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William Kiesel | Magic Circles

William Kiesel | Magic Circles

04.17 | William Kiesel | Magic Circles – In Person and Online

All Sunday Talks are at 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm Pacific Time

Magic circles have been depicted in historical and popular expressions of magic as well as detailed with full rubrics and traditional manuals of magic.  Using narrative visual and textural material available to us from European grimoires and manuscripts, William will discuss the various forms and functions of this important piece of apparatus employed by magicians of the Western esoteric tradition. With the center of the circle as a starting point, orientation can take on precise meaning in the context of its ritual which was designed to secure spiritual knowledge and material dominion in the world through the agencies of spirits, stars and cabalistic arcana.

William Kiesel has been a practitioner of Hermetic Qabalah for over 30 years and is the publisher at Ouroboros Press.