The Theosophical Society in Seattle
Jack Strain | Plant Consciousness

Jack Strain | Plant Consciousness

06.26 | Jack Strain | Plant Consciousness – In Person and Online

Note: the time for this program is 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Pacific Time

Plants have been unequivocally proven to respond to chemicals in the air and on their leaves, notice the slightest variations in light and shadow, avoid foreign objects, react defensively or productively to certain sounds and possess around 15 more senses than humans. They have been shown to use memory and are able to communicate across immense distances making decisions on how to react to external influences. All this is done without a single brain cell or neuron. How is this possible? Journey back in time to meet the first gods of vegetation and learn the secrets of the recently discovered “wood wide web” as we explore Plant Consciousness!

W. Jack Strain is an artist, writer, and director primarily creating motion graphics and live-action short-form film. Jack has created work for film and television and exhibited art all over the world. They have recently begun researching and speaking on the subject of consciousness, taking a practical and scientific approach to subjects once only explored in religion and philosophy. Jack lives and works with his family just outside Seattle, Washington.

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