Theosophy as a Spiritual Path – Sue Prescott

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A spiritual path involves living in accordance with practices that help one develop a sense of peace and happiness from living in harmony with the inner, Spiritual Self. Because Theosophy means “Divine Wisdom,” it can be used as a guide in setting up the lifestyle that allows for this. Theosophy teaches such essentials as the levels of consciousness within a human being, the importance of thought to access the higher intuition, the purpose of life, and how to transcend one’s identification with the transitory personality to align with the True Self. Because Sue Prescott is a therapist, she weaves into her presentation positive coping mechanisms for good mental health that align with the spiritual practices and principles of Theosophy.

Sue Prescott, MSW, is a therapist, theosophist and frequent lecturer at the Seattle lodge and surrounding area. She is author of Realizing the Self Within—an overview of the concepts of spirituality that can be applied to relationships and self-improvement.
October 25th, 2020 4:00 PM   through   5:30 PM
United States