The Theosophical Society in Seattle
Capitol Hill Art Walk

Capitol Hill Art Walk

Join us Second Thursdays for the Capitol Hill Art Walk!

(The exhibit is temporarily closed and will reopen when our library opens to the public again.)

Ongoing Exhibit: Thought Forms

**CLOSED** Local artists Christopher Martin and Clara Sherman present work about the conscious manifestation of thought forms through art at the Seattle Theosophical Library.

Thoughts are things — have tenacity, coherence, and life, — …they are real entities.  -Mahatma K.H. to A.P. Sinnett

Christopher Martin does mostly non-objective abstract art in the vein of light manipulation using the mediums of photography, digital imaging of laser light refractions along with other light sources as well as oil painting to study all the various aspects of ambient light. His art work is almost a metaphysical experience.

Clara Sherman is a Washington based artist whose work for her is a healing experience. It is one where her unconscious mind can unload that which it carries into form. Anytime where something tucked inside is released and the energy is held elsewhere than the body or mind, a shift has occurred. Thus each piece represents a shift, a letting go of a secret burden only a hidden part within her carried.

Artwork will be on display in the Seattle Theosophical Library and can be purchased through the Quest Bookshop.

When: Second Thursdays (after our library opens again)
Location: 717 BROADWAY E, SEATTLE, WA 98102

If you are an artist and would like to participate in an upcoming show, please contact for more information.