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The Seven Rays or Departments – Stanton Stevens

The Seven Rays or Departments – Stanton Stevens

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 Pythagoras said that all could be viewed through a mathematical and geometrical basis. In Henry T. Laurency's reintroduction of Pythagorean Hylozoics, he points out that there is a fundamental trinity: matter, motion, and consciousness. There are seven ways that these three can be combined. In this talk I will review those combinations and the role that they play in our lives. Each of these combinations is a primary note in the octaves of energy that underlie matter and energy of all worlds. Even though they are called octaves, they are really seven primary notes, the eighth is the first note again at twice the frequency. Seven primary colors, seven days of the week, seven "spirits before the throne", this number appears often. In the Bailey books they are called the seven rays, Laurency calls them the seven departments. Energy-wise each individual is a chord of these seven notes: the Soul, personality, mental body, emotional body, and physical/etheric body can each be a different one of the seven. Individuals, nations, astrological signs, and planets are associated with particular departments, which helps explain their differences, their internal and external conflicts, affinities, and opportunities. 


Stanton Stevens is a long-time student of the Esoteric teachings. He has presented on a variety of topics across the spectrum of esoteric knowledge. In the money world, he is an IT manager.


March 27th, 2022 4:00 PM PST   through   5:30 PM PST
United States

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