A Meditation on The Three Fundamental Propositions of the Secret Doctrine – Andrew Barker

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"Comparison is incompatible with any idea of absoluteness. Therefore it is clear that this fundamental ONE EXISTENCE, or Absolute Being must be the Reality in every form there is" - HPB - The Secret Doctrine And Its Study"

The Three Fundamental Propositions are unsurpassed jewels in the crown of cosmic wisdom. They must first be learned, gradually understood, then finally assimilated and realized, by those who are compelled to dive into the elusive search for Reality. We will explore how its author thought this process might be followed by those who are ready and come away with a deeper awareness of this peerless mystic teaching.

Andrew Barker is a long-time student of Theosophy and practitioner of the ancient Eastern Wisdom Traditions, and facilitator of the long-running Sunday meditation gatherings at the Seattle T.S. Library and on Zoom. 
September 27th, 2020 4:00 PM   through   5:30 PM
United States