Esoteric Politics Part II – Stanton Stevens

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Politics and leadership remain critical topics in esoteric and exoteric discussions alike. Stanton will summarize his previous talk on the esoteric side of the nature of the state; the rights it grants or doesn't grant to the individual, the relationship of government with free enterprise, religion, basic needs, and the press. This will be the background for a discussion of ideal leadership; the qualities of true public servants, and how they could be chosen. He will again examine the obstacles to enlightened leadership, and our part in that. The role of power in human motivation and history will be considered. Humanity is presented with the opportunity to improve its thinking about government and leadership, or pay the price of despotism once again.

Stanton Stevens is a long-time student of Esoterics including Theosophy, Alice Bailey and Henry Laurency and leads the Rainbow Bridge meditation group in Port Townsend.
October 11th, 2020 4:00 PM   through   5:30 PM
United States