The Theosophical Society in Seattle
Annual Fund Drive 2022

Annual Fund Drive 2022

Annual Fund Drive 2022 – Under The Same Roof

Please join us once again in protecting and preserving the vital resource and sanctuary that is the Theosopical Society in Seattle.

Annual Fund Drive

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In the past year – well actually in the past several decades – we gathered under the ROOF of our lodge building many times.

This ROOF has supported our growth and sheltered us from the storms of life. This ROOF has allowed us to come together and develop friendships. This ROOF has witnessed many engaging meetings, inspiring Sunday talks, amazing workshops, profound meditations, and one-of-a-kind conversations. This ROOF covers our beloved Library and Quest Bookshop. And this ROOF stands as a symbol of our unity – we all gather under the SAME ROOF.

But wait… it also means that SAME ROOF has served us for decades! It is old. It needs TLC. In fact, it needs a replacement.

And as you know, this very ROOF, just as the rest of the Seattle lodge, is maintained by your donations. So… please DONATE!

Thank you for your generosity and for ensuring that the NEW ROOF of the Seattle Lodge provides all of us many more years of service.