The Theosophical Society in Seattle
Prorated Member Dues

Prorated Member Dues

Seattle Lodge membership year runs from June through May. When you join Seattle Lodge in the middle of the membership year, your dues for the first year will be prorated.

Prorated amount is calculated as follows: divide annual rate by 12 and then multiply by the number of months you are prorating it for.

For example, if you are joining in March as a single individual applying for basic membership ($48 / year), you will prorate your annual dues for the three months March through May as follows: $48 / 12 x 3 = $12.

The table below offers a quick reference guide for you to find your prorated dues amount.

Month You Join Number of Months Student/Senior Individual Family
May1 month$2$4$6
April2 months$4$8$12
March3 months$6$12$18
February4 months$8$16$24
January5 months$10$20$30
December6 months$12$24$36
November7 months$14$28$42
October8 months$16$32$48
September9 months$18$36$54
August10 months$20$40$60
July11 months$22$44$66
June12 months$24$48$72