevan            Secret Book Of John                                   Gnosis, gnostic                  14804   GNO
   Davis & Davis             Heart Of Healing                                      A Course in Miracles             12251   CIM
   Davis & Matthews          Soul Vibrations  Astrol. For Afr. Amer. (OSI 9/05)    Astrology                        23672   AST
   Davis & Rawls             Magnetic Blueprint Of Life                            Radionics, Pendulum              12781   RAD
   Davis & Rawls             Magnetic Effect                                       Radionics, Pendulum              12785   RAD
   Davis, Albert Roy         Magnetism & Its Effect On The Living System           Healing                          12787   HEA
   Davis, Albert Roy         Rainbow In Your Hands                                 Radionics, Pendulum              13374   RAD
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Davis, Alison             Sense Of Wonder  A Spiritual Guidebook                Inspirational books              17737   INS
   Davis, Audrey Craft       Metaphysical Techniques That Really Work              Psychic Phenomenon               26920   ESP
   Davis, Avram              Way Of Flame                                          Judaism                          24609   JUD
   Davis, Bruce              Magical Child Within You                              Psychology, self help            12775   PSY
   Davis, Bruce              Monastery Without Walls  (OP 9/97)                    Psychology, self help            22562   PSY
   Davis, Bruce              My Little Flowers  Gifts Of The Moment                Meditation                       14694   MED
   Davis, Courtney           Celtic And Old Norse Designs                          Celtic spirituality              11878   CEL
   Davis, Deborah            Women's Qigong For Health & Longevity                 Qigong                           31141   QIG
   Davis, Eshelman & McKay   Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook                Psychology, self help            24275   PSY
   Davis, Kenneth C.         Don't Know Much About The Bible                       Bible, Scriptures                25517   BIB
   Davis, Laura              Allies In Healing                                     Psychology, self help            22462   PSY
   Davis, Laura              I Thought We'd Never Speak Again                      Psychology, self help            27613   PSY
   Davis, Mary Ogden         Metanoia: A Transformational Journey                  Christianity                     27041   CHR
   Davis, Patricia           Aromatherapy  An A - Z                                Herbs                            17451   HER
   Davis, Patrick            Interpreting Geo-Helio Planets                        Astrology                        12464   AST
   Davis, Roy Eugene         Easy Guide To Meditation                              Small Books & Booklets           17171   PAM
   Davis, Roy Eugene         Spiritual Basis Of Real Prosperity                    Mind Science                     14335   MIN
   Davis, Roy Eugene         With God                                              Small Books & Booklets           22367   PAM
   Davis, Saskia             Poster Symptoms Of Inner Peace                        Posters & Deity Cards            16477   POS
   Davis, Saskia             Poster Symptoms Of Inner Peace (Laminated)            Posters & Deity Cards            18922   POS
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   Deunov, Peter             Love Is All-Forgiving (Not Available)                 Aivanhov                         12462   AIV
   Deuter                    Tibet Nada Himalaya 2 (CD)                            CDs                              14686   CDS
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                                                                                   Homeopathy                               HOM
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   Devi, Yamuna              Best Of Lord Krishna's Cuisine                        Cookbooks                        20600   COO
   Devine, Carole            Star Trek Revealed                                    Mythology                        14452   MYT
   Devine, Megan             It's OK That You're Not OK                            Grief                            29784   GRF
   deVore, Nicholas          Encyclopedia Of Astrology                             Astrology                        28573   AST
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   Dharma                    Art Card Urgyen Dorje Chang (125a)                    Posters & Deity Cards            17188   POS
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   Dharma                    Door Mantra Avalokiteshvara (DMA1)                    Buddhism                         21605   BUD
   Dharma                    Door Mantra Avalokiteshvara (Yellow) DMA3             Tibetan Buddhism                 16718   TIB
   Dharma                    Door Mantra Enlightenment (DME2) Clr Brg.             Buddhism                         21560   BUD
   Dharma                    Door Mantra Padmasambhava (Clr Gold) DMP2             Tibetan Buddhism                 31062   TIB
   Dharma                    Door Mantra Vajra (Padmasambhava) DMP3 (Clr Yellow    Tibetan Buddhism                 19085   TIB
   Dharma                    Dzambhala 8X10 (001.829C)                             Buddhism                         23282   BUD
   DHARMA                    Enlightenment Stupa 8 X 10 (001.791C)                 Buddhism                         23491   BUD
   Dharma                    Folding Thanka Longevity Tara (FTLT)                  Posters & Deity Cards            31061   POS
   Dharma                    Folding Thanka Manjushri (FTM)                        Posters & Deity Cards            20373   POS
   Dharma                    Folding Thanka White Tara (FTWT)                      Posters & Deity Cards            20372   POS
   Dharma                    Gesar !  Epic Tale Of Tibet's Warrior King            Tibetan Buddhism                 18439   TIB
   Dharma                    Mandala  Amitayus (1173M)                             Buddhism                         28465   BUD
   Dharma                    Mandala Card Akshobya / Healing (1444M)               Buddhism                         28464   BUD
   Dharma                    Padmasambhava 8X10 (001.384C)                         Buddhism                         22990   BUD
   Dharma                    Poster Guru Rinpoche #61 Vajra Guru Padma Sambhava    Posters & Deity Cards            16675   POS
   Dharma                    Poster Padmasambhave & 25 Disciples (001-033)         Posters & Deity Cards            16687   POS
   Dharma                    Precious Life  A Jataka Tale Coloring Book            Children's Books                 20369   KID
   Dharma                    Precious Life  Jataka Tale Coloring Book With Tape    Children's Books                 20370   KID
   Dharma                    Rabbit Who Overcame Fear                              Children's Books                 20366   KID
   Dharma                    Sacred Art Card Avalokiteshvara (102.007A)            Buddhism                         28460   BUD
   Dharma                    Sacred Art Card Bodhigaya Buddha (56A)                Posters & Deity Cards            17186   POS
   Dharma                    Sacred Art Card Longevity Tara (11119A)               Posters & Deity Cards            17185   POS
   Dharma                    Sacred Art Card Longevity Tara (1119a)                Posters & Deity Cards            31063   POS
   Dharma                    Sacred Art Card Mandala Green Tara (1477A)            Buddhism                         28463   BUD
   Dharma                    Sacred Art Card Red Avalokiteshvara (001.463A)        Buddhism                         28461   BUD
   Dharma                    Sacred Art Card Vajrapani (117A)                      Posters & Deity Cards            17187   POS
   Dharma                    Sacred Art Card Vajrasattva (001.472A)                Buddhism                         28462   BUD
   Dharma                    Sacred Art Portfolio II  Heart Of Compassion          Art                              17700   ART
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dharma                    Thanka Canvas Matted Red Avalokiteshvara (1463MG)     Posters & Deity Cards            30426   POS
   Dharma                    Twenty-One Taras 8X10 (001-905C)                      Buddhism                         22884   BUD
   Dharma                    Value Of Friends  A Jataka Tale Coloring Book         Children's Books                 20368   KID
   Dharma                    Value Of Friends Coloring Book With Tape              Children's Books                 20371   KID
   Dharma Pub.               Proud Peacock (A Jataka Tale)                         Children's Books                 14581   KID
   Dharma Publ.              Amitabha Buddha Lamcard (117LC)                       Posters & Deity Cards            29772   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Amulet (AM) 8 mini-thankas                            Posters & Deity Cards            17001   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Buddha Amitabha Lamcard (108LC)                       Posters & Deity Cards            29767   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Buddha Amitayus Lamcard (122LC)                       Posters & Deity Cards            29768   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Buddha Of Dzogs-chen Lineage Lamcard (119LC)          Posters & Deity Cards            29770   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Buddha Ratnasambhava Lamcard (121LC)                  Posters & Deity Cards            29769   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Crystal Mirror Vol. IV                                Tibetan Buddhism                 15761   TIB
   Dharma Publ.              Door Mantra Enlightenment Framed (DME2G)              Tibetan Buddhism                 17183   TIB
   Dharma Publ.              Gesar  Vol. IX No. 1                                  Tibetan Buddhism                 15758   TIB
   Dharma Publ.              Guru Padmasambhava Lamcard (128LC)                    Posters & Deity Cards            29771   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Medicine Buddha Cloth Thanka (CTMB)                   Buddhism                         29759   BUD
   Dharma Publ.              Monster Of Lotus Lake (Jataka Tale)                   Children's Books                 30431   KID
   Dharma Publ.              Poster Mahabodhisattva Manjusri   040-020             Posters & Deity Cards            15767   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Sacred Art Card  Sitatapatras (249A)                  Posters & Deity Cards            30429   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Sacred Art Cards Sitatara White Tara (45A)            Posters & Deity Cards            30430   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Spade Sage (A Jataka Tale)                            Children's Books                 29757   KID
   Dharma Publ.              Tanka Canvas Matted Wheel Of Life (174 MG)            Posters & Deity Cards            30427   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Thanka Canvas Red Avalokiteshvara (1463 G)            Buddhism                         30428   BUD
   Dharma Publ.              Three Wise Birds (A Jataka Tale)                      Children's Books                 14568   KID
   Dharma Publ.              Traveling Altar Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (TABA)    Posters & Deity Cards            29761   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Traveling Altar Bodhisattva Manjusri (TABM)           Posters & Deity Cards            29760   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Traveling Altar Enlightenment Buddha (TAEB)           Posters & Deity Cards            29763   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Traveling Altar Green Tara (TAGT)                     Posters & Deity Cards            29765   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Traveling Altar Medicine Buddha (TAMB)                Posters & Deity Cards            29764   POS
   Dharma Publ.              Traveling Altar Yeshe Tsogyal (TAYT)                  Posters & Deity Cards            29762   POS
   Dharma Publ.              White Tara Cloth Thanka (CTWT)                        Buddhism                         29758   BUD
   Dharma Publ.              Wisdom Of The Golden Goose (Jataka Tale)              Children's Books                 29756   KID
   Dharma Publ. Staff        Ancient Tibet                                         Tibetan Buddhism                 16809   TIB
   Dharma Publ. Staff (Edt.) Sacred Art Portfolio 2 / Art Of Enlightenment         Art                              16811   ART
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dharma Publ. Staff (Tr.)  Fortunate Aeon (Tib. Budd. Canon #94) 4 vol. set      Tibetan Buddhism                 16810   TIB
   Dharma Publishing         Ancient Tibet  (same as 16809 but cheaper)            Dhammapada                       11031   DHA
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dharma Publishing         Arthaviniscaya Sutra (Gathering The Meanings)         Tibetan Buddhism                 29248   TIB
   Dharma Publishing         Best Of Friends  A Jataka Tale                        Children's Books                 18160   KID
   Dharma Publishing         Crystal Mirror 10 The Buddha & His Teachings          Buddhism                         29059   BUD
   Dharma Publishing         Crystal Mirror 12  The Stupa                          Buddhism                         24710   BUD
   Dharma Publishing         Cushion Half Moon Purple (CHMP)                       Posters & Deity Cards            11518   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Dhammapada  Verses With Tibetan Text (--> DHARMA)     Dhammapada                       15186   DHA
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dharma Publishing         Door Mantra Avalokiteshvara (wood) DMA2W              Buddhism                         24094   BUD
   Dharma Publishing         Door Mantra Avalokiteshvara Framed (DMA3G)            Tibetan Buddhism                 16990   TIB
   Dharma Publishing         From The Roof Of The World: Refugees Of Tibet         Dhammapada                       20813   DHA
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dharma Publishing         Gesar  Epic Tale Of Tibet's Warrior-King (DHARMA)     Dhammapada                       20812   DHA
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dharma Publishing         Heart Of Gold  A Jataka Tale                          Children's Books                 18166   KID
   Dharma Publishing         Hero Of The Land Of Snow  A Jataka Tale               Children's Books                 12399   KID
   Dharma Publishing         Jewel Of Friendship (A Jataka Tale)                   Children's Books                 29058   KID
   Dharma Publishing         King Who Understood Animals (Jataka Tale)             Children's Books                 29057   KID
   Dharma Publishing         Kum Nye Relaxation (CD 2) Art Of Dev. Balance         Tibetan Buddhism                 23191   TIB
   Dharma Publishing         Kum Nye Relaxation (CD KN10) Transmuting Neg. Ener    Tibetan Buddhism                 23068   TIB
   Dharma Publishing         Magic Of Patience  A Jataka Tale                      Children's Books                 18167   KID
   Dharma Publishing         Poster Avalokiteshvara Brocade (001.467)              Posters & Deity Cards            23719   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Poster Dhyani Buddha Amitabha (151.002)               Posters & Deity Cards            19798   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Poster Enlightement (001.032)                         Posters & Deity Cards            19799   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Poster Enlightened One (203.011)                      Posters & Deity Cards            19797   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Poster Red Avalokiteshvara Brocade (001.463)          Posters & Deity Cards            25302   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Poster Vajrasattva Brocade (001.472)                  Posters & Deity Cards            27049   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Poster Vajrasattva Brocade (001.473)                  Posters & Deity Cards            27047   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Poster Wheel Of Becoming Brocade (001.074B)           Posters & Deity Cards            23718   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Poster White Tara Brocade (001.471)                   Posters & Deity Cards            25119   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Poster World-Honored One (203.010)                    Posters & Deity Cards            19807   POS
   Dharma Publishing         Precious Life  A Jataka Tale                          Children's Books                 18168   KID
   Dharma Publishing         Sacred Art Card Healing Buddha (1448A)                Buddhism                         23682   BUD
   Dharma Publishing         Sacred Art Card Milarepa (1159A)                      Buddhism                         23581   BUD
   Dharma Publishing         Sacred Art Portfolio I  Lineage Of Rainbow Light      Art                              18172   ART
   Dharma Publishing         Sacred Art Portfolio VI  Path Of Liberation           Art                              18170   ART
   Dharma Publishing         Value Of Friends  A Jataka Tale                       Children's Books                 18171   KID
   Dharma Publishing         Value Of Friends  A Jataka Tale                       Children's Books                 19254   KID
   Dharma Publishing         Ways Of Enlightenment (--> under DHARMA)              Dhammapada                       17681   DHA
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dharma Publishing         World Peace Ceremony  Bodh Gaya                       Tibetan Buddhism                 21720   TIB
   Dharma, Krishna           Beauty, Power & Grace  Book Of Hindu Goddesses        Hinduism                         28651   HIN
   Dharma, Krishna           Mahabharata (Condensed)                               Hinduism                         28340   HIN
   Dharma, Krishna           Ramayana (1-887089-22-5)                              Hinduism                         28411   HIN
   Dharmasiri, Gunapala      Fundamentals Of Buddhist Ethics                       Buddhism                         17704   BUD
   Dharwadker, Vinay         Kabir  The Weaver's Songs                             Poetry                           13158   POE
   Dhiravamsa                Middle Path Of Life (Insight Meditation)              Buddhism                         17955   BUD
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Dhonden, Yeshi            Healing From The Source   Tibetan Medicine            Tibetan Buddhism                 27277   TIB
   Dhondy, Farrukh           Rumi  A New Translation (POS 9/30/15)                 Rumi                             23585   RUM
                                                                                   Sufism                                   SUF
   di Florio, Paola & Leeman Awake The Life Of Yogananda                           Art                              17017   ART
                                                                                   Yogananda, Paramahansa                   Y.P
   Di Pietro, Sylvia         Live Your Life By The Numbers  (OP 8/96)              Numerology                       20796   NUM
   di Sospiro, Guido Mina    Metaphysics Of Ping Pong                              Consciousness Expansion          26439   EXP
   Diagram Group             Little Giant Encyclopedia Of The Zodiac               Astrology                        24519   AST
   Diagram Group             Understanding Dreams (POS 2/4/08)                     Pocket books                     22717   PKT
   Diagram Group             Who Were You?                                         New Age                          17486   OCC
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Diallo & Hall             Healing Drum  African Wisdom Teachingws               African spirituality             18650   AFR
   Diallo, Yaya              Healing Drum African Ceremonial & Ritual Music CD     CDs                              25300   CDS
   Diamant, Anita            Red Tent                                              Fiction                          27860   FIC
   Diamond, John             Life Energy                                           Healing                          16604   HEA
   Diamond, John             Your Body Doesn't Lie                                 Healing                          14553   HEA
   Dianthus                  Stonehenge:  A Doorway Of Recall                      Earth Mysteries                  22636   EAR
   Diaz, Frank               Gospel Of The Toltecs                                 Mayan                            28991   MAY
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Diaz, Juliet              Plant Witchery                                        Wicca                            18559   WIC
   Dibbley, Dale Corey       From Achilles' Heel To Zeus's Shield                  Reference                        21160   REF
   Dickie, Lloyd & Boudreau  Awakening Higher Consciousness  (Egypt & Sumer)       Egyptian Spirituality            16002   EGY
   Diejpersloot, Jan         Warriers Of Stillness                                 Tai Chi                          16741   TAI
   Dieker                    Merton & Hesychasm  Prayer Of The Heart               Christianity                     29831   CHR
   Diemer, Deedre            ABC's Of Chakra Therapy  Workbook                     Chakras                          25365   CHA
   Dienstfrey, Harris        Where The Mind Meets The Body                         Healing                          21004   HEA
   Dienstmann, Giovanni      Practical Meditation  (DK Publ.)                      Meditation                       12440   MED
   Diggs, Antia Doreen       Talking Drums  African-American Quote Collection      African spirituality             22606   AFR
   Digitalis, Ravem          Shadow Magick Compendium                              Wicca                            27209   WIC
   Dillard, Sherrie          Discover Your Psychic Type                            Psychic Phenomenon               15774   ESP
   Dillard, Sherrie          Sacred Signs & Symbols                                Psychic Phenomenon               29040   ESP
   Dillard-Wright, David     At Ganapati's Feet                                    Hinduism                         23703   HIN
   Dilts, Robert             Beliefs  Pathways To Health & Well-Being              Mind Science                     19343   MIN
   Dimmitt & Buitenen        Classical Hindu Mythology  The Sanskrit Puranas       Hinduism                         15013   HIN
   Dinawa                    Sacred History and Earth Prophecies                   Comparative Religion             24441   C.R
   Dines, Patricia           Goddess Who Forgot That She Was A Goddess             Children's Books                 30399   KID
   Dinshah, Darius           Let There Be Light                                    Color healing/ therapy           19878   COL
   Dionysius (Luibheid tr.)  Pseudo Dionysius  The Complete Works                  Christianity                     25162   CHR
   Dionysius the Areopagite  Celestial Hierarchy                                   Christianity                     18516   CHR
   Dionysius The Areopagite  Divine Names                                          Christianity                     26579   CHR
   Dionysius The Areopagite  Mystical Theology & Celestial Hierarch..Dionysius     Christianity                     26588   CHR
   Discepolo, Ciro           Solar Returns                                         Astrology                        24569   AST
   Disciples, East & West    Vivekananda  Great Spiritual Teacher                  Hinduism                         24768   HIN
   Dispenza, Joe             Becoming Supernatural                                 Science                          28785   SCI
   Dispenza, Joe             Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself                  Science                          13373   SCI
   Dispenza, Joe             Evolve Your Brain                                     Science                          21096   SCI
   Dispenza, Joe             You Are The Placebo                                   Science                          22012   SCI
   Dispenza, Joe             Your Are The Placebo  (CD)                            CDs                              31264   CDS
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Dispenza, Joseph          Way Of The Traveler (OP 6/2019)                       Travel                           29268   TRA
   Diver, Joan               When Spirit Calls                                     Consciousness Expansion          29177   EXP
   Divyanand, Soami          Beware Of Sects                                       Comparative Religion             18956   C.R
   Dixon-Cooper & Walther    Harness Astrology's Bad Boy                           Astrology                        13172   AST
   Dixon-Cooper, Hazel       Born On A Rotten Day                                  Astrology                        29318   AST
   Dixon-Cooper, Hazel       Love On A Rotten Day                                  Astrology                        17303   AST
   diZerega, Gus             Fault Lines                                           Global Responsibility, concerns  14818   ONE
   Dizerega, Gus             Pagans & Christians                                   Christianity                     28059   CHR
   DK                        How The Brain Works                                   Healing                          14641   HEA
   DK                        Pocket Genius Rocks & Minerals                        Crystal and gems                 29688   GEM
   DK                        Secrets Of Astrology                                  Astrology                        11921   AST
   DK Publishing             DK Eyewitness Ancient Egypt                           Egyptian Spirituality            25698   EGY
   DK Publishing             History Of Magic, Witchcraft & The Occult             Reference                        15274   REF
   DK Publishing             How The Body Works                                    Healing                          19607   HEA
   Doane, Doris              How To Read Tarot Cards  (OP?)                        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     12343   TAR
   Doane, Doris              Secret Symbolism Of The Tarot                         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     21432   TAR
   Doane, Doris              Time Changes In The USA                               Astrology                        13958   AST
   Doane, Doris Chase        Blending Astrology Numerology & Tarot                 Astrology                        19024   AST
   Doane, Thomas             Bible Myths & Parallels In Other Religions            Bible, Scriptures                16126   BIB
   Dobin, Joel               Kabbalistic Astrology  Sacred Trad. Hebrew ..         Astrology                        26347   AST
                                                                                   Kabbalah                                 KAB
   Doboom & Mullin           Atisha & Buddhism In Tibet                            Tibetan Buddhism                 13728   TIB
   Dobratz, Gudrun           Tarot Cards Basic Tarot                               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13665   TAR
   Dobson & Miller           Aikido In Everyday Life                               Tai Chi                          15510   TAI
   Dobson, Moss & Watson     It's A Lot Like Dancing                               Tai Chi                          21799   TAI
   Dobyns, Zipporah          Book Of Saturn                                        Astrology                        24888   AST
   Doczi, Gyorgy             Power Of Limits (Sacred Geometry)                     Sacred Geometry                  13223   SAC
   Dodge, Ellin              Numerology Has Your Number                            Numerology                       18112   NUM
   Dodge, Ellin              You Are Your Birthday (POS 11/92)                     Numerology                       17621   NUM
   Dodinsky                  In The Garden Of Thoughts                             Inspirational books              14832   INS
   Dodson, Carolyn           Horo. Of U.S. States & Cities                         Astrology                        12321   AST
   Doerr, Anthony            All the Light We Cannot See                           Fiction                          31287   FIC
   Dogen                     Moon In A Dewdrop                                     Zen                              15892   ZEN
   Dogen & Uchiyama          How To Cook Your Life From Zen Kitchen To...          Zen                              15108   ZEN
   Dogen, Master             Beyond Thinking  Guide To Zen Meditation              Zen                              30180   ZEN
   Doherty & McNamara        Out Of The Skin Into The Soul                         Psychology, self help            22426   PSY
   Doidge, Norman            Brain That Changes Itself                             Science                          26787   SCI
   Doidge, Norman            Brain That Changes Itself (10 CDs)                    CDs                              26813   CDS
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Doidge, Norman            Brain's Way Of Healing                                Science                          23033   SCI
   Dolboba Shayrapgyeltsen   Mountain Doctrine                                     Tibetan Buddhism                 26886   TIB
   Dolfyn                    Crystal Wisdom  Spiritual Properties Of Crystals      Crystal and gems                 22892   GEM
   Dolfyn                    Crystal Wisdom V  Spiritual Values Of Clear Quartz    Crystal and gems                 18013   GEM
   Domin, Linda              Instant Palm Reader                                   Palmistry                        24478   PAL
   Dominguez & Robin         Your Money Or Your Life                               Work                             21134   JOB
   Dominguez, Ivo            Casting Sacred Space                                  Wicca                            22090   WIC
   Dominguez, Ivo            Spirit Speak                                          Psychic Phenomenon               26262   ESP
   Don Mardak                Spiritual Healing                                     Healing                          21129   HEA
   Don, Megan                Meditations With Teresa Of Avila                      Christianity                     21384   CHR
   Donaldson, Terry          Dragon Tarot Book                                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24001   TAR
   Donaldson, Terry          Step-By-Step Tarot                                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     23167   TAR
   Donaldson, Terry          Tarot Cards Dragon Tarot                              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     23999   TAR
   Donath, Emma              Approximate Positions Of Asteroids 1851               Astrology                        11009   AST
   Donath, Emma              Asteroids In The Birth Chart                          Astrology                        11142   AST
   Donden, Dr. Yeshi         Health Through Balance                                Healing                          15514   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Dondrub,  Thubten         Spiritual Friends  Meditations                        Meditation                       28910   MED
   Dong & Raffill            Empty Force  Ultimate Martial Art                     Tai Chi                          23821   TAI
   Dong, Paul & Raffill      China's Super Psychics (OSI 10/2002)                  Psychic Phenomenon               29173   ESP
   Dongyal, Khenpo Tsewang   Light Of Fearless Indestructible Wisdom               Tibetan Buddhism                 31119   TIB
   Doniger, Wendy            Hindus                                                Hinduism                         11480   HIN
   Doniger, Wendy            Rig Veda (Penguin) 0140449891                         Hinduism                         13876   HIN
   Donley, Barbara           Arianrod  A Welsh Myth Retold                         Mythology                        19325   MYT
   Donna Eden, Gary Craig &  Promise Of Energy Psychology                          Healing                          13472   HEA
   Donnelley, Nina           I Never Know What To Say                              Death and Dying                  18462   DEA
                                                                                   Grief                                    GRF
   Donnelly, Ignatius        Atlantis  The Antediluvian World                      Atlantis                         11216   ATL
   Donner, Florinda          Being-In-Dreaming                                     Shamanism                        20300   SHA
   Donner, Florinda          Shabono                                               Native Peoples                   15023   NAT
   Donner, Florinda          Witch's Dream                                         Shamanism                        14520   SHA
   Donovan, Doe              Do You Speak Astrology                                Astrology                        15117   AST
   Dooley, Mike              Beginner's Guide To The Universe                      Inspirational books              12294   INS
   Dooley, Mike              From Deep Space With Love                             New Age                          28826   OCC
   Dooley, Mike              Infinite Possibilities                                Mind Science                     22086   MIN
   Dooley, Mike              Manifesting Change                                    Mind Science                     15269   MIN
   Dooley, Rhonda            Heaven's Consciousness  A Near-Death Experience       Near Death Studies               26809   NDE
   Dooling & Jordan-Smith    I Become Part Of It                                   Native Peoples                   21024   NAT
   Dooling, Ed               Sons Of The Winds Sacred Stories Of The Lakota        Native Peoples                   14432   NAT
   Doore, Gary, comp. & ed.  Shaman's Path  (OP 10/97)                             Native Peoples                   17397   NAT
   Doore, Kathy              Markawasi                                             Art                              18089   ART
   Dor-Je, Wang-Ch'ug (LTWA) Mahamudra Eliminating The Darkness Of Ignorance       Tibetan Buddhism                 16459   TIB
   Doreal                    Emerald Tablets Of Thoth-The-Atlantean                Western Mystery Tradition        26851   WMT
   Doresse, Jean             Discovery Of The Nag Hammadi Texts                    Gnosis, gnostic                  30682   GNO
   Doresse, Jean             Secret Books Of The Egyptian Gnostics                 Gnosis, gnostic                  15601   GNO
   Dorje, Chokling Dewey     Great Gate                                            Tibetan Buddhism                 20685   TIB
   Dorje, Choying Tobden     Complete Nyingma Tradition (Books 1 To 10)            Tibetan Buddhism                 26228   TIB
   Dorje, Lama Sherab        Mahamudra Teachings Of The Supreme Siddhas            Tibetan Buddhism                 22827   TIB
   Dorje, Thekchok           Chod  Practice Manual & Commentary                    Tibetan Buddhism                 31081   TIB
   Dorje, Wangchuk           Ninth Karmapa Ocean Of Certainty                      Tibetan Buddhism                 13756   TIB
   Dossey, Larry             Be Careful What You Pray For                          Healing                          25514   HEA
   Dossey, Larry             Extraordinary Healing Power Of Ordinary Things        Healing                          14477   HEA
   Dossey, Larry             Healing Words (INGR SW 5/11/06)                       Healing                          21436   HEA
   Dossey, Larry             Meaning & Medicine                                    Healing                          20306   HEA
   Dossey, Larry             One Mind                                              Global Responsibility, concerns  24812   ONE
   Dossey, Larry             Power Of Premonitions                                 Psychic Phenomenon               28888   ESP
   Dossey, Larry             Prayer Is Good Medicine                               Healing                          24592   HEA
   Dossey, Larry             Prayer Is Good Medicine (this is last H)*             Healing                          24068   HEA
   Dossey, Larry             Recovering The Soul  A Scientific & Spir. Approach    Healing                          18388   HEA
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Dossey, Larry             Reinventing Medicine                                  Healing                          26475   HEA
   Dossey, Larry             Science Of Premonitions                               Psychic Phenomenon               18683   ESP
   Dossey, Larry             Space, Time & Medicine                                Science                          13684   SCI
   Doty, MD, James           Into The Magic Shop                                   Science                          28099   SCI
   Dougans, Inge             New Reflexology                                       Healing                          24296   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Dougans, Inge             Reflexology  A Practical Intro. (OP 1/2003)           Healing                          20245   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Dougherty, Ned            Fast Lane To Heaven                                   Near Death Studies               28581   NDE
   Dougherty, Rose Mary      Group Spiritual Direction                             Global Responsibility, concerns  30061   ONE
   Douglas, Bill             Complete Idiot's Guide To T'ai Chi & Qigong           Tai Chi                          15930   TAI
   Douglas, Bill             Deep Peace (CD)                                       CDs                              26489   CDS
   Douglas, Claire           Translate This Darkness                               Jung, Carl                       24895   JUN
   Douglas, Michael          Following The Light  The Dance Of The Elements        Inspirational books              27112   INS
   Douglas, Nik              Book Of Matan                                         New Age                          20744   OCC
   Douglas, Slinger          Sexual Secrets                                        Tantra                           28609   SEX
   Douglas-Klotz, Neil       Desert Wisdom                                         Christianity                     13752   CHR
   Douglas-Klotz, Neil       Hidden Gospel                                         Christianity                     26708   CHR
   Douglas-Klotz, Neil       Kahlil Gibran's Little Book Of Love                   Poetry                           16233   POE
   Douglas-Klotz, Neil       Kahlil Gibran's Little Book Of Wisdom                 Poetry                           28736   POE
   Douglas-Klotz, Neil       Prayers Of The Cosmos                                 Christianity                     21029   CHR
   Douglas-Klotz, Neil       Sufi Book Of Life  (99 Names) BO'd 1/4/2021           Sufism                           19736   SUF
   Dourley, John P.          Love, Celibacy & The Inner Marriage                   Jung, Carl                       16905   JUN
   Douzet, Andre             Sauniere's Model & the Secret of Rennes-le-Chateau    Earth Mysteries                  30824   EAR
   Douzet, Andre             Secret Vault                                          Earth Mysteries                  30825   EAR
   Douzet, Andre             Wanderings of the Grail                               Holy Grail                       30828   H.G
   Dow, Caroline             Sanctuary Of Your Own                                 Feng Shui                        14667   FEN
   Dow, Caroline             Tea Leaf Reading For Beginners                        Herbs                            22795   HER
   Dowding, Muriel           Psychic Life Of Muriel  The Lady Dowding              Psychic Phenomenon               13294   ESP
   Dowman, Keith             Flight Of The Garuda (2nd Edition)                    Tibetan Buddhism                 21674   TIB
   Dowman, Keith             Masters Of Mahamudra                                  Tibetan Buddhism                 18577   TIB
   Dowman, Keith             Maya Yoga                                             Tibetan Buddhism                 25232   TIB
   Dowman, Keith             Original Perfection (Vairotsana's 5 Transmissions)    Tibetan Buddhism                 23377   TIB
   Dowman, Keith             Sky Dancer (Yeshe Tsogyel)                            Tibetan Buddhism                 14378   TIB
   Dowman, Keith             Spaciousness (Dzogchen Of The Vajra-Heart)            Tibetan Buddhism                 26215   TIB
   Dowman, Keith (tr.)       Buddhist Masters Of Enchantment                       Tibetan Buddhism                 25444   TIB
   Dowman, Keith (trans)     Divine Madman                                         Tibetan Buddhism                 19127   TIB
   Dowman, Keith, transl.    Masters Of Enchantment (OP) see 25444                 Tibetan Buddhism                 17803   TIB
   Downing                   Massage Book                                          Healing                          12829   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Downing, Christine        Gods In Our Midst                                     Mythology                        12643   MYT
   Downing, Christine        Psyche's Sisters                                      Women's Spirituality, Goddess    11906   WOM
   Downing, Christine        Women's Mysteries (BO'd 2/15/2019)                    Women's Spirituality, Goddess    11982   WOM
   Dowson, Godfrey           Tarot Cards Hermetic Tarot                            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     30836   TAR
   Doyle, Arthur Conan       Coming Of The Fairies                                 Angels, Nature Spirits           25937   ANG
   Doyle, Brendan            Meditations With Julian Of Norwich                    Christianity                     20271   CHR
   Doyle, Bruce              Before You Think Another Thought                      Mind Science                     23039   MIN
   Doyle, DavidPaul & C.     Voice For Love                                        Consciousness Expansion          23182   EXP
   Doyle, Jonathan           Proverbs Of Hell Explained (William Blake)            Inspirational books              23284   INS
                                                                                   Poetry                                   POE
   Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming       Qigong: Secret of Youth                               Qigong                           13617   QIG
   Dragpa, Chokyi            Uniting Wisdom & Compassion                           Tibetan Buddhism                 30179   TIB
   Dragpa, Panchen Sonam     Overview Of Buddhist Tantra (LTWA)                    Tibetan Buddhism                 25137   TIB
   Drake, Linda              Reaching Through The Veil To Heal                     Death and Dying                  30959   DEA
   Drake, Michael            Shamanic Drum Gd To Sacred Drumming (OP 9/99)         Shamanism                        20135   SHA
   Drayer, Ruth              Nicholas & Helena Roerich                             Roerich, Nicholas                11612   R.N
   Drda, Darrin              Four Global Truths                                    Global Responsibility, concerns  23112   ONE
   Dreamer, Oriah Mountain   Call (0061116696)                                     Psychology, self help            29871   PSY
   Dreamer, Oriah Mountain   Dance  Moving To The Rhythms Of Your True Self        Psychology, self help            28628   PSY
   Dreamer, Oriah Mountain   Invitation                                            Psychology, self help            26789   PSY
   Dreamer, Oriah Mountain   Opening The Invitation                                Psychology, self help            16106   PSY
   Dreamer, Oriah Mountain   What We Ache For  Creativity & Your Soul              Psychology, self help            23467   PSY
   Dreher, Diane             Tao Of Inner Peace  A Guide / Inner & Outer Peace     Taoism                           19661   TAO
   Dresser Marianne (editor) Buddhist Women On The Edge                            Buddhism                         15204   BUD
   Drew, A. J.               Wicca For Men (INGR  SW 9/1/06)                       Wicca                            25855   WIC
   Drew, Sarah               Gaia Codex                                            Fiction                          27938   FIC
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                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
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                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
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                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Dziuban, Peter            Consciousness Is All                                  Consciousness Expansion          11443   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Eadie, Betty              Awakening Heart                                       Near Death Studies               24061   NDE
   Eadie, Betty              Embraced By The Light                                 Near Death Studies               22223   NDE
   Eadie, Betty J.           Ripple Effect (not available)                         Near Death Studies               27093   NDE
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                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
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                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
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                                                                                   Easwaran                                 EAS
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                                                                                   Easwaran                                 EAS
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                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
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   Easwaran, Eknath          Nonviolent Soldier Of Islam                           Easwaran                         12797   EAS
   Easwaran, Eknath          Original Goodness                                     Easwaran                         14659   EAS
   Easwaran, Eknath          Passage Meditation                                    Easwaran                         22861   EAS
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
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   Easwaran, Eknath          Renewal                                               Easwaran                         28089   EAS
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   Easwaran, Eknath          Strength In The Storm                                 Easwaran                         13868   EAS
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   Easwaran, Eknath          Unstruck Bell  (OP 10/97)                             Easwaran                         21458   EAS
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
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   Easwaran, Eknath          Your Life Is Your Message                             Easwaran                         17980   EAS
   Easwaren, Eknath          Compassionate Universe                                Easwaran                         18346   EAS
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   Ebertin-Hoffmann          Fixed Stars & Their Interpretation                    Astrology                        15833   AST
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   Echols, Damien            High Magick                                           Ceremonial Magic                 11763   MAG
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   Eck, Diana L.             Darsan                                                Hinduism                         18770   HIN
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   Eden, Donna               Little Book Of Energy Medicine                        Healing                          11196   HEA
   Eden, Donna, & Feinstein  Energies Of Love                                      Healing                          23841   HEA
                                                                                   Relationships                            REL
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   Edge, Henry Travers       Esoteric Keys To The Christian Scriptures             Christianity                     16270   CHR
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   Edinger, Edward           Bible & The Psyche                                    Jung, Carl                       27704   JUN
   Edinger, Edward           Christian Archetype                                   Jung, Carl                       23186   JUN
   Edinger, Edward           Creation Of Consciousness                             Jung, Carl                       14321   JUN
   Edinger, Edward           Ego & Archetype                                       Jung, Carl                       11842   JUN
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   Edinger, Edward           Psyche In Antiquity Book 2                            Jung, Carl                       28305   JUN
   Edinger, Edward           Psyche On Stage                                       Jung, Carl                       28306   JUN
   Edinger, Edward           Sacred Psyche                                         Jung, Carl                       25671   JUN
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   Edinger, Edward           Transformation Of The God-Image                       Jung, Carl                       30196   JUN
   Edis, Freda               God Between  Study Of Astrological Mercury            Astrology                        11042   AST
   Edited - 17 Papers        Symposium On H.P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine         Secret Doctrine Studies          15296   SDS
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Edition Rabten            Four Friends (A Jataka Tale)                          Children's Books                 18645   KID
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   Edsey, Steve              Joy Of Owning A Soul                                  Inspirational books              30602   INS
   Edward, John              Crossing Over                                         Death and Dying                  28404   DEA
   Edward, John              Infinite Quest                                        Psychic Phenomenon               21413   ESP
   Edward, John              One Last Time                                         Psychic Phenomenon               28212   ESP
   Edward, Pauline           Astrological Crosses In Relationship                  Astrology                        19360   AST
   Edwards, Betty            Drawing On The Artist Within (0-671-63514X)           Art                              16229   ART
   Edwards, Betty            Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain                Art                              11761   ART
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Edwards, Carolyn          Storyteller's Goddess                                 Women's Spirituality, Goddess    20116   WOM
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                                                                                   Sanskrit                                 SAN
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   Ehret, Arnold             Rational Fasting ( 188-477-2013 )                     Diet                             13381   DIE
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
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   Ehrman, Bart              How Jesus Became God                                  Christianity                     24948   CHR
   Ehrman, Bart              Misquoting Jesus                                      Christianity                     25108   CHR
   Eichenbaum, Diane         Soul Signs                                            Astrology                        25474   AST
   Eicher, Peter             Vision of Mary                                        Christianity                     11309   CHR
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   Eilers, Dana              Practical Pagan                                       Wicca                            30392   WIC
   Einstein, Albert          World As I See It                                     Global Responsibility, concerns  14201   ONE
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   Eiseley, Loren            Unexpected Universe                                   Science                          14616   SCI
   Eisen, Armand             Angels Mini Gift Book                                 Angels, Nature Spirits           21377   ANG
   Eisen, L. & Frey, M.      Shopping For Enlightenment                            Humor                            12135   HUM
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   Eisen, William            Universal Language Of Cabalah                         Kabbalah                         14007   KAB
   Eisenberg, David          Encounters With Qi ("Chee")                           Healing                          16111   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
                                                                                   Taoism                                   TAO
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   Eisenstein, Charles       More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know                  Global Responsibility, concerns  18500   ONE
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   Eisler, Riane             Power Of Partnership (POS 12/28/16)                   Relationships                    28854   REL
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   Eisler, Riane             Sacred Pleasure                                       Tantra                           23241   SEX
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   Elder, Mark               Get Yourself From Crisis To Coping                    Psychology, self help            27107   PSY
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   Emahmn                    Coloring Book Of Magical Designs III                  Art                              16752   ART
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   Emoto, Masaru             Messages From Water (VIDEO)                           Science                          30271   SCI
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
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   Emoto, Masaru             Messages From Water Vol.1 (OSI 3/2007)                Science                          29082   SCI
   Emoto, Masaru             Messages From Water Vol.2                             Science                          29083   SCI
   Emoto, Masaru             Miracle Of Water                                      Science                          28546   SCI
   Emoto, Masaru             Secret Life Of Water                                  Science                          11494   SCI
   Emoto, Masaru             True Power Of Water                                   Science                          18994   SCI
   Emre, Yunus               Drop That Became The Sea (Trans. Helminski)           Poetry                           26569   POE
   Endersby, V.              Hall Of Magic Mirrors                                 Theosophy                        12186   THE
   Endicott, Gwendolyn       Spinning Wheel  Art Of Mythmaking                     Mythology                        23555   MYT
   Eng, Kim (Eckhart Tolle)  Meditations For A New Earth (2 CDs)                   CDs                              24127   CDS
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
                                                                                   Tolle, Eckhart                           ECK
   Engel & Malloy            Old Wives' Tales  Truth About (OP 8/98)               Humor                            21392   HUM
   Engels-Smith, Jan         Becoming Yourself  Journey From Head To Heart         Shamanism                        26550   SHA
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   Enya                      Amarantine (CD)                                       CDs                              16114   CDS
   Enya                      Day Without Rain (CD) W 9354                          CDs                              17238   CDS
   Enya                      Paint The Sky With Stars (CD)                         CDs                              20288   CDS
   Enya                      Shepherd Moons (CD)                                   CDs                              27252   CDS
   Enya                      The Memory of Trees (CD)                              CDs                              23559   CDS
   Enya                      Very Best Of Enya (CD)                                CDs                              18583   CDS
   Enya                      Watermark (CD)                                        CDs                              27253   CDS
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   Epstein, Mark             Open To Desire                                        Buddhism                         17712   BUD
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   Errico, Rocco A.          Treasures From The Language Of Jesus                  Bible, Scriptures                11604   BIB
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   Ervast, Pekka             Esoteric School Of Jesus                              Christianity                     26430   CHR
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                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
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   Essene Fellowship / Peace Creative Color  Anal & Synth / Useful Color Knowl     Aura                             19752   AUR
                                                                                   Color healing/ therapy                   COL
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   Estes, Clarissa           Women Who Run With The Wolves                         Women's Spirituality, Goddess    12796   WOM
   Estes, Clarissa           Women Who Run With The Wolves  (CD)                   CDs                              23215   CDS
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
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   Estes, Clarissa Pinkola   Untie The Strong Woman                                Women's Spirituality, Goddess    23105   WOM
   Estes, Clarissa Pinkola   Women Who Run With the Wolves (MASS market)           Women's Spirituality, Goddess    16986   WOM
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   Evatt & Feld              Givers & The Takers                                   Relationships                    22208   REL
   Evenson, Dean             4 Earth Natural Sounds (CD)                           CDs                              22633   CDS
   Evenson, Dean             Sacred Earth (CD)                                     CDs                              17664   CDS
   Everard, Dr.              Divine Pymander Of Hermes                             Western Mystery Tradition        19545   WMT
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   Evola, Julius             Hermetic Tradition  Symbols & Teachings               Hermetics                        22697   HRM
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Evola, Julius             Meditations On The Peaks                              Western Mystery Tradition        25290   WMT
   Evola, Julius             Men Among The Ruins                                   Western Mystery Tradition        28926   WMT
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   Evola, Julius             Revolt Against The Modern World                       Comparative Religion             24527   C.R
   Evola, Julius             Ride The Tiger  Manual/Aristocrats of the Soul        Western Mystery Tradition        30466   WMT
   Evola, Julius,     Introduction To Magic                                 Ceremonial Magic                 28331   MAG
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   Fagg, Lawrence            Electromagnetism & The Sacred                         Science                          28899   SCI
   Fahey, J. & Armstrong, R. Peace Reader                                          Global Responsibility, concerns  16987   ONE
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   Fairchild, Alana          Crystal Mandala Oracle                                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     31185   TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Earth Warriors Oracle                                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20017   TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Isis Oracle Cards (BO'd 12/15/2020)                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     25654   TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Kuan Yin Oracle Cards                                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     25609   TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Lightworker Oracle Cards (POS 10/2020)                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29884   TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Love Your Inner Goddess  (Incl. CD & download)        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17552   TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle Cards                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29886   TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Rumi Oracle                                           Rumi                             16719   RUM
                                                                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books             TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Sacred Rebels Oracle (44 Cards)                       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     28748   TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Wild Kuan Yin (Pocket)                                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     30497   TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Wild Kuan Yin Oracle Cards                            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29280   TAR
   Fairchild, Alana          Wings Of Wisdom Oracle                                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     21027   TAR
   Fairfield & Provo         Inspiration Tarot                                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18908   TAR
   Fairfield, Gail           Choice Centered Astrology                             Astrology                        19396   AST
   Fairfield, Gail           Choice-Centered Relating & The Tarot                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     27640   TAR
   Fairfield, Gail           Everyday Tarot                                        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     11493   TAR
   Faivre, Antoine           Access To Western Esoterism                           Western Mystery Tradition        27318   WMT
   Faivre, Antoine           Eternal Hermes                                        Western Mystery Tradition        23432   WMT
   Falcon, Rabbi Ted         Meditative Paths To Awakening (CD)                    CDs                              22506   CDS
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Falcon, Rabbi Ted,Ph.D    Judaism For Dummies                                   Judaism                          28722   JUD
   Falcon, Ted               Journey Of Awakening  Kabbalistic Meditation...       Kabbalah                         29549   KAB
   Falcone, Ron              Complete Guide To Alternative Cancer (OP 9/00)        Healing                          22439   HEA
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   Fanslow-Brunjes, Cathleen Using the Power Of Hope To Cope With Dying            Death and Dying                  18857   DEA
   Fanthorpe, Lionel & Pat   Mysteries Of Templar Treasure & The Holy Grail        Holy Grail                       30341   H.G
   Faraday, Ann              Dream Power                                           Dreams                           11768   DRE
   Farber, Monte             Tarot Cards Karma Cards                               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17631   TAR
   Farber, Philip            Meta-Magick  The Book Of Atem  (NLP...)               Psychology, self help            18164   PSY
   Farber, Philip H.         Futureritual  (OP ACCESS Publ)                        Ceremonial Magic                 23131   MAG
   Farer-Halls, Gill         World Of The Dalai Lama (768)                         Dalai Lama                       25112   D.L
   Farhi, Donna              Breathing Book                                        Breathing                        14138   BRE
   Farhi, Donna              Bringing Yoga To Life                                 Yoga                             19900   YOG
   Farhi, Donna              Teaching Yoga (With CD)                               Yoga                             16686   YOG
   Farhi, Donna              Yoga Mind, Body, & Spirit                             Yoga                             29797   YOG
   Farish, Starr             Words From The Source II                              New Age                          17180   OCC
   Farmer, Steven            Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guide (CD)           Animals                          23302   ANI
                                                                                   Shamanism                                SHA
   Farmer, Steven            Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides (44 cards)    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     22115   TAR
   Farmer, Steven            Power Animal Oracle Cards                             Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20759   TAR
   Farmer, Steven            Sacred Ceremony                                       Shamanism                        29244   SHA
   Farmer, Steven D.         Animal Spirit Guides                                  Native Peoples                   18847   NAT
   Farmer, Steven D.         Earth Magic Oracle Cards                              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20472   TAR
   Farr, Florence            Egyptian Magic                                        Egyptian Spirituality            22978   EGY
   Farr, Florence            Magic Of A Symbol                                     Western Mystery Tradition        24355   WMT
   Farrant, Sheila           Symbols For Women  Matrilineal Zodiac                 Astrology                        15726   AST
   Farrar & Bone             Healing Craft  Healing Practices For Witches/Pagan    Wicca                            26572   WIC
   Farrar, Janet & Bone, G.  Inner Mysteries                                       Wicca                            18721   WIC
   Farrar, Janet & Bone, G.  Progressive Witchcraft                                Wicca                            30107   WIC
   Farrar, Janet & Stewart   Life & Times Of A Modern Witch (OP?)                  Wicca                            17555   WIC
   Farrar, Janet & Stewart   Pagan Path                                            Wicca                            22885   WIC
   Farrar, Janet & Stewart   Witches' Bible  Complete...                           Wicca                            12373   WIC
   Farrar, Janet & Stewart   Witches' God  Lord Of The Dance                       Wicca                            18418   WIC
   Farrar, Janet & Stewart   Witches' Goddess  Feminine Principle Of Divinity      Wicca                            18419   WIC
   Farrar, Janet & Stewart   Witches' Way                                          Wicca                            23353   WIC
   Farrar, Janet and Stewart Eight Sabbats For Witches                             Wicca                            23340   WIC
   Farrar, Jean              Yoga For Pets                                         Animals                          12494   ANI
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Farrell, Joseph           Philosophers' Stone                                   Alchemy                          12832   ALC
   Farrell, Joseph           Thrice Great Hermetica & The Janus Age                Western Mystery Tradition        26890   WMT
   Farrer-Halls, Gil         Buddha Pack (OP 1/2007)                               Buddhism                         29833   BUD
   Farrer-Halls, Gill        Feminine Face Of Buddhism                             Buddhism                         29201   BUD
   Farrey, Seppo Ed          3 Bowls  Vegetarian Recipes                           Cookbooks                        30053   COO
   Farris, Val Jon           Inca Fire  Light Of The Masters                       Mayan                            27671   MAY
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Farthing, Bill            Odiyan County Cookbook                                Cookbooks                        29060   COO
   Farthing, Geoffrey        Deity Cosmos & Man  Outline Of Esoteric Science       Theosophy                        21405   THE
   Farthing, Geoffrey        Exploring The Great Beyond                            Theosophy                        15475   THE
   Farthing, Geoffrey        Theosophy  What It's All About                        Theosophy                        14505   THE
   Farwell, Jeff             VisionCircle                                          Shamanism                        17922   SHA
   Fatunmbi, Awo Fa'lokun    Iba'se Orisa                                          African spirituality             22529   AFR
   Fatunmbi, Awo Fa'lokun    Obatala  Ifa & The Chief Of Spirit Of White Cloth     African spirituality             22533   AFR
   Fatunmbi, Awo Fa'lokun    Ochosi  Ifa & The Spirit Of The Tracker               African spirituality             22534   AFR
   Fatunmbi, Awo Fa'lokun    Ogun  Ifa & The Spirit Of Iron                        African spirituality             22535   AFR
   Fatunmbi, Awo Fa'lokun    Oshun  Ifa & The Spirit Of The River                  African spirituality             22536   AFR
   Fatunmbi, Awo Fa'lokun    Oya  Ifa & The Spirit Of The Wind                     African spirituality             22537   AFR
   Fatunmbi, Awo Fa'lokun    Shango  Ifa & The Spirit Of Lightning                 African spirituality             22539   AFR
   Fatunmbi, Awo Fa'lokun    Yemoja/Olokun  Ifa & The Spirit Of The Ocean          African spirituality             22543   AFR
   Faulkner, R.O.            Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts                        Egyptian Spirituality            18842   EGY
   Faulkner, R.O., transl.   Ancient Egyptian Book Of The Dead                     Egyptian Spirituality            18136   EGY
   Fawcett, Margaret         Aromatherapy For Pregnancy & Childbirth               Herbs                            16766   HER
   Fearheiley, Don           Angels Among Us                                       Angels, Nature Spirits           21468   ANG
   Fearrington, Basil        New Way To Learn Astrology                            Astrology                        28289   AST
   Feather, Ken Eagle        On The Toltec Path (10 Anniv. Edition)                Native Peoples                   23327   NAT
   Feather, Ken Eagle        Toltec Dreaming (Lucid Dreaming)                      Native Peoples                   31110   NAT
   Feather, Robert           Mystery Of The Copper Scroll Of Qumran                Gnosis, gnostic                  25502   GNO
   Feather, Robert           Secret Initiation Of Jesus At Qumran                  Gnosis, gnostic                  30691   GNO
   Fechner, Gustav & James   Life After Death (1943)                               Death and Dying                  23727   DEA
   Fehmi, Les & Robbins, Jim Open-Focus Brain (CD included)                        Psychology, self help            17335   PSY
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Feild, Reshad             Alchemy Of The Heart (BO Overdue 10/23/01 NEWL)       Sufism                           19355   SUF
   Feild, Reshad             Breathing Alive (OP?)                                 Sufism                           17929   SUF
   Feild, Reshad             Footprints In The Sand                                Sufism                           17564   SUF
   Feild, Reshad             Invisible Way                                         Sufism                           12482   SUF
   Feild, Reshad             Last Barrier                                          Sufism                           12590   SUF
   Feild, Reshad             Reason Is Powerless In The Expression Of Love         Sufism                           19354   SUF
   Feild, Reshad             Steps To Freedom                                      Sufism                           13740   SUF
   Feilds, Taylor Et Al      Chop Wood Carry Water                                 Global Responsibility, concerns  11498   ONE
   Fein, Ira & Bobrosky, S.  Come Beloved (CD)                                     CDs                              12943   CDS
   Feinberg, Gerald          Solid Clues: Quantum Physics, Molecular Bio           Science                          16118   SCI
   Feinstein & Krippner      Personal Mythology  The Psych Of Yr Evolving Self     Mythology                        18530   MYT
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Feinstein & Mayo          Mortal Acts  (Formerly Rituals For Living & Dying)    Death and Dying                  19190   DEA
   Feldenkrais, Moshe        Awareness Through Movement                            Healing                          11237   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Feldenkrais, Moshe        Body & Mature Behavior                                Therapeutic Touch                15201   TT1
   Feldenkrais, Moshe        Body Awareness As Healing Therapy                     Healing                          22059   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Feldenkrais, Moshe        Potent Self                                           Healing                          13219   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Feldman & Voelke          World Treasury Of Folk Wisdom                         Inspirational books              20968   INS
   Feldman, Daniel Hale      Qabalah  Mystical Heritage Of Children Of Abraham     Kabbalah                         28439   KAB
   Feldman, Jayne            Driving Under The Influence Of Angels                 Angels, Nature Spirits           29818   ANG
   Feldman, Ron              Fundamentals Of Jewish Mysticism & Kabbalah           Kabbalah                         19299   KAB
   Fellman, Gordon           Rambo & The Dalai Lama                                Psychology, self help            25429   PSY
   Felser, Joseph            Myth Of The Great Ending                              Mythology                        14306   MYT
   Fenchuk, Gary (Compiler)  Timeless Wisdom                                       Inspirational books              25215   INS
   Fenelon, Francois         Talking With God                                      Hinduism                         23899   HIN
   Feng & English            Chuang Tsu / Inner Chapters                           Taoism                           11510   TAO
   Feng & English            Tao Te Ching                                          Taoism                           24865   TAO
   Feng & English            Tao Te Ching (Small) 0-679-72434-6                    Taoism                           18551   TAO
   Fenge, Gerry              Two Worlds Of Wellesley Tudor Pole                    Western Mystery Tradition        20822   WMT
   Fenimore, Angie           Beyond The Darkness  Near-Death Journey               Near Death Studies               22641   NDE
   Fenner, Peter             Edge Of Certainty                                     Tibetan Buddhism                 29224   TIB
   Fenner, Peter             Natural Awakening                                     Tibetan Buddhism                 27594   TIB
   Fenner, Peter             Radiant Mind                                          Buddhism                         31098   BUD
   Fenner, Peter & Penny     Essential Wisdom Teachings                            Psychology, self help            28205   PSY
   Fensin, Alan              Messiah In India                                      Fiction                          18259   FIC
   Fenton, Edward (Editor)   Diaries Of John Dee                                   Ceremonial Magic                 26416   MAG
   Fenton, Patricia          Don't Send Me Any Rainbows                            Death and Dying                  25185   DEA
   Fenton, Peter             Shaolin  Nei Jin Qi Gong                              Qigong                           12879   QIG
   Fenton, Peter             Tibetan Healing  Modern Legacy Of Medicine Buddha     Tibetan Buddhism                 26540   TIB
   Fenton, Sasha             Astrology In Focus  Finding Your Rising Sign          Astrology                        14802   AST
   Fenton, Sasha             Discover The Flying Stars (Chinese Astrology)         Astrology                        14643   AST
                                                                                   Chinese Astrology                        CHI
   Fenton, Sasha             In Focus Numerology  Your Personal Guide              Numerology                       17118   NUM
   Fenton, Sasha             Sun Signs (OP 9/96)                                   Astrology                        21116   AST
   Fenton, Sasha             Super Tarot (OP 8/01)                                 Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20482   TAR
   Fenwick & Fenwick         Truth In The Light (OSI 5/01)                         Near Death Studies               24113   NDE
   Ferguson, Andy            Zen Ancestor Map                                      Zen                              24708   ZEN
   Ferguson, Anna-Marie      Keeper Of Words  Legend  The Arthurian Tarot          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     26566   TAR
   Ferguson, Anna-Marie      Tarot Cards Legend  Arthurian (156-718-2674)          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     22904   TAR
   Ferguson, Diana           Magickal Year  Pagan Perspective                      Wicca                            12244   WIC
   Ferguson, Gaylon          Natural Wakefulness                                   Tibetan Buddhism                 11765   TIB
   Ferguson, Marilyn         Aquarius Now                                          Global Responsibility, concerns  12572   ONE
   Ferguson, Marilyn         PragMagic  (OSI 09.95)                                Ceremonial Magic                 19088   MAG
   Ferguson, Myles           My Encounters With The Light  Jesus & The Janitor     Out of Body                      26370   OOB
   Ferguson, Robert A.       ESP For Everyone (POS NEWL 9/2/99)                    Psychic Phenomenon               12073   ESP
   Ferguson, Sibyl           Crystal Ball                                          Aura                             11653   AUR
                                                                                   Crystal and gems                         GEM
   Fericy, Joan              Let Go Of The Struggle                                Small Books & Booklets           20418   PAM
   Fernandez, Maurice        Astrology & The Evolution Of Consciousness Vol.1      Astrology                        12743   AST
   Fernandez, Maurice        Neptune The 12th House & Pisces                       Astrology                        20490   AST
   Ferrier, J. Todd          Life's Mysteries Unveiled                             Christianity                     25902   CHR
   Ferrier, J. Todd          Logia Or Sayings Of The Master                        Christianity                     25903   CHR
   Ferrier, J. Todd          Master His Life & Teachings                           Christianity                     29899   CHR
   Ferrini, Paul             Available Light  Poems (BO'd 8/9/2018)                A Course in Miracles             19538   CIM
                                                                                   Poetry                                   POE
   Ferrini, Paul             Body Of Truth                                         A Course in Miracles             19539   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Bridge To Reality  Hrt-Cntrd App / CIM & P Of I H     A Course in Miracles             19540   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Circle Of Atonement  Wndd Chld's Jrney/Lv's Embrc     A Course in Miracles             19787   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Creating A Spiritual Relationship                     A Course in Miracles             26298   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Ecstatic Moment                                       A Course in Miracles             24310   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Embracing Our True Self                               A Course in Miracles             19557   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Hidden Jewel                                          A Course in Miracles             24132   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Love Is My Gospel                                     A Course in Miracles             30774   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Love Without Conditions    (BO'd DV01 4/10/19)        A Course in Miracles             15380   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Miracle Of Love                                       A Course in Miracles             24432   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Power Of Love (10 Spiritual Practices..)              A Course in Miracles             19011   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Real Happiness                                        A Course in Miracles             24016   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Reflections Of The Christ Mind                        A Course in Miracles             27365   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Return To The Garden  Reflections..Part 4             A Course in Miracles             26278   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Silence Of The Heart                                  Christianity                     24070   CHR
   Ferrini, Paul             Twelve Steps Of Forgiveness                           A Course in Miracles             20606   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Waking Up Together (OP 10/2001)                       A Course in Miracles             24089   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Wisdom Of The Self                                    A Course in Miracles             14775   CIM
   Ferrini, Paul             Wounded Child's Journey Into Love's Embrace           A Course in Miracles             11025   CIM
   Ferris, Charles           Twelve Dimensions  Inner Computer Series 1            Psychic Phenomenon               18265   ESP
   Ferris, Timothy           Coming Of Age In The Milky Way (OP 10/93)             Science                          19678   SCI
   Ferrucci, Piero           Beauty & The Soul                                     Psychology, self help            15962   PSY
   Ferrucci, Piero           Power Of Kindness                                     Psychology, self help            11437   PSY
   Ferrucci, Piero           What We May Be                                        Psychology, self help            14142   PSY
   Ferry, Luc                Brief History Of Thought                              Western Mystery Tradition        23509   WMT
   Ferry, Luc                Wisdom Of The Myths                                   Mythology                        19783   MYT
   Festinger, Leon,   When Prophecy Fails                                   Psychology, self help            16555   PSY
   Feuerstein & Bodian       Living Yoga                                           Yoga                             16219   YOG
   Feuerstein, Georg         Bhagavad-Gita A New Translation                       Bhagavad Gita                    16898   B.G
   Feuerstein, Georg         Deeper Dimension Of Yoga                              Hinduism                         29840   HIN
   Feuerstein, Georg         Encyclopedia of Yoga and Tantra                       Hinduism                         13670   HIN
   Feuerstein, Georg         Path Of Yoga                                          Hinduism                         30246   HIN
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Feuerstein, Georg         Philosophy Of Classical Yoga                          Yoga                             11223   YOG
   Feuerstein, Georg         Psychology Of Yoga                                    Hinduism                         22754   HIN
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Feuerstein, Georg         Sacred Paths  (OP 4/98)                               Consciousness Expansion          20537   EXP
   Feuerstein, Georg         Sacred Sexuality                                      Tantra                           30033   SEX
   Feuerstein, Georg         Tantra  Path Of Ecstasy                               Tantra                           25486   SEX
   Feuerstein, Georg         Wholeness Or Transcendence ?                          Consciousness Expansion          15938   EXP
                                                                                   Global Responsibility, concerns          ONE
   Feuerstein, Georg         Yoga Gems                                             Hinduism                         28914   HIN
   Feuerstein, Georg         Yoga Morality                                         Hinduism                         30940   HIN
   Feuerstein, Georg         Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali                              Patanjali                        20802   PAT
   Feuerstein, Georg         Yoga Tradition                                        Hinduism                         26216   HIN
   Feuerstein, Georg & Trish Voices On The Threshold Of Tomorrow                   Global Responsibility, concerns  17353   ONE
   Feuerstein, George        Shambhala Guide To Yoga                               Yoga                             23779   YOG
   Feuerstein, Kak & Frawley In Search Of The Cradle Of Civilization               Hinduism                         23321   HIN
   Fezler, William           Creative Imagery                                      Mind Science                     14080   MIN
   Fiand, Barbara            Prayer & The Quest For Healing                        Christianity                     30606   CHR
   Ficca, Serena             Tarot Cards Happy Tarot                               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     27926   TAR
   Ficino, Marsilio          Meditations On The Soul  Letters/Marsilio Ficino      Western Mystery Tradition        23966   WMT
   Fideler, David            Restoring The Soul Of The World                       Global Responsibility, concerns  16046   ONE
   Fideler, David & Sabrineh Love's Alchemy  Poems From Sufi Tradition             Rumi                             16391   RUM
   Fideler, David (Edt)      Alexandria 1                                          Western Mystery Tradition        22081   WMT
   Fiebig & Burger           Ultimate Guide To The Rider Waite Tarot               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     31175   TAR
   Field, Claud              Confessions Of Al-Ghazzali (0166)                     Sufism                           26765   SUF
   Field, Filip              W. Norman Cooper A Prophet For Our Time               Christianity                     21264   CHR
   Field, Sidney             Krishnamurti  The Reluctant Messiah                   Krishnamurti                     18574   KRI
   Fielding, Charles         Practical Qabalah (BO NEWL 1/3/03)                    Kabbalah                         14644   KAB
   Fielding, Charles         Story Of Dion Fortune                                 Ceremonial Magic                 15257   MAG
   Fields, Gregory           Religious Therapeutics                                Healing                          28571   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Fields, Rick              How The Swans Came To The Lake                        Buddhism                         14964   BUD
   Fields, Rick (Transl)     Turquoise Bee  Lovesongs Of The Sixth Dalai Lama      Tibetan Buddhism                 21825   TIB
   Fields, Wayne             God, Cosmos & Man                                     Science                          25186   SCI
   Filan, Kenaz              Haitian Vodou Handbook                                African spirituality             21819   AFR
   Filbey & Filbey           Astrologer's Companion (OP 3/93)                      Astrology                        17267   AST
   Fillmore, Charles         Jesus Christ Heals                                    Mind Science                     23960   MIN
   Fillmore, Charles         Prosperity                                            Mind Science                     28807   MIN
   Fillmore, Charles         Talks On Truth (BO'd 2/10/2021)                       Mind Science                     21454   MIN
   Fillmore, Charles         Twelve Powers Of Man                                  Mind Science                     17447   MIN
   Finch, Ann (edit)         Journey To The Light  Spirituality As We Mature       Consciousness Expansion          15648   EXP
   Fincham, Johnny           Spellbinding Power of Palmistry                       Palmistry                        30826   PAL
   Fincher, Susanne          Coloring Mandalas                                     Art                              29216   ART
   Fincher, Susanne          Coloring Mandalas #2 (159-030-0866)                   Art                              30724   ART
   Fincher, Susanne          Coloring Mandalas Bk 3 (1590303024)                   Art                              22269   ART
   Fincher, Susanne          Coloring Mandalas Bk. 4                               Art                              24611   ART
   Fincher, Susanne          Mandala  Workbook                                     Art                              18004   ART
   Fincher, Susanne F.       Creating Mandalas                                     Art                              20163   ART
   Finckh, Dr. Elisabeth     Studies In Tibetan Medicine                           Healing                          18033   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Findhorn Community        Findhorn Garden Story (new Edition 2008)              Garden books                     11987   GAR
                                                                                   Global Responsibility, concerns          ONE
   Findly, Ellison           Women's Buddhism  Buddhism's Women                    Buddhism                         27324   BUD
   Finger, Alan              Chakra Yoga                                           Yoga                             18488   YOG
   Finlan, Stephan           Forgotten Teachings Of Jesus                          Christianity                     15189   CHR
   Finley, Guy               365 Days To Let Go                                    Inspirational books              11358   INS
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Finley, Guy               Design Your Destiny                                   Psychology, self help            23307   PSY
   Finley, Guy               Intimate Enemy                                        Psychology, self help            15482   PSY
   Finley, Guy               Let Go & Live In The Now                              Psychology, self help            30637   PSY
   Finley, Guy               Lost Secrets Of Prayer                                Psychology, self help            26855   PSY
   Finley, Guy               Secret Of Letting Go                                  Psychology, self help            12868   PSY
   Finn, Ellen Lippman       Emotional Witness                                     Global Responsibility, concerns  12891   ONE
   Fiore, Edith              Encounters                                            Psychic Phenomenon               29364   ESP
   Fiore, Edith              Unquiet Dead                                          Psychic Phenomenon               16656   ESP
   Fiore, Edith              You Have Been Here Before (OSI NEWL 10/4/00)          Reincarnation                    14550   REI
   Fiorini, Jeanne           Tarot Spreads & Layouts (BO'd 1/28/2021)              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13366   TAR
   Firestone, Rabbi Tirzah   Woman's Kabbalah (2 CDs) Ecstatic Jewish Prac.        Kabbalah                         30229   KAB
   Fischer, Lynn             Angels Of Love & Light                                Angels, Nature Spirits           24252   ANG
   Fischer, Norman           Sailing Home                                          Zen                              17273   ZEN
   Fischer, Norman           Taking Our Places                                     Zen                              22001   ZEN
   Fischer, Norman           Training In Compassion Zen Teachings On Lojong        Zen                              11197   ZEN
   Fischer, Norman           World Could Be Otherwise                              Zen                              30925   ZEN
   Fischer-Schreiber, Ingrid Shambhala Dictionary Of Taoism                        Taoism                           12217   TAO
   Fischman, Michael         Stumbling Into Infinity                               Consciousness Expansion          22598   EXP
   Fishel, Ruth              Power Of Words                                        Small Books & Booklets           20881   PAM
   Fisher, Charles           Dismantling Discontent (BO INGR 9/30/07)              Buddhism                         31099   BUD
   Fisher, Helen M.          From Erin With Love                                   Death and Dying                  24714   DEA
   Fisher, Therese           Meditation On Love  (For Children)                    Parenting                        17791   PAR
   Fishman, Barbara Miller   Emotional Healing Through Mindfulness Meditation      Meditation                       29398   MED
   Fitch, Ed                 Rites Of Odin                                         Mythology                        16982   MYT
                                                                                   Runes                                    RUN
   Fitzgerald, Astrid        Being Consciousness Bliss  A Seeker's Guide           Comparative Religion             28901   C.R
   Fitzgerald, E. (trans.)   Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam (978-0-19-958050-7}          Poetry                           13462   POE
                                                                                   Sufism                                   SUF
   Fitzgerald, Joseph (Ed't) Essential Sri Anandamayi Ma                           Hinduism                         15246   HIN
   Fitzharris, Tim           Soaring With Ravens  (OP 1/99)                        Native Peoples                   22519   NAT
   Fitzherbert, Andrew       Hand Psychology (NYR BP 9/27/00)                      Palmistry                        27431   PAL
   Flammel, Nicholas         Hieroglyphical Figures                                Western Mystery Tradition        22347   WMT
   Flammel, Nicholas         Nicholas Flamel's Hieroglyphical Key                  Alchemy                          25490   ALC
   Flanagan, Owen            Bodhisattva's Brain                                   Buddhism                         28550   BUD
   Flanagan, Sabrina         Secrets Of God  Writings Of Hildegard Of Bingen       Christianity                     12191   CHR
                                                                                   Hildegard von Bingen                     HIL
   Flaum & Flaum             100-Mile Walk                                         Global Responsibility, concerns  21801   ONE
   Flaws, Bob                Arisal Of The Clear  Eating & Chinese Medicine        Healing                          23862   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Fleischman, Paul          Cultivating Inner Peace                               Meditation                       23950   MED
   Fleischman, Paul          Karma & Chaos  Essays On Vipassana Meditation         Meditation                       26311   MED
   Flem-Ath, Rand & Rose     Atlantis Beneath The Ice                              Atlantis                         12995   ATL
   Flem-ath, Rand & Rose     When The Sky Fell (OSI 2/2008)                        Atlantis                         23573   ATL
   Fletcher, Joann           Egyptian Book Of Living & Dying                       Egyptian Spirituality            14288   EGY
   Flew, Antony              There Is A God                                        Christianity                     25103   CHR
   Flickstein, Matthew       Journey To The Center                                 Meditation                       25833   MED
   Flickstein, Matthew       Meditator's Atlas                                     Meditation                       31003   MED
   Flickstein, Matthew       Swallowing The River Ganges                           Buddhism                         27776   BUD
   Flinders, Carol           Enduring Grace                                        Women's Spirituality, Goddess    18475   WOM
   Flinders, Tim             John Muir  Spiritual Writings                         Global Responsibility, concerns  17319   ONE
   Flint, Garry              Emotional Freedom                                     Psychology, self help            31017   PSY
   Flood, Gavin              Introduction To Hinduism                              Hinduism                         25067   HIN
   Flora, Mary Ellen         Clairvoyance  (Out of print)                          Psychic Phenomenon               29387   ESP
   Flora, Mary Ellen         Cosmic Energy  The Creative Power                     Healing                          17677   HEA
   Flora, Mary Ellen         Healing  Key To Spiritual Balance                     Healing                          15130   HEA
   Flora, Mary Ellen         Meditation  Key To Spiritual (188-698-3119)           Meditation                       29388   MED
   Flowers, Stephen          Galdrabok  Icelandic Grimoire (BO SW01 2/27/01)       Wicca                            17301   WIC
   Flowers, Stephen          Secret Of The Runes                                   Runes                            17494   RUN
   Flowers, Stephen ed       Hermetic Magic                                        Ceremonial Magic                 26750   MAG
   Floyd, Maita              Caretakers  Forgotten People                          Death and Dying                  16931   DEA
                                                                                   Grief                                    GRF
   Flynn, Beverly            Astrology & Pain  Keys To Freedom                     Astrology                        30946   AST
   Flynn, Beverly            Astrology & Weight Control                            Astrology                        29751   AST
   Flynn, Carolyn (Editor)   Sisters Singing                                       Women's Spirituality, Goddess    13130   WOM
   Flynn, Lisa               Yoga For Children                                     Children's Books                 25440   KID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Flynn, Lisa               Yoga For Children Yoga Cards                          Children's Books                 20216   KID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Foer, Thuras, & Morton    Atlas Obscura                                         Reference                        18268   REF
   Fofana, Hannah Elizabeth  Tarot Cards Field (1646710258)                        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     21046   TAR
   Fogel, Tuvia              Jerusalem Parchment (A Novel)                         Fiction                          13604   FIC
   Fohr, Samuel Denis        Cinderella's Gold Slipper                             Mythology                        20273   MYT
   Folan, Lilias             Lilias, Yoga, & Your Life                             Yoga                             11979   YOG
   Follmi & Ricard           Buddhist Himalayas (POS)                              Art                              13778   ART
   Follmi, Danielle          Offerings  (1419719734) Buddhist Wisdom (BO'd)        Buddhism                         16110   BUD
   Follmi, Danielle          Wisdom  (1419719726}                                  Hinduism                         14507   HIN
   Follmi, Danielle & Oliver Awakenings (0-8109-9379-1)                            Art                              11287   ART
                                                                                   Inspirational books                      INS
   Fons Vitae                Three Early Sufi Texts                                Sufism                           29792   SUF
   Fontainelle, Earl         Logic  Ancient Art Of Reason (Wooden Books)           Sacred Geometry                  30395   SAC
   Fontana, David            Meditating With Mandalas (POS NEWL 11/09/10)          Art                              11371   ART
   Fontana, David            Tarot Cards Wisdom Seeker's Tarot (9781786780348)     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     28705   TAR
   Foor, Daniel              Ancestral Medicine                                    Psychology, self help            11068   PSY
   Foos-Graber, Anya         Deathing                                              Death and Dying                  18555   DEA
   Forbes, Bronwen           Make Merry In Step & Song                             Wicca                            11835   WIC
   Forbes, Bronwen           Small-Town Pagan's Survival Guide                     Wicca                            22002   WIC
   Ford, Clyde               Hero With An African Face                             African spirituality             26911   AFR
   Ford, Debbie              Best Year Of Your Life                                Psychology, self help            25281   PSY
   Ford, Debbie              Dark Side Of The Light Chasers                        Psychology, self help            27362   PSY
   Ford, Debbie              Secret Of The Shadow                                  Psychology, self help            21425   PSY
   Ford, Debbie              Spiritual Divorce                                     Psychology, self help            14837   PSY
   Ford, Debbie              Why Good People Do Bad Things                         Psychology, self help            16612   PSY
   Ford, Debbie              Your Holiness                                         Psychology, self help            30633   PSY
   Ford, Harrison            Dalai Lama Renaissance (CD)                           CDs                              18449   CDS
                                                                                   Dalai Lama                               D.L
   Ford, James Ishmael       Introduction To Zen Koans                             Zen                              29145   ZEN
   Ford, Robert              Wind Between The Worlds                               Tibetan Buddhism                 19528   TIB
   Ford-Grabowsky, Mary      Spiritual Texts On Mary (New due June 2005)           Christianity                     19986   CHR
                                                                                   Mary                                     MAR
   Fordham, Frieda           Introduction To Jung's Psychology                     Jung, Carl                       13103   JUN
   Forest, Jim               Praying With Icons                                    Christianity                     24236   CHR
   Forest, Ohky Simine       Dreaming The Council Ways (Tchings From Red Lodge)    Native Peoples                   27234   NAT
   Forrest & Green           Measuring The Night Vol.1                             Astrology                        13753   AST
   Forrest, Ana              Fierce Medicine                                       Yoga                             24463   YOG
   Forrest, Steven           Book Of Fire                                          Astrology                        13359   AST
   Forrest, Steven           Book Of Neptune                                       Astrology                        17970   AST
   Forrest, Steven           Book Of Pluto                                         Astrology                        22937   AST
   Forrest, Steven           Book Of The Moon                                      Astrology                        19434   AST
   Forrest, Steven           Changing Sky                                          Astrology                        15889   AST
   Forrest, Steven           Inner Sky                                             Astrology                        14476   AST
   Forrest, Steven           Night Speaks  Meditation On The Astrological Wrld     Astrology                        21244   AST
   Forrest, Steven           Skymates                                              Astrology                        16542   AST
   Forrest, Steven           Yesterday's Sky :Astrology And Reincarnation          Astrology                        23437   AST
   Forrest, Steven & Jodie   Skymates II                                           Astrology                        13015   AST
   Forstater, Mark           Yoga Masters                                          Yoga                             29455   YOG
   Fort, Charles             Complete Books Of Charles Fort                        Psychic Phenomenon               26578   ESP
   Forti, Kathleen J.        Door To The Secret City  Adventures Of Freddie 1      Children's Books                 18365   KID
   Fortson, Leigh            Embrace Release Heal (Lrg Print) see 23060            Healing                          24315   HEA
   Fortune, D & Knight, G    Introduction To Ritual Magic                          Ceremonial Magic                 25251   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Applied Magic                                         Ceremonial Magic                 15832   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Aspects Of Occultism                                  Ceremonial Magic                 27639   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Cosmic Doctrine                                       Ceremonial Magic                 11629   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Demon Lover                                           Fiction                          21084   FIC
   Fortune, Dion             Dion Fortune's Book Of The Dead (Renamed)             Ceremonial Magic                 13948   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Esoteric Orders & Their Work                          Ceremonial Magic                 13982   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Esoteric Phil. Of Love & Marriage                     Ceremonial Magic                 11898   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Glastonbury  Avalon Of The Heart                      Ceremonial Magic                 14702   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Goat Foot God                                         Fiction                          17763   FIC
   Fortune, Dion             Magical Battle Of Britain                             Ceremonial Magic                 21845   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Moon Magic                                            Fiction                          12925   FIC
   Fortune, Dion             Mystical Meditations On The Collects                  Ceremonial Magic                 12698   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Mystical Qabalah                                      Kabbalah                         12966   KAB
   Fortune, Dion             Practical Occultism (POS 8/1/12)                      Ceremonial Magic                 11453   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Practical Occultism In Daily Life                     Ceremonial Magic                 24711   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Principles Of Esoteric Healing (POS 3/1/08 NL)        Ceremonial Magic                 22008   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Psychic Self-Defense                                  Psychic Phenomenon               13300   ESP
   Fortune, Dion             Sea Priestess                                         Fiction                          13520   FIC
   Fortune, Dion             Secrets Of Dr. Taverner                               Fiction                          11485   FIC
   Fortune, Dion             Training & Work Of An Initiate                        Ceremonial Magic                 17221   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             What Is Occultism  (formerly Sane Occultism)          Ceremonial Magic                 13488   MAG
   Fortune, Dion             Winged Bull                                           Fiction                          17695   FIC
   Fortune, Dion & Knight, G Circuit Of Force (BO'd NEWL 2/8/12)                   Ceremonial Magic                 26618   MAG
   Fortune, Dion & Knight,G. Principles Of Hermetic Philosophy                     Ceremonial Magic                 16107   MAG
   Fortune, Dion & Knight,G. Spiritualism & Occultism                              Ceremonial Magic                 15956   MAG
   Forward, Martin           Muhammad  A Short Biography                           Sufism                           24908   SUF
   Foster & Little           Roaring Of The Sacred River                           Native Peoples                   18427   NAT
   Foster, Barbara & Michael Secret Lives Of Alexandra David-Neel (POS 4/6/06)     Tibetan Buddhism                 30129   TIB
   Foster, David             Adventures Of Christian Rosy Cross                    Fiction                          18292   FIC
   Foster, Dayton            Wisdom Of Nature                                      Global Responsibility, concerns  23440   ONE
   Foster, Jean              God-Mind Connection                                   New Age                          17607   OCC
   Foster, Jean              New Earth New Truth                                   New Age                          25178   OCC
   Foster, Jean              Truth That Goes Unclaimed                             New Age                          14583   OCC
   Foster, Jeff              Extraordinary Absence                                 Consciousness Expansion          12908   EXP
   Foster, Jeff              Way Of Rest                                           Consciousness Expansion          27336   EXP
   Foster, Paul              Beckett & Zen                                         Zen                              18484   ZEN
   Foster, Rick & Hicks      How We Choose To Be Happy                             Psychology, self help            14424   PSY
   Foster, Steven            Book Of The Vision Quest  Prsnl Trnsfrmtn/Wildrnss    Native Peoples                   11297   NAT
   Found'n For Dinner Peas   Course In Marigolds                                   A Course in Miracles             17767   CIM
                                                                                   Humor                                    HUM
   Found. For Inner Peace    Course In Miracles (Mass) 1883360269                  A Course in Miracles             30290   CIM
   Foundation For Inner Peac Course In Miracles (1 VOL. Paper)                     A Course in Miracles             18961   CIM
   Foundation Inner Peace    Psychotherapy  Purpose, Process & Practice            A Course in Miracles             18426   CIM
   Foundation Inner Peace    Song Of Prayer  Prayer, Forgiveness..                 A Course in Miracles             18425   CIM
   FourEagles, Russell       Making Of A Healer  (Oneida)                          Native Peoples                   25056   NAT
   Fowler, Don D.            In A Sacred Manner We Live  (OP ?)                    Native Peoples                   21772   NAT
   Fowler, George            Learning To Dance Inside                              Meditation                       24791   MED
   Fowler, James W.          Stages Of Faith                                       Comparative Religion             16539   C.R
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Fox & Hughes              Illuminated I Ching                                   I Ching                          12401   ICH
   Fox & Sheldrake           Accessing The Mystic (Video) OP 2/2003                Christianity                     22320   CHR
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Fox & Sheldrake           Physics Of Angels                                     Science                          11866   SCI
   Fox, Emmet                7 Day Mental Diet # 2                                 Christianity                     20634   CHR
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Fox, Emmet                Alter Your Life                                       Christianity                     22993   CHR
   Fox, Emmet                Around The Year With Emmet Fox                        Christianity                     20445   CHR
   Fox, Emmet                Be Still  #10                                         Christianity                     11300   CHR
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Fox, Emmet                Diagrams For Living                                   Christianity                     11739   CHR
   Fox, Emmet                Golden Key #1                                         Christianity                     16627   CHR
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Fox, Emmet                Historical Destiny Of The U.S. (#20) (OP 1/97)        Small Books & Booklets           19394   PAM
   Fox, Emmet                How To Bring About Peace                              Small Books & Booklets           23200   PAM
   Fox, Emmet                Lion's Den #13 (OP 10/2010)                           Small Books & Booklets           16960   PAM
   Fox, Emmet                Lord's Prayer #3                                      Christianity                     12702   CHR
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Fox, Emmet                Make Your Life Worthwhile                             Christianity                     14632   CHR
   Fox, Emmet                Power Through Constructive Thinking                   Christianity                     13231   CHR
   Fox, Emmet                Secret Place #11                                      Small Books & Booklets           13562   PAM
   Fox, Emmet                Sermon On The Mount                                   Christianity                     18338   CHR
   Fox, Emmet                Seven Main Aspects Of God #44                         Christianity                     15547   CHR
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Fox, Emmet                Stake Your Claim                                      Christianity                     21032   CHR
   Fox, Emmet                Ten Commandments                                      Christianity                     14863   CHR
   Fox, Emmet                Yoga Of Love #5                                       Christianity                     14223   CHR
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Fox, Emmet                Your Hearts Desire #6                                 Christianity                     14564   CHR
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Fox, George (Jones:Edit.) Journal Of George Fox                                 Christianity                     11060   CHR
   Fox, Kristen              Celtic Mandalas Coloring Book                         Art                              11919   ART
   Fox, Matthew              Breakthrough  Meister Eckhart (OP 97) see ** below    Christianity                     11403   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Christian Mystics 365 Readings                        Christianity                     12580   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Coming Of The Cosmic Christ                           Christianity                     17722   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Confessions  Making Of A Post-Denominational Pr'st    Christianity                     23747   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Creation Spirituality                                 Christianity                     19654   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Creativity                                            Christianity                     29445   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Hidden Spirituality Of Men                            Christianity                     31118   CHR
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Fox, Matthew              Hildegard Of Bingen  A Saint For Our Times (POS)      Hildegard von Bingen             15243   HIL
   Fox, Matthew              In The Beginning There Was Joy (POS NEWL 4/14/00)     Children's Books                 23402   KID
   Fox, Matthew              Manifesto For A Global Civilization                   Christianity                     12783   CHR
                                                                                   Global Responsibility, concerns          ONE
   Fox, Matthew              Meditations With Meister Eckhart                      Christianity                     12859   CHR
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Fox, Matthew              Meister Eckhart  Mystic-Warrior For Our Times         Christianity                     23421   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              On Becoming A Musical Mystical Bear                   Christianity                     16315   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              One River, Many Wells                                 Christianity                     27542   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Original Blessing                                     Christianity                     13128   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Passion For Creation  Eckhart's Spirituality          Christianity                     23398   CHR
                                                                                   Tolle, Eckhart                           ECK
   Fox, Matthew              Reinvention Of Work                                   Work                             21917   JOB
   Fox, Matthew              Sheer Joy  Conversations With Thomas Aquinas          Christianity                     11441   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Sins Of The Spirit, Blessings Of The Flesh            Christianity                     26151   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Spirituality Named Compassion                         Christianity                     13723   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Way To God  Thomas Merton's Creation Spirituality     Christianity                     27235   CHR
   Fox, Matthew              Whee We Wee All The Way Home                          Christianity                     11428   CHR
   Fox, Matthew & Lama Tsomo Lotus & the Rose  Conversation Between Tib & Chr      Comparative Religion             31212   C.R
   Fox, Matthew & Sheldrake  Natural Grace                                         Christianity                     13437   CHR
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Fox, Matthew       Order Of The Sacred Earth                             Global Responsibility, concerns  25884   ONE
   Fox, Michael J.           Boundless Circle                                      Animals                          23963   ANI
   Foxwood, Orion            Faery Teachings (Not available)                       Celtic spirituality              30418   CEL
   Foxwood, Orion            Flame in the Cauldron                                 Wicca                            18234   WIC
   Foxx, Ethan               Earthkeeper  Awakening At Spider Rock                 Fiction                          19269   FIC
   Fradella, Frank et. al.   Tarot Cards Undersea Tarot                            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14748   TAR
   Frager, Robert            Heart, Self, & Soul                                   Sufism                           14486   SUF
   Frager, Robert            Sufi Talks  Teachings Of An American Sufi Sheikh      Sufism                           11210   SUF
   Frances, Lynn             Sevenfold Circle  Self Awareness In Dance             Art                              25433   ART
   Francis Melville          Book Of Runes                                         Runes                            20005   RUN
   Francis, Emily            Body Heals Itself                                     Healing                          18950   HEA
   Francis, Raymond          Never Be Sick Again                                   Healing                          19632   HEA
   Francis, T. Dayanandan    Mission & Message Of Ramalinga Swamy                  Hinduism                         11159   HIN
   Francis, Therese          Mercury Retrograde Book                               Astrology                        31148   AST
   Franck, Adolphe           Kabbalah                                              Kabbalah                         12521   KAB
   Franck, Frederick         Awakened Eye, The                                     Art                              16852   ART
   Franck, Frederick         Buddha Eye  Anth. Of Kyoto School                     Zen                              15661   ZEN
   Franck, Frederick         Buddha Eye  Anthology Of The Kyoto School             Buddhism                         12245   BUD
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Franck, Frederick         Finger Pointing Toward The Sacred(1569070067)         Comparative Religion             22375   C.R
   Franck, Frederick         Little Compendium On That Which Matters               Inspirational books              21170   INS
   Franck, Frederick         Messenger Of The Heart  Book Of Angelus Silesius      Christianity                     15695   CHR
   Franck, Frederick         What Matters (BO INGR 6/29/06)                        Inspirational books              24699   INS
   Franck, Frederick         Zen & Zen Classics                                    Zen                              14579   ZEN
   Franck, Frederick         Zen Of Seeing                                         Art                              19289   ART
   Franck, Frederick (Edit)  What Does It Mean To Be Human?                        Consciousness Expansion          15688   EXP
   Franckh, Pierre           DNA Field & The Law Of Resonance                      Mind Science                     24826   MIN
   Frank Joseph              Edgar Cayce's Atlantis & Lemuria                      Cayce, Edgar                     17741   CAY
   Frank, Rev. Ojela         Crystal Therapeutics                                  Crystal and gems                 17288   GEM
   Frankel, Ellen            Five Books Of Miriam  Commentary On The Torah         Judaism                          15325   JUD
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Frankel, Estelle          Sacred Therapy                                        Judaism                          11958   JUD
   Frankiel, Tamar           Minding The Temple Of The Soul                        Judaism                          24401   JUD
   Frankl, Viktor            Man's Search For Meaning                              Psychology, self help            24673   PSY
   Franklin & Mason          Tarot Cards Sacred Circle Tarot                       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24736   TAR
   Frantzis, B.K.            Great Stillness (Vol.2) Water Method Of Taoist...     Taoism                           30200   TAO
   Frantzis, B.K.            Opening The Energy Gates Of Yr Body                   Qigong                           12335   QIG
   Frantzis, B.K.            Power Of Internal Martial Arts                        Tai Chi                          25252   TAI
   Frantzis, B.K.            Relaxing Into Your Being (Vol.1)  Water Method...     Taoism                           30199   TAO
   Fraser, Sylvia            Quest For The Fourth Monkey                           Psychic Phenomenon               22471   ESP
   Frater U.D.               Practical Sigil Magic                                 Ceremonial Magic                 23716   MAG
   Frauwallner, Erich        Studies In Abhidharma Literature & The Origins...     Buddhism                         23592   BUD
   Frawley & Kozak           Yoga For Your Type                                    Yoga                             28635   YOG
   Frawley, David            Astrology Of The Seers                                Astrology                        20200   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Frawley, David            Ayurveda & The Mind                                   Ayurveda                         26299   AYU
   Frawley, David            Ayurvedic Astrology                                   Astrology                        12738   AST
                                                                                   Vedic Astrology                          VED
   Frawley, David            Ayurvedic Healing                                     Ayurveda                         20320   AYU
   Frawley, David            Beyond The Mind                                       Psychology, self help            15457   PSY
   Frawley, David            From The River Of Heaven                              Hinduism                         20102   HIN
   Frawley, David            Gods, Sages & Kings  Vedic Secrets Of Ancient Civ'    Hinduism                         20430   HIN
   Frawley, David            Inner Tantric Yoga                                    Tantra                           19442   SEX
   Frawley, David            Mantra Yoga & Primal Sound                            Music                            25933   MUS
   Frawley, David            Oracle Of Rama  India's Renowned Oracle               Hinduism                         24135   HIN
   Frawley, David            Shiva  The Lord Of Yoga                               Hinduism                         27232   HIN
   Frawley, David            Soma In Yoga & Ayurveda                               Ayurveda                         21517   AYU
   Frawley, David            Tantric Yoga & Wisdom Goddesses                       Ayurveda                         22480   AYU
   Frawley, David            Wisdom Of The Ancient Seers Rig Veda...               Hinduism                         15078   HIN
   Frawley, David            Yoga & Ayurveda                                       Ayurveda                         26554   AYU
   Frawley, John             Horary Textbook                                       Astrology                        14955   AST
   Frawley, John             Real Astrology                                        Astrology                        26631   AST
   Frawley, John             Real Astrology Applied                                Astrology                        30823   AST
   Frazer, Sir James George  Golden Bough (Oxford World's Classics)                Mythology                        20057   MYT
   Frazier, Jan              When Fear Falls Away                                  Consciousness Expansion          19821   EXP
   Frediani, Elizabeth       Where Body Meets Soul                                 Healing                          15469   HEA
   Freedman, Harry           Kabbalah  Secrecy, Scandal & The Soul                 Kabbalah                         31271   KAB
   Freedman, Thelma          Soul Echoes  Healing Power Of Past-Life Therapy       Hypnosis                         30420   HYP
   Freeman, Eileen Elias     Angels' Little Instruction Book                       Angels, Nature Spirits           22322   ANG
   Freeman, Eileen Elias     Touched By Angels: True Cases.(0-446-67033-2)         Angels, Nature Spirits           21358   ANG
   Freeman, Jacqueline       Song Of Increase  (Wisdom Of Honeybees)               Global Responsibility, concerns  27214   ONE
   Freeman, Mara             Kindling The Celtic Spirit                            Celtic spirituality              27898   CEL
   Freeman, R. & Taylor, M.  Art Of Vinyasa                                        Yoga                             27910   YOG
   Freeman, Richard          Mirror Of Yoga                                        Yoga                             16634   YOG
   Freeman, Richard          Yoga With Richard Freeman (Video) BO 1/7/02 NEWL      Video Cassettes                  24128   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Freer, Neil               God Games                                             Earth Mysteries                  27566   EAR
   Freidel, Schele, & Parker Maya Cosmos                                           Mayan                            22631   MAY
   Freiman, Arnie            Befriending Your Stranger                             Psychology, self help            12262   PSY
   Freimann, Amir            Spiritual Transmission  Paradoxes and Dilemmas        Comparative Religion             25587   C.R
   Frejer, Ernest (Comp)     Edgar Cayce Companion                                 Cayce, Edgar                     22514   CAY
   Freke and Gandy           Gospel Of The Second Coming (4 CD)                    Gnosis, gnostic                  17962   GNO
   Freke, T, & Gandy, P.     Jesus Mysteries                                       Christianity                     27511   CHR
   Freke, T. & Gandy, P.     Hermetica  Lost Wisdom Of Pharaohs                    Egyptian Spirituality            26032   EGY
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Freke, T. & Gandy, Peter  Jesus & The Lost Goddess                              Christianity                     28876   CHR
   Freke, Tim                Deep Awake                                            Consciousness Expansion          27912   EXP
   Freke, Tim                How Long Is Now? Journey to Enlightenment & Beyond    Consciousness Expansion          16669   EXP
   Freke, Tim                Mystery Experience                                    Consciousness Expansion          24245   EXP
   Freke, Timothy            Laughing Jesus                                        Gnosis, gnostic                  14300   GNO
   Freke, Timothy            Lucid Living                                          Consciousness Expansion          18657   EXP
   Freke, Timothy            Shamanic Wisdomkeepers                                Shamanism                        23924   SHA
   Fremantle & Trungpa       Tibetan Book Of The Dead (1570627479)                 Tibetan Buddhism                 13950   TIB
   Fremantle, Francesca      Luminous Emptiness                                    Tibetan Buddhism                 12066   TIB
   French, Peter J.          John Dee  The World Of An Elizabethian                Hermetics                        12528   HRM
   Frenette, Louise-Marie    Beautiful Story Of A Master                           Aivanhov                         15282   AIV
   Frenette, Louise-Marie    Gypsy Queen                                           Children's Books                 12169   KID
   Frenette, Louise-Marie    Life Of A Master In The West (Aivanhov)               Aivanhov                         20461   AIV
   Frers, Ernesto            Secret Societies And The Hermetic Code                Western Mystery Tradition        26734   WMT
   Freston, Kathy            Veganist                                              Diet                             22026   DIE
   Frey, James               Million Little Pieces                                 Psychology, self help            25533   PSY
   Friedeberger, Julie       Office Yoga  Stretches You Can Do At Your Desk        Yoga                             20620   YOG
   Friedland, Nathaniel      Be Psychic Now !                                      Psychic Phenomenon               26079   ESP
   Friedlander & Hemsher     Basic Psychic Development                             Psychic Phenomenon               25950   ESP
   Friedlander & Pearson     Practical Psychic (POS BP 3/19/02)                    Psychic Phenomenon               19978   ESP
   Friedlander, Joel         Body Types Enneagram Of Essence Types (POS 3/16/05    Enneagram                        21325   ENN
   Friedlander, Shems        Ninety-Nine Names Of Allah (OP 12/96)                 Sufism                           21376   SUF
   Friedlander, Shems        Rumi The Hidden Treasure                              Rumi                             26688   RUM
   Friedlander, Shems        When You Hear Hoofbeats Think Of A Zebra              Sufism                           16172   SUF
   Friedman & Harris         Rainbow Warrior Awaken (44 Cards Deck & Gdbook)       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     27877   TAR
   Friedman & Moon           Being Bodies                                          Buddhism                         24712   BUD
   Friedman, Gil             Gurdjieff  A Beginner's Guide                         Gurdjieff                        20645   GUR
   Friedman, Michelle        God In All Worlds                                     Christianity                     27500   CHR
   Friedman, Norman          Hidden Domain  (Quantum Wave Function)                Science                          24523   SCI
   Friedman, Richard Elliott Hidden Book In The Bible                              Bible, Scriptures                25747   BIB
   Friedman, Richard Elliott Who Wrote The Bible? (Due 2/19/2019)                  Bible, Scriptures                18442   BIB
   Friedman, Suzanne         Medical Qigong Exercise Prescriptions                 Qigong                           23634   QIG
   Friedman, Suzanne         Yijing Medical Qigong System                          Qigong                           26290   QIG
   Fries, Jan                Visual Magick                                         Ceremonial Magic                 24589   MAG
   Frissell, Bob             Nothing In This Book Is True...                       Science                          22646   SCI
   Frissell, Bob             Something In This Book Is True                        Science                          24840   SCI
   Frissell, Bob             You Are A Spiritual Being Having A Human Experienc    Science                          20720   SCI
   Fritz, Robert             Creating                                              Psychology, self help            21677   PSY
   Fritz, Robert             Path Of Least Resistance                              Psychology, self help            15505   PSY
   Frizzell, Charles         Charles Frizzell  Full-Color Reproductions            Art                              20650   ART
   Froehle, Virginia Ann     Called Into Her Presence  Feminine Images Of God      Women's Spirituality, Goddess    20790   WOM
   Fronsdal, Gil             Buddha Before Buddhism (Atthakavagga)                 Buddhism                         29151   BUD
   Fronsdal, Gil             Dhammapada                                            Dhammapada                       29154   DHA
   Fronsdal, Gil             Unhindered  Mindful Path...Five Hindrances            Buddhism                         29169   BUD
   Frost, Gavin & Yvonne     Magic Power Of White Witchcraft                       Wicca                            26255   WIC
   Froud, Brian              Tarot Cards Faeries' Oracle Set                       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     27586   TAR
   Frye, Stanley             Sutra Of The Wise & The Foolish (LTWA)                Tibetan Buddhism                 16453   TIB
   Fuchs, John               Forty Years After Gurdjieff  Guide To Practical Wk    Gurdjieff                        22411   GUR
   Fuentes, Starr            Healing With Energy                                   Therapeutic Touch                19183   TT1
   Fuentes, Starr            Healing With Energy  Guide To Hands-On Techniques     Therapeutic Touch                24617   TT1
   Fujisawa, Chikao          Zen And Shinto                                        Zen                              20334   ZEN
   Fulder, Stephen           Tao Of Medicine ( OP ? )                              Healing                          13823   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Fuller, J.F.C.            Secret Wisdom Of The Qabalah                          Kabbalah                         15538   KAB
   Fuller, Jean              Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan                              Sufism                           26939   SUF
   Fuller, Jean Overton      Blavatsky & Her Teachers (NA)                         Theosophy                        16840   THE
   Fuller, R. Buckminster    Critical Path                                         Global Responsibility, concerns  17463   ONE
   Fuller, R. Buckminster    Grunch Of Giants (POS 11/92, 8/93)                    Global Responsibility, concerns  19869   ONE
   Fuller, R. Buckminster    Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth                  Global Responsibility, concerns  15445   ONE
   Funk & Wagnalls           Stand. Dictionary Of Folklore, Mythology & Legend     Reference                        16571   REF
   Furlong, Monica           Therese Of Lisieux                                    Christian Saints                 28554   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Furlong, Monica           Visions And Longings: Medieval Women Mystics          Women's Spirituality, Goddess    24396   WOM
   Furneaux, Rupert          Ancient Mysteries                                     Earth Mysteries                  19060   EAR
   Furst, Dan                Dance Of The Moon                                     Wicca                            19206   WIC
   Furst, Jeffrey            Edgar Cayce's Story Of Jesus                          Cayce, Edgar                     11834   CAY
   Furth, Gregg              Secret World Of Drawings   Jungian Approach           Jung, Carl                       28913   JUN
   Fuxing, Zhang             Handbook Of T'ai Chi Ch'uan Exercises                 Tai Chi                          14420   TAI
   Fynn                      Anna, Mister God & The Black Knight (OP 8/97)         Fiction                          20603   FIC
   Fynn                      Mister God, This Is Anna                              Inspirational books              14962   INS
   Gaarder, Jostein          Sophie's World                                        Fiction                          24877   FIC
   Gablik, Suzi              Living The Magical Life                               Ceremonial Magic                 23420   MAG
   Gach, Gary                Complete Idiot's Guide To Buddhism                    Buddhism                         28983   BUD
   Gach, Gary (edt.)         What Book!?                                           Poetry                           26759   POE
   Gach, Michael             Acupressure For Emotional Healing                     Healing                          30535   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Gach, Michael             Acupressure's Potent Points                           Healing                          19229   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Gad, Irene                Tarot & Individuation (BO'd 1/16/14)                  Jung, Carl                       21971   JUN
   Gadalla, Moustafa         Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity (BO'd)         Egyptian Spirituality            23798   EGY
   Gadalla, Moustafa         Egypt   A Practical Guide                             Egyptian Spirituality            27923   EGY
   Gadalla, Moustafa         Egyptian Cosmology  Absolute Harmony (BO'd)           Egyptian Spirituality            25273   EGY
   Gadalla, Moustafa         Egyptian Divinities (BO'd 7/2013)                     Egyptian Spirituality            29304   EGY
   Gadalla, Moustafa         Egyptian Harmony  The Visual Music (BO'd 10/7/15)     Egyptian Spirituality            27924   EGY
   Gadalla, Moustafa         Egyptian Mystics  Seekers Of The Way (BO'd)           Egyptian Spirituality            30896   EGY
   Gadalla, Moustafa         Historical Deception  Untold Story Of Ancient Egy     Egyptian Spirituality            25368   EGY
   Gadalla, Moustafa         Pyramid Handbook (Previously Pyramid Illusions)       Egyptian Spirituality            25373   EGY
   Gadalla, Moustafa         Tut-Ankh-Amen  The Living Image Of The Lord           Egyptian Spirituality            29183   EGY
   Gadon, Elinor W.          Once & Future Goddess                                 Mythology                        18401   MYT
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Gaertner, Brigitte        Powerful Feng Shui Balancing Tools                    Feng Shui                        28068   FEN
   Gafner, Randy             Zen And The Art Of Making A Morris Chair              Consciousness Expansion          23837   EXP
   Gagan, Jeannette          Journeying  Where Shamanism...                        Shamanism                        26351   SHA
   Gaia, Laurelle Shanti     Book On Karuna Reiki                                  Reiki                            29329   RKI
   Gaiman, Neil              American Gods  A Novel                                Fiction                          29371   FIC
   Gaiman, Neil              Norse Mythology                                       Mythology                        29847   MYT
   Gaiman, Neil              Stardust                                              Fiction                          24340   FIC
   Gainsburg, Adam           Chiron: The Wisdom Of A Deeply Open Heart             Astrology                        26240   AST
   Gair, James               New Course In Reading Pali                            Buddhism                         25241   BUD
   Gaitonde, Mohan           Nothing Is Everything (Nisargadatta)                  Hinduism                         19646   HIN
   Galante, Lawrence         Tai Chi  The Supreme Ultimate                         Tai Chi                          13798   TAI
   Galasso, Jennifer         Tarot Cards Crystal Visions Tarot                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16717   TAR
   Galde, Phyllis            Crystal Healing  The Next Step                        Crystal and gems                 17532   GEM
   Galde, Phyllis            Truth About Crystal Healing (8/01 OP)                 Crystal and gems                 23464   GEM
   Galenorn, Yasmine         Dancing With The Sun   Celebrating The Seasons        Wicca                            26034   WIC
   Galenorn, Yasmine         Magical Meditations                                   Wicca                            30086   WIC
   Gall Eagle, Chokecherry   Beyond The Lodge Of The Sun                           Native Peoples                   24886   NAT
   Gallagher, Ann-Marie      Way Of The Goddess                                    Women's Spirituality, Goddess    29127   WOM
   Gallagher, Blanche        Meditations With Teilhard De Chardin                  Christianity                     17407   CHR
   Gallagher, Nora           Things Seen & Unseen  A Year Lived In Faith           Christianity                     29755   CHR
   Gallagher, Winifred       Power Of Place                                        Earth Mysteries                  21767   EAR
                                                                                   Global Responsibility, concerns          ONE
   Galland, China            Longing For Darkness                                  Women's Spirituality, Goddess    19393   WOM
   Galland, M.D., Leo        Already Here                                          Death and Dying                  17064   DEA
   Gallegos, Eligio Stephen  Personal Totem Pole                                   Chakras                          17108   CHA
   Gamache, Henri            Master Book Of Candle Burning                         Ceremonial Magic                 23551   MAG
   Gamache, Henri            Mystery Long Lost 8, 9, 10 Books Of Moses             Bible, Scriptures                19943   BIB
   Gambhirananda (Trans)     Brahma Sutra Bhasya Of Shankaracharya                 Hinduism                         18472   HIN
   Gamman, Tonya             Heaven and Earth                                      New Age                          19915   OCC
   Gampopa                   Jewel Ornament Of Liberation                          Tibetan Buddhism                 12498   TIB
   Gandhi, Mahatma           Bhagavad Gita According To Gandhi                     Bhagavad Gita                    13145   B.G
                                                                                   Gandhi                                   GAN
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Gandhi, Mahatma           Book Of Prayers (OSI 1/2005)                          Hinduism                         26691   HIN
   Gandhi, Mahatma           Gandhi An Autobiography                               Gandhi                           12068   GAN
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Gandhi, Mahatma           Vows & Observances (POS INGR 12/29/06)                Gandhi                           13755   GAN
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Ganga Publications        Krsna Art Book                                        Art                              25510   ART
   Gangadharan, N.           Agni Purana Part II                                   Hinduism                         29571   HIN
   Gangadharan, N.           Agni Purana Part III                                  Hinduism                         29572   HIN
   Gangaji                   Diamond In Your Pocket                                Hinduism                         16035   HIN
   Gangaji                   Freedom & Resolve                                     Hinduism                         27265   HIN
   Gangaji                   Hidden Treasure                                       Hinduism                         15235   HIN
   Gangaji                   Just Like You  An Autobiography                       Hinduism                         29565   HIN
   Gangaji                   Who Are You  (2 CDs) Path Of Self-Inquiry             Hinduism                         19220   HIN
   Gangaji                   You Are That! Vol.I                                   Hinduism                         23870   HIN
   Gangaji                   You Are That! Vol.II                                  Hinduism                         14770   HIN
   Ganim, Barbara & Fox, S.  Visual Journaling                                     Art                              26777   ART
   Ganin, Barbara            Drawing From The Heart                                Art                              30235   ART
   Gardiner, Philip          Gateways To The Otherworld                            Death and Dying                  15511   DEA
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Gardner, Adelaide         Meditation A Practical Study (105)                    Meditation                       12839   MED
   Gardner, Athena           Alexandrian & Gardnerian Book Of Shadows              Wicca                            29642   WIC
   Gardner, Barbara          Prophecy  A Novel Of Sai Baba (OP?)                   Sai Baba                         11261   SAI
   Gardner, Barbara          Sai Prophecy                                          Fiction                          27664   FIC
   Gardner, Edmund G.        Arthurian Legend In Italian Literature                Mythology                        30529   MYT
   Gardner, Edward           Play Of Consciousness In The Web Of The Universe      Theosophy                        16556   THE
   Gardner, Gerald           Gardnerian Book Of Shadows                            Wicca                            27153   WIC
   Gardner, Gerald           Meaning Of Witchcraft                                 Wicca                            30108   WIC
   Gardner, Gerald / Scire   High Magic's Aid                                      Wicca                            24330   WIC
   Gardner, Gerald B.        Gardner Collection (BO NL 1/5/02)                     Wicca                            26187   WIC
   Gardner, Joy              Color & Crystals  A Journey Through The Chakras       Chakras                          17718   CHA
   Gardner, Joy              Vibrational Healing through The Chakras               Chakras                          30941   CHA
   Gardner, Kay              Sounding The Inner Landscape (BO NEWL 06/12/00)       Music                            19371   MUS
   Gardner, Laurence         Genesis Of The Grail Kings                            Holy Grail                       30342   H.G
   Gardner, Laurence         Realm Of The Ring Lords                               Mythology                        30337   MYT
   Gardner, Laurence         Shadow Of Solomon  Lost Secrets Freemasons            Western Mystery Tradition        28548   WMT
   Gardner, Laurnce          Bloodline Of The Holy Grail (POS March 2016)          Holy Grail                       14457   H.G
   Gardner, Robert L.        Rainbow Serpent                                       Jung, Carl                       19165   JUN
   Garen, Nancy              Tarot Made Easy                                       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     16070   TAR
   Garfield                  Fundamental Wisdom Of The Middle Way (OP?)            Tibetan Buddhism                 26792   TIB
   Garfield, Leah            Angels & Companions In Spirit                         Angels, Nature Spirits           11558   ANG
   Garfield, Patricia        Creative Dreaming                                     Dreams                           11639   DRE
   Garfield, Patricia        Healing Power Of Dreams (0-671-79188-5)               Dreams                           14850   DRE
   Garfield, Patricia        Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams                        Dreams                           17579   DRE
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Garfinkel, Perry          Buddha Or Bust                                        Buddhism                         16292   BUD
   Gargiulo-Sherman, Johanna Tarot Cards Sacred Rose                               Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13866   TAR
   Garland, Anne Amber       Bus Stop Buddhism                                     Buddhism                         18951   BUD
   Garland, Sarah            Herb Garden  Cmp Gd To Grwng Scntd, Cul & Med Hrbs    Garden books                     18868   GAR
   Garland, Trudi Hammel     Fascinating Fibonaccis                                Sacred Geometry                  29636   SAC
   Garrett & Flack           Chiron Ephemeris With Keys... (1770-2051)             Astrology                        25593   AST
   Garrett & Stone           Catching Good Health With Homeopathic Medicine        Healing                          19617   HEA
                                                                                   Homeopathy                               HOM
   Garrett, Helen            Nodes  Life's Purpose                                 Astrology                        22251   AST
   Garrett, J.T.             Cherokee Herbal                                       Herbs                            25184   HER
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Garrett, J.T. & Michael   Cherokee Full Circle                                  Native Peoples                   29247   NAT
   Garrett, J.T. & Michael   Medicine Of The Cherokee                              Native Peoples                   13243   NAT
   Garrett, Michael          Walking On The Wind   Cherokee Teachings              Native Peoples                   25318   NAT
   Garrison, Cal             Astrology of 2012 & Beyond                            Astrology                        18094   AST
   Garrison, Cal             Old Girls' Book Of Spells                             Wicca                            22933   WIC
   Garry, Ron & Bdud-'Joms   Wisdom Nectar                                         Tibetan Buddhism                 21575   TIB
   Garstin, E.J. Langford    Theurgy Or The Hermetic Practice                      Western Mystery Tradition        30267   WMT
   Garth, Maureen            Starbright  Meditations For Children                  Children's Books                 20246   KID
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Garver, Will              Brother Of The Third Degree                           Fiction                          15222   FIC
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Gascoigne, Stephen        Chinese Way To Health                                 Healing                          31040   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Gaskin, Ina May           Ina May's Guide To Childbirth                         Parenting                        30221   PAR
   Gaskin, May Ina           Spiritual Midwifery                                   Parenting                        13716   PAR
   Gaspar, Wiliam            Celestial Clock                                       Global Responsibility, concerns  27372   ONE
   Gass, Robert              Ancient Mother (CD)                                   CDs                              26577   CDS
   Gass, Robert              Awakening (CD)                                        CDs                              25385   CDS
   Gass, Robert              Chant (2 CDs)                                         CDs                              12162   CDS
   Gass, Robert              Enchanted (CD) G7132                                  CDs                              23416   CDS
   Gass, Robert              From The Goddess/Oh Great Spirit (CD)                 CDs                              26227   CDS
   Gass, Robert              Kirtana (CD) On Wings Of Song                         CDs                              29024   CDS
   Gass, Robert              Medicine Wheel (CD)                                   CDs                              28528   CDS
   Gass, Robert              Om Namaha Shivaya (CD)                                CDs                              26332   CDS
   Gass, Robert              Shri Ram (CD) G7113                                   CDs                              22011   CDS
   Gaster, Moses             Sword Of Moses                                        Ceremonial Magic                 24741   MAG
   Gates Sr., Bill           Showing Up For Life                                   Inspirational books              12842   INS
   Gates, Donna              ABCs Of Angels                                        Native Peoples                   15487   NAT
   Gates, Donna              Body Ecology Diet (Tenth Edition)                     Diet                             15034   DIE
   Gates, Mariam             Good Night Yoga                                       Children's Books                 26070   KID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Gates, Rolf & Kenison, K. Meditations From The Mat                              Yoga                             18487   YOG
   Gaucher, Guy              John & Therese                                        Christianity                     30504   CHR
   Gauld, Alan               Founders Of Psychical Research                        Psychic Phenomenon               19408   ESP
   Gaunt, Bonnie             Beginnings: The Sacred Design                         Sacred Geometry                  23151   SAC
   Gaunt, Bonnie             Magnificent Numbers Of The Great Pyramid & Stone..    Earth Mysteries                  23669   EAR
                                                                                   Numerology                               NUM
   Gaunt, Bonnie             Nile The Promise Written In Sand                      Egyptian Spirituality            30842   EGY
   Gaunt, Bonnie             Stonehenge  A Closer Look                             Earth Mysteries                  23673   EAR
   Gauquelin, Michel         Birthtimes                                            Astrology                        17868   AST
   Gauquelin, Michel         Cosmic Influences On Human Behavior                   Astrology                        15825   AST
   Gauquelin, Michel         Planetary Heredity                                    Astrology                        17596   AST
   Gaurav Gatha              Dalai Lama Comic Book                                 Children's Books                 16468   KID
   Gaus, Andy, transl.       Unvarnished Gospels (0-939660-25-3) POS 7/7/00        Bible, Scriptures                17317   BIB
   Gawain, Shakti            Creating True Prosperity                              Mind Science                     24613   MIN
   Gawain, Shakti            Creative Visualization (3 CDs)                        Mind Science                     14636   MIN
   Gawain, Shakti            Creative Visualization (Trade Paper) BO'd 2/2/21      Mind Science                     11646   MIN
   Gawain, Shakti            Creative Visualization Meditations (CD)               Mind Science                     12777   MIN
   Gawain, Shakti            Creative Visualization Workbook                       Mind Science                     25060   MIN
   Gawain, Shakti            Developing Intuition                                  Psychic Phenomenon               21127   ESP
   Gawain, Shakti            Developing Intuition (3 CDs)                          Intuition                        28601   INT
   Gawain, Shakti            Four Levels Of Healing                                Mind Science                     24447   MIN
   Gawain, Shakti            Living In The Light                                   Mind Science                     15247   MIN
   Gawain, Shakti            Path Of Transformation                                Mind Science                     21355   MIN
   Gawain, Shakti            Reflections In The Light                              Inspirational books              17603   INS
   Gawain, Shakti            Return To The Garden  A Journey Of Discovery          Mind Science                     18264   MIN
   Gawler, Ian & Bedson, P.  Meditation An In-Depth Guide                          Meditation                       13897   MED
   Gayley, Holly & Schapiro  Gathering Of Brillian Moons                           Tibetan Buddhism                 30288   TIB
   Gaynor, Mitchell          Healing Power Of Sound                                Music                            28999   MUS
   Gaze, Harry               Thomas Troward  Intimate Memoir Of The Teacher        Mind Science                     29557   MIN
   Gearhart & Rennie         Feminist Tarot                                        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17400   TAR
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Geber                     Of The Investigation                                  Western Mystery Tradition        29039   WMT
   Geddes, Sheila            Astrology & Health (OP 10/04)                         Astrology                        21249   AST
   Gee & Hawley              Tao Of Meow  (SMALL)                                  Humor                            21643   HUM
   Gee, Judee                Intuition  Awakening Your Inner Guide                 Intuition                        25828   INT
                                                                                   Psychic Phenomenon                       ESP
   Gee, Margaret (Compiler)  Words Of Wisdom From The Dalai Lama                   Dalai Lama                       18461   D.L
   Geffner, Gayle            Pathways To Success (Career Astrology)                Astrology                        29750   AST
   Gehl, Jennifer            Science Of Planetary In Medicine                      Astrology                        28341   AST
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Gehlek, Rimpoche Nawang   Good Life, Good Death                                 Tibetan Buddhism                 28570   TIB
   Gelb, Michae              How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci                   Psychology, self help            22156   PSY
   Gelb, Michael             DaVinci Decoded  Leonardo's Seven Principles          Psychology, self help            22132   PSY
   Gelberman, Joseph         Physician Of The Soul  A Modern Kabbalist's..         Kabbalah                         27215   KAB
   Geldard, Richard          Parmenides and the Way of Truth                       Western Mystery Tradition        16403   WMT
   Geldard, Richard          Remembering Heraclitus                                Western Mystery Tradition        27469   WMT
   Geldard, Richard          Spiritual Teachings Of Ralph  Waldo Emerson           Poetry                           21662   POE
   Geldard, Richard G.       Traveler's Key To Ancient Greece (BO'd 1/28/2021)     Travel                           27189   TRA
   Gellek, Nagli             Hunter & The Quail                                    Children's Books                 15150   KID
   Gellek, Pema              Tashi & Norbu                                         Children's Books                 25390   KID
   Gellert, Michael          Divine Mind                                           Comparative Religion             11388   C.R
                                                                                   Jung, Carl                               JUN
   Gellert, Michael          Modern Mysticism  Jung, Zen & Still Hand Of God       Jung, Carl                       22604   JUN
   Gelles, David             Mindful Work                                          Work                             26118   JOB
   Gellman & Hartman         Where Does God Live                                   Parenting                        12972   PAR
   Gemstone Collection       Blank Journal Eliat Stone Medium (1561524077)         Journal writing                  27451   JNL
   Gemstone Collection       Blank Journal Sodalite Med. (1877824100)              Journal writing                  27452   JNL
   Gendler, Ruth             Book Of Qualities                                     Mind Science                     11389   MIN
   Gendlin, Eugene           Focusing                                              Meditation                       12000   MED
   Gendlin, Eugene           Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams                   Dreams                           14895   DRE
   Gendron, Melanie          Gendron Tarot (Book only)                             Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     22599   TAR
   Gendun Rinpoche           Heart Advice From A Mahamudra Master                  Tibetan Buddhism                 12899   TIB
   Genelli, Lyn and Tom      Death At The Movies                                   Death and Dying                  16966   DEA
   Genoud, Charles           Gesture Of Awareness                                  Buddhism                         26427   BUD
   George Carey & Inez Perry Zodiac & The Salts Of Salvation                       Astrology                        18556   AST
                                                                                   Homeopathy                               HOM
   George, Demetra           Ancient Astrology                                     Astrology                        31170   AST
   George, Demetra           Asteroid Goddesses                                    Astrology                        16183   AST
   George, Demetra           Astrology & The Authentic Self                        Astrology                        12108   AST
   George, Demetra           Finding Our Way Through The Dark (OP 10/2004)         Astrology                        23433   AST
   George, Demetra           Mysteries Of The Dark Moon                            Women's Spirituality, Goddess    20992   WOM
   George, James             Asking For The Earth  Spiritual Ecological Crisis     Global Responsibility, concerns  22839   ONE
   George, Llewellyn         Llewellyn's New A To Z Horoscope Maker                Astrology                        11001   AST
   George, Margaret          Mary Called Magdalene A Novel                         Fiction                          29611   FIC
   George, Rana              Essential Lenormand                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19150   TAR
   George, Rana              Tarot Cards Rana George Lenormand                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     22405   TAR
   George, Ted & Parker      Dark Asteroids Of Earth                               Astrology                        22202   AST
   Georgian, Linda           Your Guardian Angels                                  Angels, Nature Spirits           22368   ANG
   Georgiou, G. M.           My Ancient Greek Coloring Book                        Art                              17445   ART
   Gerber, Alex              Wholeness  On Education, Buckminster Fuller...        Global Responsibility, concerns  27965   ONE
   Gerber, Richard           Practical Guide To Vibrational Healing (BO'd 10/2)    Healing                          11582   HEA
   Gerber, Richard           Vibrational Medicine                                  Healing                          15179   HEA
   Gerimar Publications      Serenity Cards                                        Inspirational books              19840   INS
   Germer, Christoopher      Mindful Path To Self-compassion                       Psychology, self help            21669   PSY
   Gerrard, Don              One Bowl                                              Diet                             28302   DIE
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Gerson, Charlotte         Gerson Therapy                                        Diet                             14778   DIE
   Gertrude (Winkworth tr.)  Gertrude Of Helfta  Herald Of Divine Love             Christian Saints                 14985   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Gerwick-Brodeur & Lenard  Complete Idiot's Guide To Astrology                   Astrology                        24941   AST
   Geryl, Patrick & Ratinckx Orion Prophecy                                        Mayan                            29835   MAY
   Geshe Jampa Gyatso        Purification in Tibetan Buddhism                      Tibetan Buddhism                 27855   TIB
   Geshe Sonam Rinchen       How Karma Works                                       Tibetan Buddhism                 26658   TIB
   Gethin, R.M.L.            Buddhist Path To Awakening                            Buddhism                         28816   BUD
   Getten, Mary              Communicating With Orcas                              Animals                          29860   ANI
   Getty, Adele              Goddess  Mother Of Living Nature                      Women's Spirituality, Goddess    23891   WOM
   Gewurz, Elias             Hidden Treasures Of The Ancient Qabalah               Kabbalah                         19313   KAB
   Ghosananda, Maha          Step By Step  Meditations On Wisdom & Compassion      Meditation                       20626   MED
   Ghost Wolf, Robert        Last Cry  Native American Prophecies                  Native Peoples                   25099   NAT
   Ghost Wolf, Robert        Winds Of Change                                       Native Peoples                   25167   NAT
   Ghyka, Matila             Geometry Of Art & Life                                Sacred Geometry                  12132   SAC
   Ghyka, Matila             Golden Number Pythagorean Rites...                    Western Mystery Tradition        16154   WMT
   Giampolo, Carlino         Art Of Letting Go                                     Psychology, self help            18753   PSY
   Gibbs, J. J.              Dancing With Your Books                               Zen                              19172   ZEN
   Giblin & Ibatoulline      Secrets Of The Sphinx                                 Egyptian Spirituality            11318   EGY
   Gibran, Hajjar            Return Of The Prophet                                 Poetry                           21258   POE
   Gibran, Kahilil           And The Prophet Said...                               Poetry                           11927   POE
   Gibran, Kahill            Jesus The Son Of Man                                  Poetry                           22758   POE
   Gibran, Kahlil            Collected Works (978-0-307-26707-8)                   Poetry                           12062   POE
   Gibran, Kahlil            Essential Gibran (BO'd 12/17/2019)                    Poetry                           19440   POE
   Gibran, Kahlil            Madman  His Parables & Poems                          Poetry                           12351   POE
   Gibran, Kahlil            Prophet (Regular size) (978-0-394-40428-8)            Poetry                           13275   POE
   Gibson, Fred Otis         Una's Jungle Journey                                  Children's Books                 29997   KID
   Gibson, Lindsay           Adult Children Of Emotionally Immature Parents        Psychology, self help            19956   PSY
   Gibson, Mitchell          Living Soul  Removing Entities                        Psychic Phenomenon               27521   ESP
   Gibson, Mitchell          Signs Of Mental Illness                               Astrology                        25627   AST
   Gibson, Morgan            Among Buddhas In Japan                                Zen                              17577   ZEN
   Gibson, Roberta           Home Is The Heart                                     Fiction                          18065   FIC
   Giegerich, Wolfgang       What Is Soul?                                         Jung, Carl                       29170   JUN
   Gienger & Goebel          Gem Water                                             Crystal and gems                 24746   GEM
   Gienger, M. & Maier, W    Healing Stones for the Vital Organs                   Crystal and gems                 14365   GEM
   Gienger, Michael          Crystal Power Crystal Healing                         Crystal and gems                 18746   GEM
   Gienger, Michael          Gemstone Healing (POS 2/11/2021)                      Crystal and gems                 25326   GEM
   Gienger, Michael          Healing Crystals  A - Z Guide                         Crystal and gems                 25962   GEM
   Gienger, Michael          Twelve Essential Healing Crystals                     Crystal and gems                 26006   GEM
   Gieseke, Gloria           Where Is The Music?  Multiple NDEs                    Near Death Studies               27602   NDE
   Giesemann, Suzanne        Messages Of Hope                                      Psychic Phenomenon               26921   ESP
   Giesemann, Suzanne        Wolf's Message                                        Psychic Phenomenon               23259   ESP
   Giffone, Lucille          Shape Rebellion                                       Children's Books                 18733   KID
   Gilbert & Cotterell       Mayan Prophecies (OP 3/2002)                          Mayan                            23539   MAY
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Gilbert, Adrian           Magi (1931229252)                                     Western Mystery Tradition        29239   WMT
   Gilbert, Adrian           Secrets Of The Stone Of Destiny                       Western Mystery Tradition        27381   WMT
   Gilbert, Adrian           Signs In The Sky                                      Egyptian Spirituality            26052   EGY
                                                                                   Prophecy                                 PRO
   Gilbert, Eleonora (Edit.) Conversations On Non-Duality                          Consciousness Expansion          22102   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Gilbert, Elizabeth        Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear                 Consciousness Expansion          16783   EXP
   Gilbert, Elizabeth        Eat Pray Love                                         Consciousness Expansion          31016   EXP
   Gilbert, Paul & Choden    Mindful Compassion                                    Psychology, self help            20932   PSY
   Gilbert, R.A.             Elements Of Mysticism                                 Consciousness Expansion          20580   EXP
   Gilbert, Roger            Listen To The Wind  Speak From The Heart              Shamanism                        23289   SHA
   Gilbert, Zen Master       Upside Down Circle  Zen Laughter                      Zen                              17960   ZEN
   Gilchrist, Cherry         Circle Of Nine                                        Women's Spirituality, Goddess    18814   WOM
   Gilchrist, Cherry         Tarot Triumphs  (Marseilles Tarot)                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     27219   TAR
   Gilchrist, Cherry         Theosophy  Wisdom Of The Ages (OP 11/99)              Theosophy                        23867   THE
   Giles, Lionel             Sayings Of Confucius                                  Taoism                           21402   TAO
   Giles, Mary (Edt)         Feminist Mystic (POS 5/92)                            Women's Spirituality, Goddess    19307   WOM
   Gill & Sullivan           Dictionary Of Native American Mythology               Native Peoples                   22108   NAT
   Gill, Elizabeth           Gill Tarot (Book)                                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     25014   TAR
   Gill, Nathan              Already Awake                                         Consciousness Expansion          16645   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Gill, Nathan              Being: The Bottom Line                                Consciousness Expansion          16765   EXP
                                                                                   Non-Duality                              NON
   Gill, Penny               What In The World Is Going On                         New Age                          29748   OCC
   Gillentine, Julie         Messengers                                            Fiction                          25055   FIC
   Gillentine, Julie         Tarot & Dream Interpretation                          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29733   TAR
   Gillespie, Diane          Stories For Getting Back To Sleep                     Psychology, self help            30160   PSY
   Gillet, Lev               Burning Bush                                          Christianity                     30075   CHR
   Gillet, Lev               On The Invocation Of The Name Of Jesus                Christianity                     14286   CHR
   Gillette, Douglas         Shaman's Secret....(7/01 OSI)                         Mayan                            26218   MAY
   Gillies, Jerry            Money-Love (POS NL 1/29/00)                           Mind Science                     15603   MIN
   Gilpin, Geoff             Maharishi Effect                                      Meditation                       22855   MED
   Gimbutas, Marija          Language Of The Goddess                               Mythology                        19984   MYT
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Gimbutas, Marija          Living Goddesses                                      Women's Spirituality, Goddess    26378   WOM
   Ginsburg, Seymour         Masters Speak  (Ashish & Gurdjieff)                   Gurdjieff                        12475   GUR
   Giono,  Jean              Man Who Planted Trees                                 Global Responsibility, concerns  19321   ONE
   Girad, Raphel             Esotericism Of The Popol Vuh                          Mayan                            18968   MAY
                                                                                   Native Peoples                           NAT
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Babaji Vol III  Masters Of The Original Kriya (POS    Hinduism                         18284   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Babaji Vol.I Divine Himalayan Yogi                    Hinduism                         11284   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Babaji Vol.II Lahiri Mahasay (not available)          Hinduism                         20145   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Bhagavad Gita (1877854166) Lahiri Mahasay             Bhagavad Gita                    26844   B.G
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Biography Of A Yogi                                   Hinduism                         25775   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Gitas Vol. 1 (1877854158)                             Hinduism                         26845   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Hidden Wisdom (Lahiri Mahasay's Commentaries)         Hinduism                         16040   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Holy Bible  In The Light Of Kriya                     Hinduism                         25799   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Inner Victory (Lahiri Mahasay's commentaries)         Hinduism                         21021   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Kriya  Finding The True Path                          Hinduism                         25776   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Kriya Sutras Of Babaji                                Hinduism                         21832   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Mahabharata Vol. II (Lahiri Mahasay commentary)       Hinduism                         26847   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Six Systems (Lahiri Mahasay) Vol. IV                  Hinduism                         20524   HIN
   Giri, Satyeswarananda     Upanisads Vol.III (Lahiri Mahasay)                    Upanishads                       17263   UPA
   Giri, Satyeswarnanada     Mahabharata  Vol. 1 (1877854247)                      Hinduism                         26846   HIN
   Giri, Satyewarananda      Hidden Wisdom Vol. III                                Hinduism                         20483   HIN
   Giri, Swama               Sriyukteswar                                          Yoga                             28391   YOG
                                                                                   Yogananda, Paramahansa                   Y.P
   Girish                    Music & Mantras                                       Music                            27986   MUS
   Girzone, Joseph           Joshua  A Parable For Today (0-684-81346-7)           Fiction                          18341   FIC
   Girzone, Joseph           Joshua & The Children  A Parable                      Fiction                          19227   FIC
   Gittner, Louis            Love Is A Verb                                        Psychology, self help            17124   PSY
                                                                                   Relationships                            REL
   Givin, Debra              Tarot Cards Cat's Eye Tarot                           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14607   TAR
   Gladstar, Rosemary        Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs                   Herbs                            31240   HER
   Gladwell, Malcolm         Blink                                                 Psychology, self help            31051   PSY
   Gladwell, Malcolm         Tipping Point                                         Global Responsibility, concerns  11034   ONE
   Glaser, Christopher       Complete Chemist                                      Alchemy                          27874   ALC
   Glass-Coffin, Bonnie      Lessons In Courage Peruvian Shamanism                 Shamanism                        29722   SHA
   Glasser, William          Control Theory                                        Psychology, self help            14888   PSY
   Glassman & Fields         Instructions To The Cook  Zen Master's Lessons        Zen                              23982   ZEN
   Glassman, Bernie          Bearing Witness  Zen Master's Lessons...              Zen                              26192   ZEN
   Glassman, Bernie          Infinite Circle  Teachings In Zen                     Zen                              28896   ZEN
   Gleason & Reich (BO'd)    Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth(VIDEO)        Video Cassettes                  15734   VID
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Gleeson, William          Before The Delusion  An Historical Novel              Fiction                          14003   FIC
   Gleick, James             Chaos  Making A New Science                           Science                          17286   SCI
   Gleisner, Earlene         Reiki In Everyday Living                              Reiki                            22856   RKI
   Glendinning, Chellis      My Name Is Chellis (087773996X)                       Global Responsibility, concerns  27333   ONE
   Glick & Lorusso           Healing Stoned  Therapeutic Use Of Gems               Crystal and gems                 12236   GEM
   Glick & Lorusso           Stratagems                                            Crystal and gems                 13679   GEM
   Glick, Rabbi Yoel         Walking The Path Of The Jewish Mystic                 Judaism                          14803   JUD
   Glickman, Marshall        Beyond The Breath (Vipassana)                         Meditation                       29225   MED
   Glockler & Goebel         Guide To Child Health                                 Parenting                        20170   PAR
   Glockler, Michaela        Medicine At The Threshold Of A New Consciousness      Steiner, Rudolf                  26547   STE
   Glover, Harry             Meditation  The Light From Within                     Meditation                       22573   MED
   Goble, Paul               Girl Who Loved Wild Horses                            Children's Books                 20380   KID
   Goddard, David            Tower Of Alchemy                                      Alchemy                          26341   ALC
   Goddard, Dwight           Buddhist Bible                                        Buddhism                         11423   BUD
   Goddart, Michael          Spiritual Revolution 52 Principles...                 Mind Science                     28918   MIN
   Godman, David             Be As You Are                                         Hinduism                         15502   HIN
   Godman, David             Power Of The Presence Part One (Ramana Maharshi)      Hinduism                         14799   HIN
   Godman, David             Power Of The Presence Part Three (Ramana Maharshi     Hinduism                         14810   HIN
   Godman, David             Power Of The Presence Part Two (Ramana Maharshi)      Hinduism                         14807   HIN
   Godwin & McIntosh         Rosicrucian Trilogy                                   Western Mystery Tradition        27309   WMT
   Godwin, Chanel & Deveney  Hermetic Brotherhood Of Luxor                         Western Mystery Tradition        23004   WMT
   Godwin, David             Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia                      Kabbalah                         21995   KAB
   Godwin, David             How To Choose Your Own Tarot                          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     22844   TAR
   Godwin, David             Truth About Cabala                                    Kabbalah                         22673   KAB
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Arktos  Polar Myth                                    Mythology                        14375   MYT
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Atlantis & The Cycles Of Time                         Atlantis                         20709   ATL
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Forbidden Book  A Novel                               Fiction                          23254   FIC
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Forbidden Fruits (An Occult Novel)                    Fiction                          20378   FIC
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Golden Thread                                         Western Mystery Tradition        18040   WMT
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Harmonies Of Heaven & Earth                           Music                            16923   MUS
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Harmony Of The Spheres                                Music                            14281   MUS
   Godwin, Joscelyn          John Michell Reader                                   Earth Mysteries                  26156   EAR
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Mystery Of The Seven Vowels                           Music                            19612   MUS
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Pagan Dream Of The Renaissance                        Western Mystery Tradition        11158   WMT
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Robert Fludd  Hermetic Philosopher                    Western Mystery Tradition        11845   WMT
   Godwin, Joscelyn          Theosophical Enlightenment                            Western Mystery Tradition        22370   WMT
   Godwin, Joscelyn (Ed)     Cosmic Music                                          Music                            18641   MUS
   Godwin, Joscelyn (Trans)  Chemical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz             Rosicrucian                      20359   ROS
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Godwin, Malcolm           Holy Grail                                            Holy Grail                       21878   H.G
   Godwin, Malcom            Lucid Dreamer  Waking Guide (OSI 7/1/99)              Dreams                           22312   DRE
   Goenka, S.N.              Discourse Summaries                                   Meditation                       26307   MED
   Goenka, S.N.              Gracious Flow Of Dharma                               Meditation                       26306   MED
   Goenka, S.N.              Gracious Flow Of Dharma                               Meditation                       29437   MED
   Goenka, S.N.              Meditation Now                                        Meditation                       11645   MED
   Goenka, S.N.              Satipatthana Sutta Discourses                         Meditation                       26309   MED
   Goenka, S.N.(Hart author) Art Of Living  Vipassana Meditation                   Meditation                       16261   MED
   Golb, Norman              Who Wrote The Dead Sea Scrolls                        Dead Sea Scrolls                 24018   DSS
   Gold & Attenborough       Gandhi A Pictorial Biography                          Gandhi                           12067   GAN
                                                                                   Hinduism                                 HIN
   Gold, August              Does God Hear My Prayer? (New due Feb. 2005)          Children's Books                 22865   KID
   Gold, August & Fotinos, J Prayer Chest                                          Fiction                          21505   FIC
   Gold, Aviva               Painting From The Source                              Art                              26018   ART
   Gold, E.J.                American Book Of The Dead                             Death and Dying                  19427   DEA
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Gold, E.J.                Angels Healing Journey                                Death and Dying                  24720   DEA
   Gold, E.J.                Human Biological Machine...(POS NEWL 7/5/05)          Gurdjieff                        16068   GUR
   Gold, E.J.                Lazy Man's Guide To Death & Dying                     Death and Dying                  14689   DEA
                                                                                   Grief                                    GRF
   Gold, E.J.                Life In The Labyrinth                                 Psychology, self help            16205   PSY
   Gold, E.J.                Practical Work On Self                                Psychology, self help            19605   PSY
   Gold, E.J.                Seven Bodies Of Man                                   Psychology, self help            18665   PSY
   Gold, Gari                New Age A To Z (X-cept X!)                            Reference                        21001   REF
   Gold, Michael             When Someone You Love Is (0-89793-114-9)              Relationships                    21423   REL
   Gold, Peter               Navajo & Tibetan Sacred Wisdom                        Native Peoples                   22376   NAT
   Golday, Adrienne          Rose & The Pickle                                     Children's Books                 13977   KID
   Goldberg, Bonni           Room To Write (POS 9/20/2019)                         Journal writing                  26802   JNL
   Goldberg, Bruce           Astral Voyages  Mastering The Art of Soul Travel      Out of Body                      26164   OOB
   Goldberg, Bruce           Exploring The Fifth Dimension                         Out of Body                      23040   OOB
   Goldberg, Bruce           Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed                     Reincarnation                    14431   REI
   Goldberg, Bruce           Peaceful Transition                                   Death and Dying                  27173   DEA
   Goldberg, Bruce           Protected By The Light (BO says OP 9/00 - check)      Psychic Phenomenon               21307   ESP
   Goldberg, Bruce           Search For Grace                                      Reincarnation                    22074   REI
   Goldberg, Bruce           Self-Hypnosis                                         Hypnosis                         27433   HYP
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Goldberg, Bruce           Soul Healing                                          Psychology, self help            24167   PSY
   Goldberg, Bruce           Unleash Your Psychic Powers                           Psychic Phenomenon               21169   ESP
   Goldberg, Bruce           Unleash Your Psychic Powers                           Psychic Phenomenon               27432   ESP
   Goldberg, Natalie         Great Failure                                         Journal writing                  30477   JNL
   Goldberg, Natalie         Great Spring  Writing, Zen, & This Zigzag Life        Journal writing                  17271   JNL
   Goldberg, Natalie         Living Color  Writer Paints Her World                 Art                              24906   ART
   Goldberg, Natalie         Long Quiet Highway  Waking Up In America              Journal writing                  21693   JNL
   Goldberg, Natalie         Wild Mind  Living The Writer's Life                   Journal writing                  19858   JNL
   Goldberg, Natalie         Writing Down The Bones                                Journal writing                  16081   JNL
   Goldberg, Philip          American Veda                                         Hinduism                         27078   HIN
   Goldberg, Philip          Intuitive Edge                                        Psychic Phenomenon               15006   ESP
   Goldberg, Philip          Spiritual Practice For Crazy Times                    Meditation                       13995   MED
   Golden Tarot Of Visconti  Tarot Cards Golden Visconti (Major Arcana Only)       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17369   TAR
   Goldhammer, John          Radical Dreaming                                      Dreams                           29664   DRE
   Goldman, Jonathan         2012 Ascension Harmonics (CD)                         CDs                              14767   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Chakra Chants (CD) ET144                              CDs                              26359   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants (CD)                      CDs                              24776   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Divine Name: I Am (CD)                                CDs                              16310   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Healing Sounds                                        Music                            14566   MUS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Holy Harmony (CD) ET-173                              CDs                              29900   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Lost Chord                                            Fiction                          16585   FIC
   Goldman, Jonathan         Lost Chord (CD)  ET157                                CDs                              28468   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Medicine Buddha (CD)                                  CDs                              15127   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Merkaba Of Sound (CD)                                 CDs                              19158   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Reiki Chants (CD)                                     CDs                              28860   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Seven Secrets Of Sound Healing                        Music                            28366   MUS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Ultimate OM (CD)                                      CDs                              15224   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan         Vocal Toning The Chakras (2 CDs)                      CDs                              13314   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan & Andi  Chakra/Brainwave Harmonizer (CD)                      CDs                              22705   CDS
   Goldman, Jonathan & Andi  Humming Effect                                        Music                            30665   MUS
   Goldman, Jonathan & Andi  Tantra Of Sound (Includes CD)                         Music                            30784   MUS
   Goldman, Karen            Angel Book Handbook For Aspiring Angels               Angels, Nature Spirits           14596   ANG
   Goldman, Karen            Angel Voices  Book Of Postcards                       Angels, Nature Spirits           22640   ANG
   Goldner, Diane            Infinite Grace                                        Healing                          26474   HEA
   Goldschneider & Elffers   Secret Language Of Birthdays                          Numerology                       15466   NUM
   Goldschneider & Elffers   Secret Language Of Destiny                            Astrology                        27601   AST
   Goldschneider & Elffers   Secret Language Of Relationships                      Astrology                        26665   AST
   Goldsmith, Elizabeth      Ancient Pagan Symbols (BO 7/06/2007)                  Reference                        29704   REF
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Altitude Of Prayer                                    Goldsmith, Joel S.               12234   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Art Of Meditation                                     Goldsmith, Joel S.               11126   GJS
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Art Of Spiritual Healing (PAPER ! 0062503642)         Goldsmith, Joel S.               11128   GJS
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   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Beyond Words & Thoughts                               Goldsmith, Joel S.               21961   GJS
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   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Consciousness Is What I Am                            Goldsmith, Joel S.               25792   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Consciousness Transformed                             Goldsmith, Joel S.               25061   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Consciousness Unfolding                               Goldsmith, Joel S.               12371   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Contemplative Life                                    Goldsmith, Joel S.               11607   GJS
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   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Foundation Of Mysticism                               Goldsmith, Joel S.               21439   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Gift Of Love                                          Goldsmith, Joel S.               12096   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        God  The Substance Of All Forms                       Goldsmith, Joel S.               12121   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        God Formed Us For His Glory                           Goldsmith, Joel S.               26874   GJS
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   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Infinite Way Letters 1954                             Goldsmith, Joel S.               24206   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Invisible Supply                                      Goldsmith, Joel S.               19422   GJS
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   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Journey Back To The Father's House                    Goldsmith, Joel S.               12920   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Leave Your Nets                                       Goldsmith, Joel S.               12605   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Leave Your Nets                                       Goldsmith, Joel S.               28524   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Living Between Two Worlds                             Goldsmith, Joel S.               24305   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Living Now                                            Goldsmith, Joel S.               12688   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Living The Infinite Way                               Goldsmith, Joel S.               12689   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Man Was Not Born To Cry                               Goldsmith, Joel S.               12774   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Master Speaks                                         Goldsmith, Joel S.               12813   GJS
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   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Our Spiritual Resources  (OP 3/99)                    Goldsmith, Joel S.               19633   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Parenthesis In Eternity                               Goldsmith, Joel S.               13142   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Practicing The Presence                               Goldsmith, Joel S.               13247   GJS
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   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Rising In Consciousness (80% SAME AS 24972)           Goldsmith, Joel S.               24574   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Seek Ye First                                         Goldsmith, Joel S.               29352   GJS
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   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Spiritual Power Of Truth                              Goldsmith, Joel S.               19551   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Three Essays                                          Goldsmith, Joel S.               13834   GJS
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        Thunder Of Silence                                    Goldsmith, Joel S.               13947   GJS
   Goldsmith, Joel S.        World Is New (80% SAME AS 24574)                      Goldsmith, Joel S.               24972   GJS
   Goldsmith, Martin         Jupiter's Dance                                       Astrology                        20120   AST
   Goldsmith, Martin         Moon Phases  A Symbolic Key                           Astrology                        17848   AST
   Goldsmith, Martin         Zodiac By Degrees                                     Astrology                        30666   AST
   Goldspinner, Jay          Goddess Comes In Living Color  (Coloring Book)        Art                              23101   ART
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Goldstein & Kornfield     Seeking The Heart Of Wisdom                           Meditation                       17026   MED
   Goldstein, Joseph         Experience Of Insight                                 Meditation                       16502   MED
   Goldstein, Joseph         Heart Full Of Peace                                   Buddhism                         25058   BUD
   Goldstein, Joseph         Insight Meditation                                    Meditation                       21756   MED
   Goldstein, Joseph         Mindfulness  A Practical Guide To Awakening           Meditation                       19969   MED
   Goldstein, Joseph         One Dharma                                            Buddhism                         28953   BUD
   Goldstein, Melvyn         English-Tibetan Dictionary Of Modern Tibetan          Tibetan Buddhism                 27989   TIB
   Goldstein, Melvyn         Tibet Phrasebook                                      Tibetan Buddhism                 20032   TIB
   Goldstein, Melvyn (Compl) English Tibetan Dictionary Of Modern Tibetan          Tibetan Buddhism                 14809   TIB
   Goleman, Daniel           Ecological Intelligence                               Global Responsibility, concerns  18600   ONE
   Goleman, Daniel           Emotional Intelligence                                Psychology, self help            27917   PSY
   Goleman, Daniel           Healing Emotions  Conversations W/Dalai Lama          Dalai Lama                       24411   D.L
   Goleman, Daniel           Meditative Mind                                       Meditation                       17243   MED
   Gomes, Michael            Dawning Of The Theosophical Movement                  Theosophy                        16828   THE
   Gomes, Michael            H.P.B. Teaches  An Anthology (7489)                   Blavatsky                        21132   HPB
                                                                                   Theosophy                                THE
   Gong, Tina                Tarot (DK) 978-1-4654-9938-7                          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18996   TAR
   Gonsalez, David           Chakrasamvara Root Tantra                             Tibetan Buddhism                 20384   TIB
   Gonsalves, Rob            Imagine A World                                       Children's Books                 19404   KID
   Gonzales-Wippler, Migene  Powers Of The Orishas                                 African spirituality             23375   AFR
   Gonzalez, Gaspar Pedro    13 B'aktun  Mayan Visions Of 2012 & Beyond            Mayan                            19562   MAY
   Gonzalez, M. & Gonzalez,J Star-Spider Speaks                                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20440   TAR
   Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene  Complete Book Of Amulets & Talismans                  Wicca                            20279   WIC
   Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene  Complete Book Of Spells, Ceremonies, & Magic          Wicca                            24249   WIC
   Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene  Dreams & What They Mean To You                        Dreams                           14740   DRE
   Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene  Kabbalah For The Modern World                         Kabbalah                         16259   KAB
   Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene  Legends Of Santeria                                   African spirituality             22096   AFR
   Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene  Peregrinaje                                           Death and Dying                  21706   DEA
   Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene  Santeria  African Magic In Latin America              Ceremonial Magic                 23514   MAG
   Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene  Santeria  The Religion                                African spirituality             22246   AFR
   Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene  Santeria Experience                                   African spirituality             20971   AFR
   Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene  What Happens After Death                              Death and Dying                  24431   DEA
   Gooch, Brad               Rumi's Secret                                         Rumi                             29730   RUM
   Gooch, Steve              Reiki Jin Kei Do                                      Reiki                            31025   RKI
   Goodall, Dominic          Hindu Scriptures                                      Hinduism                         12166   HIN
   Goodchild, Veronica       Eros & Chaos                                          Psychology, self help            28353   PSY
   Goodchild, Veronica       Songlines Of The Soul                                 Jung, Carl                       13645   JUN
   Goode, Greg               After Awareness The End Of The Path                   Non-Duality                      27502   NON
   Goodman, F. & Nauwald, N. Ecstatic Trance  A Workbook                           Yoga                             29972   YOG
   Goodman, Felicitas        Where The Spirits Ride The Wind (BO INGR 10/9/09)     Shamanism                        23061   SHA
   Goodman, Frederick        Magic Symbols                                         Reference                        21903   REF
   Goodman, Hananya, ed.     Between Jerusalem & Benares                           Judaism                          25452   JUD
   Goodman, Linda            Linda Goodman's Love Signs                            Astrology                        23619   AST
   Goodman, Linda            Linda Goodman's Star Signs                            Astrology                        18085   AST
   Goodman, Michael Harris   Last Dalai Lama, A Biography                          Dalai Lama                       14942   D.L
   Goodman, Shdema           Babaji  Meeting With Truth                            Hinduism                         19026   HIN
   Goodrich, Norma Lorre     Guinevere                                             Fiction                          20066   FIC
   Goodrich, Norma Lorre     Holy Grail                                            Holy Grail                       18092   H.G
   Goodspeed, Edgar J.       Apocrypha  An American Translation                    Bible, Scriptures                15493   BIB
   Goodwin, John             Northwest Coast Native Design Coloring Book           Art                              24388   ART
                                                                                   Children's Books                         KID
   Goodwin, Rufus            Give Us This Day  The Story Of Prayer                 Consciousness Expansion          27663   EXP
   Goorjian, Michael         What Lies Beyond the Stars                            Fiction                          29326   FIC
   Gootman, Marilyn          When A Friend Dies  Teens Grieving & Healing          Death and Dying                  21868   DEA
                                                                                   Grief                                    GRF
   Gordon, Anne              Book Of Saints  True Stories                          Christianity                     22035   CHR
   Gordon, David             Mindful Dreaming                                      Dreams                           30668   DRE
   Gordon, David & Steve     Meditation Drum (CD)                                  CDs                              18582   CDS
   Gordon, David & Steve     Music For Meditation Inner Stillness (CD)             CDs                              15791   CDS
   Gordon, David & Steve     Sacred Earth Drums  (CD)                              CDs                              21395   CDS
   Gordon, JC                Beyond Consciousness                                  Near Death Studies               29783   NDE
   Gordon, John              Egypt  Child Of Atlantis                              Egyptian Spirituality            30139   EGY
   Gordon, Richard           Quantum-Touch 2.0  New Human                          Healing                          27142   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Gordon-Taylor, Nadine     Heart Path Oracle Cards (978-1-59143-390-3)           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17275   TAR
   Gore, Belinda             Ecstatic Body Postures                                Native Peoples                   23099   NAT
   Gore, Belinda             Ecstatic Experience (Inc. CD)                         Native Peoples                   17160   NAT
   Gorelkin, Leo & Paula     Man-Woman Game                                        Relationships                    20399   REL
   Gorman, Max               Stairway To The Stars  Sufism, Gurdjieff...           Gurdjieff                        18626   GUR
   Gorrell, Donna Lee        Perfect Madness (BO NEWL 2/18/04)                     Consciousness Expansion          28536   EXP
   Goswami, Amit             Creative Evolution  Darwinism & Intelligent Design    Science                          19284   SCI
   Goswami, Amit             How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization            Science                          20922   SCI
   Goswami, Amit             Physics Of The Soul                                   Science                          28723   SCI
   Goswami, Amit             Quantum Creativity (1-57273-227-X)                    Science                          26107   SCI
   Goswami, Amit             Quantum Doctor                                        Healing                          30588   HEA
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Goswami, Amit             Science Within Consciousness                          Science                          22769   SCI
   Goswami, Amit             Self-Aware Universe                                   Science                          19087   SCI
   Goswami, Amit             Visionary Window                                      Science                          27611   SCI
   Goswami, Shyam Sundar     Layayoga  Definitive Gd. To Chakras & Kundalini       Chakras                          26358   CHA
   Gottlieb, Daniel          Wisdom We're Born With                                Psychology, self help            15212   PSY
   Gottman, John             Relationship Cure                                     Relationships                    29278   REL
   Gottner-Abendroth, Heide  Dancing Goddess  Principles Of Matriarchal Aest'ic    Women's Spirituality, Goddess    20332   WOM
   Goulding, George          My Lord, You Are Magic                                Christianity                     21753   CHR
   Gover, Tzivia             Joy In Every Moment                                   Inspirational books              26635   INS
   Gover, Tzivia             Mindful Way to a Good Night's Sleep                   Dreams                           29955   DRE
   Govinda, Lama             Concepts of Buddhism (CD) 8116                        Tibetan Buddhism                 14013   TIB
   Govinda, Lama             Development of Buddhism                               Tibetan Buddhism                 18046   TIB
   Govinda, Lama Anagarida   Tibetan Fantasies                                     Children's Books                 13952   KID
   Govinda, Lama Anagarika   Foundations Of Tibetan Mysticism                      Tibetan Buddhism                 12020   TIB
   Govinda, Lama Anagarika   Insights Of A Himalayan Pilgrim                       Tibetan Buddhism                 20365   TIB
   Govinda, Lama Anagarika   Psycho-cosmic Symbolism Of The Buddhist Stupa         Tibetan Buddhism                 13304   TIB
   Govinda, Li Gotami        Tibet In Pictures                                     Tibetan Buddhism                 15759   TIB
   Govindan, M.              Babaji & The 18 Siddha...                             Hinduism                         20146   HIN
   Govindan, M.              Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga                             Hinduism                         25072   HIN
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Govindan, Marshall        How I Became A Disciple Of Babaji                     Hinduism                         25073   HIN
   Gowins, Phillip           Practical Sufism                                      Sufism                           19923   SUF
   Grabhorn, Lynn            Dear God! What's Happening To Us?                     Psychology, self help            29423   PSY
   Grabhorn, Lynn            Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting                       Psychology, self help            27285   PSY
   Grabhorn, Lynn            Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting Playbook              Psychology, self help            28351   PSY
   Grabhorn, Lynn            Planet Two                                            Psychology, self help            21407   PSY
   Grace, Kendra             Aromatherapy Pocket Book                              Herbs                            23089   HER
   Grace, Nicole             Bodhisattva  How To Be Free                           Tibetan Buddhism                 12437   TIB
   Grace, Nicole             Dreaming Bhutan                                       Art                              24457   ART
   Grace, Sarah              Journey Into Grace                                    Psychic Phenomenon               21292   ESP
   Grace, Sonja              Dancing With Raven & Bear                             Native Peoples                   14040   NAT
   Grace, Sonja              Odin & The Nine Realms Oracle  54 Cards               Runes                            21566   RUN
   Grace, Sonja              Spirit Traveler Unlocking Mysteries.Historic Sites    Travel                           27457   TRA
   Gracian, Baltasar         Art Of Worldly Wisdom                                 Inspirational books              19992   INS
   Graf, Susan Johnston      W.B. Yeats Twentieth Century Magus (OP 4/03)          Ceremonial Magic                 27243   MAG
   Graff, Dale               Tracks In The Psychic Wilderness                      Psychic Phenomenon               25512   ESP
   Graham, Helen             Magic Shop  Healing With The Imagination              Psychology, self help            14894   PSY
   Graham, Helen & Vlamis    Bach Flower Remedies For Animals                      Animals                          16143   ANI
   Graham, Sasha             Tarot Cards Dark Wood Tarot (978-0-7387-5930-2)       Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14387   TAR
   Granoff & Shinohara (Eds) Monks & Magicians  Religious Biographies In Asia      Buddhism                         18660   BUD
   Grant, Ernest A.          Tables Of Midheavens & Ascendants                     Astrology                        14490   AST
   Grant, Joan               Eyes Of Horus (Not available)                         Egyptian Spirituality            17006   EGY
                                                                                   Fiction                                  FIC
   Grant, Joan               Scarlet Feather                                       Fiction                          18959   FIC
   Grant, Joan               So Moses Was Born                                     Fiction                          19582   FIC
   Grant, Joan               Winged Pharaoh                                        Fiction                          14819   FIC
   Grant, Kenneth            Hecate's Fountain                                     Ceremonial Magic                 24976   MAG
   Grant, Robert             Love & Roses From David  Legacy Of Living & Dying     Death and Dying                  21876   DEA
   Grant, Russell            Tarot Cards Astro-Tarot Pack (Bk & Dk)                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     12486   TAR
   Grant, Russell            Zodiac Baby Names                                     Astrology                        14033   AST
                                                                                   Parenting                                PAR
   Grant, Wendy              13 To 19  Parent's Guide To Understanding...          Parenting                        15347   PAR
   Grason, Sandy             Journalution (POS 4/4/2019)                           Journal writing                  11598   JNL
   Grasse, Ray               Infinity Of Gods Teachings Of Shelly Trimmer          Consciousness Expansion          29821   EXP
   Grasse, Ray               Signs Of The Times                                    Astrology                        29484   AST
   Grasse, Ray               Under A Sacred Sky                                    Astrology                        26381   AST
   Grasse, Ray               Waking Dream  Symbolic Lang. Of Our Lives (749)       Consciousness Expansion          23792   EXP
   Grattan, Brian            Mahatma 1 & 2: The I Am Presence (POS 3/12/03 BP)     New Age                          22157   OCC
   Graves, Julia             Language Of Plants                                    Herbs                            14063   HER
   Graves, Kersey            World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors                     Bible, Scriptures                14612   BIB
   Graves, Lucius (trans)    Tale Of Cupid & Psyche                                Mythology                        14448   MYT
   Graves, Robert            Greek Myths                                           Mythology                        18392   MYT
   Graves, Robert            White Goddess                                         Mythology                        14177   MYT
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Graves, Tom               Diviner's Handbook (POS 01/89)                        Ceremonial Magic                 12713   MAG
                                                                                   Healing                                  HEA
   Graves, Tom               Elements Of Pendulum Dowsing (BO NEWL 10/4/00)        Radionics, Pendulum              18138   RAD
   Graves, Tom               Needles Of Stone Revisited                            Earth Mysteries                  15572   EAR
   Gray, Barbara             Life's Instruction Book For Women                     Women's Spirituality, Goddess    21654   WOM
   Gray, Eden                Complete Guide To The Tarot                           Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     11570   TAR
   Gray, Eden                Mastering The Tarot (OP 2/08)                         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     12815   TAR
   Gray, Eden                Tarot Revealed (OP 5/08)                              Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13883   TAR
   Gray, Elizabeth (Transl)  Green Sea Of Heaven (Hafiz) POS 1/17/2018)            Sufism                           23308   SUF
   Gray, John                Mars & Venus Together Forever                         Relationships                    23723   REL
   Gray, John                Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus               Relationships                    11440   REL
   Gray, John                Men, Women & Relationships                            Relationships                    21690   REL
   Gray, John                What You Feel, You Can Heal                           Relationships                    20014   REL
   Gray, Kyle                Angel Numbers                                         Angels, Nature Spirits           11964   ANG
   Gray, Kyle                Angel Prayers Oracle Cards                            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     31220   TAR
   Gray, Mary                Gateway Of Liberation & Spiritual Laws                Consciousness Expansion          14358   EXP
   Gray, Rita & Pak, Kenard  Flowers Are Calling                                   Children's Books                 26526   KID
   Gray, Theodore            Elements  A Visual Exploration                        Science                          12436   SCI
   Gray, Theodore            Molecules                                             Science                          31168   SCI
   Gray, William             Between Good & Evil (OP 7/2002)                       Ceremonial Magic                 17845   MAG
   Gray, William             Growing The Tree Within (OP 2/99)                     Kabbalah                         19886   KAB
   Gray, William             Ladder Of Lights (OSI 2/2005)                         Kabbalah                         16883   KAB
   Gray, William             Qabalistic Concepts  Living The Tree                  Kabbalah                         16156   KAB
   Gray, William             Sangreal Ceremonies & Rituals  Sangreal Sodal. V.4    Kabbalah                         16157   KAB
   Gray, William             Sangreal Sacrament (OP 4/2000)                        Kabbalah                         16155   KAB
   Gray, William             Sangreal Tarot                                        Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17733   TAR
   Gray, William             Talking Tree see 19886                                Kabbalah                         13808   KAB
   Gray, William             Tree Of Evil                                          Kabbalah                         20948   KAB
   Gray, William G.          Ladder Of Lights                                      Kabbalah                         21737   KAB
   Grayson, Henry            Mindful Loving                                        Relationships                    30124   REL
   Grayson, Henry            Your Power To Heal                                    Healing                          28220   HEA
   Greaves, Helen            Testimony Of Light                                    Death and Dying                  15713   DEA
   Grebner, Bernice          Lunar Nodes  New Concepts                             Astrology                        22259   AST
   Green And Holtz           Your Word Is Fire Hasidic Masters On Prayer           Judaism                          30095   JUD
   Green, Barry & Gallwey, T Inner Game Of Music                                   Music                            16316   MUS
   Green, Deirdre            Gold In The Crucible  Teresa Of Avila                 Christian Saints                 19596   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Green, Elmer & Alyce      Beyond Biofeedback                                    Healing                          18457   HEA
   Green, Glenda             Love Without End  Jesus Speaks                        Christianity                     27374   CHR
   Green, James              Recorded Sayings Of Zen Master Joshu                  Zen                              25701   ZEN
   Green, Jeff               Uranus  Freedom From The Known  (OP 1/96)             Astrology                        17280   AST
   Green, Jeffrey            Pluto  Evolutionary Journey ..Vol. 1                  Astrology                        15281   AST
   Green, Jeffrey            Pluto II  Soul's Evolution (not available)            Astrology                        24299   AST
   Green, Jeffrey Wolf       Evolutionary Astrology                                Astrology                        12189   AST
   Green, Jeffrey Wolf       Pluton II (Spanish)                                   Astrology                        12219   AST
                                                                                   Teachers                                 TEA
   Green, Jim                Giving Up Without Giving Up (Med. & Depression)       Meditation                       31261   MED
   Green, Joey               Zen Of Oz (POS 7/28/10)                               Zen                              27419   ZEN
   Green, Julien             God's Fool                                            Christian Saints                 14664   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Green, Landis Knight      Astrologer's Manual (OP 2/95)                         Astrology                        17919   AST
   Green, Marian             Charms, Amulets, Talismans & Spells (Wooden Books)    Sacred Geometry                  13742   SAC
   Green, Marian             Everyday Magic  (OP 2/98)                             Ceremonial Magic                 23542   MAG
   Green, Marian             Gentle Arts Of Aquarian Magic (OP 3/93)               Ceremonial Magic                 20734   MAG
   Green, Marian             Practical Techniques Of Modern Magic                  Wicca                            21629   WIC
   Green, Marian             Witch Alone                                           Wicca                            11602   WIC
   Green, Woodrow & Peavey   Insight & Action                                      Global Responsibility, concerns  23480   ONE
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Greenberg, Dr. Gary       A Grain Of Sand                                       Art                              18889   ART
   Greenberg, Gary           101 Myths Of The Bible                                Bible, Scriptures                27900   BIB
   Greenberg, Gary           Bible Myth  African Origins Of The Jewish People      Bible, Scriptures                25196   BIB
   Greenberg, Gary           Moses Mystery                                         Egyptian Spirituality            13011   EGY
   Greenberg, Gary           Who Wrote The Gospels?                                Christianity                     30305   CHR
   Greenberg, Sanford        Hello Darkness, My Old Friend                         Consciousness Expansion          11108   EXP
   Greene & Sasportas        Development Of The Personality                        Astrology                        16489   AST
   Greene & Sasportas        Dynamics Of The Unconscious                           Astrology                        14938   AST
   Greene & Sasportas        Inner Planets                                         Astrology                        14907   AST
   Greene & Sasportas        Luminaries  Psychology Of The Sun & The Moon          Astrology                        20988   AST
   Greene & Sharman-Burke    Mythic Journey                                        Mythology                        28321   MYT
   Greene, Brian             Elegant Universe                                      Science                          17503   SCI
   Greene, Brian             Icarus At The Edge Of Time                            Children's Books                 22030   KID
                                                                                   Science                                  SCI
   Greene, David             Your Incredible Cat                                   Animals                          16712   ANI
   Greene, Joshua            Here Comes The Sun  (George Harrison)                 Consciousness Expansion          13212   EXP
   Greene, Liz               Astrological Neptune                                  Astrology                        23935   AST
   Greene, Liz               Astrology For Lovers                                  Astrology                        14609   AST
   Greene, Liz               Astrology Of Fate                                     Astrology                        11193   AST
   Greene, Liz               Relating                                              Astrology                        13416   AST
   Greene, Liz               Saturn  A New Look At An Old Devil                    Astrology                        13492   AST
   Greene, Richard           Magic Of Past Life Therapy                            Reincarnation                    27393   REI
   Greene, Richard A.        Handbook Of Astral Power (OP 2/2002)                  Out of Body                      16800   OOB
   Greene, Rosalyn           Magic Of Shapeshifting                                Shamanism                        28522   SHA
   Greene, William           Blazing Star & The Jewish Kabbalah                    Kabbalah                         29970   KAB
   Greenfield, Trevor        Witchcraft Today 60 Years On                          Wicca                            19669   WIC
   Greenfield, Trevor (ED)   Seven Ages Of The Goddess                             Women's Spirituality, Goddess    31179   WOM
   Greenfield, Trevor (Edit) Naming The Goddess                                    Women's Spirituality, Goddess    24166   WOM
   Greenlees, Duncan         Gospel Of Islam (WGS 1)                               Islam                            18595   ISL
   Greenlees, Duncan (7666)  Gospel Of Peace According To Guru Granth Sahib        Comparative Religion             18594   C.R
   Greenspan, Miriam         Healing Through The Dark Emotions                     Psychology, self help            30564   PSY
   Greenwood & Nunn          Paradox & Healing  Medicine, Myth & Transformation    Consciousness Expansion          13464   EXP
   Greenwood, Gesshin Claire Just Enough  Vegan Recipes                            Diet                             31284   DIE
   Greer & Pollack (Eds)     New Thoughts On Tarot  (OP 9/95)                      Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17978   TAR
   Greer & Vaughn            Pagan Prayer Beads                                    Wicca                            30914   WIC
   Greer, Carl               Change The Story Of Your Health                       Healing                          28151   HEA
                                                                                   Jung, Carl                               JUN
   Greer, Carl               Change Your Story, Change Your Life                   Shamanism                        22592   SHA
   Greer, David              White Horses & Shooting Stars  (BO @ BAKE 10/7/97)    Inspirational books              22366   INS
   Greer, John               Encyclopedia Of Natural Magic                         Wicca                            27769   WIC
   Greer, John Michael       After Progress                                        Global Responsibility, concerns  30875   ONE
   Greer, John Michael       Art & Practice Of Geomancy                            Earth Mysteries                  21722   EAR
   Greer, John Michael       Atlantis (978-0-7387-09789)                           Atlantis                         24148   ATL
   Greer, John Michael       Celtic Golden Dawn (Druid Study)                      Celtic spirituality              15460   CEL
   Greer, John Michael       Circles of Power                                      Ceremonial Magic                 18108   MAG
   Greer, John Michael       Druid Grove Handbook AODA                             Celtic spirituality              23998   CEL
   Greer, John Michael       Druid Magic Handbook                                  Celtic spirituality              24560   CEL
   Greer, John Michael       Druid Revival Reader                                  Celtic spirituality              24026   CEL
   Greer, John Michael       Druidry Handbook                                      Celtic spirituality              14648   CEL
   Greer, John Michael       Fires Of Shalsha                                      Fiction                          14074   FIC
   Greer, John Michael       Monsters An Investigation (0-7387-0050-9)             Psychic Phenomenon               13042   ESP
   Greer, John Michael       Mystery Teachings From The Living Earth               Global Responsibility, concerns  24074   ONE
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Greer, John Michael       New Encyclopedia Of The Occult                        Ceremonial Magic                 18139   MAG
   Greer, John Michael       Paths Of Wisdom                                       Kabbalah                         15647   KAB
   Greer, John Michael       Sacred Geometry Oracle (Bk & Deck)                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     29375   TAR
   Greer, John Michael       UFO Phenomenon                                        Science                          12076   SCI
   Greer, John Michael       World Full Of Gods                                    Wicca                            16830   WIC
   Greer, Mary               Tarot For Your Self (2019 Edition)                    Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     13881   TAR
   Greer, Mary & Little, Tom Understanding The Tarot Court                         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     20289   TAR
   Greer, Mary K.            Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals                      Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18362   TAR
   Greer, Mary K.            Mary K. Greer's 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card          Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18286   TAR
   Greer, Mary K.            Who Are You In The Tarot?                             Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     22053   TAR
   Greer, Mary K.            Women Of The Golden Dawn                              Ceremonial Magic                 22639   MAG
   Greer, Robert             What The Qur'an Reveals                               Sufism                           20779   SUF
   Greer, Rowan (tr.)        Origen                                                Christianity                     25161   CHR
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Greer; Vaughn; King       Learning Ritual Magic                                 Ceremonial Magic                 26481   MAG
   Gregg, Susan              Complete Encylopedia Of Angels                        Angels, Nature Spirits           23454   ANG
   Gregg, Susan              Dance Of Power (OP 2/2002)                            Shamanism                        21442   SHA
   Gregg, Susan              Finding The Sacred Self  (OP 6/2000)                  Shamanism                        22893   SHA
   Gregg, Susan              Mastering The Toltec Way                              Native Peoples                   29976   NAT
   Gregg, Susan              Toltec Way                                            Native Peoples                   27794   NAT
   Gregoire, Lucien          Murder In The Vatican                                 Christianity                     15625   CHR
   Gregory & Mrozik          Women Practicing Buddhism  American Experiences       Buddhism                         12662   BUD
   Gregory & Treissman       Handbook Of The Aura                                  Aura                             24958   AUR
   Gregory, Jason            Effortless Living  Wu-Wei...                          Taoism                           27728   TAO
   Gregory, Jason            Fasting the Mind - Exercises for Psychic Detox        Consciousness Expansion          29002   EXP
   Gregory, Jason            Science & Practice Of Humility                        Consciousness Expansion          24833   EXP
   Greider, William          Soul Of Capitalism  Paths To A Moral Economy          Global Responsibility, concerns  30454   ONE
   Grendahl, Spencer         Astrology & The Games People Play                     Astrology                        17349   AST
   Grenon, Rachel            Grammar  (Wooden Books) BO'd 3/11/2020                Sacred Geometry                  12593   SAC
   Gress, Barbara J.         Personal Power Cards  (incl. book & pouch)            Mind Science                     19568   MIN
   Grey Wolf                 Earth Signs (1579540465)                              Native Peoples                   25764   NAT
   Grey, Alex                Mission Of Art                                        Art                              25722   ART
   Grey, Alex                Net Of Being                                          Art                              13208   ART
   Grey, Alex                Poster Embracing (1334)                               Posters & Deity Cards            26325   POS
   Grey, Alex                Poster Holy Fire I (1231)                             Posters & Deity Cards            26328   POS
   Grey, Alex                Poster Holy Fire II (1232) OP 12/02                   Posters & Deity Cards            26329   POS
   Grey, Alex                Poster Kissing (1234) OP 12/02                        Posters & Deity Cards            26326   POS
   Grey, Alex                Poster Tantra (1254)                                  Posters & Deity Cards            26327   POS
   Grey, Alex                Poster Theologue (1233) OP 12/02                      Posters & Deity Cards            26324   POS
   Grey, Alex                Sacred Mirrors                                        Art                              19288   ART
   Grey, Alex                Sacred Mirrors Cards                                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     30679   TAR
   Grey, Alex                Transfigurations                                      Art                              28631   ART
   Grey, Dawn                Reading The Tarot                                     Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     11006   TAR
   Gribbin, John             Deep Simplicity                                       Science                          26485   SCI
   Gribbin, John             In Search Of Schrodinger's Cat                        Science                          12424   SCI
   Gribbin, John             Schrodinger's Kittens                                 Science                          24694   SCI
   Gribbin, John             Search For Superstrings, Symmetry & The Theory        Science                          13353   SCI
   Grieco, Mary Hayes        Unconditional Forgiveness                             Psychology, self help            23192   PSY
   Gries, Elaine             Essence Of Divinity                                   Sai Baba                         29896   SAI
   Griesser, Jean            God's Song  Bhagavad-gita (Illustrated)               Bhagavad Gita                    26899   B.G
   Griffin, David Ray        9/11 Commission Report  Omissions & Distortions       Global Responsibility, concerns  30719   ONE
   Griffin, Judy             Mother Nature's Herbal                                Herbs                            24314   HER
   Griffin, Kevin            One Breath At A Time: Buddhism & The Twelve Steps     Buddhism                         30330   BUD
   Griffin, Susan            Woman & Nature  The Roaring Inside Her                Mythology                        14517   MYT
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Griffin, Wendy            Sacred Lands & Spiritual Landscapes                   Earth Mysteries                  26981   EAR
   Griffith & Thompson (Eds) Leyden Papyrus  Egyptian Magical Book                 Egyptian Spirituality            19382   EGY
   Griffith, Bede            One Light  Bede Griffths' Principal Writings          Christianity                     28690   CHR
   Griffith, Ralph (Trans)   Vedas                                                 Hinduism                         17592   HIN
   Griffith, Ralph T.H.      Hymns Of The Samaveda                                 Sanskrit                         28491   SAN
   Griffiths, Bede           Space In The Heart Of The Lotus (VID) 1878019139      Christianity                     27713   CHR
   Griffiths, Father Bede    Bede Griffiths  Essential Writings                    Christianity                     30259   CHR
   Griffiths, Father Bede    Christ In India                                       Christianity                     14287   CHR
   Griffiths, Father Bede    Cosmic Revelation                                     Christianity                     14319   CHR
   Griffiths, Father Bede    Golden String                                         Christianity                     12142   CHR
   Griffiths, Father Bede    Marriage Of East & West                               Christianity                     12801   CHR
   Griffiths, Father Bede    New Vision Of Reality                                 Christianity                     23088   CHR
   Griffiths, Father Bede    Other Half Of My Soul (Comp. Bruteau) 717             Christianity                     23844   CHR
   Griffiths, Father Bede    Return To The Center                                  Christianity                     13432   CHR
   Griffiths, Father Bede    River Of Compassion (OP 10/2001)                      Christianity                     17250   CHR
   Griffiths, Father Bede    Universal Wisdom  Sacred Wisdom Of The World          Comparative Religion             22176   C.R
   Griffon, T. Wynne         History Of The Occult                                 Reference                        22110   REF
   Grigg, Ray                Tao Of Being                                          Taoism                           19357   TAO
   Grigg, Ray                Tao Of Sailing                                        Taoism                           20961   TAO
   Grigg, Ray                Tao Of Zen (POS 9/2005)                               Zen                              22094   ZEN
   Griggs, Barbara           Green Witch Herbal                                    Herbs                            27970   HER
                                                                                   Wicca                                    WIC
   Grilley, Paul             Yin Yoga                                              Yoga                             30438   YOG
   Grilley, Paul             Yogi's Guide To Chakra Meditation                     Chakras                          23937   CHA
   Grimal, Pierre            Dictionary Of Classical Mythology                     Mythology                        17009   MYT
   Grimassi, Raven           Hereditary Witchcraft (BO INGR 5/22/09)               Wicca                            26568   WIC
   Grimassi, Raven           Italian Witchcraft  Old Religion Of Southern Eur.     Wicca                            21427   WIC
   Grimassi, Raven           Old World Witchcraft                                  Wicca                            22089   WIC
   Grimassi, Raven           Spirit Of The Witch                                   Wicca                            22336   WIC
   Grimassi, Raven           Wiccan Magick                                         Wicca                            25708   WIC
   Grimassi, Raven           Witches' Craft                                        Wicca                            14394   WIC
   Grimassi, Raven           Witches' Familiar                                     Wicca                            29649   WIC
   Grimaud, Baptiste Paul    Tarot Cards Numerological Tarot (OP? 4/96)            Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18741   TAR
   Grimes, Eileen            Titanic Astrology                                     Astrology                        28264   AST
   Grimes, John              Ganapati  Song Of The Self (Ganesa)                   Hinduism                         26300   HIN
   Grimshaw, Anna            Servants Of The Buddha  (No Source as of 12.96)       Tibetan Buddhism                 21808   TIB
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Grinberg, Avi             Foot Analysis (OSI 8/01)                              Healing                          21503   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Griscom, Chris            Feminine Fusion                                       New Age                          15520   OCC
                                                                                   Women's Spirituality, Goddess            WOM
   Griscom, Chris            Healing Of Emotion                                    New Age                          18819   OCC
   Griscom, Chris            Psychogenetics                                        New Age                          27461   OCC
   Griscom, Chris            Soul Bodies                                           New Age                          24273   OCC
   Grizzle, Anne             Reminders Of God  (Altars)                            Inspirational books              21397   INS
   Grof & Grof  (Edt.)       Spiritual Emergency                                   Psychology, self help            18964   PSY
   Grof, Christina           Thirst For Wholeness                                  Psychology, self help            21218   PSY
   Grof, Christina & Stnslv. Stormy Search For The Self                            Psychology, self help            18828   PSY
   Grof, S. & Bennett, H.    Holotropic Mind  Three Levels Of Human Consc.         Psychology, self help            20845   PSY
   Grof, Stanislav           Adventure Of Self-Discovery                           Psychology, self help            14200   PSY
   Grof, Stanislav           Beyond The Brain                                      Psychology, self help            15606   PSY
   Grof, Stanislav           Books Of The Dead  Manuals For Living & Dying         Art                              21930   ART
                                                                                   Death and Dying                          DEA
   Grof, Stanislav           East & West  Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science          Science                          15786   SCI
   Grof, Stanislav           LSD Psychotherapy                                     Psychology, self help            11708   PSY
   Grof, Stanislav           Psychology Of The Future                              Psychology, self help            30208   PSY
   Grof, Stanislav           When The Impossible Happens                           Psychology, self help            16395   PSY
   Grollman, Earl            Straight Talk About Death For Teenagers               Death and Dying                  16199   DEA
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Gross, David & Esther     Jewish Wisdom                                         Judaism                          21546   JUD
   Gross, Rita & Muck, Terry Buddhists Talk About Jesus  Christians Talk Buddha    Christianity                     13748   CHR
                                                                                   Comparative Religion                     C.R
   Gross, Rita M.            Buddhism After Patriarchy                             Buddhism                         21793   BUD
   Gross, Rita M.            Buddhism Beyond Gender                                Buddhism                         31200   BUD
   Gross, Ronald             Peak Learning  Master Course In Learning HT Learn     Psychology, self help            19812   PSY
   Grossinger, Richard       Bottoming Out The Universe                            Science                          15497   SCI
   Grossinger, Richard       Night Sky                                             Science                          16051   SCI
   Grossinger, Richard       Planetary Mysteries                                   Earth Mysteries                  16613   EAR
   Grossman, Gail Boorstein  Yoga Journal Presents Restorative Yoga For Life       Yoga                             31324   YOG
   Grosso, Michael           Final Choice  Playing The Survival Game               Global Responsibility, concerns  14776   ONE
   Grosso, Michael           Millennium Myth  Love & Death At The End Of Time      Consciousness Expansion          24200   EXP
   Grosso, Mike              Soulmaker  True Stories From Far Side Of Psyche       Psychic Phenomenon               14445   ESP
   Grosz, Anton              Letters To A Dying Friend  What Comes Next            Death and Dying                  12097   DEA
   Grout, Pam                Art & Soul Reloaded                                   Art                              15435   ART
   Grout, Pam                Course In Miracles Experiment                         A Course in Miracles             20162   CIM
                                                                                   Consciousness Expansion                  EXP
   Grout, Pam                E-Squared                                             Mind Science                     29562   MIN
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Grout, Pam                Jumpstart Your Metabolism                             Breathing                        28847   BRE
   Groves & Klauser          American Book Of Living & Dying                       Death and Dying                  15944   DEA
   Grubbs, Geri              Bereavement Dreaming                                  Jung, Carl                       30100   JUN
   Gruber, Elmar             Psychic Wars                                          Psychic Phenomenon               26556   ESP
   Gruchow, Paul             Grass Roots  Universe Of Home                         Global Responsibility, concerns  23264   ONE
   Gruen, Anselm             Heaven Begins Within You  (Desert Fathers)            Christianity                     27028   CHR
   Gruhl, Jason       Fountain Tarot Journal                                Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     31309   TAR
   Grumbine, J.C.F.          Melchizedek Or The Secret Doctrine Of The Bible       Bible, Scriptures                26101   BIB
   Gu, Guo                   Passing Through The Gateless Barrier                  Zen                              27000   ZEN
   Guard, David              Hale - Mano                                           Children's Books                 16365   KID
   Gudjonsson, Thorsteinn    Astrobiology  The Science Of The Universe             Astrology                        24152   AST
   Guenon, Rene              Crisis Of The Modern World                            Guenon, Rene                     24792   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              East & West                                           Guenon, Rene                     25841   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Esoterism Of Dante                                    Guenon, Rene                     24642   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Great Triad                                           Guenon, Rene                     21738   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Initiation & Spiritual Realization                    Guenon, Rene                     28765   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Insights Into Christian Esoterism                     Guenon, Rene                     28766   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Insights Into Islamic Esoterism & Taosim              Guenon, Rene                     16751   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Introduction To The Study Of The Hindu Doctrines      Guenon, Rene                     28767   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              King Of The World                                     Guenon, Rene                     28878   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Lord Of The World                                     Guenon, Rene                     12763   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Man & His Becoming According To The Vedanta           Guenon, Rene                     14094   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Metaphysical Principles Of The Infin. Calculus        Guenon, Rene                     17477   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Miscellanea                                           Guenon, Rene                     14693   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Multiple States Of Being                              Guenon, Rene                     12981   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Perspectives On Initiation                            Guenon, Rene                     28768   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Reign Of Quantity & Signs Of The Times                Guenon, Rene                     25843   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Spiritist Fallacy                                     Guenon, Rene                     14724   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Spiritual Authority & Temporal Power                  Guenon, Rene                     28769   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Studies In Freemasonry & The Compagnonnage            Guenon, Rene                     16827   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Studies In Hinduism                                   Guenon, Rene                     28770   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Symbolism Of The Cross                                Guenon, Rene                     25842   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Symbols Of Sacred Science                             Guenon, Rene                     15402   G.R
   Guenon, Rene              Traditional Forms & Cosmic Cycles                     Guenon, Rene                     14930   G.R
   Guenther, Herbert         Creative Vision  ( OP ?  MOVE/BP01/NEWL don't wk )    Tibetan Buddhism                 17036   TIB
   Guenther, Herbert         Ecstatic Spontaneity                                  Tibetan Buddhism                 23683   TIB
   Guenther, Herbert         From Reductionism To Creativity                       Tibetan Buddhism                 16335   TIB
   Guenther, Herbert         Life & Teaching Of Naropa                             Tibetan Buddhism                 22806   TIB
   Guenther, Herbert         Meditation Differently                                Meditation                       16314   MED
   Guenther, Herbert         Questions & Answers On Guru & Disciple                Hinduism                         15508   HIN
   Guenther, Herbert         Tibetan Buddhism In Western Perspective               Tibetan Buddhism                 15177   TIB
   Guenther, Herbert V.      Wholeness Lost & Wholeness Regained                   Tibetan Buddhism                 22106   TIB
   Guenther, Herbert/Trungpa Dawn Of Tantra                                        Tibetan Buddhism                 11680   TIB
   Guenther, Margaret        Holy Listening                                        Christianity                     16551   CHR
   Guerber, H.A.             Myths Of Greece & Rome                                Mythology                        15263   MYT
   Guerber, H.A.             Myths Of The Norsemen  From The Eddas                 Mythology                        15068   MYT
   Guerra, Maria Helena      Love Drama Of C.G. Jung                               Jung, Carl                       26051   JUN
   Guest, Charlotte (tr.)    Mabinogion (0486295419)                               Celtic spirituality              25600   CEL
   Guggenheim, Bill & Judy   Hello From Heaven                                     Death and Dying                  24370   DEA
   Guiley, Rosemary          Mysteries Of The Afterlife                            Death and Dying                  24150   DEA
   Guiley, Rosemary          Slips In Time And Space                               Psychic Phenomenon               13398   ESP
   Guiley, Rosemary Ellen    Encyclopedia Of Saints                                Christian Saints                 23476   ST.
                                                                                   Christianity                             CHR
   Guirdham, Arthur          Great Heresy  History & Beliefs Of The Cathers        Templars                         21890   TEM
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Gunaratana, Bhante        4 Foundations Of Mindfulness In Plain English         Meditation                       16214   MED
   Gunaratana, Bhante        Beyond Mindfulness In Plain English                   Meditation                       15026   MED
   Gunaratana, Bhante        Buddhist Suttas For Recitation                        Buddhism                         18343   BUD
   Gunaratana, Bhante        Eight Mindful Steps To Happiness                      Meditation                       28052   MED
   Gunaratana, Henepola      Mindfulness In Plain English                          Meditation                       17702   MED
   Gundarsson, Kveldulf      Teutonic Religion  (OP 7/98)                          Ceremonial Magic                 21580   MAG
                                                                                   Mythology                                MYT
                                                                                   Runes                                    RUN
   Gunn, S. Jeanne           Reiki & Beyond                                        Reiki                            22924   RKI
   Gunther, Bernard          Energy Ecstacy & Yr 7 Vital Chakras (POS 6/5/03)      Chakras                          11873   CHA
   Guo, Bisong & Powell, A.  Listen To Your Body  Wisdom Of Dao                    Healing                          20240   HEA
   Guojun, Master            Chan Heart, Chan Mind                                 Buddhism                         26742   BUD
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Guoliang, Jui             Tarot Cards Chinese Tarot                             Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     18639   TAR
   Gupta, Roxanne Kamayani   Yoga Of Indian Classical Dance                        Art                              27317   ART
   Gurdjieff, G.             All & Everything (-->in Linda's office)               Gurdjieff                        25563   GUR
   Gurdjieff, G. I.          Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson (Cloth Edition)     Gurdjieff                        28990   GUR
   Gurdjieff, G. I.          In Search Of Being  Fourth Way                        Gurdjieff                        20128   GUR
   Gurdjieff, G.I.           Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson                     Gurdjieff                        12060   GUR
   Gurdjieff, G.I.           Guide & Index To All & Everything                     Gurdjieff                        25069   GUR
   Gurdjieff, G.I.           Herald Of Coming Good                                 Gurdjieff                        18744   GUR
   Gurdjieff, G.I.           Life Is Real Only Then, When I Am                     Gurdjieff                        15353   GUR
   Gurdjieff, G.I.           Meetings With Remarkable Men                          Gurdjieff                        12863   GUR
   Gurian, Michael           Wonder Of Boys                                        Parenting                        29536   PAR
   Gurian, Michael           Wonder Of Girls                                       Parenting                        29537   PAR
   Gurmukh                   Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful                        Yoga                             11121   YOG
   Gurmukh                   Eight Human Talents                                   Yoga                             19405   YOG
   Gurney, Carol             Language Of Animals                                   Animals                          29904   ANI
   Gurunam (Joseph Levry)    Lifting The Veil  Practical Kabbalah W/ Kundalini     Kabbalah                         27118   KAB
                                                                                   Yoga                                     YOG
   Guskin, Sharon            Forgetting Time  A Novel                              Fiction                          28594   FIC
   Gustafson, Fred           Moonlit Path                                          Women's Spirituality, Goddess    29652   WOM
   Gutheil, Emil A           Handbook Of Dream Analysis (POS 3/91)                 Dreams                           19128   DRE
   Guthrie, Kenneth          Pythagorean Sourcebook & Library                      Western Mystery Tradition        16893   WMT
   Guttman, Ariel & Johnson  Mythic Astrology Applied (Out of Print)               Astrology                        12570   AST
   Guy, David                Red Thread Of Passion  Spirituality & Sex             Relationships                    26259   REL
   Guyett, Carole            Sacred Plant Initiations                              Global Responsibility, concerns  26044   ONE
   Guyon, Jeanne             Autobiography Of Madame Guyon                         Christianity                     12574   CHR
   Guyon, Jeanne             Experiencing God Through Prayer                       Christianity                     13796   CHR
   Guyon, Jeanne             Experiencing The Depths Of Jesus Christ               Christianity                     28624   CHR
   Guyon, Jeanne             Madame Jeanne Guyon Experiencing Union w/God..        Christianity                     21665   CHR
   Guyon, Jeanne             Song Of Songs  Commentary                             Christianity                     15656   CHR
   Guyon, Jeanne             Song Of The Bride                                     Christianity                     23426   CHR
   Guyon, Jeanne             Spiritual Torrents (Dodo Press)                       Christianity                     14741   CHR
   Guyon, Jeanne             Spiritual Torrents (Seedsowers Press)                 Christianity                     22443   CHR
   Guyon, Madame             Short Method Of Prayer (978-1-56563-769-6)            Christianity                     20702   CHR
   Guyon, Madame             Union With God                                        Christianity                     13175   CHR
   Gwain, Rose               Discovering Your Self Through Tarot                   Jung, Carl                       21545   JUN
                                                                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books             TAR
   Gwyn, Father Richard      Psalms In Haiku                                       Christianity                     25535   CHR
   Gyaltsab & Namgyal        Path Of Heroes (2 Vols) (under Dharma)                Tibetan Buddhism                 12857   TIB
   Gyaltsap & Dargye         Practice Of Padmasambhava                             Tibetan Buddhism                 22241   TIB
   Gyaltsen & Rogers         Garland Of Mahamudra Practices                        Tibetan Buddhism                 16045   TIB
   Gyaltsen, Khenpo Konchog  Great Kagyu Masters  Golden Lineage Treasury          Tibetan Buddhism                 14475   TIB
   Gyaltsen, Sakyapa         Clear Mirror  Trad. Account Of Tibet's Golden Age     Tibetan Buddhism                 23954   TIB
   Gyaltsen, Shardza Tashi   Heart Drops Of Dharmakaya Bon Tradition               Tibetan Buddhism                 19099   TIB
   Gyamstso, Khenpo Tsultrim Stars Of Wisdom                                       Tibetan Buddhism                 14994   TIB
   Gyamtso, Kenpo Tsultrim   Sun Of Wisdom  Tchings Of Nagarjuna's Fundamental     Tibetan Buddhism                 29814   TIB
   Gyamtso, Sangye           Tibetan Medicine Cards                                Tibetan Buddhism                 23163   TIB
   Gyanamata, Sri            God Alone  Life & Letters Of A Saint                  Yoga                             19898   YOG
                                                                                   Yogananda, Paramahansa                   Y.P
   Gyatrul Rinpoche          Generating The Deity (POS NEWL 9/29/06)               Tibetan Buddhism                 23687   TIB
   Gyatrul Rinpoche          Generation Stage In Buddhist Tantra                   Tibetan Buddhism                 26870   TIB
   Gyatrul Rinpoche, Ven.    Meditation, Transformation & Dream Yoga               Tibetan Buddhism                 29456   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Jampa       Everlasting Rain Of Nectar                            Tibetan Buddhism                 23754   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Bodhisattva Vow  Ess. Practices Of Mahayana Buhhd'    Tibetan Buddhism                 20843   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Clear Light Of Bliss  Mahamudra                       Tibetan Buddhism                 14316   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Essence Of Vajrayana                                  Buddhism                         24891   BUD
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Great Treasury Of Merit                               Tibetan Buddhism                 18465   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Heart Jewel  (Dorje Shugdan)                          Tibetan Buddhism                 20827   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Heart Of Wisdom                                       Tibetan Buddhism                 15873   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Introduction To Buddhism                              Tibetan Buddhism                 17119   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Joyful Path Of Good Fortune                           Tibetan Buddhism                 20198   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Meditation Handbook (BO BP 10/9/01)                   Meditation                       19567   MED
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Ocean Of Nectar                                       Tibetan Buddhism                 23354   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Tantric Grounds & Paths  The Vajrayana Path           Tibetan Buddhism                 22496   TIB
   Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang     Universal Compassion                                  Tibetan Buddhism                 17984   TIB
   Gyatso, Janet             Apparitions Of The Self  Autobio of Tib. Visionary    Tibetan Buddhism                 26831   TIB
   Gyatso, Khedrup Norsang   Ornament Of Stainless Light (Kalacakra Tantra)        Tibetan Buddhism                 11908   TIB
   Gyatso, Lobsang           Bodhicitta  Cultivating The Compassionate             Tibetan Buddhism                 24283   TIB
   Gyatso, Lobsang           Memoirs Of A Tibetan Lama                             Tibetan Buddhism                 25610   TIB
   Gyatso, Palden            Autobiography Of A Tibetan Monk                       Tibetan Buddhism                 24889   TIB
   Gyatso, Thinley & Hakim   Essentials Of Tibetan Traditional Medicine            Tibetan Buddhism                 18874   TIB
   Gyatson, Lobsang          Four Noble Truths                                     Tibetan Buddhism                 22207   TIB
   Gyurme & Rykiel           Lama's Chant (Hope For Enlightenment) CD              CDs                              11864   CDS
   Gyuto Monks Of Tibet      Pure Sounds (CD)                                      CDs                              23247   CDS
   Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir Tibetan Chants For World Peace (CD)                   CDs                              15709   CDS
   Haanel, Charles           Master Key System                                     Mind Science                     16446   MIN
   Haanel, Charles F.        Amazing Secrets Of The Yogi                           Mind Science                     14846   MIN
   Haas, Elson M.            Staying Healthy With The Seasons                      Healing                          13731   HEA
                                                                                   Oriental Medicine, Healing               ORI
   Haberly, Helen            Reiki  Hawayo Takata's Story                          Reiki                            18512   RKI
   Habito, Ruben             Living Zen, Loving God                                Zen                              30192   ZEN
   Habito, Ruben L.F.        Healing Breath                                        Zen                              22826   ZEN
   Hacker, Edward            I Ching Handbook                                      I Ching                          17063   ICH
   Hackl, Monnica            Crystal Energy (OP 1/2002)                            Crystal and gems                 22595   GEM
   Hadady, Letha             Asian Health Secrets                                  Healing                          24932   HEA
                                                                                   Herbs                                    HER
   Haddon, Genia             Uniting Sex Self & Spirit                             Tantra                           30072   SEX
   Hade, Deirdre & Arntz, W. (Not So) Little Book Of Surprises                     Art                              28680   ART
                                                                                   Inspirational books                      INS
   Hadewijch                 Hadewijch  The Commplete Works                        Christianity                     25320   CHR
   Hadley, Josie             Hypnosis For Change                                   Hypnosis                         12381   HYP
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Haegele, Katie            Cats I've Known                                       Animals                          29635   ANI
   Haeri, Shaykh             Elements of Sufism                                    Sufism                           22277   SUF
   Haeri, Shaykh             Garden of Meaning                                     Sufism                           22278   SUF
   Haeri, Shaykh             QURAN 50 Vital Verses                                 Islam                            22311   ISL
   Hafiz                     Drunk On The Wine Of The Beloved  100 Poems Of        Sufism                           24211   SUF
   Hafiz                     Hafiz  The Mystic Poets                               Sufism                           27859   SUF
   Hagan, Helene             Shining Ones                                          Egyptian Spirituality            15061   EGY
   Hagen, Steve              Buddhism Is Not What You Think                        Buddhism                         30004   BUD
   Hagen, Steve              Buddhism Plain & Simple                               Buddhism                         17544   BUD
   Hagen, Steve              How The World Can Be The Way It Is (REMAINDER)        Science                          23322   SCI
   Hagen, Steve              Meditation Now Or Never                               Meditation                       31053   MED
   Hagen, Steve              Why The World Doesn't Seem To Make Sense              Science                          21989   SCI
   Hageneder & Heng          Tree Angel Oracle (978-1-64411-038-6                  Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     23288   TAR
   Hageneder, Fred           Heritage Of Trees  History, Culture & Symbolism       Global Responsibility, concerns  16353   ONE
   Hagler, Louise (Editor)   New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook                          Cookbooks                        11109   COO
   Hahn, Michael             Joy For The World                                     Buddhism                         16959   BUD
   Haich & Yesudian          Self Healing Yoga & Destiny                           Yoga                             13573   YOG
   Haich, Elisabeth          Day With Yoga                                         Yoga                             11681   YOG
   Haich, Elisabeth          Initiation                                            Egyptian Spirituality            12442   EGY
   Haich, Elisabeth          Sexual Energy & Yoga                                  Tantra                           13613   SEX
   Haich, Elisabeth          Wisdom Of The Tarot                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     14182   TAR
   Haider, Richard           Poster World Clock                                    Posters & Deity Cards            24408   POS
   Hail, Raven               Cherokee Sacred Calendar                              Native Peoples                   27038   NAT
   Haindl, Hermann           Tarot Cards Haindl Tarot Deck                         Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     19673   TAR
   Hairfield, Steven         Metaphysical Interpretation Of The Bible (BO'd)       Bible, Scriptures                21700   BIB
   Haisch, Bernard           God Theory (Zero-Point Fields...)                     Science                          30856   SCI
   Halberstam & Leventhal    Small Miracles                                        Inspirational books              26083   INS
   Halberstam & Leventhal    Small Miracles II                                     Inspirational books              26084   INS
   Hale, Martin & DeWinter   Feng Shui Home                                        Feng Shui                        27029   FEN
   Halevi, Z'ev ben Shimon   Adam & The Kabbalistic Tree                           Kabbalah                         16158   KAB
   Halevi, Z'ev ben Shimon   Anatomy Of Fate  Astrology & Kabbalah(OP 8/01)        Astrology                        23358   AST
                                                                                   Kabbalah                                 KAB
   Halevi, Z'ev ben Shimon   Kabbalah  Tradition Of Hidden Knowledge (BO'd)        Kabbalah                         17933   KAB
   Halevi, Z'ev ben Shimon   Kabbalah & Exodus                                     Kabbalah                         28167   KAB
   Halevi, Z'ev ben Shimon   Kabbalistic Universe                                  Kabbalah                         17590   KAB
   Halevi, Z'ev ben Shimon   Psychology & Kabbalah (BO NEWL 3/25/02)               Kabbalah                         16170   KAB
   Halevi, Z'ev ben Shimon   School Of The Soul                                    Kabbalah                         15964   KAB
   Halevi, Z'ev ben Shimon   Work Of The Kabbalist                                 Kabbalah                         14230   KAB
   Haley, Jay                Uncommon Therapy                                      Mind Science                     19817   MIN
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Halifax, Joan             Being With Dying                                      Death and Dying                  22323   DEA
   Halifax, Joan             Fruitful Darkness                                     Shamanism                        16749   SHA
   Halifax, Joan             Standing At The Edge                                  Consciousness Expansion          22690   EXP
   Hall, Adelaide            Important Symbols (Hebrew, Pagan, & Christian)BO'd    Reference                        29710   REF
   Hall, Bruce Cameron       Sanskrit Pronunciation  (booklet & CD)                Hinduism                         11257   HIN
                                                                                   Sanskrit                                 SAN
   Hall, Cally               Gem Stones                                            Crystal and gems                 21966   GEM
   Hall, Fergus              Tarot Cards Tarot Of The Witches                      Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     17835   TAR
   Hall, Gladys              Basic Predictive Astrology                            Astrology                        20825   AST
   Hall, J. & Jacobs, R.     Wise Woman  Natural Approach To Menopause             Women's Spirituality, Goddess    11889   WOM
   Hall, James               Illustrated Dict. Of Symbols In East & West Art       Reference                        23628   REF
   Hall, James               Jungian Dream Interpretation                          Jung, Carl                       14352   JUN
   Hall, Judi                What Does My Future Hold? 99 Ways To Plan Yr Life     Psychic Phenomenon               28652   ESP
   Hall, Judy                Art Of Psychic Protection                             Psychic Phenomenon               23898   ESP
   Hall, Judy                Astrology Bible                                       Astrology                        19668   AST
   Hall, Judy                Crystal Bible                                         Crystal and gems                 30711   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Crystal Bible 2                                       Crystal and gems                 17416   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Crystal Bible 3                                       Crystal and gems                 19672   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Crystal Healing (BO'd 2/10/2021)                      Crystal and gems                 13713   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Crystal Prescriptions                                 Crystal and gems                 16710   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Crystal Prescriptions (Vol. 2)                        Crystal and gems                 22298   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Crystal Prescriptions Vol. 6 (Ancestral Clearing..    Crystal and gems                 30260   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Crystal Seer                                          Crystal and gems                 20131   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Crystal Skulls                                        Crystal and gems                 27184   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Crystals For Energy Protection                        Crystal and gems                 20179   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Earth Blessings                                       Crystal and gems                 22985   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Hades Moon                                            Astrology                        25378   AST
   Hall, Judy                Karmic Connections  Birthchart...                     Astrology                        28742   AST
   Hall, Judy                Love Crystals (Box w/ 4 crystals)                     Crystal and gems                 16358   GEM
   Hall, Judy                Patterns Of The Past  Birthchart, Karma & Reincar.    Astrology                        20911   AST
   Hall, Manly P.            Alchemist's Primer                                    Alchemy                          14219   ALC
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Alchemy  (5 Audio Seminars)                           Hall, Manly Palmer               27658   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            America's Assignment With Destiny                     Hall, Manly Palmer               20715   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Apocalypse Attributed To St. John                     Christianity                     18175   CHR
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Arhats Of Buddhism - Adepts Pt. 2                     Hall, Manly Palmer               14293   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Astrological Essays                                   Astrology                        11459   AST
   Hall, Manly P.            Astrological Keywords                                 Astrology                        11164   AST
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Astrology & Reincarnation                             Astrology                        14242   AST
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Basic Fears & How To Correct Them (OP 9/98)           Hall, Manly Palmer               20256   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Blessed Angels                                        Angels, Nature Spirits           11357   ANG
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Blind Spot In The Mind                                Hall, Manly Palmer               20945   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Buddha's "Sermon On The Mount"                        Hall, Manly Palmer               23776   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Buddhism & Psychotherapy                              Buddhism                         17255   BUD
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
                                                                                   Psychology, self help                    PSY
   Hall, Manly P.            Cablistic Keys To The Lord's Prayer                   Hall, Manly Palmer               11633   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Commentary Upon The Quiet Way                         Hall, Manly Palmer               11556   HAL
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Hall, Manly P.            Culture Of The Mind                                   Hall, Manly Palmer               20257   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Death & After                                         Death and Dying                  11685   DEA
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Death To Rebirth  Five Essays By Manly P. Hall        Hall, Manly Palmer               11690   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Dionysian Artificers                                  Hall, Manly Palmer               14889   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Dream Symbolism                                       Dreams                           11769   DRE
   Hall, Manly P.            First Principles Of Philosophy                        Hall, Manly Palmer               25714   HAL
                                                                                   Teachers                                 TEA
   Hall, Manly P.            Freemasonry Of The Ancient Egyptians                  Fremasonry                       12035   FRM
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Hall, Manly P.            From Death To Rebirth                                 Hall, Manly Palmer               24129   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Growing Up With Grandmother                           Hall, Manly Palmer               15990   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Hermetic Marriage                                     Hall, Manly Palmer               24117   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Higher Dimensions Of The Universe Lect.Notes 155      Hall, Manly Palmer               29616   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Initiates Of Greece & Rome - Adepts Pt. 1             Hall, Manly Palmer               14292   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Inner Lives Of Minerals Plants & Animals              Hall, Manly Palmer               12450   HAL
                                                                                   Small Books & Booklets                   PAM
   Hall, Manly P.            Is Each Individual Born With A Purpose?               Hall, Manly Palmer               24177   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Journey In Truth                                      Hall, Manly Palmer               14957   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Koyasan                                               Hall, Manly Palmer               24088   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Krishna & The Battle Of Kurukshetra                   Hall, Manly Palmer               24111   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Lectures On Ancient Philosophy                        Hall, Manly Palmer               15920   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Light Of The Vedas                                    Hall, Manly Palmer               12656   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Lost Keys Of Freemasonry                              Fremasonry                       12710   FRM
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Hall, Manly P.            Love Of Truth (Video)                                 Hall, Manly Palmer               29614   HAL
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Hall, Manly P.            Magic A Treatise On Esoteric Ethics                   Hall, Manly Palmer               15084   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Man  Grand Symbol Of The Mysteries                    Hall, Manly Palmer               17406   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Masonic Orders Of Fraternity (OP 10/2010)             Western Mystery Tradition        12828   WMT
   Hall, Manly P.            Meditation Disciplines & Personal Integration         Hall, Manly Palmer               24173   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Meditation Symbols In Eastern & Western Mysticism     Hall, Manly Palmer               19278   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Melchizedek & The Mystery Of Fire                     Hall, Manly Palmer               24202   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Most Holy Trinosophia (Comte St. Germain)             Western Mystery Tradition        12964   WMT
   Hall, Manly P.            Mysteries Of The Cabala (5 Audio Seminars)            Hall, Manly Palmer               14100   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Mystery Of The Holy Spirit                            Hall, Manly Palmer               11637   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Mystical Christ                                       Christianity                     12962   CHR
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Mysticism & Mental Healing                            Hall, Manly Palmer               20258   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Mystics Of Islam - Adepts Pt. 4                       Hall, Manly Palmer               15924   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            New Atlantis  (R.H. Esquire) (out of print)           Hall, Manly Palmer               14999   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Occult Anatomy Of Man                                 Hall, Manly Palmer               13067   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Old Testament Wisdom                                  Bible, Scriptures                18038   BIB
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Orders Of The Great Work - Alchemy                    Alchemy                          15925   ALC
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Orders Of The Quest  The Holy Grail                   Hall, Manly Palmer               13121   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Orders Of Universal Reformation                       Hall, Manly Palmer               27143   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Paracelsus  His Mystical & Medical Phil.              Alchemy                          11830   ALC
   Hall, Manly P.            Past Lives & Present Problems                         Hall, Manly Palmer               17305   HAL
                                                                                   Reincarnation                            REI
   Hall, Manly P.            Pathways Of Philosophy                                Hall, Manly Palmer               14969   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Philosophy Of Astrology                               Astrology                        24297   AST
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Phoenix (BO'd 2/5/2020)                               Hall, Manly Palmer               13186   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Planetary Influence & The Human Soul                  Astrology                        30398   AST
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Positive Uses Of Psychic Energy                       Hall, Manly Palmer               13217   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Poster Ancient Of The Ancients                        Posters & Deity Cards            15303   POS
   Hall, Manly P.            Poster Atlantean Mystery Temple                       Posters & Deity Cards            15304   POS
   Hall, Manly P.            Poster Comte. De St. Germain                          Posters & Deity Cards            17256   POS
   Hall, Manly P.            Poster Emblematic Cross                               Posters & Deity Cards            15310   POS
   Hall, Manly P.            Poster Eyes Of Buddha Mandara                         Posters & Deity Cards            15312   POS
   Hall, Manly P.            Poster Group Of World Religions                       Posters & Deity Cards            11793   POS
   Hall, Manly P.            Poster Kuan Yin (no longer available)                 Posters & Deity Cards            15323   POS
   Hall, Manly P.            Poster Opening Of The Third Eye                       Posters & Deity Cards            15329   POS
   Hall, Manly P.            Poster Seven Spinal Chakras                           Posters & Deity Cards            15337   POS
   Hall, Manly P.            Poster Tree Of The Sephioth                           Posters & Deity Cards            15153   POS
   Hall, Manly P.            Psychic Self-Reproach                                 Hall, Manly Palmer               20259   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Psychoanalizing The Twelve Zodiacal Types             Astrology                        14246   AST
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Questions & Answers (BO'd 2/10/2021)                  Hall, Manly Palmer               14913   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Reincarnation  The Cycle Of Necessity                 Hall, Manly Palmer               13412   HAL
                                                                                   Reincarnation                            REI
   Hall, Manly P.            Road To Inner Light                                   Hall, Manly Palmer               27144   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Rosicrucians & Magister Christoph Schlegel            Western Mystery Tradition        14691   WMT
   Hall, Manly P.            Sacred Magic Of The Qabbalah                          Hall, Manly Palmer               14544   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Sages & Seers                                         Hall, Manly Palmer               14884   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Sages Of China - Adepts Pt. 3                         Hall, Manly Palmer               15923   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Secret Destiny Of America                             Hall, Manly Palmer               13534   HAL
                                                                                   Western Mystery Tradition                WMT
   Hall, Manly P.            Secret Of The Untroubled Mind                         Hall, Manly Palmer               20260   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Secret Teachings Of All Ages (CLOTH)                  Hall, Manly Palmer               13558   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Secret Teachings Of All Ages (Reader's Edition)       Hall, Manly Palmer               29984   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Secret Teachings Of All Ages Deluxe                   Hall, Manly Palmer               13559   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Secret Teachings Of All Ages Paper                    Hall, Manly Palmer               13557   HAL
                                                                                   Reference                                REF
   Hall, Manly P.            Self Unfoldment (Out of print)                        Hall, Manly Palmer               13580   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Shadow Forms  A Collection Of Occult Stories          Fiction                          18838   FIC
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Solving Psychic Problems                              Hall, Manly Palmer               24190   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Soul In Egyptian Metaphysics                          Hall, Manly Palmer               23656   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Space Born  Mystical Poety    (OS PRS1 12/17/18)      Hall, Manly Palmer               12086   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Spiritual Centers In Man                              Hall, Manly Palmer               12055   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Story Of Astrology                                    Astrology                        15922   AST
   Hall, Manly P.            Studies In Dream Symbolism                            Dreams                           13691   DRE
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Super Faculties & Their Culture                       Hall, Manly Palmer               28373   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Symbolism Of Light & Color                            Color healing/ therapy           14479   COL
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Talks To Students On Occult Philosophy                Hall, Manly Palmer               24126   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Tarot  An Essay By ...                                Hall, Manly Palmer               13842   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Therapeutic Value Of Music                            Hall, Manly Palmer               14509   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Think On These Things                                 Hall, Manly Palmer               24130   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Twelve World Teachers                                 Hall, Manly Palmer               16447   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Twenty-First Century  A New Beginning (VIDEO)         Hall, Manly Palmer               19276   HAL
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Hall, Manly P.            Unseen Forces                                         Hall, Manly Palmer               27832   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Value Of Prayer In Psychological Integration          Hall, Manly Palmer               20261   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Venerated Teachers Of The Jains, Sikhs, & Parsis      Hall, Manly Palmer               15132   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Very Unusual  Wonderful World Of Mr. K. Nakamura      Fiction                          19277   FIC
                                                                                   Hall, Manly Palmer                       HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Victory Of The Soul Over Circumstance (Video)         Hall, Manly Palmer               29613   HAL
                                                                                   Video Cassettes                          VID
   Hall, Manly P.            Visions & Metaphysical Experiences                    Hall, Manly Palmer               18176   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Vital Concept Of Personal Growth                      Hall, Manly Palmer               26507   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Way Of Heaven                                         Fiction                          14640   FIC
   Hall, Manly P.            Way Of Heaven                                         Fiction                          14971   FIC
   Hall, Manly P.            Way Of Heaven                                         Hall, Manly Palmer               14640   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Way Of Heaven                                         Hall, Manly Palmer               14971   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Ways Of The Lonely Ones                               Hall, Manly Palmer               14126   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Western Paradise Of Amitabha                          Hall, Manly Palmer               21195   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            What The Ancient Wisdom Expects...                    Hall, Manly Palmer               14137   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Wisdom Of The Knowing Ones                            Hall, Manly Palmer               27092   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Wit & Wisdom Of The Immortals                         Hall, Manly Palmer               15087   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Words To The Wise (BO'd)                              Hall, Manly Palmer               15544   HAL
   Hall, Manly P.            Zen Of The Bright Virtue                              Hall, Manly Palmer               15989   HAL
   Hall, Manly P. (Interp.)  Sermon On The Mount                                   Hall, Manly Palmer               11463   HAL
   Hall, Manly Palmer        Poster Hand Of The Mysteries                          Posters & Deity Cards            15578   POS
   Hall, Mari                Reiki  Practical Ways To Harmony                      Reiki                            28169   RKI
   Hall, Nicola M.           Thorsons Introductory Guide To Reflexology            Healing                          11065   HEA
                                                                                   Therapeutic Touch                        TT1
   Halldorsson, Haukur       Yggdrasil Norse Divination Cards (81 Cards)           Runes                            16574   RUN
                                                                                   Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books             TAR
   Halpern, Gina             Where Is Tibet                                        Children's Books                 20526   KID
                                                                                   Tibetan Buddhism                         TIB
   Halpern, Steven           Chakra Suite (CD)                                     CDs                              23665   CDS
   Halpern, Steven           Deep Theta (CD)                                       CDs                              23219   CDS
   Halpern, Steven           Deep Thetha 2.0 (CD)                                  CDs                              20094   CDS
   Halpern, Steven           Higher Ground (CD) PE118                              CDs                              28443   CDS
   Halpern, Steven           Initiation Inside The Great Pyramid (CD)              CDs                              21967   CDS
   Halpern, Steven           Sacred Chorde (CD)                                    CDs                              29355   CDS
   Halpern, Steven & Kelly   Ancient Echoes (CD)                                   CDs                              25401   CDS
   Hamaker-Zondag, Karen     Aspects & Personality                                 Astrology                        18957   AST
   Hamaker-Zondag, Karen     Handbook Of Horary Astrology                          Astrology                        17757   AST
   Hamaker-Zondag, Karen     House Connection                                      Astrology                        22028   AST
   Hamaker-Zondag, Karen     Psychological Astrology                               Astrology                        19023   AST
   Hamaker-Zondag, Karen     Tarot As A Way Of Life (Jungian)                      Tarot & Oracle Cards & Books     24451   TAR
   Hamaker-Zondag, Karen     Twelfth House  Hidden Power..                         Astrology                        20842   AST
   Hamaker-Zondag, Karen     Yod Book                                              Astrology                        27272   AST
   Hamblin, Henry Thomas     Dynamic Thought                                       Mind Science                     19725   MIN
   Hamid, AbdulWahid         Islam The Natural Way                                 Sufism                           28533   SUF
   Hamill & Seaton (Trans)   Essential Chuang Tzu                                  Taoism                           27983   TAO
   Hamill, Sam               Tao Te Ching: A New Translation (9781590303870)       Taoism                           18539   TAO
   Hamill, Sam (Trans)       Pocket Haiku                                          Pocket books                     29094   PKT
   Hamill, Sam (Trans.)      Poetry Of Zen                                         Poetry                           25166   POE
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hamilton, Amy             Rainbow Dreaming  (Meditation For Children)           Children's Books                 26810   KID
                                                                                   Meditation                               MED
   Hamilton, Claire          Celtic Book Of Seasonal Meditations                   Celtic spirituality              16892   CEL
   Hamilton, Claire          Maiden, Mother, Crone  Voices Of The Goddess          Women's Spirituality, Goddess    11289   WOM
   Hamilton, Edith           Greek Way                                             Mythology                        13344   MYT
   Hamilton, Edith           Mythology  Timeless Tales Of Gods & Heroes            Mythology                        17396   MYT
   Hammarskjold, Dag         Markings                                              Inspirational books              25739   INS
   Hammerschlag & Silverman  Healing Ceremonies                                    Healing                          24491   HEA
   Hammerschlag, Carl A., MD Dancing Healers                                       Native Peoples                   17412   NAT
   Hammerslough, B.F.        Forecasting  Backward & Foreward  Rectification       Astrology                        21885   AST
   Hammond, Christopher Dr.  How To Use Homeopathy                                 Healing                          20910   HEA
                                                                                   Homeopathy                               HOM
   Hampar, Joann             Electional Astrology                                  Astrology                        11192   AST
   Hampl, Patricia           Virgin Time                                           Christianity                     11999   CHR
   Hample & Marshall         Children's Letters To God                             Children's Books                 19920   KID
   Hancock & Bauval          Message Of The Sphinx                                 Egyptian Spirituality            24015   EGY
   Hancock & Brugger         Game Of God                                           New Age                          15667   OCC
   Hancock, Ann Marie        Wake Up America  Take My Heart, Take My Hand          Christianity                     21219   CHR
   Hancock, G. & Faiia, S.   Heaven's Mirror                                       Earth Mysteries                  25688   EAR
   Hancock, Graham           America Before                                        Earth Mysteries                  31276   EAR
   Hancock, Graham           Entangled  The Eater Of Souls  A Novel                Fiction                          20030   FIC
   Hancock, Graham           Fingerprints Of The Gods                              Earth Mysteries                  23173   EAR
   Hancock, Graham           Magicians Of The Gods                                 Earth Mysteries                  26627   EAR
   Hancock, Graham           Sign & The Seal   Ark of the Covenant                 Earth Mysteries                  19044   EAR
   Hancock, Graham           Supernatural: Meeting With The Ancient Teachers       Earth Mysteries                  15401   EAR
   Hancock, Graham           Talisman (No longer available)                        Western Mystery Tradition        30459   WMT
   Hancock, Graham           Underworld                                            Earth Mysteries                  29209   EAR
   Hancock, Graham           War God                                               Fiction                          19439   FIC
   Hand, Douglas             Gone Whaling  Orcas In Northwest Waters               Animals                          11205   ANI
   Hand, Robert              Essays On Astrology                                   Astrology                        11904   AST
   Hand, Robert              Horoscope Symbols                                     Astrology                        12320   AST
   Hand, Robert              Planets In Composite  Analyzing Human Relationshps    Astrology                        13202   AST
   Hand, Robert              Planets In Transit                                    Astrology                        13205   AST
   Hand, Robert              Planets In Youth                                      Astrology                        13206   AST
   Haner, Jean               Clear Home Clear Heart                                Psychic Phenomenon               28090   ESP
   Haner, Jean               Wisdom Of Your Face (Chinese Face Reading)            Palmistry                        11789   PAL
   Hanh, Thich & Anh-Huong   Walking Meditation                                    Hanh, Thich Nhat                 31243   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Anger  Wisdom For Cooling The Flames                  Hanh, Thich Nhat                 28535   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Answers from the Heart                                Hanh, Thich Nhat                 16313   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Art Of Mindful Living (2 CD)                          CDs                              27937   CDS
                                                                                   Hanh, Thich Nhat                         HAN
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Art Of Power                                          Hanh, Thich Nhat                 31026   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Art Of Power (5 CDs)                                  CDs                              14020   CDS
                                                                                   Hanh, Thich Nhat                         HAN
                                                                                   Spoken Words CDs                         TAL
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Basket Of Plums (Music & Words)                       Hanh, Thich Nhat                 18979   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Being Peace                                           Hanh, Thich Nhat                 16287   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Blooming Of A Lotus                                   Hanh, Thich Nhat                 21335   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Breathe  You Are Alive                                Hanh, Thich Nhat                 19295   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Buddha Mind, Buddha Body                              Hanh, Thich Nhat                 30992   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Calming The Fearful Mind                              Hanh, Thich Nhat                 13056   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Chanting From The Heart                               Hanh, Thich Nhat                 29720   HAN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Creating True Peace                                   Hanh, Thich Nhat                 30585   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Cultivating The Mind Of Love                          Hanh, Thich Nhat                 23367   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Diamond That Cuts Through Illusion                    Hanh, Thich Nhat                 11983   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Energy Of Prayer                                      Hanh, Thich Nhat                 14761   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Fear: Essential Wisdom                                Hanh, Thich Nhat                 20816   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          For A Future To Be Possible                           Hanh, Thich Nhat                 21443   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Fragrant Palm Leaves  Journals 1962-1966              Hanh, Thich Nhat                 25878   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Freedom Wherever We Go                                Hanh, Thich Nhat                 30712   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Going Home  Jesus & Buddha As Brothers                Hanh, Thich Nhat                 26443   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Happiness                                             Hanh, Thich Nhat                 14690   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Heart Of The Buddha's Teaching                        Hanh, Thich Nhat                 26608   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          How To Connect                                        Hanh, Thich Nhat                 13946   HAN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          How To Eat                                            Hanh, Thich Nhat                 26641   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          How To Fight                                          Hanh, Thich Nhat                 16400   HAN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          How To Love                                           Hanh, Thich Nhat                 25961   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          How To See                                            Hanh, Thich Nhat                 13917   HAN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          How To Sit                                            Hanh, Thich Nhat                 21692   HAN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          How To Walk                                           Hanh, Thich Nhat                 26017   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Interbeing                                            Hanh, Thich Nhat                 16838   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Joyfully Together                                     Hanh, Thich Nhat                 29907   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Living Buddha, Living Christ                          Hanh, Thich Nhat                 23237   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Long Road Turns To Joy  Guide/ Walking                Hanh, Thich Nhat                 16932   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Love In Action                                        Hanh, Thich Nhat                 21445   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Love Letter To The Earth                              Hanh, Thich Nhat                 15772   HAN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Mindful Movements (Inc. DVD)                          Hanh, Thich Nhat                 26616   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Miracle Of Mindfulness                                Hanh, Thich Nhat                 12900   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          No Death, No Fear                                     Hanh, Thich Nhat                 16475   HAN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Old Path White Clouds                                 Hanh, Thich Nhat                 19348   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          One Buddha Is Not Enough                              Hanh, Thich Nhat                 20012   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Other Shore (Heart Sutra)                             Hanh, Thich Nhat                 29300   HAN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Path Of Emancipation                                  Hanh, Thich Nhat                 27367   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Peace Begins Here                                     Hanh, Thich Nhat                 30510   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Peace Is Every Breath                                 Hanh, Thich Nhat                 20926   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Peace Is Every Step  Pth Of Mndflnss In Evrdy Lf      Hanh, Thich Nhat                 19480   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Peaceful Action, Open Heart (Lotus Sutra)             Hanh, Thich Nhat                 31155   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Pebble For Your Pocket                                Hanh, Thich Nhat                 18614   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Planting Seeds (Mindfulness With Children) Inc CD     Hanh, Thich Nhat                 24956   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh                                Hanh, Thich Nhat                 25018   HAN
                                                                                   Pocket books                             PKT
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Present Moment Wonderful Moment                       Hanh, Thich Nhat                 15251   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Raft Is Not The Shore                                 Hanh, Thich Nhat                 27735   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Reconciliation  Healing The Inner Child               Hanh, Thich Nhat                 20304   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Savor  Mindful Eating, Mindful Life                   Hanh, Thich Nhat                 18624   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Silence                                               Hanh, Thich Nhat                 29312   HAN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Silencio (Spanish)                                    Teachers                         12170   TEA
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Stone Boy & Other Stories                             Hanh, Thich Nhat                 21954   HAN
                                                                                   Zen                                      ZEN
   Hanh, Thich Nhat          Sun My Heart                                          Hanh, Thich Nhat                 12190   HAN