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Lóki Ducato | Dance as Prayer and Ecstasy

Lóki Ducato | Dance as Prayer and Ecstasy

05.22 | Lóki Ducato | Dance as Prayer and Ecstasy – In Person

All Sunday Talks are at 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm Pacific Time

This exploration of dance and movement as inquiry, prayer, meditation, ecstasy, and healing is a call to peace and proper action within oneself; a radical act of transformation bringing light into the darkness of resistance against the sublime nature of life itself. In this session we will explore through direct psychosomatic inquiry that which blocks our giving of ourselves to ourselves in all dimensions of life. We will begin with the root of experiential division: the schisms within the body and the mind that block peaceful and ecstatic experience of self.

This program is suitable for all whatever your level of physical mobility.

Loki is a Butoh dancer and a Norse shaman/seiđmađur with ties to Vedic culture.