How my 2 NDEs enabled me to speak with & help animals – Maureen Belle

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Maureen Belle’s 1st near-death experience occurred when she was a newborn infant of 5 pounds. This awakened an ability to communicate with animals and nature spirits, such as those of trees, providing her with nurturing support throughout her life. In March 2007 Maureen once more left her body while in hospice care for cancer. From above she saw her barely breathing body of 86 lbs. On the other side she was surrounded by a loving circle of deceased animals, and a semicircle of loving deceased people. A spiritual being Maureen calls The Presence showed how she had allowed growing fears to create a glass wall type barrier cutting her off from her spiritual life and its healing. She was also shown that we all have an infinite variety of positive life choices and relationships we can activate if we choose. Then the glass wall shattered. Her fears disappeared. Upon the urging of The Presence she asked her body if it was willing to try once more…and her body responded “Let’s go for it!” This led to a life process, which Maureen will describe in more detail, of asking her body for guidance to recover and thrive. But before Maureen was allowed to return she was asked by The Presence to fulfill three missions:
(1) to let humanity know we have freedom of choice every nanosecond
(2) to banish the illusion of separation. This false belief has harmed humanity and our Earth more than any other belief system.
(3) to learn how to love humanity as much as she had come to love animals and nature.
To help fulfill these missions, Maureen will describe how each of us can connect with everything around us using the Field of Unity we are each always in and how we can use this for interspecies/animal communication. She knows we all have an innate ability to relate in this way.

Maureen has a 5 year Professional degree in Interior Architecture/Architecture from the University of Oregon’s School of Architecture and a Master of Adult Higher Education & Traditional Ecological Knowledge from Oregon State University. Maureen conducts webinars and workshops helping others open conversations with animals and Nature.
January 3rd, 2021 4:00 PM   through   5:30 PM
United States